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That attendance is over-inflated. City have been known to do that on the regular.
I’d recommend having a look at some of the footage/photos to gain a greater insight.
The Cardiff fans weren’t the reason it looked empty!

Do Man City have the most fickle fans in football?

I understand the FA Cup point. Riddle me how they can fail to fill out the Etihad at home Premier League games in the midst of a title race. Prime example Cardiff midweek just a fortnight ago.

Cost can’t be an issue there. It was an 8pm kickoff at home. So can’t use work as an excuse.

City do have passionate fans, but for ‘the size’ of the club, their fans don’t reach the same heights.

Would Liverpool, Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Spurs, Everton etc. turn up as empty seats during a title race? I don’t think so.

Do Man City have the most fickle fans in football?

That’s very true. I think they’re largely fickle. Whilst I don’t totally agree, I can see the logic behind arguments for their showing – or lack thereof – at Wembley.
I can’t wrap my head around how they can excuse the empty seats at home to Cardiff.

Complacent. Fair-weather. Fickle. Dispassionate. Call it what you want, but not a good look for a club that believes they’re as big as their neighbours.

Do Man City have the most fickle fans in football?

Agreed that the FA Cup isn’t a priority for City. Yet it’s not a priority for any of the other big clubs.
Name me one of the top six who wouldn’t sell out Wembley bar City…

Chelsea can certainly be accused of being skyrocketed by money, but care to explain how the Etihad was half empty against Cardiff. They’re in the midst of a gripping title race. It’s quite frankly embarrassing.

Do Man City have the most fickle fans in football?

Thanks Jordan!
Yes I saw them against West Ham at home earlier this season.
It summed them up really, great spirit tan fright but not sufficiently equipped for the Prem.
I’m fearful about their chances of coming back up too unfortunately.

Premier League Saturday review

Cheers Lloyd. Curious results this week! Plenty of intrigue at the top and bottom of the table!
It will be another interesting weekend.

Premier League preview: Five intriguing midweek matches

Many think the same!

NFL Playoffs: Divisional round review

Disagree actually Gazza.
Don’t think the Pats have been cocky at all.
They’ve been written off by many sections of the media as too old and static.
I’m still undecided as to who will win, I think it’ll be a close one.

Similarly, I think the Saints aren’t a great passing team at all.
They’re a grinding team, built more on their defence I feel.
So I think the Rams have the edge at this stage.

NFL Playoffs: Divisional round review

Too early to tell Kangas, 4 or 7 points can be easily overturned. I have a feeling Manchester City will run them all the way.

However, they must defeat Wolves at home tomorrow morning to keep pace.

Salah from the spot: Liverpool sink the Seagulls from six yards to move seven points clear

I agree there is a bedding in process fifty lashes. I am not pinning everything on Sarri.
There needs to be more of a harmony between the manager and his bosses. Sarri is not being backed by the board and as such they are doing a disservice to Hazard.

I still think he will leave, however with Madrid flailing in La Liga we will have to wait and see.

Hazard warning: Eden left out in the cold at Chelsea

I think it is a matter of when not if, Mark.
It would indeed be a triple figure sum, however it is a treacherous path selling your best player.
Can work for you sometimes e.g. Liverpool with Coutinho’s sale.

However, let’s not forget how Liverpool fell to pieces without Suarez and proper investment.
Chelsea would be risking a similar scenario if Hazard was indeed Madrid bound.

Hazard warning: Eden left out in the cold at Chelsea

I think he’s gone past Chelsea now. Needs to move to a level above.

Hazard warning: Eden left out in the cold at Chelsea

Appreciate your response Harry. Well thought-out and happy to take on board any criticism.
Hazard has been “fine” as you say at false nine. I personally don’t think he’s been anywhere near as effective as he can be out on the flank.
Granted, there are issues with the midfield. Whilst the Tottenham game was a close fought-encounter, Chelsea very rarely looked like threatening. They’re lacking a prolific striker, someone who can cause problems with their movement and link up with Hazard.

I think Sarri needs to be questioned for the forward choices. Anyone can see Giroud and Morata are not up to it. They are below a Chelsea standard of talent. Seemingly, there is disconnect between Sarri and those above him.

Yes this is Sarri’s first year in charge and in certain ways he is performing at an adequate level. My question is when has 4th place and not challenging for major honours been an acceptable achievement under Abramovich?

13 managers in the past 10 years alludes to a ruthlessness from the Russian oligarch

Liverpool signed Van Dijk in January of last season and Arsenal landed Aubameyang. I think if you splash enough cash, you can just about get anyone in the window.

I think given Hazard’s generational talent and the club’s resources they should be doing far more. Otherwise they risk losing him to Madrid. I think personally he’ll be gone by the summer. Ensuing a more problematic rebuild.

I think Chelsea as an entirety are not doing enough to support and build on a once in a generation star. However, if they can hold on to the Belgian and then spend wisely, the blues could be within a shout.

Hazard warning: Eden left out in the cold at Chelsea

Can’t just put it down to the field goal unfortunately.
Their limited offence was always likely to catch up with them.
Whether Trubisky can carry them deep into the playoff will remain to be seen.

NFL Playoffs: Wildcard round recap

The Colts look really dangerous BA. I think they’ll give the Chiefs a real shake this weekend. Chris Ballard has done an incredible job as a GM given the Josh McDaniels fiasco in the Spring.

Completely agree re: Cowboys and Chargers. I think both games will be competitive, despite Rams and Pats being the obvious favourites.

Philly very lucky to get through, although Foles stood up in the big moments which he has shown himself more than capable of doing. Chicago would be kicking themselves, however their magic trick offence was only going to get them so far.

NFL Playoffs: Wildcard round recap

Hey Pete,
Thanks for reading! I think the Colts are a massive chance to go into Arrowhead and win this weekend. Should be an enthralling encounter. Only thing I worry about is if the Chiefs get ahead by a few scores. Will Luck and co. panic or stay the course? Alternatively, will the Chiefs be able to stop the Colts rush offence…so many things to play out.

I think the Divisional round should be just as exciting as this week’s games. I will be doing a Preview of the games with my predictions later this week.

Keep an eye out for it!

NFL Playoffs: Wildcard round recap

Great to hear from you Caro.
Friday morning’s clash v Man City will go a long way to shaping the next few months.
Leeds wobbling at the moment will pleasure everyone outside Elland Road, but look primed for promotion, which would be a great result for English football.

Closer and closer: Liverpool batter Arsenal with Firmino hat trick to move nine points clear

Chargers are definitely Super Bowl contenders. I think they’ll end up in the AFC Championship game @ Kansas City.

Chicago are playing amazingly, but unsure we can trust Trubisky to carry them into February.

Seattle would be my dark horse to progress out on the NFC and it will take a miracle to see the Patriots win out again.

Bolt from the blue: Chargers' incredible comeback hots up AFC West race

I think Scottish football is doing well considering. They’ll never have the wherewithal of the English clubs.
Gerrard is doing a mighty fine job with ‘Gers at the minute, I don’t think Liverpool is in his imminent future.
Liverpool fans would much prefer Klopp for the seemingly distant future.

Lone Rangers: Grit and desire not enough as Ljubicic’s late strike ends hopes of knockout berth

Unsurprisingly battered them. United looked transformed under Solskjær!

Heavy mettle football: Liverpool overpower dogged Burnley at Turf Moor

Absolutely Kangas! Wolves will provide many thrills this season, one way or another!

Docherty dooms The Toon: Wolves right-back scores 95th-minute winner