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I watch both League and Union, and to be honest Union takes player safety more seriously. The Munster incident in Rugby would be a certain yellow card, protecting a defenceless player in the air and a dangerous play causing head impact, maybe even a red depending on the day. In League its carry on not even a penalty and not even commented on!

Six talking points from State of Origin 2

Nope – it was completely glossed over. Changed the game entirely with zero repercussions.

Six talking points from State of Origin 2

Fitzsimons is a self gratifying flog. Always on his high horse, sod off mate.

Peter FitzSimons slams NRL execs for allowing the season to continue

Shield has been canned too…

Australia- New Zealand ODI series called off amid coronavirus concerns

Crazy overreaction, panic has well and truly taken hold. If you are suspending the season now I can’t see when it would resume, in a few weeks or months 10 times the people will have had the condition, so it won’t get any better. When will they resume? Knee jerk to one player contracting it.

Coronavirus forces NBA to suspend season

You are making out like Kosta Koufus is an All Star and they aren’t playing him out of some youth movement

They haven’t been playing him because they are better with different lineups. He’s a journeyman bench/role player at best.

WCS is their centre, Bagley is a better PF and with him injured Harrison Barnes can spend time at the 4. They have wings to fill the 2 and 3 and push Barnes up and space the floor around Fox.

Koufos is definitely not a power forward, he is a centre.

Maybe he could have played power forward in 2010…league has changed.

Youth is not always the NBA's best policy

I live in Brisbane. Tossing up going to the game

If they pick Siddle and Marnus I won’t be.

That signals we have not learned anything, and are on the wrong path and that kind of Cricket Australia is not getting a cent out of me.

Australia vs Sri Lanka: First Test preview and prediction

You are comparing Head’s batting to how a bowler used to bat and then saying he did better than expected.

Geez, expectations must have been low….

Personally my expectations are for a number 5 specialist batsman to bat with a calm head and not throw their innings away repeatedly without learning from their mistakes.

Australia vs Sri Lanka: First Test preview and prediction

Didn’t do much wrong?! I just spat out my coffee! His game awarness and decision making was horrendous. Over and over he got out to terrible shots rather than good balls. He was batting like it’s t20.

I would have dropped him to go learn some common sense when batting in first class cricket, rather than bestowing him with a leadership position. Absolute joke.

Australia vs Sri Lanka: First Test preview and prediction

India played well but Dhoni had 4 chances and Kohli 2 chances.

That cost us 120 runs right there, pretty hard to not say Australia should have won this game with basic fielding skills, even after posting a modest 230 with poor batting.

India didn’t need to do too much exceptionally in this series, we made it pretty easy.

Sloppy Australia hand India 2-1 series win

I think it’s a terrible move by CA but the one good thing is that it seemed to get Fox into gear about a decent sports streaming service.

They’ve quietly launched Kayo with no fanfare but at $25/month for all their sport content it’s a pretty good option so reluctantly went for that given I get NBA/NFL there too and football codes in winter.

Assessing Cricket Australia’s TV gamble

Nuffy of the week, Zac. It’s not propaganda mate Mary can write about whatever she wants and shock horror as a woman she has an interest in women’s sport (not to speak for you, Mary!)

More people are caring all the time, and the product is becoming a great watch, as evidenced by the coverage on Channel 7 and Foxsports.

I’ll admit I still follow the mens game more closely the womens game has developed leaps and bounds and with the improvements in bats the hitting in the t20 game is great to watch.

If you don’t like the articles mate just give it a miss.

Australian women looking for series whitewash

Completely agree with your bottom sentiment on the dispute and also re Bangladesh.

How many times are we going to somehow get out of going?

Personally I thought it was already a danger series with how improved they are at home and our frailties on the sub continent. Now with this dispute and lack of preparation it’s shaping as a real danger series.

Deadline looms for cricket pay dispute

Re: The scrums, yes it is a farce.

Went to the Broncs game last Thursday and a friends GF asked me in bewilderment ‘whats with the scrums? is that how it’s meant to happen?’

I had to meekly explain what a joke scrums have become and that theres no real point to them but we keep them anyway because we always did.

‘Ahhh, Rightttt’

Great for the casual fan!

Four changes that will help improve the NRL

Kyrie is a one way player, an iso scorer. He’s not making any team dominant trough his play.

If he went to the knicks they would still be behind the Cavs (while LeBron stayed) and then Boston, Milwaukee and the Sixers long term in the East.

Kyrie Irving to become the next great New York Knick

How about he stays in Cleveland and continues to attempt to build a team with the hometown fans and make amends for bolting to Miami last time?

What’s the obsession with ‘he has to go somewhere’

Lebron should take his talents to this surprising Eastern Conference team

Marks is making good smart moves but they didn’t have the best offseason. Superstars like Butler are cost controlled below their value and are exceedingly rare. If you can get one of them for as little as Minnesota gave up it’s a huge win.

The Brooklyn Nets are the clear winners of this year's NBA offseason

I think the warriors will breeze through again but I really really hope the east is able to seriously challenge or beat the cavs. It’s not good for the league to have the same finals year on year

'Check the numbers, I did my part': The validation of Kevin Durant

Shastri is a BCCI cheerleader and has basically been put in as a patsy while Kohli runs the show.

Will be all good unless he grows a spine and wants to have any kind of real influence.

Ravi Shastri’s appointment as the head coach is the right decision

Would put Houston second. The spurs haven’t really improved and the Rockets nearly bet them and have added Paul and (likely) Carmelo. Through in Capela, Nene, Ariza, PJ Tucker and Eric Gordon and that’s a hell of a well rounded roster.

Quest to be best of the rest in the West

Respectfully Mary, if you pay your money and go to the game you can gesticulate however you wish as long as you aren’t racially (or otherwise) vilifying someone.

It is never OK to boo your team

‘Ever heard of Andre Iguodala?” Ridiculous. If you know even the slightest bit about basketball you should know the kind of quality player AI the 2nd is.

State of Origin: Man of the match selection process is broken

Dead set, was at the game and he must have turned down at least 5 oppurtunities to put an unmarked corey oates away tonight and just held it.

Brisbane Broncos vs South Sydney Rabbitohs: NRL live scores, blog, highlights

Interesting article Nick,

Was recently in France and caught the conclusion to the Top 14, got to say I was surprised.

From all the talk in Australia you would think these European comps were B grade at best, I was pleasantly surprised by a ripping game of rugby. Just a shame Toulon couldn’t get over the line in the dying moments!

As a side note – Ma’a Nonu is still completely a cut above, it really is remarkable.

The curious case of Will Skelton shows the south can learn from the north

Well said Baz.

Are superstar calls now a thing in the NRL?