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Australia's unlucky XI

Whether it’s who’s going to the World T20 tournament, who’s going to New Zealand, who lost Usman Khawaja’s phone number, or how Channel Ten selected the menu in the jungle for Shane Warne’s arrival, the topic of selection is just so controversial at the moment.

I think I would had a few more descriptions instead of Caustic

Five talking points from AFL Round 9

Our forward line is still very flaky!

I’m starting to at least consider finals, but I’m certainly not making any plans to venture to a finals series.

It is great to tick off a few boxes in terms of teams who have had the absolute wood on us.

But I’m proud to say I now look forward to watching us play ever week. I certainly couldn’t say that 12-18 months ago.

Can Brisbane break their finals drought?

Well done Josh on the half marathon as well as getting this article out! I personally would be about 10 beers deep and passed out if I was you!

You’re a much better man than me!

What sort of time did you do ? Did you have a goal ? When’s the next one ?

Five talking points from AFL Round 9

Carlton have a good six months to find the correct coach.

In the meantime Bolton plays the kids and they are competitive one week, insipid the next.

Look at Cripps today. His game was level 100 Frustration just pouring out of his skin.

Brendan Bolton like many before him is not AFL coach backside! Carlton will never get close to a Premiership with him as there coach.

Spend six months finding the one who will and have him ready for day this season ends

Five talking points from AFL Round 9

If Gary is offended by being called a Sniper, stop whacking people in the head with your elbow.

Gary Ablett offended by 'sniper' tag: Chris Scott

Scary thing for the Dees is that Eagles have been pretty average last couple of weeks.

I can see a repeat of the Prelim final here.

West Coast vs Melbourne: Friday night forecast

This massive example of how hard it is to be a Professional AFL Player.

At 23 basically done due to toll both physically & mentally, not to mention he was an Number 1 Pick- sort after player & Premiership winner all in the his short 61 game career.

Good luck Tom with what ever you decide to do going forward.

Tom Boyd announces immediate retirement from AFL at 23

All home teams except the Crows for me.

But not confident about Essendon, North or Richmond.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 9

Slightly off topic… Simmons on board for the World Cup.

Looking like we are going to have our strongest team on the Floor ever!

Names like Baynes, Bogut, Bolden, Creek, Delly, Ingles, Humphries, Maker, Mills, Simmons… Very strong team

We need to talk about Ben Simmons’ jump shot. Again.

Nice article Ryan.

Do you feel better now? The article itself for me is a massive overreaction just like the overreaction by the media and the punters.

This so called Post Gate…..
for me this was a bit of a piss take by Rampe.
Myers was never ever getting the ball to place where the Post became involved unless he did a right old King Kong.
Think everyone making a mountain out of mole hill.

I’m sure there be a bit of tightening of the rules come seasons end. No harm.

As for GAJ and Fyfe, our stars of the game have for a long time always got the rub of the Green when it comes to tribunal aspects.
This is hardly just a failing under this Executive.

I love your passion Ryan, just think it’s a bit over the top here

The AFL’s administration has failed and it must be changed

Watching Hipwood Spray the Barn Door on Saturday made me think Jenkins to the Lions wouldn’t be the worse idea. My only issue with Jenkins is I don’t think he leads at the ball enough.

Too much out the back stuff.

The curious case of Josh Jenkins

Lions lose is terrible for our Top 8 aspirations. Those sort of games we need to win.

The 1st Quarter dominance to only lead by a couple of kicks also super frustrating.

I’m starting to think Jenkins might not be the worst idea after all. McStay & Hipwood arently exactly setting the world on fire and unless something magically occurs and we get a Naughton / Cameron type to all of sudden want come to Brisbane like Lachie Neale, i can’t see the forward 50 improving to level we need in the next 12-18 months.

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round 8

Coming into this warm up series I was more worried about Smith than Warner.

Doesn’t take Smudge long to fix that. We tracking pretty well. Finch looks to be in one of those flat patches he’s reowned for. Let’s hope he tracks along like this. Would even be ok for the 1st couple of WC games, because he will then explode like he always does at the back end.

Still have massive concerns with Starc. I don’t think he should be in our Best XI World Cup time. He just doesn’t have the aura of his past about him.

Smith and Maxwell star as Australia beat Kiwis

So Jeremy Cameron might squeeze into AA in front Taberner?

The three most important players for each team in Round 7

Come on Pete,

these blokes have to make a living somehow after footy.

let’s face it there’s not many Rocket Scientists amongst them. Look at half the blokes who end up with Media gigs.

The league of no characters

This is great! Should be more of it.

Having not taken a lot of notice of Richmond games to hear the recent press re Lynch, i thought he must of been having a mare!

But he’s second on the Coleman for gods sake. I think Richmond have bigger issues than Tom Lynch.

Damien Hardwick takes aim at Matthew Lloyd over Tom Lynch criticism

Damien Barrett has said some seriously dumb things in his time, but this is next level!

Adelaide v Port at the MCG would barely get 25k people.

Damian Barrett cops almighty roasting over Melbourne 'Showdown' idea

100% right call. Players shouldn’t move off the mark.

Worsfold refuses to blame Rampe non-call for Bombers loss

Since Publication there has been some further updates.
Geelong Captain is a late withdrawal for the Cats. Old General Soreness making his 1st appearance for the year.
Not sure if the Cats are playing silly buggers though as he’s been named as an emergency.
North Melbourne will go into clash with an unchanged line up. Taylor & Hayden will have to wait for another week for their AFL Debuts.
Hawthorn have confirmed further omissions. Daniel Howe & Kaiden Brand find themselves dropped back to VFL side Box Hill.
Fremantle have axed Forward Cam McCarthy after the last two weeks he’s failed to kick a goal after some strong early season form.
For Richmond David Astbury & Ryan Garthwaite get the nod, meaning Aarts & Collier-Dawkins will miss out on AFL Debuts.

AFL Round 8: Ins and outs

Mark McVeigh was a better player than Keiran Jack

Wayne Carey captain of greatest NSW team

I would of thought Mark McVeigh career could of possibly earned him a spot in this team……

Wayne Carey captain of greatest NSW team

Interesting game ahead. No Daniher certainly helps the Swans.

Good to see the Irish kid get a chance as has been absolutely tearing up the NEAFL.

I think Don’s will get it done, but they’ll be tested.

Sydney vs Essendon: Friday night forecast

Much maligned. I don’t think he’s as bad as a lot of the rubbish that goes his way.

But i wouldn’t say he’s an absolute top notch player.

As Slane mentions the numbers that were tossed around last time his contract was up was excessive and probably overpriced.

The curious case of Josh Jenkins

Decision to omit Josh Walker this round against the Bulldogs I don’t get.

He’s been tremendous at the back. Yes not his best game last round, but considering forecast for Ballarat on the weekend, i would of thought giving Harris Andrews another week wouldn’t of hurt him.

But if you insisting on bringing him back surely a McStay or a Lester are the one’s to make way? Not Walker? Hey I’d even say Martin or McInerney should miss out in terms of conditions and Doggies not being the biggest of teams?

Fagan warns against complacency

I’ve actually changed up my style Dr!

Last year and the 1st few round I was taking serious notice of in’s & out’s and making my tips on the back of that.

Since my improvement in the last three rounds I’ve gone back to basics 1st thought straight to my head without any analysis (like on the footy field- 1st option is always the right option lol)….

As for Port- I haven’t looked at their outs… I may just go and do that now….

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 8