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Australia's unlucky XI

Whether it’s who’s going to the World T20 tournament, who’s going to New Zealand, who lost Usman Khawaja’s phone number, or how Channel Ten selected the menu in the jungle for Shane Warne’s arrival, the topic of selection is just so controversial at the moment.

I disagree!

I think it’s the perfect time to give this kid a crack! We are deplorable.

His FC average is very similar to Mitch Marsh. So if we can pick him to do nothing, surely
picking a 20 year old kid who will be there for plenty of time has merits? How much worse can we go?
If Khawaja doesn’t score runs Australia are cooked!
How on hell Renshaw didn’t play, I’ll never know. Absolute garbage about preparation.
Marshes have had all the preparation in the World and they’ve still been useless.
Oh on prep, good to see Mitchell Starc injured again after great preparation…. oh wait…..

Good that we Labuschagne account for a mistake, but the selectors continue to make the same mistake time and time and time again.

Labuschagne blunder sums up Australia's day of woe

Oh and how can I leave out the GOAT!

Nathan Lyon looked so defensively assured last night! Bat him 4!!!!!!!

Khawaja and Paine come of age as Australia shine in Dubai

Hair on my neck standing up reading some of this Ben.

Probably your finest piece!

This is why Test cricket is played

Hi Ronan,

Wow, I’m still sky high and only running on 4 hours sleep! I thought for sure I was getting a good 10 hr sleep last night! Not in my wildest dreams did I see us lasting to Tea, to make it stumps and Draw the game. WOW, Just WOW.

On Usman, it’s funny how in 9 innings in Asia with an average of 26 we was conceded a failure and shouldn’t be in the team, but a certain vice captain averages 26 for his whole Test Career with 50 digs and he’s seen as a vital part of the team. Oh that’s right it’s all about the lineage.

Additional with Khawaja, I think you will find he really will dominate next 2-3 years. I think he’s very much one about be comfortable and not fearing his place, now Smith and Warner are currently out of the system he has that comfort that there is no pressure on retaining his spot. He’s the best bat in the side and he knows that.

Well done Aaron Finch, I’ll stick my hand up as a doubt but I’ll still stand by the fact his FC average is quite ordinary and lucky to be there. I also have serious doubts about when we get on some wickets with a bit of life he be snicking up for fun….. But this test he really tough it out and provided a great foil to Usman.

Shaun Marsh- if he was Usman Khawaja, he wouldn’t be playing the next Test. But he’s not Usman Khawaja so he play the next test. He probably fail again. And then get another crack and another crack until he scores another decent score that secures him for the next 10 tests.

Mitch- I would still pick Mitch for the last test. But he wouldn’t be batting 4, he would be batting 8! Hear me out- We are going to kill Mitchell Starc. He’s just come back from injury. We have really important series coming up….. Why is he playing? The pacemen have had very little impact.
We only really need one and Mitch can trundle a couple of overs with the new rock and we can get in another spinner. Sids can be the workhorse, he does it well.

Tim Paine, what a story! Could of quite easily of been retired from Cricket. The injuries, the arrival of Matt Wade in Tasmania. You couldn’t of blamed if he decided to do something else (he nearly did!) but nnow is the type of captain we really need.

All in all, what a result.

Khawaja and Paine come of age as Australia shine in Dubai

I love a good giggle 1st thing in the morning.

The Liebke Ratings: Pakistan vs Australia, first Test

When you pick blokes who average low-mid 30’s in FC Cricket in Test Squads as specialist batsmen, and leave blokes who average mid 40’s in FC Cricket and have Test Hundreds to their names (one in Sub continent conditions) this kind of debacle is always going to happen.

It’s like the Australian set up is doing absolutely everything possible to ensure the three Doofus’s involved in Sandpaper incident walk back in when their suspension is up.

How Callum Ferguson, Glenn Maxwell & Joe Burns are back in Australia in beyond comprehension.

Marsh brothers on thin ice


This hole debacle makes people saying Khawaja wasn’t good enough just so laughable.

Marsh brothers on thin ice

At least Maxi might slow 30

Australia collapse to waste Finch and Khawaja's good work

How good are the Marsh brothers?

Fantastic decision to leave The Joe Burns, The Callum Ferguson’s and the Glenn Maxwell’s at home.

Nothing better than giving Teat caps to blokes who average low 30’s in FC cricket, while your blokes who average mid 40’s and have test 100’s are playing hot and giggle back home when your only two true test batsmen are suspended!

Great stuff CA

Australia collapse to waste Finch and Khawaja's good work

I don’t think Ross will be sacked. He will see out his current contract.

Whether he gets another contract, well that will depend on whether Fremantle improve going forward? Clearly injuries have been prevalent this year, if they have an relatively good run with injuries this season and still end up in the 13-16 bracket, I would suggest Freo will be looking else where in 2021.

The AFL's most experienced coaches: How they stack up

A very good role player. Now that Buckley has him back playing where he does his best work,
he’s really contributing well.

I still don’t think he’s worth what Collingwood paid for him….. but hey that’s just me.

The Chris Mayne renaissance

Swans playing “Money ball” at the moment.

The Sydney Swans are the AFL's trade kings

Get rid of one Clanger King that should of read…..

In defence of shooting for the moon, or why I love North Melbourne's AFL trade strategy

Get one Clanger King in Hartung and pick up another in Newman. I know quite a few Swans supporters who are not at all disappointed Newman has gone.

In defence of shooting for the moon, or why I love North Melbourne's AFL trade strategy

Neale 5 year deal humming in the wind…..

I hope it breaks out into a loud chorus……..

A club-by-club guide to the 2018 AFL trade period

Byrne the Irish kid?

Not sure where I read this but I saw an article saying he was homesick and considering not returning.
Any of the Carlton faithful heard this or hold any concerns?

A club-by-club guide to the 2018 AFL trade period

What a Grand Final we have.

I have the Pies sneaking home. God that feels awful writing.

It will be on the back of Grundy, Pendles, Treloar & De Goey. You can guarantee that Mason Cox will not have an influence on the game.

I hope with all my heart that I’m wrong. I can’t stand Collingwood and will never ever support them! Come on you Eagles, but I just can’t see them getting it done.

Everything has to be perfect for Eagles. I don’t like the weeks rest and then having to travel to Melbourne. Too many big outs.

I’ve heard the Collingwood narrative but other than the young defender who’s done another ACL, it’s hard to see any of the injured guys being in the Best 22.
Maybe Jamie Elliott but he’s always injured! It’s not like it’s a one off with him.

I really hope I can get a highly inappropriate #trending at full time….. #(F)riday (U)nder (C) (K)ids Bucks.

The seven factors that will decide the 2018 AFL grand final

Sutherland now on ice due to the chronic Australian Fast bowler problem of STRESS FRACTURES!

The five teenagers lighting up Australian cricket

Bizarre situation indeed.

He’s playing Grade Cricket for Hawkesbury in the Sydney Grade competition, I think his 1st game he was wicket less and went for about 6.5 an over.

Qadir's strange debut, young guns firing and finally some respect for spin

If Siddle plays Australia will get belted. He hasn’t looked like taking wickets on these type of decks for a good 5 years!

At least Neser has shown his ability to take wickets in these conditions in recent A tour.

Head, Finch and Holland will play Pakistan Tests

West Coast will be too strong for Collingwood!

There is no way in the World Collingwood can play anywhere near as well as they did in the 1st half again.

And Mason Cox will never ever play a game like that again. He was the Master of The AFL Universe on Friday night when in reality he’s an average player.

West Coast coaching staff just ripped apart the form team of the competition. What Bucks has done with Collingwood this year has been tremendous but this Eagles side just too big a mountain to climb

West Coast join Collingwood in 2018 AFL Grand Final

I hope Neale not Brisbane’s Carlton moment…….

Mind you, Fev could say we’ve been there done that…….

GWS are staring down the barrel of a 2019 contract crisis

While I think you guys gets the job done, I’ll be surprised if either game is +25 points.

I think Tigers between 8-18 point margin
Eagles by 12-25 points

The Roar’s AFL expert tips and predictions: Preliminary finals

I tend to disagree with you Cam. I can’t take much out of round 22 when not JK, JD going down early, causing McGovern to be shifted forward. West Coast on Saturday are going to be a completely different unit.

Though I hope you are right. There’s one or two West Coast Supporters on here who have been very mouthy and attitude as it’s just a case of turning up and would like to see them with their tails between their legs.

Melbourne will beat West Coast, and this is why

I couldn’t of said it better #NoFreeKickGWS!

The Scribe still living in the 50’s – It’s a Black and White World

Melbourne will beat West Coast, and this is why