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2005 NRL grand final. Enough said.



From what I’ve seen this season, Cowan has to go. He’s not a test quality batsman, and although he made a test century, he’s often found wanting, and lacking polished class. The problem is that I can’t see Uzzy batting at 6, because someone like a Burns is better equipped to come in there (and has actually played at 6 this year fairly well in what has been a shuffled QLD order).
Let Hughes open in India, with Uzzy at 3 and Watson (if fit) at 4. Clarke 5 and Burns at 6.
I know that Wade will go to India and England, but keeping on those tracks is more difficult then say, a Brisbane. So I’d take a punt and put Hartley in the squad, due to the fact he’s one of, if not the best glovemen in Australia right now.

Then again I could be completely wrong and I look like a goose.

Laying down the odds for Hussey’s replacement

I would add Dallas to that list, because of their switch to a 4-3 D and the release (hopefully) of Jay Ratliff.

Will Jesse Williams make NFL mainstream down under?

Here’s praying that hopefully Bama loses to Georgia in the SEC title game. One can dream!

Top spots open up for BCS Championship football

Here’s the problem. Sure, the track is great. But they’ve taken too much inspiration from numerous other tracks. It’s good to a point, but the Austin track surpassed it easily. It’s going to feel slightly disjointed, and because its a Tilke design, there’ll be something wrong.
I’m not optimistic about this one sadly.

F1 gambles US future in Texas

Don’t worry, OJ’s going back to his normal 4 for 14 shooting ways.

Oh the perils of being a Dallas fan.

Five player surprises this NBA season

Following Iowa State, I’ve been able to watch Optimus Klein play a lot. He can function as a purely throwing QB, however his running game, and also his read of the game is pro level ready. Only problem is that he’s only played one or two good defenses all year. He won’t face a good defense in the next few weeks (Baylor has about the same level of defense as me playing as a corner, and Texas isn’t much better) but Ash will challenge K-State.

Barkley has proven that he’s not that great in what is an at best okay conference, but once again, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like a Dallas or Philly picked him up in the pro draft.

And another note about USC: Mark Sanchez went there. Along with a host of look good in college, can’t play in pros QB’s. I don’t think Barkley will cut it.

Top spots open up for BCS Championship football

I think you have to try the NHL series. NHL 13 is truly a masterpiece. Fairly realistic as well, with goalie fights being oh so impossible to really control.

At least the commentary is bearable.

Taking a look at the best of virtual sports

Unfortunately, unless changes are made, point number 2 won’t be possible sadly. Sad, because a few of those cars (Percat, Mcglauchlin, etc) had good enough pace for the main game.

Bathurst 1000: Bring some spark back to the Mountain

Awesome article, and the last 4 paragraphs pretty much describe the Cowboys season. Did anyone even see the game today? Disgusting

Why should an Aussie care about American football?

Who’s going to be the big surprise to make a test debut this year? Personally, I’d put my money on Joe Burns. I’ve been lucky enough to play with this guy once or twice, and his game is immensely solid. He would bring a calm to the middle order that Australia desperately needs.

Sheffield Shield preview part one

I think Dallas will be better that a lot of people think. They’ve really improved in their secondary line, which is what killed them last year, and if Romo can put up the numbers he did last year, in December, mind you, then Dallas might be the biggest foe

New York Giants: The NFL’s forgotten favourites

Is that, no way. Sagan is still managing to stay with the peleton. It’s witchcraft.

Tour de France 2012: Live Stage 16 updates and blog

Not good for Nibali, Smyzd’s just been cracked on the climb.

Tour de France 2012: Live Stage 16 updates and blog