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Cant be bothered liking every comment but have really enjoyed this thread. Keep them coming guys.

The night I crossed paths with the Raging Bull

Ive had a few encounters with nrl players. By far the best was Jamal Idris. He walked over just as things were becoming pretty heated between a mate of mine and a mate of his (who i think but am not certain was Beau Champion). He completely diffused the situation with his good humour and friendly personality. Joined us for a couple drinks at a couple of later parts in the night.
The only bathroom experience involved a couple of eels forwards nicely asking that we share the product we were consuming in a manner that suggested it was only really phrased as a question.
The other person who ive encountered a few times and was always extremeley polite and was happy for a brief footy chat is Gus.

The night I crossed paths with the Raging Bull

I like a defence oriented game. Watching the skill and agility of the ‘little men’ doesn’t mean as much if they aren’t doing it against strong defences. Case in point rugby 7s has space for the players to run. I don’t mind the sport but I find it less entertaining than league.
I wouldn’t mind a reduced interchange/more fatigue, as I think the players are fit enough to handle it, but not to the point where defences are falling apart.
As for scrums, I for one am glad they are no longer what they were. I agree with some other comments in that scrums became tedious as teams played for penalties and more importantly they were dangerous.
Having said that, currently the rule still states that the ball must be fed into the ‘tunnel’ between the two openside front rowers. You can feed it on an angle towards your forwards but it is still supposed to be fed into the tunnel. I would like this to be this enforced, without the refs needing to coach it, or the chance for a do over if you do it wrong. If the half gets it wrong, they lose the feed to the other team. This will make it slightly more of a contest but will still result in the overwhelming majority of scrums won by the feeding team, as they should be.

How rugby league devolved into a defence-orientated quagmire

Why wouldn’t it? At least Walkers incident has nothing to do with the Sharks unlike when a player commits a high tackle or other on field offence and is placed on report. They remain on the field to help defeat the team they fouled, only for future opponents to benefit from their later suspension.

Walker suspended for street fight

Although id probably watch any rugby league doco (especially during current times) “The escalating violence of the 70s and early 80s …” as well as the immortals are about the only idea put forward I would genuinely be excited for.

Ten NRL documentary ideas inspired by The Last Dance

at first I didn’t think much of the 2015 gf as an idea but building up to it with all you’ve mentioned here would make good viewing.

Ten NRL documentary ideas inspired by The Last Dance

for those in favour of an afternoon grand final, any concerns over playing in the late October heat?

Should the grand final return to the afternoon?

I don’t mind your suggestions so much but am not a fan of the rule change to start with. Everyone who is for it also seems to be adding and refs should bin players in some way (be it until possession changes or whatever) as well. Which to me means we already had the solution to deliberate penalties within the rules prior to this change, the sin bin.

The simple plan to make the six-again rule work

agree completely with what you are getting at they need to explain how things will work but as for your scenario a deliberate forward pass is a penalty.

The simple plan to make the six-again rule work

“Control the first tackle and you control the set” is something teams frequently speak of. The 3-5 seconds used to slow down the first play the ball is all that is needed to set the defence and ensure they are not on the back foot for the 2nd tackle. Thus they are in position to then control the 2nd tackle and so on. This is how they are halting momentum and resetting their line if the ref just calls six again.
But now, they essentially have minimal consequences for slowing down the first tackle. All they are risking is the one additional tackle in exchange for controlling the whole set.
I understand reduced stoppages should lead to greater fatigue, and maybe this will be the case for the final 10 minutes of the game. But in my opinion teams will not be fatigued after 10ish consecutive tackles if the majority of those tackles have all been controlled and slowed by the defensive team.

If the rule change requires the refs to blow the whistle what is the point of the rule change?

The NRL must bring in the six-again rule

agree, using the seven tackle set as an example.
It is a threat, not just because of the extra tackle, but because the now defending team is typically still retreating after chasing the kick through. This momentum then continues through the rest of the set.
With the proposed rule change, the defending team would just massively hold down in the zero tackle. They may concede the extra tackle but they halt the momentum and start the new set with a set defensive line.

The NRL must bring in the six-again rule

Depending on what exactly Cleary was thought by the cops to have done, i more or less agree with most of what you have said.
However in regards to the Haas comparison i think Cleary is the worst of the two. Why should Haas give a statement about the actions of his family to the NRL integrity unit? Regardless of what they have done they arent contracted to the Nrl and as such he has every right to tell them to mind their own business.

UPDATE: Cleary set to be fined by police over social distancing breach

You can now add what if the defending team wants to challenge.
To me the only solution to the issues youve raised is to have an advantage call and the attacking team can either play on which is taking the advantage or call out that they want to take the option of the penalty.

Anyways, i really dont like the rule change at all. It does nothing to prohibit slowing down the ruck. If teams arent concerned about giving away a penalty, why would they be concerned about giving away a repeat set? For some reason the people discussing this rule change seem to think the answer is because playing on with a repeat set will speed the game up and disadvantage the defending team. But that is not the case if theyve just slowed down the play the ball.

Just use the sin bin more readily or implement a 5 minute sin bin if they deem the 10minutes to harsh to use for repeated minor infringements.

The NRL must bring in the six-again rule

At this point is it really any more unfair than any other season? Every season has discrepancies, whether it is in the draw with more/less 5 day turn arounds or which teams you play twice or differences in travel requirements.
In fact, one could even argue that this season is more fair than others as Origin and mid season test matches wont impact on team momentum and player availability.
Unless the worse is to happen and we see a lot of players, or even whole teams, missing games due to viral symptoms then I don’t see this season as being any different (fairness wise) to others. As such no astericks for me.

Who wins the strangest NRL season in history?

Not yet. Qld government stood these players down. It would be up to each teams respective state government to stand down the rest.

Titans trio stood down for refusing flu shot

If crowds are allowed in Sydney i cant see the NSW government allowing the grand final to be moved. Regardless of stadium availability.
However, i dont see cricket at the SCG being a problem. Surely the SCG trust would move a few domestic games to Nth Sydney, Bankstown or Homebush rather than give up the grand final??
The only way i can see it being in Qld is if Qld has fully recovered from COVID allowing crowds, yet state borders remain closed whilst NSW continues its battle with the virus.
The arguments amongst the comments about fairness and Qld crowds ‘deserving’ a grand final are completely seperate issues.
Additionally, some comments along the lines of at least it will be a sell out in Qld i feel are misleading.
Firstly it suggests GF attendance in Sydney has been an issue. The reality is it has never been a problem. Only twice since moving to Homebush has the crowd dropped below 80000, 2006 and 2017 with the lowest crowd being 79609. Both years there was no Sydney team.
If the Broncos or Cowboys make the grand final im sure Suncorp would sell out no matter the price mark up of tickets. However im not convinced you would sell out suncorp at $200 a ticket if the grand final was 2 sydney teams and the borders were closed.

It's time for a Queensland NRL grand final

im surprised also.
The first is those that believe crowdless games are soulless and consequently not a product they want to watch.
The second is people who mistake the NRL looking for a workable solution to keep their business going is somehow arrogance not desperation.
But mostly I put it down to bitterness. People saying I lost my job why should these people keep their job. Especially when they only look at the salaries of the high profile players and not the lesser paid players and support staff.

A message to the big leagues: Don't play until we all can

Glad you took my response as intended, as a difference of opinion and not an attack on you or your opinion. I certainly understand your perspective and definitely dont expect to see any sport back anytime soon. Its just, as i outlined, that i feel it could and should be done.

A message to the big leagues: Don't play until we all can

Well written article however I completely disagree with almost every point.
May 28th does seem an ambitious target but it could well be achievable. 6 weeks should be enough time to put the necessary precautions in place. And those precautions where players and staff are isolated from the public (and this unfortunately for them includes their families) are the reason it should be okay for “squads of about 30, tackle, scrummage, hit, sweat and possibly bleed on each other”.

Just how many people would be happy with an NRL restart?
How many fans enjoyed watching games in empty stadiums?
show it all on TV to a general population that can’t visit their own parents or grandparents?

Well I can only speak for myself but this is one person who would be happy with an NRL restart and enjoyed watching games in empty stadiums, certainly more than any alternate programming in the weeks since lockdown.
And I long for it even more given my other past times involving visiting friends and family aren’t an option at the moment.

If the NRL restarts in the next six weeks, it won’t be long before the AFL, A-League and Super Rugby look to get in on the act.
Super rugby might be a bit harder given the logistics of 3 countries involved but if AFL and A League can operate under the same safe restrictions what does that matter?

How does a parent explain to a young child, itching to go out and play with their friends or missing the major portion of their own competition, that it’s wrong to meet up with playmates but it’s perfectly fine for their sporting heroes to do it?
You explain that these players are isolated from their friends and families and their willingness to do so is the only reason there is sport on. This isolation from family is why they would in fact be doing what we have been asked to do and not the “exact opposite” as you claim.

Why should Government have their time be distracted liaising with sporting codes, who would need to have almost all of the current restrictions relaxed in order to proceed?
Firstly, how much time would it really take to seriously look at the sporting codes proposal?
But really the reason why they should is that it is potentially thousands of people (acknowledging its not just the players) that would be kept employed as a result. That is Millions of dollars saved in unemployment handouts and potentially millions of dollars gained though income tax. They should take the time because if they can make something work than it is financially beneficial for the Government when their finances are as stressed as the rest of us.

And what of testing? Every participating player would need to be tested for COVID-19, and there are not an infinite number of testing kits.
Okay I agree here but again this is a workable issue. Admittedly I’ve no idea how much a test costs or where they comes from, but somewhere they are being produced and sold. Perhaps something like every test the NRL takes it needs to pay the costs of 3 so ‘the public’ end up 2 tests in front.

Of course there is a greater importance attached to professional competitions than for non-professionals. And you already identified why, it’s about money and jobs.
I understand “it’s also about money and jobs for cafe and restaurant owners” etc. It is unfortunate for them, yes, but this has nothing to do with the NRL. If these companies can find a way to put in measures to keep their businesses going like the NRL is trying to then they should. More restaurants offering delivery is an example of these businesses trying to do what they can. It is not the fault of the NRL if they are not able to.
But most importantly it is not a matter of the rules not applying for the NRL. The NRL are not asking to carry on with business as usual. They are saying hey, if we take these extreme measures to ensure our employees are safe from covid and will not pose a threat of passing covid in the community, then can we return to work.
We are all in this together, including professional sport. That is why we should be applauding any professional sporting code that can safely find a way to entertain us during this time….even if they are only doing it out of their own self interest.

A message to the big leagues: Don't play until we all can

Man i am so sick of the game was decided by an error narrative. It is absolute garbage.
A little unlucky yes, but huge stretch to say it decided the game, and even more outrageous to assume they were about to kick a game winning field goal. After the decision the scores were still level, the Raiders defensive line was set and the Roosters had to go 90m to score. The failure to hold out the Roosters cost them the game, not the refereeing error.
Furthermore, lets look at the 2 alternatives for the referees.
The first is they do not over turn their decision and the six again stands. Sure perhaps, likely even, they set up for a field goal at the end of that set. They might go on to win but the roosters would be more hardly done by from that call than the raiders were by what did eventuate. But the key here is they only might go onto win. The Roosters would still have had a little over 5 minutes to even the scores and with Cooper Cronk guiding the team in the final minutes they are every chance to.
The 2nd is they get the initial call right, that gives that play for Canberra to either score a try, kick a field goal or get a repeat set. All 3 possible, but none likely.
Of the three the least likely would be to kick a field goal. They’re weren’t in a great position on the field and had defenders coming from every direction that could pressure the kickers. A try would be more likely than a field goal given they were against a scrambling defence, but neither was the Raiders attack organised. Given what we had seen from the roosters defence and the raiders attack both that night and the course of the season id be backing the roosters defence. The best chance the raiders had was a repeat set and to set up for a field goal the following set. However it is just as likely the kick goes dead or the ball is returned to field of play. The final and probably the most likely scenario is that they either shift right before being tackled with the ball or losing the ball trying to push the pass to maintain possession.
More than happy to concede Raiders the had a few tough calls against them. But it was probably about the same amount as what went against the Roosters. The main difference was the unusualness of the luck against the Raiders made these incidents stand out.

Missed it by that much: clubs that have missed their chance

the problem with points salary cap is that it can severely limit a players earning potential. No matter what metric you use to allocate points some players will be over valued and some undervalued.
For example (and i am aware this is very rough guidelines) if all current tier one internationals are worth 5 points, current origin players or former tier one players are worth 4 points, former origin players 3, other representative players (eg city/country, Indigenous, tier 2 internationals) 2 and non rep players 1.
Players like Sione Matautia (a 4) and Josh Reynalds (a 3) would never get a contract as their over inflated rating means they take up to much of the points cap to ever be worth giving a contract too.
As much as i like the theory of giving all clubs, rich or poor, an even playing field it simply cannot work.

What would the NRL look like if we hit the reset button?

IMO Ennis’ on field behaviour is on par with Smith, Burgess on the other hand… I agree with you, so i’ll leave him out of my reply. The difference between Ennis and Smith is that Ennis when off the field owned who he was on the field. Smith does not. This is what rubs me (and i’d assume others) the wrong way with Smith.
Add that he is the face of a club that has repeatedly done wrong by the game (for lack of a better description). Like his refusal to own his on field actions he refuses to acknowledge Storm indiscretions. Now I doubt that he was aware of cap rorting, but he has only ever spoken of how he still feels they ‘won’ the premiership in those years. He went along with the clubs 10 year celebration of those ‘winning premierships’. Not only does he refuse to accept his own on field wrestling he denies that the Storm introduced the wrestle in the first place.
Having said all that, he has every right to make the comments he did. I don’t believe his comments were selfish. I just disagree with them. Anyone who does disagree with them has every right to do so also. However, given Smith is entitled to his opinion, comments disagreeing with Smith should articulate why rather than attack the man who made the comments.

Lay off Cameron Smith

I have to very much disagree with Cams comments. Admittedly I’m not a fan of Smith. But I have never let that cloud my judgement in believing he seems an intelligent and generally likable guy away from rugby league.
The first issue I see with calling for suspending or cancelling the comp, even in the interest of player safety, is that many people, myself included (which is probably why I am so bitter about this point), have to go to their jobs where they are just as exposed to the virus as footballers are. Yet it is business as usual for the rest of us.
The next is what about the feelings of every other player? Particularly the players on lesser contracts that cant afford to have their salary reduced. Or players who have been given their long awaited first chance of establishing themselves as genuine first graders. For some in this situation it may be the final year of their contract and accordingly may also be their last chance to achieve their dream career. Im sure their opinion would be different to a big money superstar at the end of his career.
Finally, if he or any other player think it is to big a risk to continue playing, no one is forcing them to. They are entitled to resign from their position and seek employment elsewhere.

Lay off Cameron Smith

Why do people still not see this?
If the Christians say something along the lines of “it is of no concern to me what individuals do but personally I don’t support homosexuality because it is against my religious beliefs” and leave it at that without then going on to say they will burn in hell or anything else that could be considered slanderous then yes. Will Hopoate was celebrated by the game for his strong Christian faith. Likewise El Masri for his strong Muslim faith.
You can have those beliefs, you can voice those beliefs, you cant take it to the point where it becomes slanderous. Even if any idiot can work out that typically strong Christian beliefs typically means you in fact do think homosexuality is a sin you can be religious without offending people.
This is the difference between Walker and Mitchell who ive great respect for and Mundine, who I can respect does great work in Aboriginal communities but tends to run his mouth. They are all proud Aboriginals, they all state why they do not support the anthem it is only Mundine that takes these beliefs to the point where he is slandering present day non-Aboriginal Australians.

New NRL ad is 'simply the best'

It prevents the forearm contacting the head because contact around the shoulder/upper arm area (the area where contact causes the arm to bounce up) is deemed high

The swinging arm: It's time for the NRL to act