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Australia's unlucky XI

Whether it’s who’s going to the World T20 tournament, who’s going to New Zealand, who lost Usman Khawaja’s phone number, or how Channel Ten selected the menu in the jungle for Shane Warne’s arrival, the topic of selection is just so controversial at the moment.

I’m sure any keeper you went over all footage of their performances would have their fair share of howlers….

Your Man Carey would be as Guilty as anyone.

Why Jimmy Peirson should be Australia's Test wicketkeeper

As a QLD boy ( a very biased one) I agree to some level.

Inglis is the 2nd best keeper in the lands (only behind Tim Paine) . He’s a better keeper than Jimmy Peirson.

Jimmy is then the next best. And we’ve got Alex Carey who’s the next one who’s getting the gig.

I’m disappointed both miss selection behind Alex Carey. But I wish Alex Carey luck and hope he does well.

Why Jimmy Peirson should be Australia's Test wicketkeeper

About the only time I take note of what Warnie is saying is when the Cricket is on
and he’s actually talking about how to bowl or where to set a field….
As soon as the discussion moves to selection or anything more broader, yep I’m done.

It's time to break our exhausting addiction to 'What Warnie Reckons'

Good luck Alex Carey.

'Boyhood dreams coming true': Alex Carey opens up on Test debut, keeping to the GOAT and whether he'll sledge

Just a point of reference Chuck- you left out Jack Peris as an addition for the Saints.

AFL draft power rankings

Think Australia miss a trick by not including Inglis.

25 years old- who’s made an impact in all formats in the last 12 months. Why don’t we pick
guys when they are in form?

Carey current form is ordinary at best.

'I never forgot how to hold a bat': Alex Carey ready for expected Test debut

Current Red Ball Cricket Average is around 20….

Hardly shouts pick me…..

Why Jimmy Peirson should be Australia's Test wicketkeeper

Absolutely love Jimmy Peirson and also a very biased Queenslanders….

Jimmy should be in the conversation, but I still believe as a Cricketing Tragic, The best option
is Josh Inglis. He’s a absolute gun with both bat and gloves. Should be a walk up start.

Instead we are getting the “CA sponsored Golden Boy”- who is the worst of the three candidates
overall. The fact we saying he’s ready on the back of A One Day innings is quite laughable.

Everyone understand those white balls do zilch after about 4 overs right? If the Poms are running through us and Alex Carey walks out to bat at 5 not many…. I’d taking as a majority Australia are 6 for not many soon after

Why Jimmy Peirson should be Australia's Test wicketkeeper

Ricky T know what he’s talking about.

I also find it hard to believe they announce Khawaja in the squad to leave him out.
He’s far more consistent in Australia than Travis Head. But I can live with Head getting a run in front
of Uzzy.

I actually think Harris should be the one under the pump. What’s he done?

And Keeper… Give the job to Inglis. He’s our next long term keeper. Let’s not waste
a couple of years on Carey, especially when he’s clearly horribly out of form at the moment.

Ashes shootout: Khawaja responds to Head's ton with blazing fifty

Darcy Wilmot plays half as good as he’s celebrates Lions have got themselves a good one.

2021 AFL Draft recap: Who your team picked, biggest steals and more

I like Jimmy- and felt a big start to Shield could of very well pushed him in the conversation.

Think he’s been ok without being outstanding so far this season.

Inglis belting the door down.

'Extremely concerned': Paine takes 'mental health break' putting him OUT of first Test with career in doubt

I don’t think there’s a choice….

For me Inglis is stand out next best…. On both fronts….

He’s the best bat and he’s the best keeper

'Extremely concerned': Paine takes 'mental health break' putting him OUT of first Test with career in doubt

Argument to be made, he’s the best bowler in Test Cricket at the moment

Black Caps channel Tim Paine, fail to review plumb LBW on Indian opener

My one and only concern with Pat Cummins…..

As a guy who plays all formats- it’s an awful lot of Cricket for a Fast Bowler to get through.
I fear it being recipe for injury disaster.

As plenty of said, he clearly looks like he has the skill to undertake the job…. But i think there’s a clear reason why bowling captains have been the minority throughout the Test Cricket landscape.

The work load they are required to undertake is significant. I don’t want early years Pat Cummins to return because of an “expectation” whether real or not to having to play every game.

DAMIEN FLEMING: The two great Test captains Pat can emulate, as moment arrives for Fast Bowling Cartel

I don’t disagree that Marnus is not the perfect candidate.

However there is a rather large void of leadership at the moment.

For me Cummins is the one- but our Cricketing history indicates bowlers are genuinely not given long term captaincy opportunities.

Marnus is one of the few established players with a long term future in the Baggy Green.

Australia's newest selector faces some serious headaches

Interesting debate.

Australian set up is fair dinkum- you can’t accept Paine’s resignation and replace him with the bloke who was in charge and removed to put Paine in place….

If you don’t back the Bowling vice captain- “because a bowler can’t be captain”…..

So who then?

For me the only other candidates are

Marnus might be considered too eccentric by many…. But I’d be tempted to go down that track, purely from the perspective he’s locked and load 100% in the team. And will be for an extended period of time.

If you looking right now, let’s get through the Ashes- I’m probably going Khawaja. He’s state captain. He’s experienced. He’s not going to be overawed.

Australia's newest selector faces some serious headaches

Totally agree going back to Smith is the wrong move.

If they don’t back Cummins, I think they should look at Marnus…..

If they think Marnus is too immature at the moment, they could go a little left field
and give Khawaja the job.

Australia's newest selector faces some serious headaches

Head can’t maintain his spot in the team, until he can he’s no hope.

Australia's newest selector faces some serious headaches

I’m sure all the one’s I mentioned would have fantastic ‘stats’ too if they got to play on Flat Tracks that trotted out at Adelaide Oval and Karen Rolton Oval every Shield game.

Alex Carey is white ball slogger.

'Deeply sorry for the hurt and pain': Tearful Tim Paine resigns as Test captain over sexting scandal

Carey should not take the gloves.

He’s about the 4th best next option…..

Inglis, Phillipe & Peirson are all far better wicket keepers.

'Deeply sorry for the hurt and pain': Tearful Tim Paine resigns as Test captain over sexting scandal

Welcome Pat Cummins captain of his country.

'Deeply sorry for the hurt and pain': Tearful Tim Paine resigns as Test captain over sexting scandal

Hope not- the less runs Root scores, the more likely we’ve won the Ashes series.

Can Joe Root break the record for Test runs in a calendar year?

Never cease to amaze me some of the Selections we continue to come up with….

Ashes Scout: Broad's bunnies? Australia lock in left-handed openers, Stokes 'on track', Root addresses Yorkshire scandal

I think it’s time Carlton finally got on board the Nike Slogan…..


Enough talking the talk- time to walk the walk….

Vossy I’m sure will have impact. Got play finals or at very least just miss out for mine.

Got nearly the best spine in the League.

Carlton in 2022: A mystery wrapped in a riddle

I was once a regular attendee of the Central Coast Mariners….

then one game at Gosford against Perth Glory- and I reckon there might of been one or two shots on the goals for the game. Nil all draw. I vowed never to return.

Haven’t been back since. Though last year I did toss up going again…..

Dear AFL and NRL fans: Will we be seeing you at the A-Leagues this season?