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Whilst I agree with your assessment of the Tigers and do also attribute their woes to poor personnel decisions, I think those you have highlighted are incorrect.
In regards to Tedesco, Tigers were outbid by the Roosters who not only offered more money but also all the perks of playing in a premiership contender. There was no decision to not resign Tedesco. And Moses has delivered little more than Brooks despite playing behind a far superior pack.
They don’t need a complete rebuild. Their years of being competitive (without any actual success) shows they aren’t to far off. I think the youth they have invested in the last 2 seasons will pay dividends in a couple years time. The challenge will then be retaining these players, which they may be able to do given all their high priced recruitment blunders of the past few years will be over by then.

One eye on the future: The NRL clubs already looking towards 2022

Outside of some media speculation, where is the evidence the injections you are alluding to happened? All I’m saying is the players continue to claim no such thing happened.

In the NRL, sorry seems to be the hardest word

From what i understand the players at least claim they weren’t injected with anything (outside pain killers and the like). Certainly no injections program. I cant confirm or deny the truth of this.
After they refused to admit guilt and continued to deny they were injected with anything, the line of accusations apparently changed from injections to banned substances in the form of rubbing creams. The players then basically said well yeah we were often using rubbing creams but we still don’t believe there was any banned substances in them and still refused to admit any guilt. And nor should they admit to anything if they don’t know they have taken anything, the onus is on ASADA to prove the guilt.
Finally after the ongoing investigation had taken the heavy mental and emotional toll they were offered what was ultimately a 4 game (i think from memory) suspension, at the end of a season where they couldn’t make the 8 from that point, to admit guilt. They did so just to get it over and done with.
To this day they do not know if they did or did not unknowingly take anything banned. Whilst Hoy is right it is ultimately the players responsibility as to what goes into their body. However, no player could possibly be expected to know what does/does not comply with legal requirements. That is why clubs hire medical/strength and conditioning staff to oversee their supplements program. Just as an independent athlete would seek advice from someone more qualified. Even if they were ultimately guilty (which we don’t know) its hard to really put the blame on the players and they would absolutely have grounds for compensation from the club as Souvalis says Gallen in fact did.

In the NRL, sorry seems to be the hardest word

And the players claim they weren’t injected with anything and there remains no evidence that they were.

In the NRL, sorry seems to be the hardest word

I’m not suggesting that he will become twice the player, I’m trying to highlight that there is an equally valid argument that Grant actually aided in Simpkin’s development.

The reality is we have absolutely no way of knowing whether Grant’s presence helped or hindered Simpkin’s development. The only thing we do know is that MaGuire and the Tigers felt that Simpkin’s wasn’t ready last year.

Is player swapping moral?

Yes, Cleary will lead Panthers to a premiership. But, it won’t be this year. Panthers had so much fall their way last year and depth not as strong this year.

Maybe, Souths are as big a chance as any. Would be my favourites for the title at the moment but obviously too far out to back then with any confidence.

No, too much off-field dramas to start the season for Knights to be consistent performers this year, and depth is an issue as well.

I wouldn’t back against Manly being strong this year. But Trbojevic’s health will be more telling than Foran’s.

Yes, Titans will continue their rise. Will be one of the better sides this year without truly being contenders.

Five big questions ahead of the NRL season

The bigger clubs do this anyway

Is player swapping moral?

We don’t know that there was no forward planning. For all we know Simpkin is now going to become twice the player he would have been had he not spent a year learning off of Grant.
You also seem to be overlooking the fact, as others have mentioned, that Simpkin most likely wasn’t ready for first grade. Simply throwing him isn’t necessarily best for his development, particularly if he isn’t physically ready.
Finally, Simpkin was on a development contract and could have only played the back half of the year anyways. And if Tigers thought him ready there was nothing stopping them picking him over Grant later in the season.

Is player swapping moral?

Cant like this comment enough. Perfect summary of the situation.

Is player swapping moral?

back in the day players had a 2nd job, changing clubs was an issue because they would also need to find a new job if leaving the area.

The NRL all-star team of one-club stalwarts

4 clubs isnt even trying

Blake Green as Captain (7 clubs + 2 Uk Clubs)
Mic Ennis (5 clubs)
Chris Walker (6 + Catalans)
Willie Mason (5 clubs + 2 Uk Clubs + 1 game for Toulon in Union)
Jeremy Latimore (5 clubs + a 2nd stint at Dragons)
James Roberts (5 clubs + a 2nd stint at Souths)
Brenko Lee (4 clubs and still only 25)
Tyran Smith (7 clubs, counting both Balmain and Wests Tigers)

The NRL all-star team of one-club stalwarts

“If they police it properly there won’t be 20 hand overs a game.”
Eventually there won’t be and we will get the desired result. But how long will it be, and how many rubbish turnover riddled games before we get there?
When they were cracking down on this with penalties (which I was supportive of) after half a season players still weren’t getting it right
Then in the face of public/media pressure they reverted to not policing it correctly or consistently. Why would we expect it to be different this time?
We have all these new rules, under the guise of “speeding up the game” that have the potential to change the fabric of the game. Why would we not consider altering an existing rule that will slightly speed up the game without the risk of overly dramatic changes to the game, that also eliminates what is considered a grey area (at least in policing if not also in interpreting) when the rule being modified serves no purpose to its original, or any other, function?

NRL on the money with new rules

They can’t. Can only over rule on the play in question, which starts once the ball clears the ruck.

NRL on the money with new rules

the genuine attempt interpretation is pretty simple. To put it into words the leg going forward over the ball must make a backward motion in the air above the ball before being placed on the ground. Whether a lot of these backwards motions are truly “genuine attempts” at striking the ball or just pandering to the rule is another argument but so long as the backwards motion above the ball is there, there wont be a turnover.
As much as correct play the balls would be nice id rather the genuine attempt rule than 20 (previously) penalties or (now) handovers a game from someone’s foot not contacting the ball.
I personally couldn’t care if the need to use your foot was eliminated all together. What is the point of it nowadays? For mine, it is nothing more than a relic of when markers could also strike for the ball. Removing the rule would stop any moaning about inconsistencies of its interpretation.

NRL on the money with new rules

this is one of the best comments ive ever read on this site

Does anyone know what’s doing at the Dragons?

That’s the order I have also. Egan next in line for a lighter mobile forward, Fifita next in line if they need to replace a bigger body.
But I’ve no doubt he gets more than a few games this year.

Break-out stars of 2021: Part 4

This is my worry also. He has played a lot more middle than edge even in lower grades but has always looked extremely dangerous in the stints he has had on an edge.
He did however spend more time on an edge in trials last year than in the middle and I thought that looked to be the plan for him. Don’t know why it never eventuated except that Souths would’ve been a little short on quality middles without him. Am hoping the Arrow signing, and Siro and Johns leaving, sees him move out wider.

Break-out stars of 2021: Part 4

Agree with your take on most of these except play the ball when finding touch.
Knowing when your team needs a rest and having the ability to execute accordingly is a skill that shouldn’t be removed from the game.
Also don’t see Reynolds as the man for a long range shot when Mitchell has a much bigger boot.

Will the 2021 rule changes work for the NRL?

Injuries are annoying but unfortunately part of the game. I also don’t get to upset by the talent leaving the club as in most incidents it isn’t so much Tigers letting them go as much as other clubs making better offers.
It is the poor recruitment that is really frustrating.

The forgotten players: Wests Tigers

My mistake, but correct you are.

Break-out stars of 2021: Part 1

I’m a huge fan of Kamikamica. I think he will be a top 10 front rower over the next decade. But given the rise of Welch and the presence of Bromwich, NAS, Finucane and Smith I don’t think 2021 will be a so much a breakout year but more so a slightly better copy of his 2019 season.
Storm were a hard team. The guy I think is by far their most promising young forward, Jack Howarth, I don’t really expect to see anything more than a couple games off the bench around origin time.
Ive 2 players in mind haven’t settled yet on which one I’ll choose.

Break-out stars of 2021: Part 1

Fittler is appointed by the Board of the NSWRL. Gus has no say in their decision. In fact he has famously been feuding with the board for years.
As for the fullback and five-eight playing in the centres, it was only last year that NSW won the series with a centre pairing of a fullback (Trbojevic) and that same five-eight (though I personally wouldn’t have picked Gutherson).
I think the issues were beyond simple team selection.

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

I’m pretty indifferent to most these rules except: Play-the-ball restart replacing scrums when the ball or player is taken into touch.
A good touch finder, and knowing when it is needed, is an important tool of a quality halfback. This shouldn’t be eradicated from the game.
I’m also in favour of the new bunker format.

Also, didn’t the 6 again for offside get introduced halfway through last season?

The good and the bad of the NRL's rule changes

I agree with the points system suggested. For me it is more about rewarding the team that drew after 80 minutes but lost the inevitable field goal shoot out.
I don’t understand how others believe there is added complexity to this system.
However, I do tend to agree with comments that it is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Fool's gold: The NRL must change its competition points

Whilst I don’t expect Melbourne as a team to struggle without Smith, I think Hughes will very much struggle.
Neither Hughes or Munster are organisers, which was fine with Smith calling the shots. But, Grant isn’t much of an organiser either. I expect Johns to force his way into the side to provide some direction which will be lacking early in the season.
Whether or not they can win early season games off the back of defence and some individual brilliance (which they are more than capable of) will determine top 4 or top 8.

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season