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Guess I misread the room, and everyone is happy with the way things are.
Good to see though that I wasn’t personally attacked in comments because my opinion was different than the convention. Thanks guys!

Remind me again why we have the phrase keyboard warrior.

To the losers go the spoils

They already had an advantage.
Their advantage is that they can drop their first game and not be eliminated.

To the losers go the spoils

There is no ranking, there is no ladder. It’s the finals.
If you’re advocating a ranking within the finals, let’s go back to the McIntyre Final Eight System.

To the losers go the spoils

But if the finals are scheduled based on 23 weeks of a season, do you think both Brisbane and Geelong should host the preliminary finals if they win this week?

To the losers go the spoils

Might be the rules for selecting SoO when it was a thing, but Cameron’s eligibility, as stated in Part 1 was: For this exercise, I have gone with the location where the player started playing football. To use Tom Hawkins as an example, because he was born in NSW and started playing footy there, he is eligible for the Allies even though he later moved to Melbourne and was drafted from a Victorian under-age club..

Who would play State of Origin in 2019? Part 4: The Allies

Using that argument, then Marvel Stadium is the home of football in Australia as the only ground purpose-built for Australian Rules football. Would you be open to the Grand Final permanently being played there?

No, because it’s a ridiculous argument.

Why Geelong deserve proper home finals

The EJ Whitten game has been kinda irrelevant for a few years now – maybe coinciding with when it moved to Ch7.

It seems to be more an in joke with commentary teams and their few buddies than actually anything remotely interesting to outsiders or the general public.

The EJ Whitten game makes a mockery of a legend

That’s the oldest football club, not merely one of. The.

AFL 2019 top 100: Melbourne Demons

Melbourne have some major issues to work through and bounce back to match last year’s form, but the fact they didn’t watch a reply of the preliminary final isn’t the root cause of a bad year. This is just sloppy opinion with no real insight, the type of article usually suited to the likes of the Herald Sun.

Normally I’m a fan of your work Marnie, you’ve had some excellent pieces this year, particularly the one about “that photo” of Talya Harris, but this is as clichéd as a Friday night commentary call by Bruce and Brian.

Melbourne’s entire year is bad because they didn’t watch a reply of one game? Really?

The biggest Dee-sappointment of 2019

That is exactly what I meant Macca.

Well before this whole issue arose, when Adam Goodes was just a player for Sydney, I didn’t particularly like him in a capacity as a player for Sydney.

When I said “I don’t like things that I’m told that I’m supposed to like” I meant the way everyone* bangs on about how great players are like Goodes, Hird, Ablett, Dangerfield, Bob Murphy, and Judd turns me off them. Guess what? The same with Beyoncé, or a movie that everyone says is a must see (can’t think of one now). I don’t necessarily like things because they are popular, and in fact I often dislike them because they are popular.

*I know, not every single person, but you know what I mean.

For the record, I may have (I honestly can’t remember) thrown a boo Goodes direction in his time as a player years and years ago.
I don’t remember the last time I went to a Sydney match, possibly it’s as far back as 2011, and whether Goodes played that day I actually have no idea.

So, I never joined in with booing him and certainly would not have once it was identified and publicised as being about race, and do not condone the treatment he received.

Just wanted to make that crystal clear.

No excuse to boo Goodes

In reality yes. Not enough people would know who Matthew Kennedy is, and wouldn’t necessarily recognise him in a game to boo him.
Ablett copped it because he is known and recognisable.

No excuse to boo Goodes

I remember on Before the Game years ago, two St Kilda players, sick of a St Kilda fan yelling abuse at them (must have been the players specifically) found her place of work, and stood out the front yelling at her. Things like “you call that answering a phone”, “why don’t you get a better mug for your coffee”. It was all done light-heartedly, but it drove home the fact that these players get abused in their workplace every single week.

No excuse to boo Goodes

I never really liked Adam Goodes as a player, in the same way I don’t really like Gary Abblett, and I possibly let out a boo when he went near the ball, in the same way I do when Abblett goes near the ball, or when James Hird did.

Why didn’t I like him? For me, I don’t like things that I’m told that I’m supposed to like. We were all supposed to love Goodes, and we’re all supposed to love Abblett. That tends me to start to dislike them. I get annoyed that everyone lauds them. Sure they might have been good players, but then again, maybe they’re only good players becase we’re told they’re good players. I don’t think he should have won the second Brownlow, but then I don’t think Abblett (or Judd for that matter)should have either. But that’s an argument for another time.

However, this changes from being a player being booed for whatever reason to something different. I feel it escalated following his announcement as Australian of the Year and his speaking out about racial issues. Then that year when the infamous war dance happened, the crictical mass occured.

Regardless of whether it was racist or not, it does amount to harrassment and bullying at his place of work. It was repeatedly acknowledged that whatever the reasons, the booing was affecting him, his mental health and his wellbeing.
That alone should have been the factor that meant it should have ceased, regardless of other reasons or circumstances.

No excuse to boo Goodes

Yes it’s tricky. I remember watching a Gold Coast game a few years ago, and just because, I started making fun of the players based on their surnames:
‘I guess you’ll have to [Seb] Tape yourself up.’
‘He really [David] Swallowed that ball’
‘It’s not looking like it’s Sam’s Day’
‘That was a really Risky[telli] move there.’

I quickly stopped when I said something to the effect of ‘he has a really hard brow’ about Jarrod Harbrow. I realised that someone overhearing me could have thought that I was making a racial slur about an indigenous player, when I’d been doing it all quarter with every player based only on what their surname sounded like.

No excuse to boo Goodes

My issue here is that you both used an American English dictionary to support your argument! The Macquarie Dictionary for the record has the following definition:

war cry
/ˈwɔ kraɪ/ (say ‘waw kruy)
noun 1. a cry or a word or phrase, shouted in charging or in rallying to attack; a battle cry.

2. a party cry or slogan in any contest.

No excuse to boo Goodes

As a fully-biased Melburnian and Storm supporter, I often ask if these haters were hating Cam so much when he was helping the Kangaroos win.
It seems like many of the haters stop hating when he’s no longer the opposition.
You’ve summed it up nicely, I think.

Why all the hate for Cameron Smith?

Let’s call this what it actually is.

It’s not a “wild card” it’s just expanding the Finals to a top 10, and increasing the finals to 5 weeks.
It means that week 1 of the Finals series becomes 7v10 & 8v9 (or vice versa), and 1-6 have a bye in week 1.
Then the winners of those two elimination finals go on to play the other top 6 teams in week 2 of the finals.

Could the Dees and Tigers give the AFL's wildcard dreams a boost?

It seems that no one has any confidence to take a shot at goal.
Many times in every game, players in F50 will frantically pass the ball to a team mate looking for someone else to take the shot. It’s like no one takes a kick unless it’s a set shot or they are in the open with acres of space.
Other teams seem to be able to put the ball on the boot in crowded forward lines and sometimes it doesn’t pay off, but usually there is some type of score.
Melbourne players just never seem to want to even try to kick a goal.

The dazzling, dreadful Demons have no plan

There’s a magic about the Monaco GP that isn’t present elsewhere. I had the fortune to go back in 2013 and there’s something of a carnival, but not a carnival feel about the whole country (all 2km of it).
The fact that the race is akin to driving down your front hallway just makes it all the better. Mistakes are amplified, and to get through, you need to be good at qualifying and then still good enough to stay in the race.
The lack of overtaking options is really no greater than at most other modern circuits anyway which are designed to have two or three real opportunities to overtake. It’s just that at Monaco, each opportunity (thinking the chicane coming out of the tunnel) is smaller, narrower and you really have to be ready to take the chance when it comes.
But it’s that magic that makes it what it is.

Why Monaco is still magic

I thought this was a forum to come to get away from politics. At least I’d prefer to not have to suffer reading about the Canberra bubble here.

Five talking points from AFL Round 9

It’s certainly something bigger than football. I think on the whole people/society are more selfish than ever, and less considerate of our fellow humans.
That idiot driving in front of you is just wanting to get home to his family.
That moron standing next to you on the train is just trying to eek out a living at her dead-end job.
That imbecile at the footy is just cheering for his own team.
That nincompoop is just running to be prime minister.
That dropkick writing hateful comments on social media…. well probably he is a dropkick.

Outrage is ruining our game

Deliberately mispronouncing a name because you want to, is different to having difficulty wrangling your tongue around the linguistic differences of language.

Just say his name right, BT

If someone tells you that you’ve been saying their name wrong, and tells you the correct pronunciation, then you are rude and arrogant if you continue to use the incorrect pronunciation.
When Nick Reiwoldt told everyone the w was actually a “v” sound, everyone adapted and started calling him “Ree-volt” as was his preferred manner”.
Daniel Ricciardo has stated his name is “Ric-card-o” instead of the “full Italian” “Rit-chi-ardo” or the “full English” “Riccy-ard-o”.
We were even able to distinguish Maric between Ivan “Mar-rich” and Addam “Mar-rick”.
Just don’t be a d*ck and get it right Brain Taller.

Just say his name right, BT

I think it reads about right. I’d possibly swap Brisbane and Port Adelaide, but then jumping Brisbane by 4 spots when they “only” beat the bottom of the ladder team is probably too much.

Also, graphics department need to update the headers for Collingwood and West Coast with their correct 2019 logos.

AFL Power Rankings 2019: Round 7

And I living in the South East also have that issue when attending MCG games. Maybe we need a team based on the Mornington Peninsula too. Unlike the road to Geelong, I have numerous traffic lights and it takes me till way after midnight to get home.

The fact some people have travel on a Friday night is put forward as a genuine arguement is laughable.

How Geelong gets robbed by the AFL