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With the Titans’ well publicised troubles, Gold Coast United folding under crowd pressures, and the Suns’ inability to draw a crowd (and/or win a game), the question must be asked “is the Gold Coast a fickle sporting market?”

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A-League fans of west Sydney, as a Canberran I’m currently feeling a great deal of jealousy of you and all the excitement surrounding your shiny new unnamed A-League club.

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For years we have all heard about how great the attendances are for the AFL in Australia. It has one of the largest crowd attendance rates in the world, and in 2011 an average of 34,937 patrons came to 187 matches during the regular season.

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During my regular perusal of the FourFourTwo forum the other day, I came across a thread which read “what now for GCU fans?”

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On the same day that Football Federation Australia announced that Nathan Tinkler’s Hunter Sports Group (HSG) would honour its contract to run the Newcastle Jets, saving the former champions, the governing body heralded a new dawn of collaboration with A-League clubs.

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We all recognize that the A-League has a cash crisis. The ten clubs collectively lost $25 million last year, with some clubs obviously losing more than others.

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It’s the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ship that could never be sunk. HMS Titanic was submerged by an iceberg in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, and hundreds lost their lives.

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Frank Lowy is a clever man under pressure. He and FFA CEO Ben Buckley have attempted to advocate a league that has difficulty communicating its message to club owners who are becoming rapidly disillusioned with the governing body’s aloofness.

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One week ago, the Federal Government announced an $8 million funding package for the development of football in Western Sydney.

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It seems the A-League keeps getting its on-season and off-season confused.

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Former Gold Coast United owner Clive Palmer has described Football Federation Australia’s threat of legal action against Nathan Tinkler’s Hunter Sports Group over its intention to hand back the Newcastle Jets’ A-League licence as “laughable”.

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Another week, another A-League club facing extinction. As the A-League finals series plays out in the background, reminding us that yes, in fact, there’s a sporting component to the league, off field matters continue to dominate as we again question the viability of the league.

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There has been plenty of A-League talk over the past two days but not much of it has focused on upcoming action on the pitch.

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Australian football’s players’ association says an A-League club must never be allowed to fail again after Gold Coast United became the third team on the competition’s scrap heap.

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Oh lordy, it is happening again. For some reason the sporting leagues of Australia have fallen for the lure of the supposed “holy grail” of national athletic domination.

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The big Australian sports story of the past 24 hours has been the decision by the FFA to rush a new team into the A-League for the start of the 2012-13 season.

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The business consortium bidding to save Gold Coast United in the A-League has accused Football Federation Australia of stringing them along.

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“The day the west was won? Not today,” read Football Federation Australia CEO Ben Buckley’s statement announcing that Western Sydney will have a new club in the A-League next season. Not today, perhaps, but soon.

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And so a mighty empire crumbles, like a soggy arrowroot. It’s sad to see the Gold Coast Titans struggling with financial woes, reportedly in debt to the tune of $25 million and forced to sell off everything they can, including holiday packages for a romantic weekend getaway in Surfers Paradise with John Cartwright.

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The seventh edition of the Hyundai A-League has been a compelling campaign, both on and off the pitch. It wasn’t always smooth sailing off the field; however the football has be a pleasure to witness on it.

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