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Great insights as always Conor. I totally agree that keeping it tight with some occasional manipulation is the right strategy against the All Blacks for England, Ireland and Wales, with their skillsets.

I well remember Stockdale’s try down the blindside after the ball had gone openside, after similar a try we scored in the last Bledisloe. I’m sure wily old coached like Jones, Schmidt and Gatland will have a few set plays up their sleeves.

Two things that will be in our favour arethe warm weather common in a Japanese October and the number of tough games in a short time. This will really test the fitness of the European teams who rely on an energy sapping defence.

How to target the All Blacks, Part 3: The 20-metre blind

A fair bit of talent in that lot, but not a lot of team spirit or reliability. Not the sort of characters you want to build your team on. Deans did well under the circumstances.

Meanwhile Eddie inherited a team that held the world cup and Bledisloe and had just beaten a Lions team full of guys who were about to win the world cup.

The Wallabies need another Kiwi coach

Hansen saw Akira up close last November. I trust his judgement.

All Blacks name 39-man squad for Rugby Championship

One big difference is that Real have consistently outspent their rivals to buy the best players from around the world. The Crusaders have simply been better than everyone else.

Jaguares face David and Goliath battle against rugby's Real Madrid

Certainly puts the Chiefs performance last week into perspective. Well played Jags, hoping for a great final in Christchurch.

Jaguares hammer Brumbies in Super Rugby semi-final

I’m amazed that the Crusaders allowed the game to be so open in the second half. Made it a great game, well done both teams.

Crusaders hold off Hurricanes in thrilling Super Rugby semi-final

Personally, I’m in the overjoyed phase! Cooper is a quality human being but he doesn’t attract the top players – or even the best Naki players – and the work ethic of the team didn’t make up for our poor organisation at times. We were never going to win a title under him.

In direct answer to your question, Cooper was treading water, Gats will attract better players, demand excellence, make us resilient and more physical and give us the chance to win the comp.

Warren Gatland heading back to New Zealand to coach the Chiefs

I can’t believe your negativity when one of the best and most experienced coaches in the world has just signed to coach our Super Rugby team. That happened once before, and we won two titles.

Gatland has always had a gameplan to make the best of the players at his disposal, look at how he coached Wasps to their five trophies – when he took them over they were rock bottom.

In 2012 we played helter skelter rugby, but we also had a winning mentality and a pack that aggressively stood up to the Crusaders. That’s exactly what Gats will bring us.

Warren Gatland heading back to New Zealand to coach the Chiefs

Breaking news, Gats is coming back! Roll on next season!

Cooper steps down as Chiefs coach

Gatland developed a game plan that suited the players he had at Wales. He played a very different game plan at Wasps for instance, and will change again in Hamilton.

He will have kiwi assistants, and I’m sure he will be able to add the best of Wales in the tight and in defence to the flair that the Chiefs already possess.

The bloke wins stuff and I really hope that he comes home.


Cooper steps down as Chiefs coach

If Brodie can take a sabbatical for a season why not Warren? Let’s bring him in for next year to get things started by recruiting players and transforming our playing style. He can leave his assistant in charge for 2021, maybe Matson, and then rejoin us after the Lions tour.

Warren is a kiwi and one of the best coaches in the world. He is incredibly savvy, a great motivator and builds resilience. Like O’Gara in Christchurch he will bring UK defensive ideas to add to the existing Kiwi flair.

At the Chiefs, he will aid recruitment and simply make the team and whole organisation better. He will get back up to speed in kiwi rugby. And if he does well, he will be a real asset for the All Blacks in future.

We would be mugs if we didn’t do all we could to make it happen.

Cooper steps down as Chiefs coach

A deeply flawed concept dreamed up to make money to counter the damage caused by the wages arms race. It would have been much better to directly tackle the wages arms race.

This leaves the door open to the 6 Nations selling out to QVC which will only increase demands on players and cost to fans as they demand a big return on their investment.

The game is in a mess, and it’s totally self inflicted.

UPDATE: SANZAAR says they're "disappointed" over Nations Championship axing

Fantastic explanation for a foreigner like me to explain the parochial problems that keep Australia down. Best of luck to Castle and all those who work with her, we need a strong Australia.

The Wrap: Only one Australian finalist a poor Super Rugby return

Cheers mate.
The Force just seemed to be building something on and off the pitch, which the Rebels weren’t. Their results were better, the crowds were better and something seemed to be happening at a grassroots level. Plus they would have had financial backing from Twiggy.

Seven talking points from Super Rugby Round 18

I agree about Lilo, but I’m not eligible to be Wallabies reserve ten.
I could probably do better than Cooper though.

Seven talking points from Super Rugby Round 18

Well said. Just a shame that Pulver’s private ownership blunder meant that the Rebels weren’t the axed team.

Seven talking points from Super Rugby Round 18

As a Chiefs fan I was looking forward to a trip to Christchurch. We’d be outsiders but this would have been a time to cause an upset, before the Crusaders get into the swing of finals rugby. Going to the jags we have a better chance of progression, but more travel and less chance of winning the comp.

The Highlanders will be hoping for a dry track for their backs, while the Big Bulls will be hoping that their forwards will dominate. The Sharks are good on tour and won’t be a pushover.

Super Rugby finals Week 1 fixtures: Who plays who, where and when?

Some people don’t like facts to get in the way of a good excuse.

Super Rugby finals Week 1 fixtures: Who plays who, where and when?

When Pulver caved in to Cheika to create this short termist law it subtly devalued the wallaby jersey. It says, ok you turned your back on the jersey to take the cash on offer in Europe, but we need you, you are bigger than the jersey. Australia still failed to bring home the cup, or any silverware since. And more and more players have left since.

The top nations in the world in recent years – NZ, Ire, Eng – have no tolerance policies. Wales have tightened theirs and have also improved. Australia and South Africa?

If you keep your best players at home you can manage their workload and travel. You can bring them into camps. You don’t have your veteran hooker flying around the world to play in England on Rugby Championship rest weeks. You have your veterans teaching and mentoring your kids in Super Rugby.

More importantly you are all in it together, you have prioritised the jersey, nobody is an outsider, And you are more likely to be successful.

Is it time to change 'Giteau's law'?

Good question. Especially when you see Brodie being allowed two seasons in Japan by Tew.

The most interesting quote from Johnson was:

“The New Zealand model is all about creating great All Blacks and everyone club and player knows that but it doesn’t happen in this country.”

A very serious situation if true.

Wallabies tried to keep Kerevi: Johnson

I totally agree Nick and as a left field choice would add your most reliable ten Lilo to the mix. His smarts and calm head outweigh his lack of pace for me, I just don’t rate any of his competitors. And what a story it would be after his health problems.

Going forward, you also have to look at which of those Brumbies coaches are making the difference. I’d start with the scrum coach.

Take note, Michael Cheika: Canberra must be the Wallabies' power base in 2019

Good humble comment Cantab.

I thought the article showed way too much disrespect for the “also rans.” For instance the Chiefs have two wins and a draw against the ‘Big Four” including a win in BA while a South African win there isn’t out of the question.

But I’d still be most surprised if you guys didn’t “threepeat”.

The Wrap: The Super Rugby cream rises to the top

The Rebels fall away badly every year of course. I was surprised that you were so confident of them in the article, especially given their 2/6 form.

My theory is that the forwards work so hard to overachieve early doors, then run out of gas. Mind you, Quade isn’t the most reliable ten…

The Chiefs have had to overcome a terrible injury list this season and if they do enough on Friday their qualification will be thoroughly deserved.

Top four sorted, next four might not change either

As I posted a few weeks ago, the Rebels’ merger with the Force greatly improved their early season form, but they are still a disaster at the end of the season. The Chiefs are up and down so they have an outside chance, but with Brodie, Cane and Harris back and a ton of ticker I’d back the kiwis.

Six talking points from Super Rugby Round 17

The bloke has done a fantastic job to keep the vast majority of our top players at home, sticking to his guns on the overseas selection policy and maximising revenue without compromising player welfare. He also resisted all the pressure to sack Henry in 2007 and look how we’ve thrived since. Comparing him to the likes of Pulver and various South Africans he has been so stable and canny.
He’s handing over a good ship.

New Zealand Rugby chief Steve Tew to step down after World Cup