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I think the line in the article about choosing to let david fifta go should be rewritten. They didn’t choose to let him go, they lost a bidding war for his services. The mistake was that they didn’t have him on contract a year before he went to market.

Unfortunately for Broncos fans, a fish rots from the head

A couple of points to be made…

1. Foxtel will lose exclusive socceroos rights under the next anti-siphoning list. As all socceroos qualifiers must be shown on free to air.

2. Nrl is the highest rating sport for foxtel because of the fact it gets a good choice of the matches. Under the afl agrement it gets mainly the low matches in the order.

3. News limited basically own rugby union. The wallibies are only seen on free to air due to the anti siphoning list.

4. Foxtel run up dozen or more exclusive sports channels on their pay tv services…they need content for them.

5. Are 84000 viewers in sydney and 77000 in brisbane worth a $1 billon dollar investment?

AFL's TV deal choking NRL, Socceroos

on the friday night point…compare matches from the week before carlton and collingwood.

AFL's TV deal choking NRL, Socceroos

Ive said this a couple of times on television blogs, A free to air sports channel is worth the investment. The problem one hd had was that it was owned by the ten network. The no3 network made some good signings, nbl, nba, nfl , netball etc but it doesnt have the clout to buy thos sports it needed for the channel to be succesful.

Let’s be honest the only way we will ever see a truly succesful free to air sports channel is if it is run and owned by the nine network.

Sports free-for-all? Not any more!