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Good shout about the unexpectedness – there was definitely that with the 2013/14 Ashes too, it wasn’t until about day 2 or 3 of that first test that Johnson started to get into his work, and really roughed up the poms – but there was that thought, oh, classic Johnson, he’ll go for 0/150 next test when he doesn’t have the help of the gabba pitch and he’ll spray it everywhere – when he ripped through England and took 5 wickets in about half an hour at Adelaide, including 3 in one over, I think we all knew something very special was happening at that point, and it never let up from there. Careers were ended and England were a rabble by the end of it.

How Cricket Australia killed my interest in the professional game

Agree with pretty much everything you’ve said Stirling. More regional games are a must.

The floating fixture I am not too fussed by personally because I always have the Lions and Suns on FTA every weekend anyway, but agree that some games that seemed a good idea at the start of the season wind up being dreadful. I think a game between the dees and bombers last year was on Friday week 19ish or so and it was 17th playing 16th. That’s the sort of thing they need to get rid of.

Which of this year's quirks and oddities should the AFL keep?

I think the biggest issue facing world rugby is what teams can score from penalties vs what they get from scoring tries.

The three biggest issues in world rugby and how we can fix them now

I found this article a bit unconvincing.

First there was the admission Essendon have a lot of injuries. Virtually half the list, including several first choice players are all on the sidelines. Despite all of this lost training time, and weeks lost of pre-season tuneups, this apparently doesn’t pose a problem to winning round 1. It’s like you’re saying the pre-season training doesn’t matter simply because of Essendon’s intrinsic Essendonesss, which frankly hasn’t stood up well under the blowtorch in recent years. Essendon are one of the teams that makes winning very hard work. Quite a few narrow wins last year, a few narrow losses too and about 5 heavy defeats. They did claim GWS at Docklands last year but no-one else you would call a major scalp. Richmond, West Coast and Geelong all towelled them up. So you’re coming off that with an interrupted pre-season – I think it is going to have an impact, and it’s entirely possible that Essendon are 3-5 after 8 rounds or so. Their start of the season is full of banana peels – Sydney Round 2, Carlton round 3, Adelaide away round 5 and Melbourne at home round 7. We will get a very clear idea of what sort of side Essendon is very early, because these are all teams looking to make a charge up the ladder after last season.

The Daniher part threw me a bit – you outlined a hypothetical situation where he could be medically retired in a few years before saying that wouldn’t happen anyway. I think if Essendon get 10 games out of Daniher they will be doing well. If he doesn’t re-sign a new deal throughout the season it’s going to hang over Windy Hill like a big old black cloud. Stringer is a class player but not sold on his leadership abilities. Jacob Townsend played 20 games in 4 seasons at Richmond – was available all through 2019 and only managed 1 game – admittedly Richmond were playing him as a defensive forward whereas Essendon are going to let him loose in the guts, so if he has leadership abilities we will see them develop. But someone who’s been repeatedly dropped for not getting enough of the ball when he does play as a midfielder and has been delisted by GWS and Richmond doesn’t strike me as a blue chip inspirational leader.

I think the real issue for the Bombers is that they won’t win a final because they won’t get a chance to play one. 11th.

Why the Bombers should win a final in 2020

Oi, I rather like Geelong, but Kelly was head and shoulders their best player in that game. Was involved in plenty of plays, kicked an amazing clean goal from about 45m out and without him I can’t see that it was that close.

Eagles to put Kennedy to work

They like their backmen as captain at the Eagles – Hurn, and Glass before him so I daresay you’re right

Luke Shuey confirmed as new West Coast captain

Standout candidate for the role, I doubt anyone else was even considered.

Luke Shuey confirmed as new West Coast captain

Could have just posted a picture of a toilet being flushed.

The decade that was: Gold Coast Suns

He’s going to have a tough road ahead, that whomping the Giants got dealt out on grand final isn’t going to be forgotten anytime soon. At least he didn’t have to play in it.

Coniglio unveiled as new GWS skipper for 2020

If the Eagles can keep JK and NicNat on the park for most of 2020 they should walk into a top 2 finish and a home QF without any dramas. Kelly will be a massive upside for them. He was the only reason Geelong even made that PF against Richmond a close contest.

That eagles side is looking scary good for 2020. Hopefully we can actually see Richmond challenged come finals.

Eagles to put Kennedy to work

I can see the statue in years to come. One hand clutching a fistful of norm smiths, the other holding a couple of chopsticks, whilst looking wistfully back across as the tasman at the father who fell afoul of Peter Dutton and can never return

Martin is verging on immortality

I’d pick Andrew Gaff over Hanneberry on the wing.

Hell I’d pick Dayne Zorko over Hanneberry as well. Bontempelli over Hanneberry for that matter.

Revealing The Roar's AFL team of the decade for the 2010s

Well, look at that. After all the huffing and puffing, Martin winds up at Carlton – as virtually everyone whose opinion I respect on this place said he would.

No way known the Suns were going to waste their time redrafting a guy who didn’t want to be there and pay him a million bucks to play NEAFL

Martin and four others find new AFL homes in 2019 preseason and rookie drafts

No, because their contracts are still running. I think there’s a huge difference between a club holding a player to a contract they signed, and re-drafting an uncontracted player who wants out and doesn’t want to play for you.

Certainly the players, as professional employees would make the distinction, I can’t see how they wouldn’t.

Gold Coast must ruin everything and pick up Jack Martin

AFL crowds do well through memberships – the 3 game ones are great. Hard to do something similar for cricket where it’s one game a year. They’re pricing it on that basis too, but at those prices, as you say, even cricket buffs aren’t interested. In my eyes and mind, going to the Gabba is such an expensive mission it’s not worth the effort.

I can’t see myself ever bothering to get to the Gabba to watch a test match again unless it’s a day nighter.

Poor crowds means the Gabba wicket is under a cloud

Gabba will still host a test each year, it’ll just be on a drop-in wicket in future I feel. Cricket is losing its power to tell other codes and interests to keep off the grass

Poor crowds means the Gabba wicket is under a cloud

Gold Coast picking Martin at this point would be an emotional decision as opposed to an economic one – and one that doesn’t make sense. How would their players feel seeing a guy who doesn’t want to be there pocketing a million bucks that would otherwise be shared amongst them – honestly, it’s such a cancerous notion it doesn’t bear thinking about. I’ll be staggered if the Suns pick him

Gold Coast must ruin everything and pick up Jack Martin

Cornes reaching new heights of flogdom

Kane Cornes goes after young Sun for choosing to stay on the Gold Coast

The Dockers now a car crash off the field as well as on it

How the hell do you clip a parked car in a single vehicle accident and then flip it on its side. I remember Buddy Franklin hit a bunch of parked cars in Sydney years ago and everyone was screaming under the influence. What’s Hogan’s story? Is he inaccurate behind the wheel as in front of goal?

Docker Jesse Hogan escapes flipped car

All you really need to know about the decade!

The decade that was: Essendon Bombers

North Melbourne are like the fairytale no-one wants to read. The Black Cauldron of Disney movies.

They continue to exist in Melbourne so the big 4 clubs don’t have to go to Tasmania, and to give them a break from having to play each other all the time. The biggest problem they have is one you mentioned Marnie – the seriously elite players who are looking to come back to Melbourne, or who are already in Melbourne and looking for another club won’t even consider them.

I would be comfortable in saying they are dead motherless last in the pecking order in Victoria when it comes to attracting players.

And I am not sure how they are ever going to fix it. Not when the clubs above them have such entrenched positions of dominance through membership numbers and historic success and geographical spread.

North Melbourne, your time is now

Nothing wrong with a bit of short-termism, provided it doesn’t keep going on for too long. Small forwards often are ready to go too – agility and ball sense and keenness in abundance at that age, Daniel Rioli played 18 matches in his first season. Hopefully they can land one.

Trade period and draft analysis: Port Adelaide Power

The truth of the matter is that Steve Smith will also have a say, simply by weight of influence and experience. He’s going to be the captain again soon enough anyway.

"Keep it simple": Aussies' new umpire review approach

25,000 to adelaide and 30,000 to Perth in 2017. International test cricket would be quite happy with those crowds.

International Rules back on the calendar in 2020

Dees took Max Gawn at 34. You don’t take ruckmen at pick 3 – Lions drafted Leunberger at 4 and Longer at 8, both ruckmen, and both crap decisions. Even if Jackson winds up being the next Brodie Grundy he’s someone an astute club can swoop on and trade for after his initial 2 year stint is up.

I think they’re going to have Harley Bennell on their list next year as well. Hopefully running around on the field as opposed to just being on the list.

Trade period and draft analysis: Melbourne Demons