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Yes I deal in opinion, like Alan Jones, dressed up as fact, but that’s the….no dont worry.

But a fact it is, that I know a lot of people who have no interest in sport whatsoever, in fact, everyone I know despise sport. But I like it. Now when cricket is discussed, they always say, without fail, they used to watch it a bit in the 80’s, they liked it then, but since then have had no interest at all. This is fact.

This is not coincidence neither, these people are the best indicators of whether something is interesting or not because it has to have something beyond the normalities that sport usually offers to make them take notice. Sport freaks have no ability at all, they’ll watch anything and find it interesting.

That period of Australian dominance , or more accurately the decline in the characteristic West Indian side, pushed these people away from any interest in cricket, which indicates to me that cricket became dull.

now Cameron, all those great accomplishments you mention were all done against plod ordinary sides. I do accept the Indian tests were good, and so was 2005 in England, yes, but everything else, and thats a lot, was not. That Australian team played against very poor sides. In the 80’s they played against rather good opposition on a whole, and any achievements made then far outweigh anything done by Steve Waugh and Tubby Taylors lot. They would have got nowhere against that 80’s Windies side. Now that’s a fact.

Cricket at its best with average Aussie side

Seems like a good list to me. But I’d like to see Celtic and Rangers in there too.

European Super League an inevitability

The animal and plant names suck. It’s absurd beyond belief.

European Super League an inevitability

Fans like the local derby, true. But the current system can produce exactly the same results you fear, that is, loss of local derbies. Everton could easily be relagated one day, Leeds were (no more Man U v Leeds), Sunderland have spent a lot of time in the second tier with no Newcastle derby. Arsenal will probably get relegated this year (thats a joke). I was speaking to someone today who lived in Manchester until the 70’s and he noted how most of the teams around then are in the lower divisions now and dont play the teams they used to, the point being, times change. Nottingham Forest were a huge club previously. Most young folk today wouldnt even know who they are. We all want things to stay the same, I think West ham should never be allowed to go down personally, but that’s the way she goes.

In any case, you’d still have Man U v Liverpool, thats the big one to me, you’d still have AC Milan v Inter, Real v Barca, Rangers V Celtic (maybe), why not? the derby would not die.

European Super League an inevitability

Now that is true. It will take a while to happen though. There would be an immediate benefit to the likes of Liverpool etc, which will restore things for a while, how long I dont know, but yes eventually there will be just a few clubs again. But the plan would buy us some time and the party would be fun.

European Super League an inevitability

Nonsense. The super 15 is boring because of those stupid names they give teams trying to hide locality. Its absurd and so obviously absurd I dont know why they persist with it. Thats whta kills the concept of tribal rivalry. The other main reason is that people just arent that into provincial rugby. Look at the Sydney comp, was never that popular. So unpopular its only on the ABC. Rugby has to be at test level to be really watchable, that’s where the passion is too. I just couldnt care less about sharks or budgies. It has nothing to do with the concept of the competition.

European Super League an inevitability

This argument that smaller clubs will die I dont see as valid.

On what evidence? The invention of the EPL would do the same theoretically. It didnt. The existance of any division of league should do the same, it doesnt. Clubs just find their niche. I think thats obvious, clubs are not going to die. Look at the championship or whatever they call the second division of english football. It seems pretty healthy to me. Leeds Utd still pack in big crowds, despite sinking to the 3rd level pretty quickly. Its a popular opinion that one but I just dont buy it.

European Super League an inevitability

That is an excellent article indeed. So the EPL is actually the least competitive about, I didnt realise that. Regarding Portugal, what a boring spectacle that must be, only 3 clubs winning since ww2, goodness me. One can only conclude football in that country could only benefit from the big clubs being involved in a higher class competition, like Rangers and Celtic in Scotland – which is an insane competition, when you see Celtic playing some other team at a ground with a few cars spread around the fence beeping their horns when someone scores, I mean, huh? I think this guys stats is a good starting point at who might be involved in a euro league, though it would be difficult to sort out Russian clubs by the sound of it, but they may have no need to be involved anyway seeing it appears to be quite a competitive situation already.

I’d be sure to read his next article too.

European Super League an inevitability

to be honest I prefer the cap system too, though it does have disadvantages from a viewer perspective as well. But the big Euro clubs will never accept that. I cant see Barcelona ever being told they can now only spend so much money just to be fair to the others. They’ll just never do it.

They could implement it in the USA and in Aussie Rules and in the NRL, because whta else are the clubs going to do? There’s no where else to go. But in football there is other places to go, they can all go and have their own little party, and thats what I think will happen eventually.

European Super League an inevitability

Me too, I dont see how the excitement can be maintained, myself a victim to that. I try and follow Leeds struggle back to the top after the financial bust up, but forget about the top, it’s just dull. Trouble with a cap is the big guns will never accept it, never, they dont have too, they’re actually bigger than the leagues themselves, especially in Spain, where I get the impression they just dictate terms those two. Therefore I imagine if big clubs like Liverpool can see financial gain they will break and form a super league of their own if the FA or UEFA dont do something about the current bore-athon. Liverpool are clearly not happy about being made a permanent feeder club to Barcelona, and nor should they be I guess.

European Super League an inevitability

“It’s not in the interests of the really big clubs to move towards a level playing field, they have it so good now, why would they support that?”

exactly. They will never accept wing clipping, which is an option, but as they wont accept it you have to do something else. I dont see any other alternative than a euro league.

European Super League an inevitability

Take your point on the German League, it does retain some authenticity. Thats largely due to Bayern adopting a restrained economical strategy, as does Arsenal in the EPL. The french do to somehow apparently. But they all still have the dominating clubs, and thats okay, thats kind of unavoidable to an extent. But I miss the older European days when Ajax were a great club, when anyone could win Europe. Real dream / magic stuff. The economical models have matured and dont allow that anymore if this current system continues. Im afraid its Barcelona, maybe Madrid form here on in. Ajax is now a mere development club. This is a tragedy. Clubs like that would totally benefit from a Euro League, and so I have to let go of romatic ideas that dont equate to reality anymore.

European Super League an inevitability

You’re right re the Champions. its not that interesting anymore. Porto, as a little club, used to win the thing. They will never win it agin. never ever, no hope. The group format is just revenue raising because there is such a huge gap between the rich and the poor now. Its just tokenism, until the knockout stage, I agree..

And thats what that Liverpool guy was saying. Barca and Real are going to take over, forever, if something doesnt change, and we’re already seeing that. Lots of people think the Champions League does the job for top level football, well it doesnt unfortuantely, it used to as you say, it doesnt anymore, a little yes, but that will all fade away in the coming years.

European Super League an inevitability

I disagree with myself emotionally speaking, but I see little alternative. Of course there’s some competition, like your Stoke v Man U example, even Barca get beaten occasionally in Spain. But you might note your largely talking about history there re Newcastle etc. The EPL was a great competition, it’s not anymore. Why? Capitalistic models take time to mature, and that was the history of the EPL as you are referencing. It has now matured and it takes little time each year for the pattern of the top four in the EPL to materialise.

Capitalistic models also have anomolies which can add some interest. I agree that Arsenals stumble is interesting, last year it was Liverpool. That’s okay, but not enough to claim a genuine competitive claim to a competitive competition. Arsenal will be back, as Liverpool now are.

All your examples are also the result of money, eg Chelsea, and now Man City, which as I siad I find interesting. But thats my point, its only money that makes it interesting, and only slightly interesting too. Its also a bit odd isnt it that the most interesting thing is the relegation battle, the battle for last? I think so, and I agree, it is the most interesting thing in the EPL these days. The EPL was a great competition, its not these days.

And the A-League as a great competition? Well maybe, thats because its a pure socialist central control of capital model, and thus you never really know who is going to win from year to year. Europe is never going to adopt that model, never ever ever, so its an irrelevant point.

I dont like the idea of national competitions of all that history being broken either, not at all, I hated the idea when I first heard it, but unfortunately I like genuine competition. Mid tabel clashes are half interesting but not that great. The only thing I look forward to in football these days (and I was an EPL nut 10 years ago) is in the Champions when Man U play an Italian club or Bayern, because its a serious game. But these games of quality are not common enough, and a Euro League would make it more common and re-ignite genuine competition in football again. So I’d have to look forward to the prospect I think.

Oh, and you forgot Scotland, a serious 2 horse race which is absurd. Im sure Scotland would benefit from a Euro league.

European Super League an inevitability

Not my fault the English language is so inconsistent. Blame the editors. But I shall never do it again now – eternal thanks to you

Does the EPL need a salary cap?

Thanks to all peoples. Nice to know Im not just entertaining myself, but at least 8 others.

You all have some excellent points. i personally dont know what I think on the salary cap option. There are strong arguments both ways. Im a life long Man U fan but the predictability of their victory has been boring me a while now. Id prefer to see a real competition.

But then again, i do agree, can the EPLdo it alone, surely the consequences of salary caps pointed out above are all real. The relegation battle is basically the more interesting part of the competition, which is odd, surely when the main interest is to who will come last has to be concerning, then the interest who will get fourth spot, then theres always the Champions League which is never a given as to who will win that – well for 4 or 6 clubs anyway. Spains la Liga is the the ultimate in negative consequences of the free market – basically a definition of Karl marx’s predictions of monopoly. where only two clubs will win it for the next eternity, save economic disaster, making it so dull, despite having arguably the best two teams in the world, I cant follow it anymore at all. The EPL is quickly becoming a copy of that which I find concerning.

Does the EPL need a salary cap?

Thanks for your continuing gratitude AF.

Does the EPL need a salary cap?

I agree Vinay and Sheek. Of course Vinay you come up with a blinder of a phrase, “ is the poor mans opiate” How do you do it? I think I’ll give up.

And as you pointed out in your article Vinay, the crowd, the people, at the Bangladesh ground was an extremely heart warming sight. 50,000 outside the ground you said in your article? This is the true meaning of cricket and spirit. Thumbs up to them and with enthusiasm like that may they prevail to be a powerful side in years to come. The ICC will be doing all it can surely to ensure their growth?

But I don’t think Bangladesh did too poorly really. They still compiled almost 300 which is pretty solid. It was a slow obvious death but they still batted pretty well I thought, they just still lack that confidence to be able to go for it. But the crowd made up for it, the best 12th man in the world.

The best five overs in cricket history

I did originally actually write that ‘some’ fans are upset, but it sounds less dramatic. The ones who weren’t upset weren’t making noise either, it was 100% saturation of angry comments all over the web.

No, the gold strip should be destroyed totally, not an away shirt.

It’s not a matter of following one or the other, a club or shirt. Its not an either or. They are closely linked like identical twins. The shirt is extremely important. It is like a flag. Especially to football, there is nothing more important.

Newcastle Jets' jersey should be embraced

I can sympatise with the desire to be consulted like in a democracy. But we’re all brainwashed with democracy, the system has many flaws but we’re not allowed to say that. Government can be democratic because the public is the only stakeholder. If I had invested that much money into a football club, I would be primarily concerned about the success of my investment. Inhereting a jersey like that, I wouldn’t dare risk a vote on a jersey choice. What if they voted to keep the gold one, what would you do then? You would look pretty bad if you then insisted on changing it. Sometimes, dictators make some fine decisions, we’re just bred to believe it is evil. No, not always.

Newcastle Jets' jersey should be embraced

Well yes i was going to mention that but there is a thing I like to stick to as much as possible called word limit which made that point to the reserves bench. The justification that the black and white represents the north coast as well kind of over rides that point. But the visual connection to the other Newcastle – even if not intended – doesnt hurt either in marketing. Wasn’t Newcastle Australia actually named in reference to Newcastle England ? I could be wrong there but I heard that once.

Newcastle Jets' jersey should be embraced

I do agree with that hooplah fellow and many other points; Vinay’s comment about TV money included; the current crop of all rounders being as interesting as a soy latte is interesting imagery; the concept of specialised teams is displaying side effects. It appears people do object to high ticket prices which is an encouraging phenomena to the sanity of the public. But doesn’t anyone agree that it could be because the Ashes were so engaging, exhausting the stemina? Maybe it’s not the cause if TV ratings are actually right up there as good as ever as someone said.

Why are local one-day cricket crowds so low?

Interesting commentary. I’m not suggesting we should play an attacking ‘stylish’ way, nor a defensive way. My main frustration is the seeming lack of adhesion for whatever style we are supposed to be playing, that tight knit game plan where players know their role and do it, the team operating as one solid unit. I wouldn’t be opposed to Australia choosing to play a pure defensive game. As long as it is a strong defense. Same for an attacking style, as long as it is attacking. I’m a rarity perhaps in enjoying watching The Special Ones teams play, that stern defense works, and if Australia played like that it’d be great. I wasn’t a huge critic of Pim, but the way we tried to pass it off as a defensive style when the defense was pretty lack lustre was a bit odd. I agree that results are the most important thing, but I don’t get the confindent feeling that we are going to get the results, because we are pretty loosely bound at times. But the jury is still out on this new manager, I wouldn’t want to critise him yet, he needs time. But once again injuries seem to be a looming danger for us.

Thin paste Socceroos lacking Hiddink adhesive

Betty! You are my favourite, you know that. I did like ring-a-rosie, but I have trouble congregating enough participants these days, even at the church sunday picnic it’s a tough ask. I thought drop the hanky was pretty good too. And that slapping hands thing while telling a rhyme, don’t tell me that couldnt be an adult sport, made for gobbing off. But really my favourite is baseketball, which is I think what the Aussies are trying to turn cricket into. And I must admit, i did like hassling McGrath from the sideline, he would never wave to the crowd, and we used to give it to him for it, and encourage him to give ’em some gob.

Aussie cricketers are serial bad sports

Uumm, let me think about that…..yes. You can handle a dispute with dignity or you can carry on like a bafoon. The issue is still the same, it’s how you handle yourself. Let’s think of an analogy. If you want a pay rise, do you present yourself to the boss and ask politely and state your reasons in a well thought out manner, or do you kidnap his children and hold him to ransom, or bust into his office with a baseball bat and start slamming? The answer is the first, trust me, I tried the latter and it doesn’t do your reputation much good.

World Cup bid loss reaction despicable