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“It will take us some weeks to know for sure whether that’s the case here; whether Fagan imbued his charges with the tactical tools to muster one glorious surge of energy that made them all but unbeatable against the Demons, or if this is something more lasting. You can find evidence for both if you look hard enough.”

Was very interesting to see some David King’s comments around the tactical nous of Coach Chris.
He certainly has his critics in this case (i often one of them and probably still have the premiership winning coach ability doubts)but I thought last night was a really good step for the Lions. So often not only against the Dees but other games the Lions Plan A is just bomb it long and in to the big guys.
Last night that was not the go to option- there was a lot more measured, lowering of the eyes and hitting targets leading up at the ball. I really think it show serious promise. I hope it’s something we stick with and not just revert back to banging in on top of Joe and Hippy head.

Footy Fix: Chris Fagan's finest hour? How the Lions gave the Dees - and Simon Goodwin - the mother of all baths

Was very cringe worthy watching at the time.

The way Noah Answerth hits when he tackles, really doesn’t need this stuff.
There was a number of occasions last night that my body jolted in my seating
watching young Noah hit a Dees player….

Much tougher than that guff towards Petty…. Don’t pardon the pun- VERY PETTY

AFL News: Cameron cops ban for dangerous tackle, Lion clipped over 'crying' taunt, latest horror Tiger blow

I think the Las Vegas splinter can well and truly be buried

Anyone think that performance of a team not on the same page ?

Footy Fix: Chris Fagan's finest hour? How the Lions gave the Dees - and Simon Goodwin - the mother of all baths

yeah they’ve come rather bland haven’t they.

Last year during gather round, I really enjoyed how they took the game on
and were very aggressive with their ball movement.

Whether sides have worked them out- but they don’t seem to have that same aggressive nature.

'Suffering from paralysis-by-analysis': Adelaide Crows have gone from box office sensation to under-performing turkeys

Good pick up- They are in the Trusted Field lol

Six Points: Clutch kings do it again, footy's dirtiest player, and debunking 'Vic-centric' fixture myth

Good round of footy- still trying to work how who you can trust who you can’t and those in the middle…

So far
Trust- Giants, Blues, Freo, Port
Still to decide- Cats, Dogs, Pies, Lions, Saints, Bombers & Adelaide
Improving but way to go- Suns, Tigers, Hawks
Thanks but season already done- Nth, West Coast

Six Points: Clutch kings do it again, footy's dirtiest player, and debunking 'Vic-centric' fixture myth

all for even level of criticism- but it’s never even levelled.

It’s always umpires 1st.

Footy Fix: No, the umpires didn't gift Carlton the game - but Freo sure did

I love it when we single out one or two “umpiring decisions” at the back end of the game to deliver a Freo was robbed narrative…..
How about we talk about the 9 behinds missed between Emmett, Treacy, Amiss, Aish, Frederick, Fyfe & Johnson…..
Not mention a few out on the full along the way.
Or lets talk about the 76 Turnovers from Freo players….
The umpires narrative is so bloody boring and tiresome- get better Freo supporters!
Get better AFL supporters!
The day a team doesn’t have a turnover or doesn’t miss a shot on goal- is the day one can blame an umpire for a result of game.

Footy Fix: No, the umpires didn't gift Carlton the game - but Freo sure did

Solid 6 last week leaves me 3 off the lead….
Dees (been really solid- Crows will push them though)
Lions (not much to say- get the 4 points move on)
Port (this going to be nearly the best game of the weekend- Port just)
Swans (mid season boys tour)
Blues (another cracking game- Blues for me just)
Cats (Cats have surprised me a little)
Giants (early premiership favourites)
Saints (St Kilda bounce back)
Pies (back on the horse last week )

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions, Gather Round: Footy heads to Adelaide - but who will leave victorious?

Not much has gone right in the 1st 3 rounds-

Our “Quarterback” going down on half time round 1 with an ACL has probably made the biggest impact that as usual the Victorian media have not spoken one word of.

The “Quarterback” replacement then goes down during the week…..

For the last 5 years we’ve been touched on the private parts when it comes to adversity and injuries….maybe it’s our time to deal with a bit of it….

i tend to remember everyone absolutely hammered Hippy and Daniher one of the early rounds last year….. so let’s just see how the next month plays out.

One thing I certainly don’t agree with is that our Premiership window is shut. Ashcroft back half way through the year….

His younger brother and young Marshall academy picks this next Draft (both considered just as good as Will)…. Young Morris in 2’s has started strong- wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a debut in the 1st half of the season….

One thing I will concede- I’m not sure the current coach has the Premiership gene

The problem with coaches staying too long: Will Brisbane have the courage to punt Fagan if they don't contend?

anyone seen the Glasses the big bloke wearing?

Anyone wonder he went for the wrong ball…..

'In hindsight I should have stopped': Cox apologises over pre-match Giants coach altercation after AFL's 'please explain'

Eating a bit of humble pie this arvo- didn’t think Alex Carey had an innings of that magnitude in him….

I guess this reason why shots like 1st innings should not be tolerated. Think Alex needs to keep working the KISS strategy.

Carey the clutch king: Gloveman's stunning 98, Cummins heroics keep Kiwi curse alive in thrilling comeback win

I’d challenge any forward line to be creative and strong the way the Melbourne “Bombers” midfield use the ball.

The 1st quarter then the Dees probably had it most on their terms- time and time again it broke down at half forward from just mids bombing it.

Schache playing on 3 players on a number of occasions (he’s struggles one on one- never a chance 3 on one- ) and yet the mids kept kicking his way.

Footy Fix: No Mills, no Parker, no problems - How Swans' new-look midfield beat the Dees at their own game

Let’s go!

Dees (too many Swans midfielders unavailable)
Lions (home ground advantage- started well- come back well)
Suns (have to get off to a winning start under Dimma)
Giants (home ground advantage / combined with premiership hangover)

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions, Opening Round: Your guide to starting 2024 with a perfect four from four

if equalisation was truly equal one would say this wouldn’t be too far from what would happen with the ladder year to year

The worst hangover imaginable: a randomised, utterly insane prediction of the 2024 AFL season (part one)

Tim- i have to ask? Are you a Geelong supporter?

I could probably listen to an argument of them squeezing one more finals series out of the Dangers, Hawkins etc…..

But top 4- Reminders me of one of the all-time Aussie movies one liner

“tell em there dreaming son”

AFL Oracle: They just missed the eight last year - but can any of these teams turn it around in 2024?

slow learners footballers…..

Send a message- not one to normally agree with David King but has to be 10 weeks minimum

AFL pre-season notebook: Responding to another dog shot, and admiring Mitch Owens

It was always going to be a case of when not if for Cameron Green….

You can’t for 3 seasons average 60+ in Shield Cricket and not be able to crack it at the next level.
It was always going to be a case of just a little bit of time and he find his groove.

Marnus & Heads recent form for me particularly concerning. Both don’t look like they can buy a run. For me I can’t say I’m surprised with Head- i think his recent form is more what we tend to get than the previous 18 months.

Aussie batters grow complacent in cocoon of comfort created by gun-shy selectors - but at least Green finally blossoms

If Salem stays on the park- shred move moving to the midfield.

There’s a lot of butchery in there at the moment.

Forwards might have a chance rather than it dump kicked on their heads all the time

AFL pre-season notebook: Is this man about to fix the Dees' biggest problem?

McCluggage is clearly in the best 50 players in the AFL.

Lions looking pretty solid again this year. Interesting Darcy Gardiner move to the forward line.
While he’s not dominating he’s playing a very similar to how Daniel McStay used to play in the Lions forward 50- just costing the Lions significantly less in the process.

AFL pre-season notebook: Damning stat shows Dimma's Suns have a long way to go, unique role for star Swans recruit

They don’t make like Neil Wagner any more.

Congrats on a great career. Enjoy retirement. NZ version of Ryan Harris to me

Wagner's last opera: NZ veteran to call it quits after Australia series

McCluggage out of the top 50- yeah nah that will do me.

One you can lock in for Top 50 when you do this next year- Keidean Coleman

The Roar's AFL top 50 players, 10-1: Why the reigning Brownlow Medallist couldn't even crack the top five

I think Daniher outside the 1st 2-3 games last season has never really gone missing while being in a Lions jumper! He’s played some of his most consistent footy in his career up North.
Watching back the Grand Final, he was really our only competitive mid to big sized forward

The Roar's AFL top 50 players, 30-21: Who should be higher, Dusty or De Goey?

Not born in NSW

Neser brilliance scorches Perth as undefeated Brisbane Heat lock away BBL top spot

I’m still amazed that there hasn’t been more of a discussion of Travis Head climbing to the top of the batting order. We’ve seen the damage he’s done in White Ball Cricket in the last 12 months.

Reminds me of Warner 2.0- Going to be fantastic on hard flat decks out here, but going to struggle in the middle order again quality spin.

Every Australian Test opener option, ranked: Why sending Smith up is a recipe for disaster