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I am a huge fan of Cricket and Football (Soccer). I am a huge fan of Manchester United and I love my great state of Victoria in the cricket. I am a bit of a traditionalist and I love my Test cricket much more than my ODI and T20 cricket. If pushed the Stars are the team to go for. Happy reading!



Paine’s selection is not completely true!
Paine captained a CA XI match against the touring English team, in which he scored 52 and 5. This was on the back of a decent first class season as well as BBL form, with Neville as his main competitor, as Carey and Wade struggled a bit.

The Dukes ball has made Ashes selections a whole lot easier

I used to bowl 20 overs in a row in the backyard in 35˚ heat and I loved it, sure there was plenty of drinks breaks and the occasional dip in the pool, but I wouldn’t give in until I got my brother out, I simply did not let him declare, or accept it when he did.

Junior cricket must change for future Test success

Great stuff again Ronan! Hit the nail on the head

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

True with Waugh, but I suppose my point should have been more on the fact that he has actually been in shield cricket more recently than the others, and I think that he can be a very good talent scout, so maybe have a role for that.

And whilst they are at it, set up the old cricket academy in Adelaide, with some of our best players coaching in it.

Renshaw joins Maxwell and Wade in the selectors wake

Probably the only reason I would have Paine on the panel is because he is still pretty up to date with shield players and he knows what its like to be up and down. Only time I would include the coach is if Punter of Dizzy coach Australia.

But I agree with these 5 year changes, pity Mark Waugh isn’t on the panel, as he is probably on of the better ones with some idea of player treatment.

Renshaw joins Maxwell and Wade in the selectors wake

It is more that if Renshaw can get recalled with a poor average, then it doesn’t show well to consistent performers and it muddles everyone. Im a fan of Renshaw but he certainly shouldn’t have been selected on current form for anything other than the Ashes

Renshaw joins Maxwell and Wade in the selectors wake

Maybe we should have the selectors actually go to Sheffield Shield games and ask the captains and umpires who they think is looking good. Add Punter and Paine no doubt.

Renshaw joins Maxwell and Wade in the selectors wake

I dont think he could, but it is ridiculous that he even got recalled, like Wade would be livid! But it all has an effect on confidence.

Renshaw joins Maxwell and Wade in the selectors wake

Wasn’t as great as it seems, Cummins would have stared again if Hazlewood was in the team with the same figures. Because we are only playing Sri Lanka, at the Gabba, with a pink ball, generally something you expect to have some cheap wickets. But it was a good debut and I do like the look of him.

Richardson stars on Test debut

Yeah we just jotted down a whole lot of names before we wrote this and we probably missed a few people as we were mainly going off under 19 World cups and people touted by the public as “the next big things”

Future Australian greats: 2025 onwards

We are from Victoria too, but after Nielsen’s impressive showing he took the cake. He also has the best average at the moment, but it is tough. Nair hasn’t played FC cricket in 2 years, so I think he may stick to the shorter form. Pucovski or Sangha are pretty interchangeable and it will be interesting to see who can make it their own.
Paris was too old to contend at 26, making him not much older than the Victorian attack, Billy Stanlake might be one to watch.

We did have something like 30 players to choose the test team from, but thanks for your feedback!

Future Australian greats: 2025 onwards

We decided against Will just because of the timing of things, but he was very much considered a candidate.

Future Australian greats: 2025 onwards

The selectors need to get their act together.

My local first-grade team is more clear with who they selected and why than they are.

The last bastion of the CA Secret Men's Club has got to go

Indeed it is…

Why are Australian cricketers so uninspiring?

Justin Langer is the worst selector, only looks after “his boys” from WA and is just starting up the NSW bias again except with a different state.

It’s time for Warner to come out from the bus under which he was thrown

I didn’t add the specifics of the format (the editors did). But this: “The ECB is now talking about 12 man teams with only 11 on the field and able to bat/bowl and the biggie is having twenty 5 ball overs, as opposed to the 16 overs and one 10 ball over you mentioned.” is sounding more and more like the lower levels in my local competition. It would also still be hard to change back to normal cricket if you played only this format for a while.

The ECB’s 'The Hundred' is the beginning of the end for cricket

I have no problem with the new T10 format being played in the UAE, it looked pretty exciting actually, but the 100 is just not cricket and soon people will be calling for a revamped first class and one-day game too.

The ECB’s 'The Hundred' is the beginning of the end for cricket

I played a game exactly like that today (since it was so hot) and it was not ideal for the batsmen, that’s for sure. I guess it is just hard to restart and the momentum is lost after both teams have batted once.

The ECB’s 'The Hundred' is the beginning of the end for cricket

No that’s not actually part of the rules. I was making a metaphor to show how ridiculous the concept is.

The ECB’s 'The Hundred' is the beginning of the end for cricket

Brilliant article. Everything said here i agree with and i think the selectors are a biased pack of fools

Australia isn't playing its best team

Great article Anti-Don! Great to see you give some good insight to The Roar

Excuse me, are you saying 'boo' or 'boo-urns'?

Great Article Ronan!
That top 6 is indeed a great one and it is time the selectors pick those players.

Labuschagne's Test selection is a farce

Indeed, I was planning on writing an article on this in the coming weeks, and I think I will add that to my list of improvements. I think for Head, if we give him the Sri Lanka series to prove he isn’t soft, then he can have a go. If not then he needs to go back to shield cricket. (oh sorry, there isn’t any is there…?)

A possible Test team for Sri Lanka

Great idea, maybe we should have the captain, coach, a former great batsman and a former great bowler, though not Shane Warne.

A possible Test team for Sri Lanka

The main reason that I picked Shaun Marsh was mainly for a bit of experience in the team, I am not a fan of him, and he hasn’t warranted a spot, but give him till the end of the Sri Lanka series to just give some experience to the younger players. I do like the look of your top 6, does look great, but I decided that Head may need just a little bit more time to click, as I think he has looked solid but needs to learn a few lessons about staying in.
I am a huge fan of Renshaw, and I am not totally against him at 3, as he batted their for Somerset and scored a huge number of runs. And a lot of this squad was mainly to get some confidence in the boys of having won before England. Siddle seems controversial, but his county form was superb, and one last Ashes will be a fantastic time for him to leave the Australian team on a high. Thanks for your feedback, always nice to hear something constructive.

A possible Test team for Sri Lanka