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While i agree that Fields needs to process faster, if Nagy knows how bad the offensive line is it’s on him to give them help, not block 5 on 20 of 31 dropbacks.

He has shown an inability to cater for individual skill sets, it happened with Trubisky and there are signs its happening again with Fields

If they lose against Detroit, they need to find someone else of it will be two first round QB’s wasted because of his incompetence

The Chicago Bears need to fire Matt Nagy

If you’re referring to the 2015 prelim, Fyfe went into the game with the injury

AFL stock market Round 4

Everyone knows how good he is when his head is in the game, but it didn’t seem to be on the weekend!! Hopefully he can bounce back next week

AFL stock market Round 4

He is playing a role but I guess I’m playing devils advocate in asking if that’s enough considering his price tag!! Playing on the third tall and only have 8 disposals at 50%? Glad to see the Demons firing though, league is better off when they are good 👍

AFL stock market Round 4

Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you enjoy the article!
Yeah maybe an oversight on my behalf regarding Hewett’s role, but they were that good it was nearly impossible to find a faller!!!
Also would love to add a hold section but the 2,000 word cap makes it difficult some weeks!

AFL stock market Round 3

Thanks for the kind words man! I’m glad you enjoy the article 👍

AFL stock market Round 3

The concept of the piece was looking purely at round 1 and how certain players may have under or over achieved based on pre-season expectations. I think it’s fair to say Gaff underperformed considering the type of game! Like I said in the piece, I was and still am high on Gaff this year, but his “stock price” went down for the performance

AFL stock market: Round 1

Thanks everyone for the constructive feedback! Danger was stiff but I was a bit lost as to where he would fit, expecting him to play a lot of forward but didn’t want to commit to putting him in as a forward.
Ryan had a great year last year but I think it will be the year of the running offensive half back, hence the trend in backline players being smaller with speed and elite foot skills.
The strength of Port is their balance IMO with heaps of players going through the midfield and solid defenders who aren’t standouts! That’s why only 1 player features.
Thanks again for the comments 👍

My prediction for the 2021 AFL All Australian team

I think Noble said he would occupy a wing due to his elite endurance

AFL stock market: Pre-season edition

This is a high quality comment!!

Daz and Smithy's draft: One player per club

Absolutely, was back and fourth between Bach and Mackie, but gave the nod to Mackie just! Probably would have been the 23rd man for both sides though!

Daz and Smithy's draft: 2010s premiership players

Hey Aransan, as half of this piece would just like to clarify players were selected based on pure career CV with the requirement of a premiership in the 2010’s, there was no bias involved I can assure you!
Hope this clears things up

Daz and Smithy's draft: 2010s premiership players