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Time for an AFL club to take a punt on Fevola

Time for an AFL club to take a punt on Fevola

2 Dec 2011

Over several years of calamity and sordidness, Brendan Fevola has proven himself to be the fool of the AFL. Fevola has plummeted from the echelons of the game that sustained him and originally made him. Through nothing short of abominable behaviour and the perils of addiction, Fevola has lost it all.

Sheedy building a giant monster out west

14 Oct 2011

Kevin Sheedy has always been a man of innovation; an enigma who drives the football world to the edges of its wit before conquering it with his ideas of conviction or quirkiness.

Warriors have no right to be in the Grand Final

29 Sep 2011

By all reckoning, the Warriors do not deserve to be in the NRL Grand Final. Sure, they have defied the odds with some spirited performances over the past two weeks, knocking out two genuine premiership contenders.

Valentino Rossi fighting decline on dismal Ducati

7 Sep 2011

Whatever the Italians at Ducati are doing to Valentino Rossi’s motorcycle, it’s certainly not working.

AFL becoming EPL in debate over dollars

19 Aug 2011

Picture this for a moment. An AFL competition where Collingwood, Hawthorn, West Coast and Geelong dominate every season, without fail.

Where will your AFL club stand in 2015?

14 Jun 2011

The 2011 AFL season is at its halfway point, but instead of analysing what has happened so far, let’s cast our eye on the future. Five years into the future in fact, including this year, to 2015.