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Australia's unlucky XI

Whether it’s who’s going to the World T20 tournament, who’s going to New Zealand, who lost Usman Khawaja’s phone number, or how Channel Ten selected the menu in the jungle for Shane Warne’s arrival, the topic of selection is just so controversial at the moment.

Would be absolutely mad to Trade Levi Casboult.

The others on your list I think are very tradeable. Not that any of them give any real value. Maybe Kennedy. But I’m not convinced.

No one is taking McGovern deplorable contract.

How do the Dogs do the Josh Dunkley trade – or do they at all?

Looks like St Kilda in the Box seat for young Jack

How do the Dogs do the Josh Dunkley trade – or do they at all?

Love you work matth.

Have to give you credit for the dedication to pump out 100 articles. Fantastic effort.

Just make sure we don’t need to get a QLDER out here to get you 200.

Celebrating a century: My sporting love affair

The Rugby Broadcast competition is Great to hear about. I’m sure there’s more to play out.

As for no more Columns. I think it shows the forum the Roar has offered so many. Brett joins the list
of Authors who have gone onto big and better things.

You’ve been here the whole time I’ve been hanging around this fantastic Sports Forum.
Enjoyed the interactions. See you around

Welcome competition in the rugby broadcast rights race - and a farewell, for now…

I think considering Sam Heazlett can’t get a run in our Best Team at the moment, even though he’s absolutely dominating Queensland Grade Cricket, Leaves QLD in a pretty good spot.

To be honest, there is every chance currently on form we will only be missing Marnus…..

Eight early takes from the Sheffield Shield

A few of these blokes were already pretty entrenched quality footballers.

The most improved players in season 2020

We’ve been very lucky in the Modern Day AFL times.

4 Tremendous Clubs.

My Lions Bias will always have us up there purely just from the perspective that we had to travel interstate very second week. None of the other Clubs faced that during their period of dominance.

Up The Lions

Brisbane, Geelong, Hawthorn or Richmond: Which dynasty has been the best?

So your to Blame for Canberra season…..
I thought it was just Josh Hodgson going down. Thanks O’Connell.

Revisiting my five fearless predictions for the 2020 NRL season

I’m a Queenslander through and through…. So is my old man.

But he still raves about Doug Walters Century in a Session.

He also talks about a Day he was at the Gabba and “Dougie” took QLD to the cleaners.

Celebrating a century: My sporting love affair

Still absolutely devastated with the pathetic performance The Lions trotted out last week.
Really left a bad taste and rather meh feeling about the Grand Final tomorrow night.

The AFL supporter, well I think I want Geelong to win, just to send GAJ with a Fairy tale story.

I just have this horrible feeling in my gut that Richmond are going to win rather convincingly.
Dusty just dominates big games. It’s his DNA. Something that I just haven’t seen from Geelong’s own version in Danger. He might surprise me.

Grand final forecast: Richmond versus Geelong

As there’s no real Delisting type articles going around this is where this has landed.

Lions have announced this afternoon Delistings of Eagles, Skinner, Corey Lyons, Allison & Wooller
while Cedric Cox has announced desire to return to WA. Be interest in our Western Australian punters whether any interest?
12 games in 4 years probably doesn’t scream large bidding war to occur?

My point of view on the delistings, while I love the Big Eagles story, hardly surprising the delisting.
Allison no surprises at all for me. He’s shown he’s not up to the level. Feel slightly disappointed for Skinner considering his injury woes. He did show something when he played again Eagles a few years back. Mind you the injuries probably have taken the best of him.

The Corey Lyons & Toby Wooller disappoints me. I thought Lyons showed plenty last year in the NEAFL. He was impacted big time by not being able to play in substantial matches. i would of liked an extended 12 month contract. Wooller bit the same. Never really given a crack. But it does look like the Basketballer Fullerton has gone past him. And the ? Marks about list sizes probably mean he’s an easy cut.

Think Matheison very luck to survive. I can’t see an AFL future for him.

What you club needs from the AFL trade period: Part 1

Free Agency needs to be sorted.

The Rich Clubs Just Get Richer

Jeremy Cameron wants out of the Giants

For Once in my life I agree with Kane Cornes.
I think they got both Goal of the Year and Mark of the Year Wrong.
I think Cripps goal was Goal of the Year. And for me Bobby Hill’s was Mark of the Year.

Sam Walsh claims mark of the year at the Brownlow Medal

Two good games coming up.

Fingers are crossed for Brisbane Port Grand Final.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Preliminary finals

Seen plenty of sources today that Pies have told Phillips to seek out his options.

I’ve quite liked what I’ve seen from him at different stages.

Broomhead and Scharenberg delisting no surprises there.

Can’t believe the Pies haven’t locked in Mihochek. He’s been the best value for money playing going around. Surely you can stump up a bit cash.

Especially considering the coin you paying the big American Giraffe who’s played a couple of good games of footy in his career.

Still think the Pies got issues if Pendles and Side bum are in your top 5 players. Not sure your midfield is as stack as what people say.

And while you’ve got the perennial Bridesmaid running the show, you won’t be tasting the ultimate success.

Some coaches just don’t have it in them.

Beaten Collingwood face difficult AFL off-season

I would think everyone might not be going all in on De Goey due to court case hanging over him.

I reckon once that’s squared away the action will probably start

Beaten Collingwood face difficult AFL off-season

I probably should of been a bit more specific.

I don’t consider the IPL domestic due to case of it being Franchise / Privately own.

I was more talking about the Domestic First Class Cricket.

Eight early takes from the Sheffield Shield

I don’t think you would find there is technology used anywhere in the World in Domestic Cricket. I could be wrong.

Eight early takes from the Sheffield Shield

Love the Shield article Paul.

Extra help for umpires in Domestic Cricket is not happening.

Too expensive to save what a couple of bad decisions.

For what it’s worth Khawaja’s was stone cold up the GUTS

Eight early takes from the Sheffield Shield

You Cat supporters are very sharp! Nothing get past you guys….

As for the game. I have to admit it’s the most confident I’ve ever been with the Lions.
I understand you gave us a good wallop earlier in the year in Sydney, but I think we are in a much better place.

But we are still going to have to be at our best! You were slick on the weekend.
I think it’s going to be a corker

Gary's a bit better than the Norm

It was just for you Dr

Gary's a bit better than the Norm

Fantastic player. Has been an absolute marvel of the AFL.
Fair argument that he’s The Greatest Player of All Time.

Hope he plays well in his last game this weekend….

Gary's a bit better than the Norm

Outsider looking in, if I was a Bulldogs supporter, while I’d be disappointed with the last two years
bundling, overall I be fairly comfortable with where they sit.
They have a good coach, and they have a good age profile in terms of lists.
Bruce I never thought was going to be a fantastic purchase, while Keath I think I’d reserve judgement for another 12 months.
Tim English is a Gem, but does need some help…. Goldy would be perfect.

Breaking down the Bulldogs in 2020

A lot of excuses as usual Macca.

You are starting to run out of them.

Blues don’t play Finals next season, they will cop it and should cop it too.

Why Saad is a perfect fit for Carlton

Liquid Lunch! My Favourite

AFL semi-final forecast: Richmond vs St Kilda