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IRB must punish De Villiers for his remarks

Wally James Roar Rookie

By Wally James, Wally James is a Roar Rookie

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    Once more Peter De Villiers has brought the game into disrepute. The clear inference from his comments during the week were that the All Black/Springbok game last weekend was fixed – a disgraceful allegation without foundation.

    This follows on from his support for Botha’s headbutt and Burger’s eye gouge (tutus and bushveldt came into it as you may recall)

    Brendan Cannon, correctly in my view, labelled De Villiers a clown. The Springbok camp now threatens that unless an apology is received, never again will they darken the Rugby Clubs’ door.

    In light of that, Cannon is to apologise.

    What drivel, I say! Where is the independence of the media? Regardless of whether Cannon is correct, shouldn’t he be able to pass legitimate comment? Isn’t Foxsports just kow-towing to the same bully boy tactics Botha is renown for?

    The answers to those questions are:
    (i) gone
    (ii) at law yes, but in practice it would seem not
    (iii) unfortunately, yes.

    The South African threat should be ignored. Cannon has nothing to apologise for.

    Unfortunately for all the decent down to earth South African folk, their coach is an inane conspiracy theorist. Their Rugby Union wrongly protects him, just as he wrongly protects the aberrant thugs in his team.

    It’s about time the IRB punished De Villiers rather than the SARU menacing Cannon and his employer.

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    The Crowd Says (33)

    • Roar Guru

      July 24th 2010 @ 9:38am
      Poth Ale said | July 24th 2010 @ 9:38am | ! Report

      It’s like watching schoolboys fight in the SANZAR playground

      “I’m a big dog and I lift my leg”
      “You’re a clown”
      You take that back!
      Won’t !
      Will so!
      Will not!
      Will so!
      If you don’t I’m never going to talk to you again! And I’m telling teacher.
      Don’t care
      Tell him you’re sorry for calling him a clown.
      okay, then….. sorry for calling you a clown.
      Hmphh (knew he’d make you)
      (Yeah, but you’re still a clown anyway..)
      Am not!

      • July 24th 2010 @ 1:22pm
        katzilla said | July 24th 2010 @ 1:22pm | ! Report

        Indeed Pothale, its all pretty silly. Like Bullies in the Schoolyard.
        The problem is as soon as the Northern Kids go home theres no one left to pick on so all thats left is to fight each other.

        • Roar Guru

          July 25th 2010 @ 5:49am
          Poth Ale said | July 25th 2010 @ 5:49am | ! Report

          “Northern Kids” – Lol you’re a scream, katzilla. That is just so funny. I nearly spilt my beer when I read it.

          Actually, thought PdV was picking on the NH refs. Wonder if he’ll be quieter after today’s match or will Clancy be another part of the great conspiracy?

      • July 24th 2010 @ 3:25pm
        Wally James said | July 24th 2010 @ 3:25pm | ! Report


        Accepted. However the insinuation against the ref was unpardonable.


    • Roar Rookie

      July 24th 2010 @ 11:48am
      Bokkie said | July 24th 2010 @ 11:48am | ! Report

      I think pothale is right. Its tedious and stupid.

      De Villiers says some funny things, but in all honesty… I think he is good for the team and for the Spingboks.

      I as a Springbok fan really could not care less what you, or any other person thinks of the Springboks, their player’s or their coaches. The hate and anger you have for us only makes the win that much sweeter.

      Btw, if in a few months a match fixing scam is revealed… Haha man you guys are going to feel dumb.

      • July 24th 2010 @ 12:07pm
        Even looser said | July 24th 2010 @ 12:07pm | ! Report

        Well said Bokkie. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t out to get you.

      • July 24th 2010 @ 3:23pm
        Wally James said | July 24th 2010 @ 3:23pm | ! Report

        Quod erat demonstrandum

        • July 24th 2010 @ 5:48pm
          KW said | July 24th 2010 @ 5:48pm | ! Report

          Obviously it’s hereditary!!

      • July 24th 2010 @ 7:09pm
        Dan said | July 24th 2010 @ 7:09pm | ! Report

        Yeah, I just don’t know mate… If PdV was coaching my team I’d be pretty embarrassed. Yeah he won a Tri Nations, but he followed that with the least successful European tour by a SH power in the modern era and has now his team trounced by the All Blacks 2 weeks running. The boks could still come good, they have too many great players not to, but I honestly don’t think it’ll be a reflection of PdV’s coaching ability. In some ways it reminds me of when Chris Anderson was coaching the Kangaroos in Rugby League. Now, you would be hard pressed to find a man more lacking in coaching ability, but that team had so many brilliant players (though they generally always do) that it really didn’t matter what a useless piece of @#$& Anderson was, because the raw talent there was experienced and clever enough to ensure they didn’t suffer any losses during his tenure.

      • July 25th 2010 @ 7:57am
        Ingoa said | July 25th 2010 @ 7:57am | ! Report

        You must feel pretty special after that result Bokke,
        Upi have written some rather silly threads over the last week or so but this one has to be in your top 3

      • July 25th 2010 @ 8:12am
        Hayden said | July 25th 2010 @ 8:12am | ! Report

        Is this the same Bokkie who predicted 45 – 10? How much of your hard earned rand did you lose mate? As pointed out below, match fixing generally involves under performance. Coming from the nation that gave the world Hanse Cronje, maybe you are on to something.

    • July 24th 2010 @ 1:32pm
      Stash said | July 24th 2010 @ 1:32pm | ! Report

      DeVilliers has now retracted that statement and said that he did not mean to suggest that an All Blacks, IRB conspiracy to let the ABs win.

      • July 24th 2010 @ 3:48pm
        Wally James said | July 24th 2010 @ 3:48pm | ! Report


        He may have retracted the statement but it is difficult to believe he did not mean it. Taken in context and with a weather eye out for his previous allegations of ref impropriety, it is very difficult indeed. Early on in his career I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but no longer.


    • Roar Guru

      July 24th 2010 @ 1:36pm
      rugbyfuture said | July 24th 2010 @ 1:36pm | ! Report

      im just happy because all i ever hear on keo and sport24 is “those whinging aussies” i think its becoming apparent that everyone whinges just as much as eachother (taking it to sanzar is another matter)

    • Columnist

      July 24th 2010 @ 1:47pm
      Brett McKay said | July 24th 2010 @ 1:47pm | ! Report

      um, don’t cries of ‘FIX!’ usually follow underperformance??

      Do South Africa really want to go down this path??

      • July 25th 2010 @ 5:58am
        Hayden said | July 25th 2010 @ 5:58am | ! Report

        Good point mate.

    • July 24th 2010 @ 3:33pm
      Sam said | July 24th 2010 @ 3:33pm | ! Report

      De Villiers is a nothing but a face, he is not coaching that team.
      Unfortunalty for him there are cameras in the sheds operating during half time and its the assistant coach’s that are going through plays and talking to the players while De Villiers is pacing back and forward or in some cases standing still not talking to anyone.
      And i’m far from the only one that has picked up on this.
      Brendan Cannon was just saying what a large portion of the public were thinking.
      Im a Kiwi and we are all going to be cheering for the Wallabies tonight, mainly because its going to be incredibly interesting to hear what De Villiers has to say after a loss to the Underdogs of the Tri Nations.
      He most likely will launch an attack on the referee again as he has alot of open disdain for Northern Hemisphere refs and the person ajudicating tonight is from Ireland.
      He should take a page out of Deans and Henry’s book, they will not openly speak their minds unless the things that they want to say are cleared by their respective unions.
      Go Wallabies OZZY OZZY OZZY!!! Oi Oi Oi!!!

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