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Australia's unlucky XI

Whether it’s who’s going to the World T20 tournament, who’s going to New Zealand, who lost Usman Khawaja’s phone number, or how Channel Ten selected the menu in the jungle for Shane Warne’s arrival, the topic of selection is just so controversial at the moment.

Matt Wade clearly has some incriminating photos of someone.

There are numerous better performed and plain to see better Cricketers that fine themselves outside of Australia teams in all formats… not just T20

Matthew Wade's time is up. Josh Philippe must take the gloves

I don’t disagree on the fact Finch should be under the pressure…..

The pressure is just not coming from Stoinis….

When does Aaron Finch’s form become a World Cup worry?

Stoinis, give me a spell…..

One good BBL season.

I’m not an Aaron Finch fan, but if we are carving him for Stoinis…. Yeah nah thanks

When does Aaron Finch’s form become a World Cup worry?

He probably consider himself opening if Finch recent form continues….

Kiwis' next superstars face Australia in T20s tomorrow

Please send a copy to JL

Nathan Lyon finally finds form, but Victoria's fringe players make Sheffield Shield statement

No real surprises here. Well other than Finchy. While in terrible form, his historical results should of ensured another contract- just at a vastly slashed price tag.

A full breakdown of every Australian in the 2021 IPL

Nothing has changed in India for years.

You genuinely win toss bat 1st and get over 300 in the 1st innings and you win Test match.

The wicket while not fantastic, wasn’t as bad as mad out. Only slightly worse than the 1st Test. The Pommy experts weren’t raving and ranting when they won the toss in the 1st Test…..
I expect they won’t in the third test if they win the toss.

Did England have a bad wicket or just play bad cricket?

Haven’t had a QLD collapse like this one for a while.
We good for 2 or 3 of these a shield season.

Joe Burns loan hand.

Four players to watch in Australian domestic cricket

Spewing NSW v QLD won’t be in Sydney.
Would of been one that I would of gone and watched the full game.

Expect big back end seasons from Uzzy and Swepo. Hope Jimmy Peirson can also take
his big bash form with him to shield Cricket.

Really feel he should be spoken in the the same vain as others that continually get pumped up
from the media.

Australia's postponed South African tour sets up brilliant domestic finale

You missed immediate removal of Club President & Head Coach

Top ten 2021 Collingwood wish list

Can some body send a couple of shovels to the Holden Centre so Eddie can have his gigantic head dug out of the big Sand dune in currently lives in

Eddie McGuire's trainwreck of a spin job only reinforces damning Collingwood report

I still think the Blues are 12 months away, but wouldn’t be surprised if they are in contention leading into finals. I think they’ll be in the 8-10 area.

I think as others have said, competition is so close. You wonder who’s going to drop out for them to come in. Then you’ve got teams like Freo & Suns who are in very similar position development wise. It could end up a case of who gets less injuries through the course of the season

AFL top eight predictions: Series introduction and eighth place

I’m interested in Jeremy Cameron at Geelong….

He’s always come across to me as a bit of “Down Hill Skier”…….

There start to season in terms of pre-season injuries and issues already with Cameron, Paddy dodgy groin….. Selwood just being old.

Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I tend to think it will be similar to last season, very good season without really threatening when it counts.

Why 2021 is this Geelong side's last shot at premiership glory

Usman Khawaja continues to be stitched up when it comes to Test Selection.

Australia is crying out for middle order batsmen and some of the guys that are being tossed up messers Wade, Henriques, Carey etc are middle of the road players and have ordinary at Best FC records.

I’m sure Uzzie would be happy to bat 5 or 6.

Fact of the matter, he should be opening in the Test team in front of Marcus Harris everyday of the week.

Pattinson and Head in Australia's best XI for South Africa Tests

It’s an absolute debacle.

Can’t we just go back to what we’ve always been taught, the Umpires decision is final? Whether it’s right or wrong, it’s the way it has always been.

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs India, second Test

Interesting points.

But I think it was pretty clear that he’s in the type of trot that isn’t just turned around tomorrow.

I’m really surprised the Selectors didn’t go back to a Khawaja or Marsh. They at least had some type of form about them. I guess they weren’t planning Pucovski getting hurt again.

Why picking Joe Burns was the right decision

Massive Queenslander and always been a Burns supporter.

But really not sure how the hell he played in the 1st Test.

Is Joe Burns burnt?

DRS stands for Decision Raffle System. ICC should really sign up Steggles as it’s Major sponsor and starting giving away Chooks to the winners

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs India, second Test

I think at this stage Victorian’s are free to enter QLD without having to Quarantine?

David Warner ruled out of Boxing Day Test

Again we talk about Inglis who is good young player, but no talk of Jimmy Peirson who’s an established keeper and made significant improvement in his batting last two season…….
Jimmy over same period……
– 109
– 66 & 8
– 62
– 39 & 17*

Forget Test tons: Tim Paine is Australia's 'Cameo King'

You have to laugh.

We have a new clubhouse leader for the BBL's worst ever umpiring decision

My question on Carey is whether he’s actually so much better than rest as he seems to continually be talked about? I don’t think he’s the 2nd Best Keeper in Australia and rather solid case could be made that he’s not the second best keeper batsmen?

I think Carey certainly in the discussion and is our best short form option (World Cup form), but I think a great disrespect that Jimmy Peirson is never in the longer format discussions.

Then there’s the Philippe’s & Inglis to add to the discussion as well.

I don’t think Carey should be talked as so far in front of the rest.

Forget Test tons: Tim Paine is Australia's 'Cameo King'

The time frame on Warner recovery from a groin strain for me was always unlikely to see him play Boxing Day. Need him fully fit. I don’t think this is a bad thing.

David Warner ruled out of Boxing Day Test

The umpire in the Heat game last night said, hold my beer!

Is this the worst umpiring decision in BBL history?

Disappointed in Khawaja because he stood his ground after already being on the end of one howler in this BBL season?

Why I was always taught as a kid that you don’t walk. The Umpires don’t call you back when they get it wrong and fire you. So why would you save the umpiring embarrassment of when you clearly it hit but they give you not out?

Double standards anyone?

As for the Broad garbage. The old saying comes to mind about people giving him grief….
you don’t need to have a long neck to be a goose.

Is this the worst umpiring decision in BBL history?