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Australia's unlucky XI

Whether it’s who’s going to the World T20 tournament, who’s going to New Zealand, who lost Usman Khawaja’s phone number, or how Channel Ten selected the menu in the jungle for Shane Warne’s arrival, the topic of selection is just so controversial at the moment.

And they are playing Night Test that Khawaja was stand alone best Bat last year.
Has a great record at the Gabba on Green wickets. Had to pick Khawaja

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

While Head been ok, if he’s in our Best XI in English conditions, we are screwed!

Patterson is a must in English conditions. I would take Pucovski over Head too.

Ashes (assuming Warner & Smith are fit)
1. Warner
2. Burns
3. Khawaja
4. Smith
5. Patterson
6. Pucoski

I’m not convinced on Harris so would go Burns, but obviously if Harris does well against Sri Lanka he’s well in front.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

No Bancroft. He’s got plenty of work to do.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

I think you’ve picked the Team Chris, but think will be a slightly different order.
Labuschagne will be the stop gap at three until Warner and Smith are back.
Plus he showed a little bit of ticker in both the last test and second dig of the A Game.

Burns and Renshaw are long odds I would of thought on the back of the Australia A game.
Both need to have big back end of the Shield Season and go to England and do well in County Cricket to give themselves a chance to be on the Ashes tour.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

I’d personally pick Burns to open with Harris and Khawaja back to 3 and no Labuschagne…..

But Labuschagne seems to be the new Mitch Marsh Project

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

Common sense… Who’s hijacked the selection panel?

Top 6 1st Test.
1. Harris
2. Khawaja
3. Labuschagne
4. Patterson
5. Pucovski
6. Head

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

Khawaja is an easy target.

His last two Australian Summers have been fanatastic. He did well for the 1st time in “Asian” conditions prior to getting injured. He had a pretty ordinary build up with injury prep and then Family issues.

Not sure the tone of the article is required.

I would ask, what’s Shaun Marsh excuse? He did not do as well away when he was expected to score runs in those conditions. The Coach defends him and states he’s world class. And then again he’s let everyone down when yet again.

How about we go after him? He’s scored how many 50’s in his last how many digs?
Even in Khawaja ordinary series, he’s still occupied the crease and still played a match winning innings.
When was the last time you can say that about Shaun Marsh?

Khawaja has failed Australia when they needed him most

There is not a keeper in Australia who would of done more in the last 12 months then Paine has done.

Wade may have scored more runs( his previous test record would suggest no ) but would not of kept anywhere near as well.

Jimmy Peirson would be be closest to Paine in terms of glovemenship but he’s suspect with the bat!

Alex Carey while all reports has good leadership skills his glove work and his batting is quite ordinary.

I’ll take Tim Paine until his Dodgy finger falls off thanks very much

Wade cannot fix Australia's batting woes

While Travis Head has done ok, what we are getting from him now is the best you will see, because he’s technically flawed.

He’s a T20 / ODI player. Yes he’s shown a bit of ticker and I think he should stay a bit (hell we picked Shaun Marsh how many times straight now) but I do fear he’s going to be another who won’t average much more than 30 in Test Cricket.

How we as a nation accept that shows how far we’ve fallen.

Wade cannot fix Australia's batting woes

Latham, Nicholls very stiff.

Surely there’s a keeper who had a better year than Bairstow?

Bangladesh keeper ? Pakistan keeper?
Hey Tim Paines year been better than Bairstow

The best Test XI of 2018

There’s one thing on my bucket list for 2019 here at the Roar…..

Unfortunately don’t think it will come true.

Happy New Year all

My bucket list for 2019

Shane Warne really gives me the Sh…..

He sits there taking about how bad the techniques are of Finch and Mitchell Marsh and then the 1st two replacement names he throws up are sloggers Short and Wade.

What Joe Burns ever did to get the chop after they flew him out into the South African debacle I just don’t know.
While he’s probably not at his absolute peak at the moment having not scored a FC tonne this season, he’s still averaging 40+.
He was up there last year. And the year before. Oh that’s sounds like some consistency… oh wait that’s not we want…

This continued talk about there is no-one better is also a pi… take.

Patterson hasn’t even been given a chance. Maxwell gets a couple of tests here. Yet numpties like SMarsh & MMarsh are like those barnacles on the bottom of boats!
We are stuck with the bloody free loaders

Langer a busy man, but not nearly as busy as his assistants should be…

Joe Burns should apply for victims of crime compensation, he continues to be robbed each Test Side announcement

Excuse me, are you saying 'boo' or 'boo-urns'?

India bowlers I think have been pretty good.

This is a very good Test Series.

If a couple of Indian batsmen support Kohli this is their series to win.

The precarious state of the Indian Test team

How long until Qadir doesn’t count as import? He’s living here Full Time isn’t he?

BBL|08: The five imports flying under the radar

I’m looking forward to seeing the 17 year old Nepalese kid get a start. Fantastic story!

Young leggie for the Heat also one to watch

Three BBL imports I can’t wait to watch

A minefield?

Come on Ronan……

It’s been a very good Test Wicket.
Scores of 320, 280, 240….It’s the way Test Cricket should work. Very entertaining game of Cricket
on a good Cricket Wicket.

The Perth Test pitch is a minefield

While absolutely crazy getting out exactly the same way in the same Test and the timing of the second, I’ve still been quite impressed with Travis Head. I’ll be honest in that I thought we was going to be one of these one’s not cut out for Test Cricket, but he’s surprised me with his temperament (mostly other than a couple of errant cut shots). He’s shown he doesn’t just have one gear.
He can adjust to the situation.

He’s been far more impressive then Mssers Marsh & Handscomb. The Sad truth for Handscomb is that he’s just not going to be successful at this level. He’s got to go. As for Marsh, I just don’t understand why we continue to beat a dead horse!

I just wish Joe Burns would get a run at the Test team like Marsh has had? Crazy.

Travis Head's inexcusable error could cost Australia victory

Agreed, the only way Pierson doesn’t play is if say Max Bryant keeps? But don’t think he’s a keeper?

BBL|08 season preview: Brisbane Heat

I think you will find Skeketee will play in front of Doggett in this format.

I think you will also find that Alex Ross will also play in front of Sam Heazlett.

I’d also be interested in who keeps if no Peirson?

BBL|08 season preview: Brisbane Heat

*Captain is actually Chris Lynn

BBL|08 season preview: Brisbane Heat

Not sure where you are getting Joe Burns stats from.

But I’m looking at Cricinfo 2018/2019 Batting averages

Joe Burns 6 Matches, 12 Innings, 2 Not outs, 472 runs, HS 96 Average 47.20

It's time for a new Test opener

No way in the World Should Siddle be in any discussions about being in the picture to replace Mitchell Starc.

One guy who went away recently and continues to hold his own at State level. Just carried Queensland to an unlikely victory, is Michael Neser!!!!! Maybe we should be talking about these kind of options then tried and past guys like Siddle!!!!!!

For me it’s still the batting that’s the biggest issue. Starc shouldn’t be held responsible for our batsmen not being able to score runs.

Not sure what more Joe Burns has to do? I know he’s hasn’t got big hundreds yet, but he’s consistently getting runs. Averaging 47 this Shield Season. Another 90 runs at 45 this game.

I rather a bloke get 90 runs a game then a bloke who’s gets one hundred once a blue moon and then multiple failures afterwards….

Mitchell Starc must be dropped for the second Test against India

For me we are truly improving when Lester and Robertson become depth coverage and not Best 22!

Lions best 22, I’ve got Walker walk up start. His second half of last year was fantastic and he get 1st crack.

I’m not convinced McCarthy walks into best 22. Jarryd Lyons will and should probably start. I like to see at the coal face and hopefully free up Zorko back to high half forward role.

On Leadership, I wasn’t a fan of Zorks as captain and still not. But I can’t see that changing just yet. I can see a joint captaincy between Andrews and Berry in the not to distant future. Maybe 2021

An early sample of 2019's best 22s

Good on you Conor for sticking your neck out! No way in hell you get me putting myself out there like this. Even game in isolation.

It’s printed. Be an interesting follow up to see how many you get right mate.

Still a while away but enjoy the 2019 season. I hope you don’t do too much work before hand and burn you out for the real thing.

AFL ladder predictions: Round 3