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Yeah thats interesting, when I played cricket as a kid there weren’t much in the way of subcontinental kids playing.

I suppose players like Khawaja and Ammed have shown that you don’t have to be Anglo to be an Australian player, that’s probably helped get rid of the whitewash in participation.

That or in the past a lot of Kids with cricket-obsessed subcontinental parents purposely moved away from cricket to rebel against their parents haha.

Cricket takes over AFL in participation as Australia's No. 1 sport

You underestimated the amount of kids who haven’t played sport at all finally joining a club. On average the amount of kids playing a sport exceed the number of adults doing so, and during the last 10 years there has been a dip the amount of kids taking part in sport because of various other factors.

That said, the rise in Cricket is only made possible because of the big dip in the late 2000s as our national team went off the cliff. The Big Bash has arguably helped increase Youth Participation, and participation overall has grown.

Cricket takes over AFL in participation as Australia's No. 1 sport

The track record of F1 stewards though…They’d find a way to stuff up a Kart Race.

Why isn't motorsport at the Olympics?

I wouldn’t want to fish in Rio…

Why isn't motorsport at the Olympics?

Why isn't motorsport at the Olympics?

Why join these olympics, when you can have your own Motorsport olympics. Make it ROC/A1GP on steroids. Have different disciplines with Single Specs (Touring, Oval, Open Wheel, Drift, RallyCross etc). Centre it around a motorsport hub (Daytona has all the facilities needed). Have it as its own thing, that way every event gets decent media coverage.

Why isn't motorsport at the Olympics?

Of course, back then there were about 60 other countries boycotting the USSR olympics

Russia decides to hold their own, completely legit, Olympic alternative

Sri Lanka vs Australia highlights: First Test, Day 1 cricket live scores, blog

3rd Cars. If you have the money to run them, do.

Formula One's next generation is slipping through our fingers

My guess is that they may only just send a comms team there, and have the presenters/analysts in a studio. I don’t know if they are producing the world feed.

Channel Seven to broadcast the 2017 Rugby League World Cup

I’d expect all but AUS/KIWIS and Finals to be shafted on to 7Two/Mate, but its a great deal.

Channel Seven to broadcast the 2017 Rugby League World Cup

They are still lapped cars though. It doesn’t need to rejoin anywhere. Just make sure it knows to let the other cars pass. We need to keep the skill in passing lapped cars.

V8 Supercars need a rule change

If we are doing a single file restart, it shouldn’t be too difficult to mandate that lapped cars either have to drive through the pitlane like what happens when the car is two laps down, or to pull off the racing line at the restart and allow other cars to pass them under blue flags. I don’t the lapped cars should be given a lap back just for a safety car, Its too kind on them.

That and at somewhere like Bathurst, it would be a pain to move people around. And I’d rather be consistent.

V8 Supercars need a rule change

My personal hope is he switches to IndyCar alongside Scott Dixon and Tony Kanaan at Chip Ganassi. He might even drive the Ford GT through them as well!

Felipe Massa considers life after Williams

My point from last race stands. No-one except Mercedes knows how to win a race.

Formula One teams too timid to take up Mercedes' open victory invitation

Red Bull have forgotten to win, Williams have forgotten to win, Ferrari have forgotten to win. The level of competent strategy on the pit wall seems to be falling. Unfortunately, Mercedes has picked up the slack. In an ideal world, no-one would know how to win and you’d get random winners every race.

Has Red Bull Racing forgotten how to win?

Who’d have thought Kimi Raikonnen would be 2nd in the Drivers Standings after 5 races! This year certainly seems earmarked to be that of a classic. Rosberg’s lead will make the chase from Hamilton even more exciting, and the best is yet to come…

Championship lessons learnt in Barcelona

It was luckless Webber who transferred it to Luckless Alonso who looks like he’s transferred it to luckless Hamilton. Although it might be Luckless Kyvat from now on.

I’m not too fussed. 17 races left in the season. Effectively the entire 2009 F1 season is left. The status quo will change with the upgrades in spain.

Has Lady Luck left Lewis Hamilton?

Problem is that V8 Supercars calculate ratings by adding up the total amount of people watching a race, live or highlights or Inside Supercars or whatever.

Clipsal on 10 Hit around 462,000 for the end of the race on Sunday, with about 444,000 at the start.
Highlights for Tasmania didn’t even make the top 20 programs.

Can’t find much info on Fox, but I doubt it would be more than 10-20% of what they get on FTA.

The broadcast deal certainly isn’t encouraging manufacturers that they can advertise their cars here…

Is it the end for Volvo in V8s?

That was written before Volvo Australia and Cyan Racing withdrew their support, with Volvo demanding that the V8 Supercars be returned in 2017. This story was written before this news as well.

And I seem to have forgotten Van Gisbergan as well. My Mistake.

The contenders for this year's V8 Supercars Championship

I believe they’ll roll that out on July 1. Some of the social media channels have had the new logo on them, presumably to add to the announcement.

Supercars drop the V8 from their name, as a new era begins

TBH South Africa are really terrible at the moment, fell from first to third over the summer, and will only fall further. Pakistan are right behind, although they only really play at home. I can’t see SA doing any better against Australia.

Four teams to tour Australia in the 2016-17 summer of cricket

Back in the mid 2000s, australia would actually jaunt off to new zealand for a couple of ODI games in early december i recall. I kind off prefer to have the One dayers early, its a good hype builder for the rest of the season.

Four teams to tour Australia in the 2016-17 summer of cricket

Why doesn’t South Africa schedule some first class games under lights then. There’s nothing stopping them (other than cost of floodlights)

Adelaide's pink-ball Test under threat

I’d like a quarterly window. September to December is Domestic Cricket in the southern Hemisphere (BBL, Shield etc.). January to March is international cricket. then April to June is more domestic cricket in the northern hemisphere (IPL, county cricket), followed by June to September for international cricket.

Time to create a domestic cricket window