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Melbourne are a real bugbear of mine. Every time someone complains about how crap the Suns are doing I look squarely at all the resources that got sunk into propping up this pathetic old boys institution in the heartland of a city that is already gung ho mad about AFL. The AFL could get rid of the Dees without losing any coverage or national spread, and instead have a team in Tasmania for example, but no, we have to put up with this spineless bunch of drips being subsidised to phone it in and waste everyone’s time who isn’t a MCC member. Joke of a club. If they get further assistance in the next few decades it will be too soon

Can the Melbourne Football Club rebound from 2019?

Hawthorn clearly the best side of the decade by all odds.

A fair chunk of the clubs running around are all coached by blokes who used to work or play at Hawthorn as well.

Hawthorn are not the best AFL club of the decade

You are one of the few sources of even handed info about Fremantle left on this site. I’m very inclined to agree and believe what you’ve outlined as being as close to the truth as we outsiders are likely to get

Why Ross Lyon's departure just doesn't add up

I found out through Freo Dokers

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

In the short term it will be very painful for Freo fans to see yet more upheaval and disarray at their club but at this point they have to trust things will improve under a new coach. That’s about all they can cling to. Be interested to see who they will land on as the replacement.

Sympathies for Freo fans. It’s been a tough few years.

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

My masters game is on at 630 this weekend so will have to give watching the Lions a miss – so long as we finish top 6 we will definitely have a home final either week 1 or 2 (maybe week 3 if we win an away qualifier!) so am saving my coins for that when it goes on sale

Melbourne Demons vs Sydney Swans: AFL Friday night forecast

The Suns should get him for a year.

Carlton veteran Dale Thomas announces AFL retirement

Great article, as you allude to there are 8 other far more watchable games scheduled this weekend. I agree that this will be one of the easiest Friday games to miss since 2018 Carlton were scheduled

Melbourne Demons vs Sydney Swans: AFL Friday night forecast

I think the real GWS did stand up on Friday night. They have been a petulant bunch of toy throwers at times over the last few years, and it bubbles to the surface again on occasion when they’re going out the back door.

For me, I think at some point the buck has to stop with Leon Cameron.

Will the real GWS please stand up?

You need to talk to more Richmond fans – and not be a Richmond fan yourself

Richmond fans throughout most of 2018 were unbearable. Back to back and never mind the past 37 years

Why the Brisbane Lions will win the flag

Lions v Eagles grand final! Cop that Melbourne

Why the Brisbane Lions will win the flag

Carlton needs to slap a gag order on Chris Judd between now and when the decision is made. So glad we have moved beyond the period of former legends harping on about their views at the Lions, it’s tiresome and unhelpful to hear in the present day

Cripps boards Teague train for 2020

Irrelevant comment. Carlton asked Fagan, he turned them down. The choice was never Carlton’s to make

Chris Fagan has returned the Lions to relevance

I don’t think the Lions as an organisation can claim the credit – Fagan and Noble would never have happened had the AFL not lined them up and more importantly, kicked in the money to pay their wages.

But by bringing them onboard it has made possible the recruiting of free agents, which was something we struggled badly with, almost at North Melbourne levels of do not want for a time there. Neale to Brisbane has been the signing of the season, and our drafting of young players who are mates from school and district football has worked well also. We will see if it is sustainable in the long run, for now it’s just nice not to be the whipping boys of the comp. Of greater concern would be the plight of the Suns, who are competing strongly with the Titans for worst sporting club in the land.

Chris Fagan has returned the Lions to relevance

I stand to win a bit of money if the dogs keep on winning games so on that basis the Lions winning on Sunday is about as sure a thing as you can find this weekend

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 20

He would have been a tremendous like for like replacement for Ty Vickery

Who would you rather be right now? Melbourne, St Kilda or Carlton

Speaking in terms of keeping up appearances, it’s a good move from North – it was eminently forgiveable to go chasing after Longmire, given that he is ex-North from his playing days, and his vast experience as a senior coach. However, once he turned them down if they’d kept on looking around and trying to get a coach from somewhere else it would not have been a good look at all, given Shaw’s experience and commitment to the club, and the bounce they have experienced under him.

So they didn’t. Good luck to North, they will need it as always – there is a lot to like about the way they go about their footy, they have been pokies free for a decade and are certainly one of the good guys of the comp – my gripes about them in the past have chiefly been that they vacuum up draft picks into their swirling cauldron of irrelevance and lower the tone as a whole of the competition by thinning out the mix of everyone else’s starting 22. Can’t fault them for their application though, they are always striving for mid-table mediocrity at worst and occasionally hit the heights of a 2nd or 3rd week exit in September.

Rhyce Shaw to be appointed full-time coach at North Melbourne

I’d rather be Carlton, if only because at least you’re following a club with passionate fans rather than a couple of absolute non-entities. Also because the amount of crap to feed back to the rest of Melbourne in coming years if Carlton come good would fill port philip bay

Who would you rather be right now? Melbourne, St Kilda or Carlton

It’s been a wild ride. Every time you think they might stumble this lions side has taken it a step further, the way in which we have won some of those games, in high octane finishes – I know ideally we are beating everyone by ten goals but crikey it’s a much better game as a spectator when it’s close

I honestly didn’t think finals was gonna happen this year, I thought we were capable if everything went our way, which usually it hasn’t but the stars have aligned this season and it has happened.

Lions v Eagles grand final?

A decade of misery is almost over for the Brisbane Lions

3 in a row again might be pushing the friendship

A decade of misery is almost over for the Brisbane Lions

hodgey back in after being managed last week, had to rest his elbows

He wants to go around again next year too

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 18

I always get nervous when the Lions are playing your lot yer holiness. Should be a good game to watch though, I doubt North are going to play it safe. Ben Brown v Harris Andrews will be a great matchup if it eventuates

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 18

Good decision all round. Not sure the saints are going to get the same boost north and Carlton got though.

St Kilda parts ways with Alan Richardson

This season has been great. Loads of upsets and I’m happy to state at this stage I haven’t a clue which club is going to win the flag from here

Obviously I’m biased with the Lions form have been what it is – it is hard to believe at times but i’m enjoying it while it rains

A qualifying final at home is theirs from here if they want it badly enough. Going to be a fascinating final few weeks

Six talking points from AFL Round 17

No real surprises. No-one wants north’s big dump truck of money

Well, no-one good anyway.

John Longmire signs new contract to remain at Swans