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Ex sports playing tragic now armchair sports tragic. Rugby is my vice.



So as a qlder who lived in Sydney I must be missing something. Should it not be called the SSRU? Selective Sydney Rugby Union. They are seriously missing about a 3rd of the population. At what point do the realise their reverse robin hood strategy is why the tahs are struggling.

SRU reveals Shute Shield draw for 2022 kicking off on April 2

Wasnt there a one off ANZAC team test in the late 80’s early 90’s. I love the concept but an Anzac Team would have a stronger historical background and would be reflective on where rugby is heading, the Saffa teams are already playing in the NH comps. Playing the 5 northern allies (France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales). Also NZ and Aus getting together is enough of a challenge, through the Saffas in and you know it is going to be nay on impossible.

Time to 'do a Lions' and pick a Southern Hemisphere All Stars to bring four nations together

When I heard about the 12s my first thought was isn’t their already a 10s format and 7s. They should combine the lot. 4 quarters. Start with 15 men. Remove 3 at quarter time. 2 at half time. 3 at 3/4 time. And have golden point over time where you remove another 2. And you move to touch rugby. All said with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

The Wrap: Why Sam Cane and Kieran Read are poles apart and why it matters

Banjo. Interesting perspective.

A few thoughts. The fountain of youth running dry. I think it is more DR is letting then refresh and reinvigorate themselves in the fountain with a structured pre season rather than another 6 weeks or so on the road with 14 days isolation on the back end. I remember reading a story about Rodda bulking 15kg on during his first professional off season to go from a bean pole to a bean pole with muscles. All the fountain players will definitely benefit from this. Secondly DR has been smart with his rotations and it has built depth. Adding these players helps do that. They may not even get a cap but the exposure to the squad and the game plans and strategies. Finally I look at the squad and there are a few toss ups but can’t argue against any of them and you feel confident they can do the job in the NH. That in itself is such an amazing feeling compared to the last few squads we have sent North.

Dave’s Dads' Army: Will old age and treachery overcome youth and skill?

Dont brag too much 😂

Amazing what happens when the wallabies start winning

How the Wallabies are building cohesion towards 2023

Wow. Nick one of your best in a while 388 comments.

Firstly loved your analysis especially around the lineout and use of (or not) width in the backline.

I also hope the tahs have read this and act accordingly.

My question is how do we fix the local issue? The players who came in and made an impact all came from OS backgrounds.

We are now talking about adding more. Which I love.

Skelton is the big one for me he lost the lard and is now a highly sort after weapon.

How do you think the DR approach can trickle down to aus rugby and how do we harness the international experience that has showed after the last 4 years as missing?

Sorry know this is more coaching corner but I believe it’s the gap

How the Wallabies are building cohesion towards 2023

Brett thinking about I would even say a similar approach for coaches. Brumbies have Laurie and reds have Jim.

Not in head coach roles admittedly but both teams had a noticeable shift.

Then you look at the wallabies staff and all have experience coaching in the NH.

Kellaway’s bolt from nowhere highlights Wallabies sudden rebirth

Great article Brett.

On reading it made me reflect on the paths of two players Kells and JP.

Both lots of talent, both stars at junior level.

Kells struggles and heads OS to find his mojo again.

JP pushed into the limelight early and has struggles with injury and finding his place. Especially with the pressure and focus put on him.

Maybe the solution to our player development is to let them go earlier rather than later. All the players who you mentioned had time OS and have come back better more rounded players.

Until we find something a step below SR with the right coaching and professional structures it could be a good solution.

Kellaway’s bolt from nowhere highlights Wallabies sudden rebirth

Brett great article. I just hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train in the shape of the NH tour.

All our wins have been on fast dry tracks. It will be interesting to see how they adjust to the heavier northern tracks and what Rennie does to adjust

Wallabies pre-dawn: Why learning from the Townsville win is another important step

Thanks NickoM I was paraphrasing it a bit but it is said at the end

How Australian rugby can build its very own field of dreams

I agree.

That’s the beauty of this model.

Women’s afl, super netball and even the A league all started small and grew.

The enticement for nsw and qld and the other sr franchises is that the private equity pays about 30% of their wage bill without interfering with the existing structures.

It also builds the professional player base from 150 to 280 and provides a clear pathway.

RA controls the structure in the set up so no club vs country down the track.

How Australian rugby can build its very own field of dreams

Great article. But I don’t think Rennie isn’t focussed on the future.

Rather he has brought the old heads in to support the young guys and give them time to develop.

You are right on pushing players through and without a NPC style competition – where all the QLD players came through before SR and now to the wallabies.

I do hope Rennie keeps on putting the best players on the field for the day but then in the camps is using that knowledge to develop the youngins to challenge the old heads. Like Bell nudging Slipper and stepping up.

It should be a natural progression not a forced decision which it has felt like in the past. Hannigan, JP are two examples. They had potential but werent given the time to evolve.

The curse of the Wallabies’ rebuild is finally lifted

Firstly good article and I agree wholeheartedly on JOC being the 15. I am not looking as far forward to the next world cup but more the state of play with the wallabies at the moment.

For a number of years we have had to look at our young talent and pray that one or a number of them will be the next big thing.

Think JP, half of the Tah’s backline and right back to JOC, QC and KB.

The pressure was on all of them the day they finished school and strapped on the boots as professionals.

We are looking for the Great White Hope.

Unlike SA and NZ we don’t have a national mid-tier competition to blood the players and provide a natural progression. When we did have this it brought us Tate, Hunter, Samu, Wilson, BPA who progressed naturally. A few hiccups but they are all now established in the wallabies squad.

What the QC/JOC axis gives us is time. Time to allow Noah to develop, Banks to find his footing at international level, JP to grow into his body and stop getting injured, the list goes on.

I do agree Rennie is probably already there. Two highly experienced playmakers who can move around into different positions and guide the younger players in playing at that level.

And for this weekend. I am so looking forward to seeing a mid field attacking scrum with JOC and QC sitting either side of it with Len/Samu/HP with those two great flyers on the wing.

I love the premise but lets focus on the hear and now and hopefully then the future will unfold naturally with QC and JOC not being the only options.

Why Rennie will pull the trigger on O'Connor at 15

All I will say on this. What impressed me about QC wasnt the game or the kicks. Well that was exhilirating to watch and his ability to keep his head and get on with things, up to the 81st minute was phenomenal.
As fans we have the right to get angry, rabid, ecstatic, cry, scream, pull our hair out, throw things at the screen or boo the ref.
The players are being paid. What I heard in his post game interview was someone who realised he was in his boardroom involved with a major deal. “I asked myself is this my ego talking with the last kick or can I do it”.
The mindset of this is my job, I do my best and at the end of the day what’s most important is my family and my life outside of rugby.
It’s sounds as though he has finally found the balance that so many young players (leagiues and AFL boys take note) don’t get.
Don’t get me wrong, you need to be passionate about what you do, you need to go the extra mile but parking your emotions in these circumstances is hard but critical.
I now understand why Rennie kept raving.
Thanks QC, even if you don’t play another test it is great to see you have grown to where you are and what it allowed you to do.
Give every Wobblies fan hope and a bit of light after the darkenss where we won’t be crying into our pretzels because of what has happened.
On this Friday’s game JOC for Banks and we will have the Boks really worried.

The Wrap: Quade Cooper finds the sweet spot to bring the Wallabies home

Alex. Great idea I love it. Maybe than a tri nations it’s a three year rotation.

Where the Mandella, bledisloe and boks vs black are played one each year with the fourth being world cup.

Which ever team has home game during 6 nations tours other country for other two tests.

The Rugby Championship should expand to six nations

So let me work this through.

Sydney bounces the Penrith Emus.

Sydneysiders and nsw flaunt the covid rules while the rest of us buckle down and do the right thing. I feel so sorry for my Victorian friends who have lost 1/3rd a year in lockdown.

A sydneysider travels to NZ with delta variant and lies leading to an outbreak.

The WA govt like QLD has managed this and it’s citizens have acted responsibly to ensure we can get back to life as normal, which we have.

Am I the only one that is sick of NSW and it’s belief in superiority messing with us all?

Let’s not blame NZ rugby. They made an informed decision. Who has put us and them in that state?

'Bloody angry', 'incredibly disappointing': Rennie furious, Marinos makes staggering claim about NZR CEO

Maybe they were thinking of the last 30. Bring him and Thor and Wilson on and that adds some real punch to the forward pack at the back end of the game. With our new found strong finishing. Also means he has an extra 6/8 as well.

Welcome back Lachie! Swinton confirmed as Wallabies name their team

Bring back Eddie 😂 😂 😂

McKellar to leave Brumbies, front runner as Rennie's Wallabies successor

All I can say. Is Rupert what your fox news has done to the US political system is one thing. But now you are screwing with sacred things like Aussie Rugby. It’s time to rise up and stop buying papers you own. We need a reliable news source like Facebook… or the roar

The Wrap: Will Marika Koroibete’s red card be the making of the Wallabies?

As I sit in a Cafe waiting for lunch reading this article after a cursory glance at the Courier Mail to find one rugby article. The AAP one from yesterday. So true

The Wrap: Will Marika Koroibete’s red card be the making of the Wallabies?

Geoff fantastic article and great idea. The Fijians looked fantastic on the weekend and if that forward pass was picked up at the 50m mark I think might of been a lor tighter.

And gutsy bringing up private equity. I still believe RA going down that path to have funds to bring back some of our talent from OS into SR and fund a professional NRC to allow it time to become financially viable (think a-league) is the future.

The Wrap: Australian rugby, you have two important jobs this week

Hi it’s Scotty from marketing. I feel bad about the vaccine roll out but I have to agree let’s go straight to TT tournament next year. My gut says it’s the way forward. I have to say working with the states to find a general consensus is impossible. A national vaccine strategy, sorry it’s rugby, an NRC will never work.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

Can I just ask why is everyone so against rebooting the NRC?

It didnt really fail, it just didnt have enough time to develop as a format and the NSWRU treated it with disdain. With Stan/Nine on board we won’t have to go is on fox, is it being streamed…

Okay the QLD team didnt go that well against the NZ teams. But 90% of those players cut their teeth in the NRC. And you can bet now that they know what level they have to play to there pre-season will involve constant reminders of that. Thorn said as much.

You cant tell me with the depth issues the Tahs are having and a young team to boot. Another 16 solid games isnt going to help them develop.

Super Rugby AU: The third tier

And the tt plays through the test windows. Teams just lose players. Move games for TT to smaller areas where the games aren’t regularly played. Watch the reds play highlanders on a Saturday afternoon at Townsville roll out of the stadium and watch wallabies play France…

If we’re going to do a full Trans-Tasman tournament, let’s go all the way

That’s why I think you go two tier TT. Top 3 bottom 3 each tournament. Allows home and away

If we’re going to do a full Trans-Tasman tournament, let’s go all the way