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As I am writing this, Australia have just defeated England 28-20 in the 2013 Rugby League World Cup opener.

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The inclusion of the Gold Coast Suns and Greater Western Sydney Giants was always going to spread the overall talent pool more thinly than previously.

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Last Wednesday night there was a fantastic cricket match on at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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The AFL season is all wrapped up and has led me to reflect on the difference between season 2011 and all previous seasons I have experienced.

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The NRL quite rightfully compares itself to the AFL, and is therefore using the AFL television rights deal as a benchmark for its own broadcast rights negotiations. But it’s not quite as simple as thinking “the AFL’s deal was $1.25 billion, so we deserve at least that.”

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Huge changes at the top of two of Australia’s free-to-air commercial television networks could be an unexpected boon for rugby league.

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So the 2010 AFL grand final has finished in a draw, which now means we’re back to do it all again next week. It was a remarkable match, but after four quarters of brilliant footy with scores locked at 68-all, the players and spectators have every right to feel cheated.

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The Woodies are a club I know very well as I’ve lived a couple of punt kicks from TG Milner since 1982. During the last eighteen months, they almost went broke.

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A number of sources, both here on The Roar and in the mainstream media, have reported significant drops in viewing audiences for AFL matches in 2010. If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, then one need look no further than Friday’s telecast of the Fremantle-Collingwood game for an explanation.

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There is a delicate balance codes must find between offering fans live television coverage of its game without having that very coverage impact crowds turning up to the grounds.

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AFL stars and fans are declaring war on Channel 7. And for good reason. The network has confirmed it won’t be showing Friday night AFL matches live, as it’s committed instead to Better Homes and Gardens.

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The doomsayers are preparing the obituary. Tennis in this country is dying – as evidenced by the mammoth drop in television ratings for the Australian Open that shows a 40 per cent decrease in viewers from last year.

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In a week were we celebrated Australia Day, sports fans have been somewhat un-Australian. This week, the Australian sporting fan fraternity shamed itself so bad that it may take months to repair.

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It was the most significant Australian Open match involving one of the nation’s women this year and half of the country did not get to see it play out.

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They may have taken centre stage at Surfers Paradise by default, but it was still a significant moment for the V8 Supercars. Should they convince the Queensland government to retain the event as a V8 Supercar-only weekend, it will be another significant development for the series.

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After the much-maligned coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Channel 7 continues to annoy sports fans by delaying its Australian Open night session’s coverage into key states. It’s just another example of how the Free to Air (FTA) networks continually miss the fundamentals of getting sports coverage right.

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On Sunday, Foxtel sports claimed to be broadcasting The Australian Tennis Open ‘live’, which is a lie. It is replaying a men’s singles match, which was played last night.

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Bathurst’s importance to the V8 Supercar series is immeasurable. It is the categories’ showpiece event, its chance to reach viewers who ordinarily wouldn’t watch the regular V8 Supercar rounds. And as such, it ranks up there with the Melbourne Cup and the AFL Grand Final.

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The coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics by Channel 7 was unbelievably poor, and this was especially painful when they advertised the Australian men’s basketball team playing, and then decided at halftime to cut from it to go to the equestrian.

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Channel 7 has been put out of its misery with the end of the Beijing Games. As the world now awaits London 2012, the Olympic coverage flag is passed to Channel 9, who has many lessons to learn from the much maligned Seven.

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