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Love a bit of fake news on this website.

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1. Finch chose not to review. His fault, not the umpire. If the ball brushed his glove or otherwise – he surely would know.
2. What silly face?
3. Any proof of Dharmasena being gutless to give Indians out? Or is Llong a sub-par umpire for his decisions being overturned for being wrong? In fact, all 10 of the Indian dismissals in the second innings were caught. Finding it hard to see how Dharmasena was gutless.

When are international umpires going to start calling no balls again?

It’s a nice idea, but you can’t play quality cricket in September.

For a start, a ground needs time to heal from football. It also needs to dry out. A September ground is far, far too soft for an effective pitch to be made.

in county cricket getting 1000 runs before the end of May was rightly celebrated because pitches are ridiculously hard to bat on then. And that’s the “November” equivalent of Australia.

40 is the new 50: Why form can't be measured the Hayden way

This is a good article…it (and other posters) ignores a long forgotten reason for the decline in decent Shield form: county cricket.

Players like Hayden, Langer, Martyn who spent time in purgatory between their debuts/first stint in the XI and then their return to the XI, were not only dominating the shield, but they went to England in the winter and dominated there as well. Add players like Lehmann, Mike Hussey, Rogers to the mix too. And that’s only mentioning the ones that had a decent career for the Australian team. Players like Michael Bevan, Stuart Law, Brad Hodge, David Hussey, Martin Love were demons in county cricket, and simply carried their winter form into the shield.

All these players were able to dominate the shield season off so strongly back in the day because they only had two short breaks months off from red ball cricket in between hemisphere seasons – not eight.

The truncated shield season is one reason for the flop in performance and stats, but also because players now care about the riches on offer from IPL and other T20 matches. Can’t blame them, we all got mortgages to pay off…but choosing to take 7 months off from red ball cricket will cost you.

Australia wasn’t just blessed with a generation of stars during this time, we had a system that expected you to go to England in April and carry on the good work. We don’t anymore. they were stars because of a near constant feed of FC cricket.

40 is the new 50: Why form can't be measured the Hayden way

Just quickly, I want to correct myself by saying ABlett played half the game, and the Suns finished with no bench midway through the final quarter.

Gold Coast minus Gary Ablett equals GWS

The Suns certainly aren’t quite the team they are with G Ablett at the helm. But I think you are being a touch harsh Cam. While the history books show that the Suns have never won without Ablett, the history books also fail to note that Ablett barely played the Collingwood game, and the Suns got up.

I’m inclined to explore whether there other factors at play here? Is this just a team – a young team at that – that has just run out of puff towards the end of the season? And that possibly the Suns were in hindsight, never really going to be finals bound this year, but can continue to climb the ladder next season? Fade outs are a common theme in transitional/emerging teams.

Port Adelaide have faded the past month. Collingwood have really faded the past month. Essendon used to turn end of season fade outs into a yearly ritual.

What I will concede though is that the Suns have looked flat out uncompetitive without Ablett the past two weeks.

I’m going to give the Suns the benefit of the doubt for another week.

Gold Coast minus Gary Ablett equals GWS

Hmm, I partially agree Cam.

Yes, the AFL should be applauded for at least trying. If the biggest rivalry in the game won’t pull in the crowds, nothing will. Shame it didn’t work, but at least we know now.

But fans must come first. Always. The AFL has forgotten them this year. The big marquee games should be put on at the ideal times to maximise attendance, not just for the game itself but as an advertising tool for the code. If you are trying to promote your game to a larger market, you’ll do a much better job with images of 80,000 screaming fans in a packed stadium rather than 40,000 echoing in an empty one.

False outrage rules Sunday night footy debate

Yes, TV may be the rights holder and other networkds will fall over themselves to purchase it.

But networks won’t pay $1 billion if they aren’t going to hold most of the cards, or if one network has bowed out of the bidding race. The AFL knows this.

False outrage rules Sunday night footy debate

Hi Ryan,

I think what will emerge from this is that Todd Carney wasn’t sacked just because of that photo, but because it was further evidence that he is unable to behave in a manner expected of the club.

He is an injury prone player. As a result of his tough injuries he is expected to abstain from alcohol to let his body and his injuries heal. But yet, as this photo demonstrates he is clearly unable to stay away from the booze when his living, his talents and his club expect him to.

The photo just gave the club the catalyst to sack him without the need for the lawyers.

Todd Carney sacked, but what happens next?

Hmm, I remember a roarer writing on this subject a couple of months ago. Led to some good spirited debate that I hope restarts again.

I’d say Geelong were the best club.

Not only did they win all the stuff mentioned in the article, but crucially, they never finished lower than 12th. That type of consistency has to be rewarded. They are the only team who can claim that. To not bottom out in this era is fantastic.

No prizes for the worst club: Richmond. Just year after year of bitter disappointment.

Which has been the most successful club of the AFL era?

Who was the coach of the 1968 runners up?

If you can answer that within 5 seconds, then Ross Lyon has a chance of going down in history as one of the greats. Actually, more recently, who was the coach of the 95 losing side? The 97 losing side? The 88 losing side?

Answer those off the top of your head, and you have a chance of your statement having a chance of relevancy, for if Lyon ends up never winning a premiership (which I think he will), then he will be consigned to the harsh scrap heap of history and not the books.

Is this Fremantle's last chance for a premiership?


Lyon didn’t change the game. he took it from Paul Roos who was derided for bringing that into the game.

Ross Lyon went from St Kilda to Freo and brought in the EXACT same game plan, irrespective of the talents of the squad.

A ball bouncing the wrong way didn’t cost St Kilda a premiership. A crap first half did. And an even crapper replay game.

Yes, more than just the coach needs to be relied upon for planning for the future, but when the coach moves like a virus onto its next host, it didn’t help St Kilda.

Is this Fremantle's last chance for a premiership?

I think he is actually Mitchell Pearce. Now that he has the week off, he can come onto the roar and defend himself for a change. :p

My NSW Blues team for State of Origin I

This youtube clip backs your argument up better Ryan.

Believe me.

My NSW Blues team for State of Origin I

A good team Ryan. Possibly even a winning team.

I’d make two amendments: Hodgkinson at half back to have a Bulldogs (and a winning inform) halves pairing with Reynolds. Then you have your goalkicker.

Then I’d put Dugan on the wing in lieu of Richards.

Farah for the captaincy.

My NSW Blues team for State of Origin I

I’ve banged on about this for a while now.

This is the last chance they have. And considering Ross Lyon is a) too defensive as a coach and b) not planning for the future, expect Freo to be a middle power at best from 2015 onwards.

Although this is their last chance, they won’t win. They simply are not the best. The best teams win premierships.

Is this Fremantle's last chance for a premiership?

Agreed. Nor should Boyd. He is in atrocious touch.

1. Inglis
2. Slater
3. Chambers
4. Tate
5. Milford

State of Origin team predictions: Queensland

Hi Ryan

SImply solution really: Adam Reynolds or Trent Hodkinson. Ah well.

Seriously though, I think we will all find that Hayne will be entrusted the goal kicking duties. Whether that is to the detriment of NSW, we shall see. I seem to recall Queensland 12 or so years ago needing to rely on Lote to do the kicking for a couple of years. Incidentally, they lost one of them.

Who the hell will be NSW’s goal-kicker?

Don’t want to sound like a douche but I’ve been commenting on this on other people’s articles now for quite some time.

Lyon’s game plans are exhausting and very limitied. For once I partly agree with Macca above…the moment they start dropping off they get opened up because Lyon’s plans require a nearly impossible level of fitness, stamina and precision.

I completely agree with Brent…no plan B at all.

Although it is nice to see him finally relent somewhat and let Fremantle kick some goals, Lyon will never win a premiership with this strategy. It will never beat the best team.

Why he is lauded as a great coach is beyond me.

Has Fremantle's game plan tired them out?

Well, maybe cities should think twice when they make over the top audacious bids.

The IOC will almost always vote the one who will present a “bigger, grander, costlier” games.

It's time for the Olympics to give football the boot

Glenn, well argued

Tennis is the same. It is annoying. I think though that sports where the Olympics are not the pinnacle event can co-exist within the Olympic movement and their own peak competition provided the incentives are right.

Regarding football in the Olympics, I think the format should be:

1. Fully professional, with teams qualifying in the same way as now. .
2. Gold medallist secures an automatic berth in the next FIFA world cup. For certain European/South American teams, this would be a tremendous boon. It will means that if certain countries still choose not to take it seriously, then it opens the door for a smaller country to not just win the gold, but guarantee world cup qualification.

With Tennis the answer is simple (though so simple it has clearly been discarded by the ATP): Olympic events count for world rankings. And considering that the Olympics are usually in between Wimbledon and the US open, it could have an affect on rankings and all important seedings for the next grand slam.

It's time for the Olympics to give football the boot

The moment Tony Archer admitted that referees got it wrong was the moment when there is no way the Storm can retain the points.

Archer has screwed this all up. What a horrendously misguided thing to say.

Dragons were wronged, says NRL refs boss

Mitchell Pearce will be the halfback for two reasons:

1. Laurie Daley said so last week.
2. Laurie Daley is an advocator of cronyism.

Carney already leaving Pearce behind

Aussies just gravitate to losers more than they do to winners.

There is just something in us who just want to be supporting the club when it is finally “the year”

Fortunately for the coffers of RFC their membership base will just get bigger and bigger cause they ain’t winning yet for a while!

Who is the best team in AFL history?

I’d love to see them also organise a colts squad per team…similar to the NYC in the NRL.

It would be great to give some under 21’s some greater exposure at a national level.

Worth the wait but more NRC patience required

I posted something similar below.

From observations from a game I went to Saturday night. Touchies are redundant and lazy. They will never be able to call on forward passes because they are NEVER in line with the ball, and considering they are meant to be……

PRICHARD: Refs should be accountable for costing Eels a win