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I reckon Max Gawn is untradeable at the moment due to how good he is, undisputed the number 1 ruck in AFL. Melbourne have no cover for him short-term or medium-term given the dees would have to wait at least 5 years for a drafted ruck to mature or make a godfather like deal for a quality existing ruck if they traded Gawn.

AFL Trades: The Untradeables

If they don’t at least consider the aspect of a leadership change amongst Richardson, Gale or Hardwick, how do they expect to change without significant change? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting a different result.

Also I’d say it may be a bit of an overreaction, the Tigers have made finals (with the exception of this year) every year since 2013. Bomber Thompson had his struggles at Geelong, it was seven years or nine years before he had his triumph. The Tigers need another two A-graders as do most teams, they’re hard to find. Prestia adds that and if Richmond abandon their need for stability and give in to the pursuit of perfection and being ruthless, I think they can jump up the ranks.

Markov looks good as does Castagna. There’s hope and I think it’s far from crisis mode.

Rumble in Richmond: 'Focus on Footy' group calls for board spill

I don’t think the AFL will give a priority pick officially, it’s an average look especially after the compromised drafts for the Gold Coast and GWS. I think it may be something more along the lines of the situation of James Frawley at Melbourne which saw the Dees get pick 3 but rejected for a priority pick. Before someone says it’s contract based, I’d argue that Buddy Franklin would have been in a similar bracket of pay respective to their teams as James Frawley and the Hawks got pick 19 for Buddy.

I agree they need assistance I just can’t see it coming through a priority pick. Perhaps extra money for a training ground upgrade and assistance to pay out coaches or probably a CEO in the Peter Jackson mould.

AFL trade rumours: Port give Hamish Hartlett a push

If you’re referring to the tanking debate, Melbourne were found not guilty yet still fined $500,000 dollars. What compensation would you want exactly? A replacement coach given to you by the AFL?

Adelaide are what every AFL team should be

I have never really understood cycling apart from Cadel Evans was pretty good at certain stages and it happens annually in Adelaide every year. In saying that, I really enjoyed this breakdown of the team, it was easy to understand but had enough knowledge in there to show you know your stuff. Look forward to seeing the rest of the previews.

Giro d'Italia squad of the day: Stage 2 - Team LottoNL-Jumbo

I agree John, I thought it was fairly disappointing on Robinson’s part to try and make excuses for something I believe he has to take responsibility. He should know the consequences of his actions and understand that this story could potentially have major ramifications, the sought that don’t need a writer who seemed increasingly unsure of his story and it’s facts.

Fact is he is the Chief Football Writer at the Herald, therefore he is at the head of the team which made the decision and regardless of how regularly your paper is in print, you have a responsibility as journalist to maintain some sort of integrity and professionalism, this was not the case in this story. Then to try and take down Eddie McGuire by insinuating he only cares because it’s Collingwood, is as you said, unacceptable. That in itself is a generalist and vague statement with no support to back it up.

Mark Robinson has come out looking hypocritical especially in regard to the Confidentiality act which he helped break.

The Collingwood debate continues

I agree Tony, Nathan Buckley was all class last night on 360. Really represented and articulated the cub’s argument in a professional manner which could not have been easy to do given the circumstances. I must admit Mark Robinson has lost a lot of my respect after this incident, I don’t see it as ethical or good practice at all, in regards to what he did.

The Collingwood debate continues

@Olivia Watts:

I agree Robinson should be concerned with getting ratings for his paper, however, I find it hypocritical that he agrees the club has a right to be angry over the leak yet he is part of the leak. He went to town with the story, he decided his integrity was low enough to run a story with glaring uncertainties and therefore I think he and the Herald should be placed in the cross-hairs. The article has done nothing to support the confidentiality agreement Robinson claims to support.

I think Collingwood have a good list which could potentially challenge for the 8, so I am not quite convinced with the doomsday brigade that their season is over before it’s truly begun, the quality of players should see Collingwood come back stronger as a result of this performance. I think they are likely to write this off as an aberration and move on to winning next week.

As for Sydney I think the performance encapsulates what Sydney has been about for many years. Believing in themselves and their process and willing to back it in against external criticism. I think people will now be wary of having said the Swans will slide this season as we can now see depth where in seasons past it was questionable. Sydney I believe have genuinely shown the firepower to be considered in the quest for premiership contention.

The Collingwood debate continues

I think the West Indies will keep their status as a test team for a while yet, generally I think the ICC would rather rid themselves of Zimbabwe first but it would be a toss-up between Bangladesh ad the Windies to see who else could get cut. Your right Johnno, if the big three and the ICC refuse to direct more money into the likes of West Indies and Bangladesh’s first class scene it remains a mystery as to how any improvement can be expected.

The only way I can see some improvement happening is if the ICC intervened in the WICB and created sustainable practices. This could be construed as biased so its unlikely. The other option is to redistribute the revenue percentage given to each nation, so well performed countries such as South Africa, get a better slice of the pie so to speak. Additionally the Big three and the ICC need to recognise, their game will not grow without the development of the lesser nations and should therefore cut back on the excessive amount of revenue they take in. However, we all know how unlikely this is, so thee point is basically mute.

Therefore, your essentially right it is hard to see how the West Indies could become competitive and therefore justify keeping their test status in future years perhaps the only saving grace is the ICC has announced intentions to redistribute Division 1 statuses.

The sad tale of West Indies cricket

It’s a possibility and if Monk was to be sacked, Rogers would be someone who knows the premier league and understands the club’s philosophy so it makes sense but I get the feeling Huw Jenkins would like to keep Monk at all costs as he rates him but its on the provision that Monk accepts a senior figure to work with him, but I agree Rogers would be a good candidate to fill the role.

Swansea City: The club missing its identity

I agree Robert, Monk has shown in this season he refuses to be adaptable, he continually picks the same starting eleven and continues to get the same disappointing results. From what I’ve heard he is destined for a face off with the board, having rejected Huw Jenkins offer of help. Perhaps he is stubborn as well as predictable. I agree though that the situation is eerily similar to that of Michael Laudrap, perhaps worse given the lack of form and it seems unless results drastically changed that this situation will end the same way as the Laudrap era.

Swansea City: The club missing its identity

I think David Hussey is now retired but Chris Lynn is a viable option, I reckon he offers the x-factor Australia could use in the middle order. The only problem is while he averages 45 he has played 20 less games than a Burns and 70 less than Callum Ferguson. He’s an exciting option but I think he may need a season more at shield level where he piles on the runs before he becomes irresistible

Michael Clarke, it just might be time to go

That may be a good way to go HB, although Smith may want to have complete control on over his team but your right Ponting did it for a while and in the short term it seemed to work which would be useful given there is no obvious replacement currently

Michael Clarke, it just might be time to go

They both average more than Shaun Marsh who is continually picked in the test team despite struggling at State Level. Marsh averages 38 compared to Burns 41. I know what I’d rather have in my team given Burns age and ability to develop

Michael Clarke, it just might be time to go

I think the only reason Haddin or Watson should come back in during this series is to make it a fairer contest then England. Marsh will clearly retain his spot after showing his obvious talent with bat and ball. Nevill is clearly the heir apparent and if he doesn’t play his time will come next summer against New Zealand and the West Indies but why can’t he play? Unlike Haddin he doesn’t have to try and destroy bowling attacks in one over, he has the patience and guile to take his time and get himself in before launching an attack. His technique is solid and he’s in better form the Haddin with both bat and gloves. It’s time for the new era to step up and be counted I think

Nevill likely to make way for Haddin

Being a very average number eleven I’d walk but that’d only be because all three stumps had been sent flying. I think if its a feather catch like Buttler’s was its your choice and probably you should let the umpire decide, that’s there job and sometimes it’ll go for you and sometimes it won’t. Provided your not playing with Shane Watson, you should still have a review left if it is a howler. As you pointed out in a very good article, cricket is full of quirks such as claiming bump balls and walking but at the end of the day, it will always be and should remain personal choice and I don’t think you could judge someone for that.

Walking and its place in cricket

An in-form Warner gives Australia a much better look. Very few people in world cricket are able to take the game away from an opposition team in the way he can (Perhaps Gilchrist, De Villiers and McCullum are examples). He offers that x-factor along with Steve Smith which makes Australia a fearsome batting attack. In Cardiff he looked like he had some form so it was nice for him to carry it on at Lords with a well-made 83. Hopefully he continues to push on because I could see him being one of the all-time greats.

The Ashes: David Warner is emerging from his slump

Ross has the experience to get Freo up at the right times and with their experience in finals and guys like McPharlin and Sandilands in good form you’d expect they can go deep. They won’t drop out of the top four which always means your a chance to take the flag, the worry lies with Pavlich, Ballantyne or Mayne not producing their regular output and when your facing the Hawks who feature an incredible spread of goal kickers and even Sydney and West Coast, Fremantle is going to struggle to overcome that. So its a possibility but as its stands its unlikely.

The last laugh or another early whimper for the Dockers in 2015?

Lynn will definitely be at the forefront of discussion when the time comes given his record, I agree. I feel Bancroft and Burns definitely have the game to be stars and should see a run in the future. When it comes to bowlers Bird and Pattinson and Cummins for that matter are constantly injured and need some time on the park before selection. I really like Sayers though and I think he’d be good given he’s very like Ryan Harris

New blood to invigorate Australia's ageing Test squad

Mikey I think if Melbourne could they’d offer Paul Roos a blank cheque book and tell him to write his own check. Unfortunately he’s been pretty clear that next year is it because he wants to go to Hawaii with his wife. It’s worrying for the club but Goodwin has a good reputation and with Brendan McCartney there to be his mentor he may be okay but time will tell

Melbourne: The time to deliver is now

Lynn is a very talented player and I think he’s definitely in selectors minds because I think he’s with the Australia A squad, needs to bash down the door this season and become irresistible but he’s aggression and stroke-play shape him as a potential match-winner which is a good thing for any side. Agar may struggle given Lyon has the spinner’s role and whether Australia would want to carry two spinners remains to be seen but his has ability with the bat. I think Maxwell just needs to knuckle-down, its clear he has the talent and like Lynn he’s an x-factor but to often he has a brain-fade or lapse in judgement but he’s fielding and bowling are bonuses to his game. Behrendorf has come on leaps and bounds but I think he’s too similar to Josh Hazlewood or a Pete Siddle rather than a James Pattinson who’s more like-for-like with Johnson.

New blood to invigorate Australia's ageing Test squad

Abbott is more a bowler who can bat at the moment but it seems that his future may be as a James Faulkner-type player. I really like the look of Pattinson, I think if he got fit he’d be the perfect complement to Mitchell Starc. Potentially like a Lillee and Thompson combination. I think Shaun Marsh is more then capable should he get his body right and should a player be out of form but Faulkner needs a good year at Sheffield Shield level for Tasmania before some serious consideration but he may very well come into calculations if he can get everything together.

New blood to invigorate Australia's ageing Test squad

Cheers mate appreciate the support

New blood to invigorate Australia's ageing Test squad

Clarke deserves to go when he sees fit as I said his record as player and captain should afford him that respect. However, Clarke cannot continue this output at number four, he is and remains a fantastic captain but with the likes of the West Indies visting our shores next summer it may be a good time to allow Smith control of the team and for Australia to blood someone like Joe Burns who shows promise as a middle order player for Australia. I also think it may be best for him to go out on a high similar to what he did in the World cup.

Ultimately its his choice and its not some much about his form because I am sure he still has the ability to plunder runs but I think if he goes at the end of the Ashes, its a win-win situation for everyone involved

Michael Clarke, it just might be time to go

I think he needs to consider putting his interests before the team if his form continues. Also I think with the West Indies coming to Australia it’d be a great time for Australia to blood young players and for Smith to get a solid run as a captain. Also it’d be good for him to go on a high with a possible Ashes win so his image is intact unlike Ponting who undoubtedly lost some admirers for hanging on too long.

Michael Clarke, it just might be time to go