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Australia's unlucky XI

Whether it’s who’s going to the World T20 tournament, who’s going to New Zealand, who lost Usman Khawaja’s phone number, or how Channel Ten selected the menu in the jungle for Shane Warne’s arrival, the topic of selection is just so controversial at the moment.

Not a great game for Finch.

When you need 7 runs an over you can’t have one of the openers going at strike rate of 65!
Too much pressure on the guys around him.

Too selfish of an innings

Impressive India set up ODI series decider against Australia

Swepson would have to be in the mix if his current T20 form.

Fawad? His T20 record is incredible.

Australia should select Jono Wells for the T20 World Cup

They might ‘terrify’ in the second game maybe?

Kohli, Bumrah and Rohit - the trio that terrify Australia in ODIs

“For confused locals, seeing an Australian cricket team arrive in South Africa in January could only be plausibly explained as a $1 Tiger mystery flight, or a stop-off for some biltong or another Marnus.”

Dane CA recruitment plan was Top secret. Don’t be surprised if BCCI hijack the plane

Australia playing somewhere else in summer is a constitutional breach

Massive Brisbane Heat fan……

To start with felt we’ve always been a bowler short. Laughlin inclusion really gave me hope of us being a really good side.

The Heat currently sit 3rd on the BBL ladder…. And to be honest, at times they’ve been deplorable.
Max Bryant must be the most frustrating FC / Professional Cricketer going around. Absolutely can time the granny out of the ball, but seems to get himself out way to often when on top the opposition.

AB inclusion for Tom Banton is going to be huge. While Banton has been entertaining, the consistent AB brings will certainly help the Heat.

If the Heat can start playing somewhere near their best Cricket, I can only see Glenn Maxwell inspired Stars the only 1’s that can stop them. BUT it’s one all might Big IF.

Right, so that’s how Brisbane are suddenly back in the Big Bash

Maxi should be in India now in the ODI team. I guess the Mental Health break probably the majority factor as why he’s not.

He’s got pretty good record in Asian conditions. And in the past has generally been called upon in these type of conditions.

I would love to see him have a “Wadeesque” back half of the Shield Season…. I’m not sure he’s cut out for Test Cricket, but I would love to see him given the opportunity to not only prove me wrong , but prove the numerous amount of doubters wrong.

Like others, he’s never really been afford the opportunities some other “sponsored special talents” have received.

Why Glenn Maxwell should go to Bangladesh

Yeah great idea.

Lets go to hardest place in the World to wicket keep with a guy now doesn’t wicket keep anymore, who’s history in the Australian side as a wicket keeper has been deplorable up to the stumps.

This is one way we will ensure Bangladesh are right in this series up to their eye balls.

Why Glenn Maxwell should go to Bangladesh

Hi Burgy,

I hear what your saying.

“there’s no real reason to drop Wade.”- Not sure anyone has asked for Wade to be dropped.
We are talking about Bangladesh tour inclusions….

Maxwell should be at the forefront of selectors thinking.
It’s all well and good to belt run after run on Australian Flat wickets….. But when we going overseas to Asian conditions we need to really be bringing the right players.

There is no doubt in the World, Test Cricket in Bangladesh on turning dust bowls, Glenn Maxwell is better equipped to score runs then guys like Joe Burns, Matthew Wade & Travis Head. And should absolutely be included if everything is well.

Only Maxi truly knows if he’s ready to undertake the vigours of being away from home. Obviously with is recent break we certainly don’t want be rushing him. But all things be equal and good health, Glenn Maxwell should be in the touring party at the very least.

Why Glenn Maxwell should go to Bangladesh

So keep the best keeper… And he’s the one with the gloves on by the Length of Flemington Straight!

Tim Paine silences noise with clinical summer

We cutting everything these days….

Tim Paine has even reverted to cutting his 1st name down to Marn……

I can understand this though, as Mr Labuschange is the MARN

Shorter Test matches needed to curb Marnus Labuschagne's daddy hundreds

Here they come Paul! Hit and miss… Currently hitting…. With ABDV to come…..

Just maybe….

BBL Stock Market: Week 2

I think it was more excessive for Pattinson as he had “Bad Behaviours points in the bank” so to speak. Where as this is 1st time for the Stoin.

Marcus Stoinis cops fine for abusing opponent

I’m hearing 5 changes.

Williamson, Nicolls, Santner, Southee & Boult all out.

Reval, Phillips, Astle, Somerville & Henry in.

Aussies and Kiwis both stewing over SCG line-ups

No Williamson for NZ. Latham captain and they have a debutant.

Aussies and Kiwis both stewing over SCG line-ups

I really thought this season was going to be different with Banton, ABDV & Ben Laughlin inclusion.
But seems to be the same old garbage.

BBL Stock Market: Week 2

Illnesses must be serious enough, they’ve rushed another batsmen out for coverage

Aussies and Kiwis both stewing over SCG line-ups

I think the Lions can only go back wards…. I can’t see them finishing Top 2 this year.

I’m more worried about them going Melbourne backwards….. I hope we are much better than that.

Seven big questions for the AFL in 2020

I was absolutely filthy when that trade went down…..

Now I’m very thankful we pulled the trigger on the trade.

I do however wish Beams gets his health right.

Seven big questions for the AFL in 2020

Definitely no hurry for a game just for the sake.

I too like the fact they’ve brought Swepson in amongst the group. He can only learn.

The learning / development component was one of the reasons I was pretty disappointed
the Australian’s reverted back to Siddle for the Boxing Day Squad.

Would of been the perfect opportunity to blood a Meredith type to experience the Australian set-up and learn the levels they must get to be considered to play Test Cricket.

Plenty of time for Swepson without a debut for debut’s sake

21 wickets in 3 Tests… 7 wickets a test… That’s a pretty handy

Not sure any other spinners in the world have average 7 wickets a test this year?
I might be wrong?

The 2019 Test cricket team of the year

While everything you said holds merit Ronan and O’Keefee is the better bowler for sure……

However, the likely of second spinner playing at the SCG is very unlikely considering the Marnus recent form with the ball…..

Swepson is 26…. SOK is 35…. I’m not sure SOK is a viable long term spinner purely due to his Age.
Exposing Swepson to the Australian set up can’t be a bad thing. Also there has been some significant improvement in him this year and this will further improve his game.

But yes, if you purely looking at form when looking at the selection of Swepson over O’Keefe, SOK is definitely stiff….

O'Keefe should be in Test squad instead of Swepson

Travis Head is going very well, and seems to be one of these guys who’s managed to make a step up from the lesser level. (Better Test Record than FC Record).

But I’m not sure about the comparison to James Vince. I reckon if Travis Head had of batted at 3 his whole test career you would find his Test Record would not be that dissimilar to Vince’s.

Head is a good young players and has found a niche at 6, but he’s never ever going to be regular in the Top order. His technique is not built for it. Where he sits now, is the spot for him and really that spot is his to keep for a next 10 years.

Head is improving, even if his critics won't admit it

A very solid Test Career Sids.

Well done mate. Consistent and tireless.

But the timing is absolutely right.

Peter Siddle announces retirement from international cricket

The ball Tracking is very very inconsistent.

The Williamson one was my 1st example, I should of also thrown in Henry Nicholls LBW off Cummins. Correctly given out. Looked stone cold plumb live.

DRS tracking has it “clipping” the top and outside of leg stump. It would of cannoned into middle and leg.

I variable have a good laugh after each ball tracking replay.

Player concerns a chance to shift DRS power base

Joe Burns career is littered with the fact he’s on the chopping bloke…..

Maybe in his favour is that if we are being truly honest, at the moment he’s the best of a bad bunch.

Young Brigade- Bancroft, Harris & Renshaw currently not up to it.
Older Bridage- Khawaja & S Marsh- well they might of had their papers stamped…..

While Australia is winning Burns will be ok, as soon as we lose a Test, some poor sucker will suffer….

Joe Burns, Matthew Wade and Travis Head are here to stay