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Proud winner of the Ferntree Gully Cricket Club under 13 bowling award. Nervous Crystal Palace and North Melbourne Supporter.



Could’ve had suitable batting cover by playing any combination of Nesser, Cummins, Siddle, Pattinson, Lyon or Starc alongside Hazelwood if they wanted 5 bowlers. I would actually prefer to play Pattinson or Siddle as a batting all rounder then Marsh.

Dropping Head for Marsh was a mistake

The difference between arsenal this year and last year, is that last year they would’ve been happy with sharing the points against Spurs – This year they were disappointed not to win. Shows their increased ambition. Arsenals problem over the last half decade has always been away form and getting results again mid table teams. They will have to pick that up this year if they want to make a top 4 spot.

Arsenal’s Premier League month in review: August

His conversion rate is poor, as is his FC record. But it’s not like anyone post Ponting has set the world alight. He could be our next long term #3.

Is Marnus the best first drop since Ponting?

It certainly shows a high-level of turnover which is crazy. How can you give guys like Doolan and Quiney only 2 tests? Not to mention others who didn’t bat 3 like Maddison and Furgerson et. el one test each.

As I said only time will tell for Lab but I believe he posses the temperament to be a good option at #3 long term.

Is Marnus the best first drop since Ponting?

Hi Paul, Thanks for reading and making time to comment. It was quite staggering finding all these numbers post Ponting. It clearly shows a deficiency Australian cricket has had.
Yes indeed his conversion rate is some what of a concern, perhaps it can be put down to the wickets in England having you feel that you’re never quite “in”, or his poor FC record suggesting that he maybe finds ways to get out.

He looks a classy bat though and I would like nothing more for then him to succeed and have a big summer in Aus.

Is Marnus the best first drop since Ponting?

I think the pressure, is inevitable though. #3 is the most important position int he team and when we have had no one of quality for so long each new player in the position has pressure. Thats just part of the legacy Ponting has left. Head might have been the person to move from 5 to 3 like posting moved from 6 to 3 but he hasn’t been consistent enough and his conversion rate has been poor which is disappointing. Im sure the selectors would have liked him to come on more then he has.

Is Marnus the best first drop since Ponting?

His FC recored is undoubtedly poor, hence why he was brought in to bat 6 and bowl on turning wickets in the UAE. His poor conversion rate may point to his modest FC recored. He just looks a class bat though and much better the a 38 a run player in FC cricket. Once he cracks a ton he may start churning them out.

Is Marnus the best first drop since Ponting?

If Puc can reach the potential that a lot of people seem to believe it might be some batting order, lots of potential.

Is Marnus the best first drop since Ponting?

Hi Roger, he’s first class stats are poor which I briefly made mention of and others have pointed out.ere’s hoping he is one of the rare players to find his feet at test level. His conversion rate is somewhat an indicator to his poor FC record.

Is Marnus the best first drop since Ponting?

Yes the oval of course. Spot on need someone who will bowl all day. Siddle was fantastic in the first two tests.

How Siddle and Marsh could both play at the Oval

Paine has copped a lot of unnecessary stick, he’s done a great job along with Langer, bringing us back from our darkest day.

Paine and Able: from an almost missed career to a legacy cemented

5 Bowlers is a must at lords – whatever form that takes.

How Siddle and Marsh could both play at the Oval

Just unsure they have anyone better to replace him?

Outgoing England coach says skipper Joe Root under "no pressure at all"

We came here to win but we also need to be smart at the selection table. My team for the 5th test. Warner – Tell him to free his arms, can’t do worse than he already has. Harris – Will play in the Australian Summer so give him some game time. Labuschagne, Smith, Head (thin ice, needs runs), Wade, Paine, Pattinson, Siddle, Starc, Hazelwood. Assuming Lyon is injured Siddle comes in. If not then Lyon plays. Cummins has played the whole World Cup and the first 4 tests. With his injury history it would be absolute insanity to play hime. He bowled 48 overs and there is only a 4 day break. Give him a well deserved rest. The ashes are retained and yes we would love to actually win the series, but it can’t be at the expense of our best bowler. I actually wouldn’t object to Marsh coming in for head as an extra bowler and Wade move to 5, the oval is runs galore. I Also wouldn’t object to Khawaja opening in place of Warner.

With the urn retained, how do we approach the fifth Ashes Test?

Fantastic ODI player but is part of the core group of English test player that is responsible for the Urn staying ins Australia. Does not posses the temperament for test batting.

Happy Birthday Jos Buttler: Revisiting the best knocks from England’s finest batsman-wicketkeeper

Spot on, the Ashes were lost when England picked World Cup heroes instead of test players.

It's time for England to prioritise Test cricket again

What a series it’s been, need to push and actually win the series now.

Australia retain Ashes in a thriller

8 tests I believe some in Aus and some in Asia, its a small sample size yes but there has been far worse performers in this ashes than him I think.

The XI Australia must pick at the Oval

While I don’t disagree that North have been average at the draft we have never completely bottomed out either, the draft isn’t like in the NBA where you can build a club around a top 10 pick. The draft is a complete lottery really, list managers and scouts will do their best to predict a players talent but who really knows. Carlton had 3 pretty decent no.1 picks and still found themselves at the bottom year after year, where as Collingwood has had an element of luck with their top 10 picks becoming good footballers.

Bottoming out and using the draft doesn’t always lead to success and I’m not sure we could survive years of rebuilding.

North Melbourne must fix dud drafting to end the mid-table madness

Would you move Warner down the order, Travis Head is horribly out of form? I’d like to see Khawaja and Burns open, Khawaja averages over 90 opening the batting.

The XI Australia must pick at the Oval

He’s been good, Arsenal’s problem is having a creative midfielder to feed him Laca and Auba

What can we expect from Arsenal's record signing Nicolas Pépé?

1000% agree. There was a massive focus on ODI cricket for England as soon as they won rights for the 2019WC. Luckily for us we have had Smith to cover over the cracks a little more. As for test cricket well only time will tell but the money and amount of T20 fixtures around the world is certainly concerning.

Was the English World Cup win the best thing for Australian cricket?

I think top 6 would be outstanding for Chelsea but with pressure from the like of Leicester, Wolves and Everton top 8 may be more realistic. With the abundance of exciting young players, maybe the transfer ban is a blessing is disguise? This next gen of Chelsea players are getting real game time and lots of it. This may not have happened had they been free to buy Wilf Zaha and alike. Only time will tell if Super Frank is up to the challenges of the Prem.

Tough start for Lampard

Unbelievable cricketer with bat and ball. Severely underrated just because he represents the Windies.

Is Jason Holder the most underrated player in world cricket?

That is elite banter.

Was the English World Cup win the best thing for Australian cricket?