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I think it was bloke beer merchandise.

NRL Magic Round talking points: I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining

Ive no issue with Thurston being in the discussion and believe that the travel does take some toll. But, the Warriors have a minor premiership and the Storm have several. There is no excuse for the Cowboys to never, ever win one.

Nearly Immortals: The best of the rest

The ones i believe should be named are Smith, Fittler, Lockyer, Lazarus, Cronk, Clyde. I cant go back any further than the 90s as i was too young to give an opinion.
For the purpose of the team id have Slater out, Lockyer fullback and Fittler in.
As for the backrow, I never got to see him play but based on how i hear others speak of him I wonder if Gavin Miller might be a possibility? Also wouldnt hate Ruben Wiki as a nomination but not enough to be seriously considered.

Nearly Immortals: The best of the rest

No. They have not shown they can win 3 big games in a row and their halves have not shown they can own big moments under pressure.
One asset they have against the top teams is that they play a little different with lots of offloading and attacking off of the second phase. The issue is the increased risk of errors playing this way. This is why I can’t see them winning three in a row when it matters. One of those games the offloads won’t stick.

Can the Eels win the NRL title?

Good to see Jordan Grant get his first shot this year. Was one of my rookies to watch in the preseason but a couple early season injuries have cruelled his chances until now. His is a good story of perseverance and i hope he does well.

NRL Round 9 team lists Late Mail: Scott doesn't feel great, To'o, Leota cleared, Turbo set for early return, Croker back

I very much agree that the refs suffer from confirmation bias and that the Roosters as one of the better teams are one of the beneficiaries of this. I don’t however it is as prevalent as fans have made out it is this week.
I’d note that us fans similarly have just as much confirmation bias as the referees. We expect to see Roosters/Storm etc get favorable outcomes so we note them when they occur. We aren’t looking for similar favorable outcomes for lower ranked sides so we don’t take as much notice when they also occur.

NRL NEWS: Annesley angry over bias claims, Keary wowed by Walker, Anasta blames Storm for Munster dramas

i’m very much on the side of there is clear confirmation bias but it isnt as simple as counting ruck speed. The time to hold down is determined by which one of the 5 (from memory) different tackles types that was made. Case in point Tedesco was penalised (and many wanted sin binned) for a tackle that would of been about 1.5seconds before Fonua-Blake tried to play the ball. I actually thought Tigers got far more calls their way late in the game, but very few their way in the first half.

NRL NEWS: Annesley angry over bias claims, Keary wowed by Walker, Anasta blames Storm for Munster dramas

Fair. I dont think 4 weeks is outrageous or anything, just a week or 2 longer than i would have thought.
I more wanted to make the point that this is about the only time the “not his go”, “good bloke” argument actually has some merit, and that a poor choice of words does not necessarily make him a bigot.

It's 2022, 'the heat of the moment' is not an excuse for homophobia

I for one can very much believe someone that is not a homophobe can use a homophobic slur. I can not speak for others but i know for myself homophobic slurs were commonly used as insults for people, be they gay or not, from a young age. It was not until i started to enter puberty that i became aware of the nature of such slurs. Now as grown man (though not old enough to be called an old white man) I can fully understand the connotations and effect such slurs may have. It is easy to believe that in the heat of battle one may use slurs ingrained in them from a young age. This does not make them homophobic. Nor does it make what he said acceptable.
A genuine apology and perhaps reaching out to those in the community in a manner similar to what Potgieter did would be sufficient penance for me. Additionally a suspension is required to show that the NRL does not condone such slurs. But I believe 4 weeks is excessive.

It's 2022, 'the heat of the moment' is not an excuse for homophobia

Agree Rob. To soon to tell. Particularly as many games have been adversely affected by the weather.

Experts Roar: Is speed of NRL too fast, slow or just right?

He has had two years doing just that when off with shoulder injuries. My only issue with Slater is that he hasn’t spent a full season coaching a team at any level. Even if he proves a success at the Maroons, getting the best of the state up for a 3 game series is different to getting a team up for an entire season.

NRL NEWS: Munster facing pay cut, Raiders re-sign prop, clubs go bananas for Herbie, Warriors heading home

i have heard them claim it is ‘God’s Country’ so youre probably right

NRL NEWS: Walker leaving Manly, Storm name captains, Vatuvei jailed, Cook eyes off Reynolds, Shark fuming

i take it the author didnt actually watch the trials.

NRL 2022 Round 1 predicted teams for EVERY club after trials

Yes, but…
as far ” the bloke just can’t tackle and unfortunately for KP, defence constitutes half a game of rugby league”. For a fullback defence, well tackling at least, does not consititute half the game. Organising the defensive line moreso than actually making the tackles is the fullbacks role. Furthermore i disagree with the assessment that he can’t tackle anyways.
As for the money being offered. It is not just what he does on the field but the fact that he probably has the biggest off-field following particularly amongst the younger fans. The Dolphins want to capitalise on that by turning Ponga fans into Dolphins fans. I also think they need their face of the game to be a Queenslander. I don’t know why but Queenslanders care about that stuff.
But, Yes, even with all he brings to a club, I cant see how the Dolphins or any other club can value him over $1mil yet alone $1.5mil.

NRL Trials: Only the good Dom Young and the Meaney of life

can get behind 1 and 3. Cannot support 2 and 4

Four simple NRL fan requests for season 2022

Fair enough. Wouldn’t say it is logical but I can see how it has happened. It seems Doueihi was probably the preferred captain choice (which I dont agree with but most seem to), but it is redundant naming him so long before he is available. They would still need to name someone to be acting captain until then.
The captaincy probably falls back to Tamou (mostly due to few other options). But, Tamou being a 40 minute player (if that) needs another acting captain when he is off the field. So were up to 3 already, then, factor in the 3rd choice being unavailable at any stage early in the season a 4th choice is probably going to be needed.
I see this as announcing the leadership group with a blanket statement, that will probably prove to be accurate, not so much an announcement of a captaincy merry-go-round.

Five captains not better than one: Tigers fall for illusion of shared leadership model

Have they actually announced 5 captains or simply announced the 5 players who will form their leadership group?

Five captains not better than one: Tigers fall for illusion of shared leadership model

His impact over their attack goes beyond those stats. It is no coincidence that in Johnson’s worst year (which was largely injury affected) that Sharks missed finals. But looking at stats, the year before Johnson led the comp for try assists. In 2021, Sharks won, 5 from 7 when Johnson was the starting halfback and 5 from 10 when he played. 50% win rate isnt great until it is compared to the 5 from 14 (35%) when he was not there.

Nerd’s Eye View: Fitzgibbons needs to put bite back in Sharks' defence

Pretty confident Sharks defence will improve for the reasons you’ve listed.
My concern is their attack. Finucane probably has another year or two in him but he has shown signs that he is slowing down a little. McInnes won’t bend the line when running and has limited attacking flair at 13. Whilst they have lost their best attacking player in Johnson.
Hynes not yet proven as a first grade halfback and Moylan, although reportedly training well, hasn’t shown his best in years. If these two fire they will be a much better side than last year. If not it will be another year battling to scrape into the 8.

Nerd’s Eye View: Fitzgibbons needs to put bite back in Sharks' defence

I understand its more than the players that gain employment from a club. Nor am i saying every club should be kept alive simply to give people employment. Just that it is in the best interest of the players, collectively, to keep the clubs alive and that the RLPA in doing what is best for the players as a collective support a salary cap.
Sure the top 2% of players would probably prefer a 10-12 team comp with a big 2-4 clubs that get in to a bidding war for their services. And there may be an argument for less teams and a stronger competition. Though I would argue against this. Even though a slightly stronger competition may be a better product, less games means the NRL’s total product would likely be worth less. Particularly if fans of collapsed clubs turn away from the game. In turn the value of the game diminishing would reduce the value (of the now hypothetically inflated) player contracts to the point where the net gain for the better players may be minimal.

It’s not too late to right the wrongs from the Storm salary cap fiasco

Would definitely lead to clubs collapsing. This would then mean reduced employment opportunities for players. Thus, it is in the best interest of the players to have a salary cap. This is why the RLPA has agreed to a cap and why it is not a restraint of trade.

It’s not too late to right the wrongs from the Storm salary cap fiasco

If it were Indigenous v Australia i may agree. But, in what way is the current concept divisive?

MATCH REPORT: Rapana's reports sour Maori All Stars' thrilling win

I both agree and disagree with both you and Adam. A whole season of home games may be justified but it does somewhat reduce the fairness of that year’s competition. More importantly though, i doubt a game on every week would result in good crowds. How many supporters can realistically, financially or have tge desire to attend a game every week.
Id like the compromise of all their away games bring in NZ but outside Auckland. Would have the added bonuses of assessing if there may be a market for a 2nd NZ team.
Also, no to an Origin or GF there but yes to the All Stars and test series there.

Warriors make devastating call on their home season

all the noise suggests he wont be given the chance to, with Averillo preferred to start.

'Time to get out of the rut and win': What it's like being a Dogs fan

Hi NAT, enjoyable article
The biggest issue I see with rewarding legs tackles is the only time i see them performed is when a team is stripped of numbers. Thus the quick play the ball that follows has been earnt.
Also the rule book does still allow pushing in scrums. Like most issues calling for rule changes, we just need the current rules enforced correctly.

Will the NRL ever give the big men a break?