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A 14 year old boy with dreams of one day travelling the globe as a sports journalist covering the olympics, cricket, tennis and more locally AFL and NRL. Love test cricket, the melbourne stars and am an avid pies supporter. Also enjoy watching the storm in the NRL



Makes more sense now. Thanks

Selection blunders are hurting Australia

There needs to certainly be more continuity in selection. Just read the Tassie JLT squads and while you’re correctly writing about Paine’s dominance, he isn’t even being offered a One day contract by the tigers. Gee I hope he gets picked up by another state

Selection blunders are hurting Australia

There needs to certainly be more continuity in selection. Just read the Tassie JLT squads and while you’re correctly writing about Paine’s dominance, he isn’t even being offered a One day contract by the tigers. Gee I hope he gets picked up by another state

Selection blunders are hurting Australia

When was the last time 2 different keepers from the same state were named in the same tour. Go Tim Paine

Faulkner returns as Australia announce squads for India

I love this article Ritesh but other people won’t be able to share my love if this isn’t put in the cricket section. How has this ended up in the tennis section??

Spinning all-rounders deserve their due

I agree that Groth should be out but I’d be tempted to put Kokkinakis into a day one singles spot. If he can maintain the tennis he is playing. Thompson however hasn’t done much wrong and always lifts in Davis Cup, evidenced by defeating Jack Sock in Davis Cup recently. It’s a good conundrum to have. Thompson, I think is definitely the correct pick for doubles.

Davis Cup semi-finals: Who should Lleyton Hewitt pick for Belgium?

Good call Sam. Turning into a scrappy tussle. Reid and Wells both scored for the pies in the 2nd quarter, with the pies ending up with two for the quarter FYI

Gold Coast Suns vs Collingwood Magpies: AFL live scores, blog

Best xi
Maxwell- if smith’ll bowl him
Sayers is yet to be announced in the squad however CA are likely to add a player with Starc out and should be Sayers for a good balance. Love having Cartwright in the squad, brings plenty of upside. SOK being out for a lack of form is a load of garbage, for he has more control than Lyon. It’ll be a great contest not to be taken lightly. Bring it on

Australia's squad named for Tour of Bangladesh

First I’ve heard of the tour, hopefully it happens, I love the lengthy ODI series, wish there was more of them. I’d love to see Khawaja opening (please give him a game in India) Head at 4, Handscomb at 5 and one of Lynn, maxwell or stoinis also in the eleven along with Hastings, Zampa, Hoff and Starc. This creates a balanced team with the reliability of Head and Handscomb who can adapt to the situation of the match, as you say

Khawaja and Handscomb must tour India

Exactly. Good on you Alastair!!! If only Buckley had the guts. I’d love to see the umpires play a game of footy and get sledged, see how they handle that

AFL fines Hawks coach for umpire remarks

Quick take #7: No margin is safe anymore. In 8 games of footy, four teams won, having trailed by 4 goals or more at some stage of the game. Amazingly, just one game separates 3rd from 10th

Eleven quick takes from AFL Round 9

Mclarty and Kirby look awesome in the vfl at the moment. Kirby is a high flier and good in the contest as well as a great kick at goal. Mclarty has played exceptionally well on the last line of defence barring the game against Sandringham where Mccartin kicked 7 goals on him. It’s time to get Scharenberg in the afl side with his compusure and ability to win the one on ones. I’d like to see Wills in the afl side as well. He is a tackling and pressure machine which is an area the pies could improve at

How the recruits and draftees are going: Collingwood (Part 1)

Brodie Grundy????

AFL team of the week: Round 8

Not for the first time this year the umps cost the pies a game. Howe had Crisp down the corridor but the umps stopped him for a stupid score review, giving gws a chance to setup and forcing Howe to go long. We are lingering around 16th but seriously, we are a top 6 team. The Afl needs to realise 2 things
A) umps have to be full-time
B) there has to be a way to make it less about interpretation. I.E. holding the ball, holding the man, marks, deliberate out of bounds, high tackle is all interpretation. Inconsistent umpiring is then inevitable. I don’t know how but there needs to be more set rules

Losses for Pies and Tigers proves that football can be a cruel game

That’s a blazing team and it is hard to believe that we aren’t better at T20Is. My team would have one change: Tim Paine in, James Faulkner out. Paine’s a far superior keeper to dunk and is a more nimble batter if the innings goes pear shaped.

Paine can go higher/lower depending on the situation

Australia should be a dominant T20 team

I think we needed Paine in there. He is as good, if not a better keeper than Wade and he is a less aggressive batsman. The team you propose could make 450 but they could also make under 100 because if all batsman falter, and with the batsmen we have that is a real possibility, we are in big trouble. Paine and Handscomb probably should be in the squad. Ours looks too much like a t20 squad.
This would be my team
1 Warner
2 Head
3 Handscomb
4 Smith
5 Paine
6 Maxwell
7 Marcus Stoinis
8 Mitch Starc
9 Josh Hazlewood
10 Pat Cummins
11 Zampa
While my team has attacking players, there is also the nimble Paine and Handscomb to fall back on should the opponents wreak havoc early. You could even get in Cam White instead of maxwell/stoinis.

Forget Tests, Australia must shift their focus to the shorter form

Brian, while we don’t have a reserve keeper it may prove as peace of mind for you that we have Handscomb playing county for Ickes down the road and could potentially be on standby. I agree, though we should have a reserve keeper in the form of Tim Paine

Australia lean on pace in squad for Champions Trophy

That’s the problem with the pies recruiting and drafting. We have 13 midfielders, all of which would play most games at other clubs but you can only fit 8-9 (With Hoskin Elliott and Daicos in forwardline) in a team. Then we have 2 big forwards who desperately needs support or to regain confidence in VFL and we have no great solution. Mason Cox always is dangerous in a marking contest with his height but offers little else and Keeffe is a huge gamble given he hasn’t played footy in two years. Having said that, I do think you have to persevere with Moore for a bit longer and give him more games to adapt as he is the future. I don’t think you can do much with the forwards. Moore and Elliott need more time, WHE is so dangerous and versatile. Varcoe’s mr consistent down there and is the more defensive forward we need. Fasolo hasn’t done enough wrong to get dropped. That leaves White who I think should make room for Daicos, with Reid moving up forward as the extra tall. I agree we need Daicos in there and also understand your point about Wells. I’d be tempted to bring in Wills (as he was a tackling machine in his short burst last year) and Scharenberg’s run and pressure off half back we desperately need but will need to show a bit more in the VFL over a period of time. I have to disagree with you about dropping Crisp. He has been evergreen consistent for so long and played a terrific game against the swans and was also handy in round 1. One bad performance after such consistency dating back to 2015 doesn’t deserve to see him dropped. I like Ramsay but he has second-guessed himself with the ball a bit this year and is probably the most vulnerable defender. This would be my best 22

FB- Henry Schade
BP- Rupert Wills, Josh Smith
CHB- Tyson Goldsack
HB- Tom Phillips, Brayden Maynard
Centre- Steele Sidebottom, Taylor Adams, Jack Crisp
Half Forwards- Travis Varcoe, Jamie Elliott
CHF- Ben Reid
FP- Alex Fasolo, WHE
FF- Darcy Moore
Followers- Brodie Grundy, Adam Treloar, Scott Pendlebury
Bench- Josh Daicos, Daniel Wells, Levi Greenwood, Jeremy Howe
Emergencies- Jackson Ramsay, Jarryd Blair, Lynden Dunn
Ins- Josh Daicos, Rupert Wills, Daniel Wells, Tom Phillips
Outs- Tim Broomhead, Jarryd Blair, Jackson Ramsay, Jesse White

Cold Pies: Pressure rising on Buckley’s troops heading into Anzac Day

@Anindya, as clipper points out this article is about the most dominant top five. However as a Stan fan, if (and only if) he can manage a wimbledon in his career, he would have to be mentioned in such conversations, as he would become just the sixth player in the open era to complete such a feat

Greatest of all time? Who cares, men's tennis currently has the greatest five of all time!

I agree. He is a long term prospect who seems a more confident batsman but it’ll be difficult to translate that confidence into international cricket. I think Tim Paine, however should be given a chance in the champions trophy

Australia must pick Alex Carey for the Ashes

No water polo this time. Has that always been the case?

2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games schedule

What poor things has he done off the court?
He shows his emotion on court so he is said to be bad but he certainly has not broken any law or intoxicated himself. That’s Bernie Tomic, and is the reason (as well as his lack of effort and skill) why he has far fewer supporters

Kyrgios is the athlete Australian sport needs

Agree with Tim Paine. Has flown under the radar with consistent performances in the last few seasons. Deserved to play more international cricket than he did

The side Australia must take to the Champions Trophy

1- maxwell, should be a lock for Indian tour
2- warner. Should be demoted as vc for wade(hate saying that, would love to see Paine back)
My ashes team
Unlikely but I’d love it

Tell us: Who makes your way-too-early Australian Ashes side

Don Freo, the Brownlow is not about exceeding how well you play each week. We are used to Dangerfield being more dominant than his performance on sunday but it doesn’t mean it was a bad performance. Mundy played a great game and led from the front nicely, and admittedly was unlucky to miss a vote. If he continues performing so well, the dockers will go a long way to winning many games of football this season which is more important than an individual medal

Round 1 wrap: Impressive youngsters and season predictions