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Ex sports playing tragic now armchair sports tragic. Rugby is my vice.



Sheek. I would ask one thing could you change your name to smoke bomb?

BREAKING: Israel Folau takes legal action against Rugby Australia

Sorry are you the only person in Australia who hasn’t seen his post?
And that wasn’t a discrimination definition that was the Oxford dictionary of villification. So the term meets the criteria regardless of nonsense beliefs based on religion you argue.
I thought I would start with the basics.

BREAKING: Israel Folau takes legal action against Rugby Australia

Vilification: to speak I’ll of.

If you would like me to provide the new anti discrimination definition halt provide,

Sheek the fact you started with a personal attack shows your ability to argue logically

I feel sorry for you

So back to my question. Your argument on the place of religion contradicts your statements on Israel’s situation. Please explain

BREAKING: Israel Folau takes legal action against Rugby Australia

So Sheek using your argument Izzy has no leg to stand on. As none of the theories he proposes are true it is pure vilification with no reasonable explanation. Love it

BREAKING: Israel Folau takes legal action against Rugby Australia

Castle being vague and ambiguous means she will be a credible witness. Smart enough to not provoke and keep her powder dry for when it’s needed

BREAKING: Israel Folau takes legal action against Rugby Australia

No he breached his contract. A fair and reasonsble one in a secular society. The only crossroads he found himself at was his religious freedom vs the requirement of his employment.

BREAKING: Israel Folau takes legal action against Rugby Australia

I would challenge your comment on France. They are slowly strangling the same Pacific nations you are arguing need to be saved. Their money and backing are taking islander and 2nd tier players and stopping them from representing their countries for fear of them injuring themselves. I don’t see independence as a valid argument of success.

Problems and solutions for rugby's new and existing tournaments

Michael. I am not. As you are a guest I am sorry your ability for notification or reply is limited. 61% did vote that way. First non-compulsory vote we had. The apathetic approach that V0 was proud of (another guest so can’t gain notification and respond to the comments – everyone’s right as a keyboard warrior), and they should be included, didnt vote, they by condoning accepted. Therefore the numbers stand.

And if you havent completed an ABS in 20 years I feel sorry for you because it removes your ability to proper democratic representation, you don’t exist, other as a guest on a sports blogging website.

Izzy, the false 'silent majority' and sport in Australia

Okay. I don’t have the time to do the count. After reading a lot of the comments after the last few weeks I would suggest you find a way to search “silent majority” etc on this site. It was a recurring theme. Defending a belief around how we are defined as a country is my comment. That belief is one that has declined in the past 15 years.

Izzy, the false 'silent majority' and sport in Australia

Vo fair comment and on the surface seems logical. Numerous studies show that when a vote is non-compulsory the people with a stronger belief will participate. Just look at Brexit. So lets use your logic and own experience. Those who didn’t care, didn’t vote. Those who did care did. Of the people who wanted to participate in the first non-compulsory decision of the country 60% of those who chose to participate said yes. So I try he numbers stand

Izzy, the false 'silent majority' and sport in Australia

Fox firstly I never said that. You assumed it. Further you just outlined under 2% of the population. Muslims and Hindus. The total population of the world is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the 25m people of their sun drenched country not south America or any where else. Ironically many of the people I know from these countries migrate here because they aren’t persecuted or attacked.

As you for your moral totalitarianism please explain how an article on the demographic make up of this country and our need to respect this in not attacking segments due to our own personal beliefs.

Izzy, the false 'silent majority' and sport in Australia

Jack. You do. Freedom of speech is not on question. It’s how you Express it. Just to check if an Islamic sports person suggested all infidels should die. Do you believe that aligns with the eclectic value system that is Australia and should be condoned?

Izzy, the false 'silent majority' and sport in Australia

Waxhead. Been thinking about this for a while. Writing this was not much work. If I make one person stop and think…job done. I actually wish I could have dived into the abs numbers further but do enough of that for my start up

Izzy, the false 'silent majority' and sport in Australia

I love that hypocrisy. Personalise an alternate lifestyle and it’s all right. It’s like my great uncle who owned a farm in country nsw. He had a “friend” who lived with him. It was a nudge nudge wink wink country knowledge but was accepted.

Izzy, the false 'silent majority' and sport in Australia

I agree. The irony is studies have shown on social media articles like this just embed the views of the alternate.

I am actually happy that after leaving it for a day there is only 43 comments.

Hopefully means some people have listened… or maybe just not read

Izzy, the false 'silent majority' and sport in Australia

Mark. Can you please clarify who are the few?

If you notice I didn’t bring up anything about freedoms other than reflecting on speech and religion.

Most importantly I reflected on those little boxes we ticked in 2016 that help everyone understand our society.

I am worried like you about the basic freedoms. The ones I am talking about is those that attack people and isolate them.

Using a platform you have only obtained because of your ability to jump above another man or step another man on a field of play does not give you the right to then attack said person’s life choices.

Btw. Still trying to work out the supposed logical arguments you base your comment on.

Izzy, the false 'silent majority' and sport in Australia

I love the fact we have had a massive increase in the number of “guests” since this broke. I know I am relatively new to this site but the comments seem to have tripled if you mention IF or religion.

Folau knocks back RA's $1 million settlement offer: reports

Can I ask what your way of life is and how this is impacting it??????????????????

I am not someone to get personal but really your comments need explanation?

How is a discriminatory comment by a third party that is in breach of their contract impacting your life???

And when you say our way of life. Can you define our? It definitely doesnt reflect mine.

I could keep going but the sickest part for me is using post WW2 refugees arguments on freedom.

I think they would argue freedom from discrimination as being their key focus.


Izzy and Rugby AU: A monumental misconception

The silent majority is a 20th century belief and a joke. With the advent of social media and diversification of views there is no longer a silent majority. The views people hold are diverse and change based on the topics. The best I saw was on Monday night on Q&A. The question: “I am a liberal on economics, I believe we should act on climate change, I don’t like what is happening with refugees. I would consider myself a liberal voter but fundamentally disagree with a number of your policies. Who should I vote for?” (millennium nominal LNP member).

The game is changing and people need to realise that the Silent majority no longer exists. The diverse minorities are where we are and under our secular, anti-discrimination legal framework need to be respected.

Izzy and Rugby AU: A monumental misconception

No you miss the point. Firstly sensible is subjective not objective. Its flawed as a logical argument. “Posturing activists = those that don’t hold my views. Secondly with the advent of Social Media and mass communication the concept of a majority is no longer a reasonable assumption. People’s views are diverse and depending on the area can be contradictory with other people’s views of similar areas. Take Christianity, perfect example. There are gay priests in some of them. Arguing the “silent majority” is laughable because of this. It doesnt exist and anyone who argues it does will comprehend the need to respect diversity as they have not grasped the concept yet.

If Rugby Australia doesn’t successfully expel Folau, World Rugby have to

Maybe want to read Genias comments…

Israel Folau to fight Rugby AU sanction

Tony they have every to talk about their faith. They have every right to knock on doors and attempt to talk to people about their faith. They have every right to use social media to post on their faith. I live with a christian and he talks of his faith and beliefs regularly and I respect them. We actually have some great discussions around this.

When they don’t have a right is when they have entered a legal agreement that supersedes that desire. If you have a clear policy that you sign that states you will not post information of that nature you should lose your job.

As for who decides, it is the individuals decision. They also then decide not to be part of the rugby fraternity as it goes against the legal (not spiritual/faith/religious beliefs) that they have agreed to abide by.

If Rugby Australia doesn’t successfully expel Folau, World Rugby have to

Nick great article and I have always felt Izzy was a good player not great. It was just that because of some of his abilities teams adapted their playing style to fully use it. It’s like we were playing as Under 8’s and the game plan was “Kick it to Izzy”.

Hopefully this will allow the reset and balancing of our backline. Over the past few years it feels as though we have picked based on individual ability and then shoe horned them into a position to get them on the field.

As for your reflection on Carwyn Jones it reminds me how far we have come along way both as a sport and as a global community.

It’s a pity so many people aren’t able to embrace this and would rather strike out in fear. They spew vitriol attacking anyone speaking out for diversity and inclusion, hiding behind free speech and religious freedom to justify it.

Can rugby really embrace diversity?

Take offence to the point of the loony left as that is regularly used as cover all for humanist and views of acceptance. I am proud to be one of those.

I hate that this has become a proxy forum for arguing the validity of accepting discriminatory beliefs based on a religious ideology and we seem to have a lot more people engaged.

If Rugby Australia doesn’t successfully expel Folau, World Rugby have to

You just sold your position on the do gooders comment. Door knock, stand up at a bbq. Tell people what you believe. Post it on social media you are breaching a contractual clause and by the article a world rugby edict.

If Rugby Australia doesn’t successfully expel Folau, World Rugby have to