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I find the good lord tends to bless fans with either the gift of decibels or humour – but rarely both

Great article Ben

Fans and why I hate them

Compared to previous years, yes

Are Carlton having a good year?

The AFL's wasted year

It’s been a good season for Queensland. Sorry if the victorians are feeling a little flat.

Not really

The AFL's wasted year

This notion that the purchase of a ticket to the ground entitles the bearer to abuse officials, whilst hiding behind the excuse that it’s somehow tradition and representative is just laughable. These people will go the way of those who bemoaned the demise of carry-in booze to cricket grounds – they aren’t part of the new family focused game, where people are there to watch the skills and entertainment on display, not endure those around them pursuing some long running grudge against umpires.

I am very very confident that the AFL will survive whatever pitiful protest vote is expressed with the feet of those who think abusing umpires is their god given right. In fact, the game will be better for it.

Why the AFL is right to remove abusive spectators

Lyons isn’t quick enough for a tagging role

Five talking points from AFL Round 12

Honestly I’m far more miffed about losing to Carlton by 15 than losing to the dockers by 1. We beat Adelaide by 1 the week before, those games are a coin toss.

Five talking points from AFL Round 12

I’ll just stick to Brisbane v Carlton as that was the only game I watched. It was one of those games where we just lost all our confidence and from the outside it’s hard to see why. Obviously the glaring fault was a failure to tag Cripps, given it’s been proven that’s how you stop Carlton winning, but then again we didn’t really have anyone who could have, barring perhaps Robinson or Mathieson. Meanwhile Neale was by and large nullified for us.

If you look at our bottom 6 players out on the field (yes I’m using that metric) you,ve got McCarthy, Rayner, Archie Smith, Allison, Answerth and probably Lewis Taylor. There’s a bit of underperformance in that cluster – admittedly Smith is not much of a footballer outside of the ruck (perfect replacement for Leunberger really), Answerth is new, and Allison is returning from a long out, but you’d expect better from the others, our small forward options need to be better given Hipwood and McStay’s struggles to both take marks and kick goals, and they’re not giving us much. I remain convinced that there’s some fitness deficiencies going on, maybe they’re tired, but until we start getting more support both crumbing and defending in our forward 50 we are not going to be scoring much from setpiece advances up the field where the defence has time to get set and get players back. Rayner as 2017’s #1 pick got thoroughly outplayed by 2018’s #1 pick in Walsh.

Credit to Carlton, they needed something to spark them and lord knows we have toyed with them plenty over the last few years. The bye will save us this week, and we shall see what we come out with in two weeks time. I still see us as a flawed side, lacking a spread of talent across the park, and overly reliant on a few key players that if nullified, means there isn’t much else to do the heavy lifting. Still if the loss means the bandwagon gets a bit lighter with all the tyre pumpers jumping off that will make the rest of the season a bit more bearable. Not so sure finals is the lock people are saying it is, I said a 20% chance at the start of the year.

Key games I see in the back half in terms of finals are Saints at Marvel first week after the bye, we have to play Port at Adelaide, North at the Gabba and the Tigers at the G round 23, all teams that will be competing with us for those last two slots in the 8. On form I wouldn’t be confident of winning more than 1 of those, and they’re all going to be 8 point games. Let’s see how much the lads are sick of September holidays. Even a week’s postponement would be a big tick for the season.

Five talking points from AFL Round 12

Warner’s knock reminded me of some of the baffling innings Kallis used to play when the Saffas were chasing big runs.

Australia botch bizarre run chase against India

Cool son. Not interested.

AFL apologises for failures in Goodes saga

Like I want to talk to people and hear them justify why they kept booing someone even when all the powers that be as well as Goodes were pleading with people to stop. Not interested in anyone else’s views on this place on Goodes I heard them all years ago when it was happening in real time

AFL apologises for failures in Goodes saga

Some people don’t deserve respect and courtesy of a reasoned debate. Like people who try to claim Goodes deserved to be driven out of the game for being black and proud of it

AFL apologises for failures in Goodes saga

the booing of Goodes was racist, no matter how much the alt-right trolls on this place try to retcon it. It happened, it was a national embarrassment, and it’s something that can’t be undone no matter how many docs are made.

This country will always be racist.

AFL apologises for failures in Goodes saga

Not every good NCO is officer material

Should Michael Voss get another head coaching job?

Michael Voss to Carlton. He’s learnt a lot and would get them competitive again.

Bolton booted: Carlton sack third senior coach in eight years

I suppose we had that coming after finishing a point ahead last week against Adelaide

Five talking points from AFL Round 10

As others have said, it would detract from the significance if they were worn every week.

It’s like saying St Kilda should wear their pride strip every week. Ultimately it’s just window dressing, a symbolic gesture that doesn’t do anything much to combat real issues. High paid professionals wearing an indigenous Guernsey every week isn’t going to do much to combat high rates of indigenous detention, low life expectancy etc

Why don't we wear the Indigenous guernseys every week?

Truth is an absolute defence. Robinson’s angsty man-child crying on 360 is nauseating.

MCG form matters in the AFL, just not how you think

I don’t mind it in this instance, he admitted he wouldn’t be able to play until next year anyway. Gives club and player closure. I think if a player still with fuel in the tank was forced out by a club you’d well see another club picking them up anyway if they were still of value, if Drew Petrie can get a season with the Weagles at his age I reckon most are a chance.

Heath Grundy announces immediate retirement from AFL

He’s one of my favourites, but I can’t see how anyone can say Zac Fisher isn’t improving. So many sock puppets and blowhards on here who just want to abuse Carlton, it’s hard to take much criticism in the comments seriously on these articles

Are Carlton's young players actually improving?

We’re gonna get flogged by Adelaide. I don’t mind being wrong about that prediction though

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 9

Not sure given the recent events with Foxtel that anyone will be expanding anywhere, not unless they can develop an income stream that doesn’t rely on TV rights to prop up the competition.

Has the AFL lost the code war for Tasmania?

I’ve lost all faith in Carlton against GWS ever since GWS piled on about 5-6 goals or whatever it was in the last quarter of that game last year while they only had 16 men on the park vs Carlton’s 18

Collingwood’s ballistic bursts give them the competition’s highest ceiling

I really think they should look at less players on the field. Could drop from 18 to 16 without losing anything from the game

The easy fix to the AFL's scoring woes

Honestly if it wasn’t for Collingwood’s notorious wobbles they’d be close to favourites for the flag. They did an absolute number on the Lions a few weeks ago, were far too fast, strong and good.

I remember Cam Rose pointing out a year or two ago that one of their strengths is that they very rarely get blown out – and he’s right, they haven’t lost a game by more than 50 points since June 2016 and the vast majority of their losses are by less than 4 goals. They work very hard and almost always are very competitive against the opposition.

Collingwood’s ballistic bursts give them the competition’s highest ceiling

I don’t think Powell had time to make that decision. Setterfield had a duty of care not to knock out Powell with his tackle, he failed it. Move on.

It shows for me the afl is supporting their umpires publicly while educating them privately. This isn’t a courtroom and legal precedent doesn’t really apply. They’ll get it right if it ever happens again.

I don’t know the rules around 6-6-6 and the centre square. Maybe someone else can help you with that one.

The AFL’s administration has failed and it must be changed