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Started life of as an Australian Army Officer (11 years) - then worked at Coopers & Lybrand and for the past 30 years been a senior marketing executive in IT. I am both a junior rep and senior rugby coach, and a Level 1 Cricket Coach



It is apparent that the Rugby Fiefdoms heartland is east of Parramatta. It was/is unfortunate that the Penrith demographic featured just about no private rugby playing schools. So the working class demographic was always at odds with the Fiefdom’s traditional roots. In the end Penrith Rugby was just unceremoniously caste aside like an unwanted rag.

Rugby is withering on the vine

Thanks Robel – at least the Force got to finish its season!

Rugby is withering on the vine

Touche Phil

The Spirit of the Wallaby renewed

Thanks Cliff – you may be right – but I can’t remember a welcome to country before a Rugby test. Lets hope it becomes part of each Australian hosted test

The Spirit of the Wallaby renewed

Agree mate

The Spirit of the Wallaby renewed

Cheers Ralph

The Spirit of the Wallaby renewed

Hey Marto – unfortunately I have no control over what gets published with my article

The Spirit of the Wallaby renewed

TWAS – do you work for the ARU?

Vale the ARU - and SANZAAR

Cheers Sheek – my old firey mate. This old bear has been stirred from his slumber. Like you I cannot believe that Rugby has devolved to the extent it has in Australia. It would appear that the lunatics are running the asylum!

Vale the ARU - and SANZAAR

Hey Brett,

Well researched, well written and making a whole lot of sense!

For me the greater issue for Rugby is to go to a commission to run the game and consign the befuddled leather patch brigade to drown in their g&ts.

Cheers Rickety

Sorry Melbourne. If the ARU is genuine, the Force must stay

Hi Guys – I submitted the following to the Roar – which at this stage has not been published. I welcome any discussion.

Dan Vickerman – a victim of our society

I have been running “men’s” courses and a men’s group for more than 15 years, which includes working with men “at risk”. In my travels I have taken the time to study consciousness and now have a degree in Metaphysical Science (investigating the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it). I have studied indigenous cultures through the Metaphysical lens.

A point of separation between the so called “civilised” world and the indigenous is that our world is predicated on conditional behaviour, the indigenous world is not (which many in the western world frown upon). Our world is largely based on conditional love – if you do “this” I will love you – if you do “that” I won’t. The conditional love programming is instilled as soon as the child develops communication skills. And life’s emotional roller-coaster begins.

Through cultural programming, conditional love then translates to conditional self love/self esteem. If I achieve “this” I will love/approve of myself, if I don’t achieve “this” I won’t.

Status anxiety is an everyday curse of the material world – do I drive the right car, live in the right suburb, where the right clothes etc. For the famous sports star the loss of status is palpable. In the light one day and in darkness the next.

The personal markers (predicated on the person’s life story) then come into play and the gravity of the situation increases with the level of perceived status loss. The perception of status and its loss is an emotional process which is felt deeply. If not acknowledged and processed in a healthy way, it can and most times will envelop the individual.

I have read that Dan Vickerman was a very hard personal marker.

Australian rugby needs to address sport's mental health issue

Cheers Clyde and well written. Vale Daniel Vickerman

A tribute to my mate Vicks

of course Mana is a lot more – I have only looked at through the lens of rugby

There is method in Cheika's madness

Cheers Onside – I am well. Been off the Roar for a couple of years … do a lot of “Mens work” – really tough gig!

Cheika has been checkmated once again

Thanks PK – good players on become great when given the opportunity to perform at the highest level. Have to agree that NZ have many more good players than Australia

Cheika has been checkmated once again

Cheers Sheek!

Cheika has been checkmated once again

As always – great article. However unlike Deans who was parachuted into the Wallabies – Gibson has served his apprenticeship in Australia and under Cheika at that. He has commented about the difference between NZ and Oz and has adapted accordingly. Should he be successful as a Super Rugby coach I am sure that he will receive many offers …. if he is the best coach around then he should have a shot at the Wallaby position, especially as he has been a head coach in the Australian system.

B52 Brumbies v Waratahs: This is the big one!

Rugby is now global – League still is regional. The IRB (or whatever they are called now) are not impacted in anyway by the NRL – so they would not be interested. Only Australia would benefit and that would be a good reason for nobody else to support such a merger. IMHO the Wallabies would be near unbeatable if that ever happened.

When will the rugby codes finally merge?

There will be much nashing of the teeth by the Northern Hemisphere unions lead by the RFU after this RWC. They are going to have to change their ways – it will be interesting to watch how they go about this. My gut feel is that it will take a generational change which certainly will not be effected before the next RWC.

Running rugby has as much to do with culture as it does with coaching

Cheers Gatsey – yeah changing the user pays (and tacitly segregate from the great unwashed) culture of the ARU is a bridge to far

The ARU must make rugby a game for all

agreed – Gallup would be a great acquisition for Rugby

The ARU must make rugby a game for all

yep peeeko – you are right. Sadly given the Wallabies made the final – the ARU will be backslapping – there won’t be any appetite to change

The ARU must make rugby a game for all

Cheers sheek – the user pay parallel universe that only serves to fund the top

The ARU must make rugby a game for all

Cheers Brett – great post mate. I am the sole rugby fan in my work place – mostly leaguies here, of which all have really enjoyed the World Cup and are looking forward to next year! Yep Rugby is cool again.

Rugby World Cup: Wallabies pride much more than just a hashtag

there is a new competition to play off for 5th place in the RWC – it is called – wait for it – THE SIX NATIONS

SPIRO: Solve rugby's northern hemisphere problem with a global season