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Australian F1 Grand Prix full schedule: Albert Park, Melbourne 2024

(Photo by Joe Portlock/Getty Images)
21st March, 2024
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The Australian Grand Prix has once again arrived at Albert Park in Melbourne.

Traditionally the Australian Grand Prix was the first race on the calendar but it has been shifted to the third race of the season.

As a street circuit Albert Park was one race on the calendar that was always notoriously difficult to overtake but that should be different this time around.

Sections of the track were widened in 2022 and the new regulations combined with four DRS (Drag Reduction System) zones on the track where a driver can open their rear wing to get a downforce advantage if they’re a second or less behind the car in front should see one of the most exciting races ever at Albert Park.

Australian F1 Grand Prix 2024 Schedule

Please note all times are in AEDT.

Thursday, March 21

Porsche Carrera CupPractice 110:30
MSS Security Melbourne SupersprintPractice 111:25
Hydrobot Rumble Stem ChallengeJunior Finalists11:25
Ford SuperVanHigh Speed12:00
Hall of Fame CeremonyExhibition12:00
Porsche Carrera CupQualifying12:30
MSS Security Melbourne SupersprintPractice 21:25
MSS Security Melbourne SupersprintQualifying 1 (Race 1)3:10
MSS Security Melbourne Supersprint Qualifying 2 (Race 2)3:35
Ford SuperVanHigh Speed4:15
Porsche Carrera CupRace 14:45
MSS Security Melbourne Supersprint Race 15:50

Friday, March 22

Formula 3Practice8:50
Formula 2Practice10:00
Formula 1Practice 112:30
Formula 3Qualifying2:00
MSS Security Melbourne SupersprintRace 22:50
Formula 1Practice 24:00
Formula 2Qualifying5:30
Porsche Carrera CupRace 26:25

Saturday, March 23

MSS Security Melbourne SupersprintQualifying 3 (Race 3)9:00
MSS Security Melbourne Supersprint Qualifying 4 (Race 4) 9:25
Formula 3Sprint Race11:15
Formula 1Practice 312:30
Formula 2Sprint Race2:15
Formula 1Qualifying4:00
MSS Security Melbourne Supersprint Race 35:35
Porsche Carrera Cup Race 36:25

Sunday, March 24

Formula 3Feature Race9:05
MSS Security Melbourne Supersprint Race 410:20
Formula 2Feature Race11:35
Formula 1Drivers Parade1:00
Formula 1Australian Grand Prix3:00

How to watch the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Australia

Foxtel and Kayo Sports have exclusive live broadcast rights to Formula 1 for every race other than the Australian Grand Prix.

The Australian race is on the government’s anti-siphoning list and therefore will also be shown on free to air television.

If you don’t have Foxtel or Kayo Sports you can view the Australian race on Channel 10 or through 10 Play.

How to live stream online

If you are looking to live stream the Supercars event at Albert Park, you can do so through the Fox Sports coverage.

The best way to do that is to tune in through Kayo Sports, who have the rights to stream all of Foxtel’s sports channels, as well as other selected events.


You can also tune in via Channel 10’s streaming service, 10 Play.