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That’s just an old fashioned square up, one of those umps that thinks two wrong calls each way makes it right

Is this the best umpiring decision of the year... or the worst?

I think it’s great they’re getting onboard. Ganguly is a big fan of the day night tests. Kohli is allowed to change his mind. Now granted Ganguly won’t be able to stay president for long owing to term limits, but I would hope India continue to make progress with day night test matches in future.

In any event, none of this has anything to do with why Pakistan isn’t playing a day night test Brisbane, which hasn’t been answered. If anyone else has a point of view I’d be interested to hear it.

Burns, Head and Neser deserved their Test call ups

India and Bangladesh are playing a Day Night test starting next week at Eden Gardens

May want to rewrite in light of that

Burns, Head and Neser deserved their Test call ups

So why can’t Brisbane also be a day night test? I thought we were heading to a future where Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane get the day night games – on account that we don’t get our tests over the festive period when everyone is still at work, and Melbourne and Sydney keep the day games.

Will be keeping a close eye on attendances for the Brisbane test match.

Burns, Head and Neser deserved their Test call ups

Given the game is at the Gabba, Burns is the logical choice in the absence of any opener making a case for selection – it’s his home ground, he’ll be the most familiar with conditions. No quibbles with the top order you’ve outlined Ronan, or the bowling attack.

However – does anyone know why the Gabba test is not a day night game this time around? Personally I’m a bit disappointed at that part, I like the night sessions of test cricket.

Burns, Head and Neser deserved their Test call ups

Lynch was and is a bargain. He will kick 50-60 goals a year for the next 5 years if he’s not injured

Are Collingwood paying overs to keep Brodie Grundy?

His keeping is test standard though. I’m happy with us picking the best available wicketkeeper with batting a secondary consideration.

Should he be captain? Not once Smith is allowed to take charge again. Until then he’s safe but

VOTE: Who should Australia pick for the first Test vs Pakistan?

Glad to see Burns getting a go on his home deck.

Burns earns shock recall as Australia names Test squad

Grundy by all odds. if I’m a list manager it’s not just the benefits of having him play for my team – it’s also making sure a rival side isn’t getting all the benefit of him, and my own (inevitably inferior) ruck having to go up against him.

DeGoey is a fine player but he can be tagged, he can be nullified to a degree. you can’t tag the ruckman and you can’t deny his influence on proceedings.

Are Collingwood paying overs to keep Brodie Grundy?

Hearing Richmond brag about premiership success is like hearing one of the major banks brag about profits

How Richmond built a dynasty

I like that side Bushy. No-one missing that you could say is hard done by

Burns earns shock recall as Australia names Test squad

Who is this rubbish umpire? That is just terrible. At least look to your square leg for a second opinion – maybe he might have had a better view of that giant cloud of dust when the ball cannoned into the turf

Not even a shadow of a doubt that it might have hit the ground?

if I gave that out I’d retire from umpiring

Steve Smith jags a wicket thanks to another umpiring shocker

Why on earth would you want to subject our premier fast bowling attack to having Matthew Wade behind the stumps? Like putting an uber driver behind the wheel of a Bathurst supercar.

That’s before you get to the fact you’ve just axed the Australian captain from the test side for the first time since Bill Lawry. No dramas otherwise, and given Pucovski has withdrawn, just put Paine in for him. I’d be happy with that side, would very much like to see Burns given a chance to suceed or fail on his own terms – like Shaun Marsh got v India in 2012, although hopefully with better returns.

VOTE: Who should Australia pick for the first Test vs Pakistan?

Grundy is worth a million bucks here and now – he’s both a phenomenal ruckman and a big bodied mid all in one. Whether or not he’s still worth that in 7 years I’m not sure though.

I think De Goey is the only player Collingwood really need to worry about keeping. If Pendles wants to leave to pad out his superannuation before retirement good luck to him. Moore I think they can cover for as well. He had a good year this year but he’s not worth some of the sums being thrown around.

Are Collingwood paying overs to keep Brodie Grundy?

Surely you’re the last person to complain about showing up under a new name there Nem – or should we call you fussball

What exactly is football's reward for starting late and skipping international breaks?

The whole point of tour games in recent years is to give the opposition as little chance as possible to acclimatise to conditions. Surprised they even picked semi-decent bowlers.

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

I would. Well below.

If Pakistan hit 0/100 under lights against our bowling attack in an evening session I’ll eat my hat.

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

Between him and Warner our short angry bloke quota will be well and truly met

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

Put him in place of Smarsh or Head if you really must.

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

I don’t know why you felt the need to put perhaps in that sentence.

Runs scored against Meredith, Neser, Richardson, Abbott I don’t think are a useful indicator of runs that will be scored against Starc, Hazelwood, Cummins and Pattinson.

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

What was it Greg Chappell said during his run of ducks – I’m not batting long enough to be batting badly?

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

I have lost count of the number of times Pakistan have been playing great cricket leading up to a tour of Oz and come the test matches they’ve just sucked, sucked, sucked.

They ran Australia close at the Gabba last time here though, something like 400 scored in the fourth innings – was an underrated gem of a test, went to the 5th day and they were starting to make Australia a wee bit nervous I reckon. It’s usually the case that their bowling or batting goes alright, but not both at the same time. One session under lights could be devastating for Pakistan’s top order.

Mind you, it could be for ours as well. If Smith goes early there will be a lot of dacks being filled in the Australian dressing room.

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

if they went with

S Marsh

I wouldn’t be too disappointed with that. Probably about as close to our strongest side as we are going to get. As you say, no-one on the cusp in the Australia A game has done anything to warrant selection.

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

I’d like to see Ely Smith get a game next year – be nice to see Cedric Cox get some more game time too.

Hipwood would really help us out if he was more consistent. Kicked 35 goals last year, but 11 of those came in 2 games. A 40-50 goal season with a bit more of an even spread would help.

McStay needs a breakout season but he won’t get it up front. Since the departure of Ben Keays he’s the worst kick off a set shot going around the club

Which players are set to break out next season, and who's under the pump?

I’m sure there’s enough women to go around.

Jenna McCormick’s Matildas debut sends shockwaves through AFL