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But it’s not against the rules, at least none that I can see. Which rule exactly did May break?

Reasons I’m not convinced about Koro, he isn’t looking at the ball prior to or when swinging his arm out. When he is swinging his arm out he actually places his head into a position where he would be unable to see the ball at all. I think he is just swinging his arm, not specifically aiming for the ball but just trying to get arm/ball/hands whatever he can make contact with to stop the pass, knowing they were short numbers that way if the pass was made. Yes, he got nothing but ball, but as I said not convinced he was specifically aiming to hit the ball out of his hands.

Four talking points from the NRL grand final

Strongly disagree with the penalty try.
“Tyrone May might not have endangered Justin Olam, but …”
So we agree it shouldn’t be a penalty as a dangerous tackle.And I’m sure the rule book says you are allowed to use your leg provided you first have contact with both arms, which May did. So not sure how you come to the conclusion that a penalty try was to the correct decision.
I also am not convinced the Korosau was playing at the ball for Smith’s try. In fact I personally don’t think he was and would have upheld the no try call. But, I’m also not convinced that he wasn’t either so wasn’t really upset by this decision.
Similarly I could go either way on the Mansour no try. I believe it was a defensive decision by Lee to take Crichton. But how Crichton (and seemingly every other footballer) hasn’t worked out they need to step and hit the inside shoulder is beyond me. His failure to do so to me ultimately means I agreed with it being no try.

Four talking points from the NRL grand final

Congratulations to Storm, the better team on the night won. They had a lot of luck go their way in the first half. But it takes more than luck. You need to be good enough to take full advantage of it, which they were.
Great to see Papenhuzen receive the Churchill. Often the best player is overlooked in favour of the best story, which I’m glad wasn’t the case tonight.
Another notch in Smith’s belt. Goat or not (which I think is a bit of silly discussion anyway given different roles of positions and eras) if he does retire, which seems more than likely, he deserves to go out a winner. Although, I will miss him as the villain.

Storm dominate first half, survive comeback to claim 2020 premiership

Agreed, I believe even his point scoring record shouldn’t stand. He was in an illegal team when accumulated the majority of those points.

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever

In fairness I’m not sure you could create a Beeston clone. But then, you couldn’t create a Smith clone either. The bloke is just to smart.

How we should farewell the NRL's GOAT if he retires

That’s probably a bit harsh on the kiwis mate. There’s probably two or three players in each NZ side that is a tier below everyone else on the field but the majority of the side is strong.
Besides, the point was more about the experience than their ability. Although not the same thing, they’ve experienced playing in big games.

The NRL needs a Panthers grand final win, but Cam Smith will get his fairytale

Yeah, my only issue with the draw currently is that often traditional rivals or local Derby’s only meet once. And often when they do it is a terrible timeslot.
In my opinion they need to maximize these games that you know will be sellouts.

An opportunity awaits the NRL

Rivalry/geography, the two typically go together. Ultimately just trying to create the groups that would attract the biggest crowds.
The 4 western Sydney teams was the easiest grouping. Geographically it works plus there are a few old rivals there.
Then 3 Qld teams and Since Melbourne typically always draw a crowd in Qld I’ve put them in the Qld group.
Then it came down to a few pairs. Dragons/Sharks, Roosters/Souths, Manly/Knights. Leaving Raiders/Warriors needing to be paired as to not break up another pair.
From there figured geographically Manly/Knights pair better with the city teams and Canberra with the more Southern teams. Plus there is/was a bit of history between Manly and Souths.

An opportunity awaits the NRL

I don’t know how people, particularly those you would think would be well informed given they frequent sports websites, still think he had a 5 year premiership plan.
From memory the exact quote was “it’ll take 5 years to sort out their salary cap”.

The NRL needs a Panthers grand final win, but Cam Smith will get his fairytale

Yes, although May is as you say a makeshift centre he has won the spot ahead of Naden and also Whare as the coach believes he is the best defensive option. And he will have probably the best defensive halfback inside him in Cleary.
I’m not arguing against the quality of Melbourne’s left, they’re superb and will create points. But,they arent matched up against a weak Panthers edge.

The NRL needs a Panthers grand final win, but Cam Smith will get his fairytale

I think Panthers win, though not overly confident. Their strong left side attack matches up nicely with Storms weak right side defence.
There is enough big game experience in the squad.
Tamou and Korosau have both won premierships whilst Capewell was part of a premiership winning squad.
Fisher-Harris and Tetavano have played for New Zealand, Cleary and Mansour origin.
Quite a few others have represented tier 2 nations as well.

The NRL needs a Panthers grand final win, but Cam Smith will get his fairytale

They done very well to continue to impress after the Latrell Mitchell injury. Im surprised though so many are saying they overachieved this year. Beginning of the season I thought they were top 4 certainties and the best value bet for the premiership. I wrote them off after Mitchell’s injury but it didn’t slow them down at all.
Will be expecting nothing less than preliminary finals again next year, and a genuine title threat if key players are fit.

Wayne Bennett says Souths are still on the up for 2021

I agree that top 8 is probably to many but it does two things. The most obvious and important is revenue. The 2nd is it overcomes the uneven draw. Sharks this year made it but probably didn’t deserve to. They notched up some wins against lesser teams. But what about the team that comes 7th but had to play all the top teams twice. When 5th and 6th had the top teams once and bottom teams twice. If a team in the finals doesn’t deserve their place, they wont go far in the finals.

An opportunity awaits the NRL

Firstly, I think we need to stop thinking there needs to be a fair/even draw. I don’t think it is possible. Even if it were a 30 round full home and away season the draw would not actually truly be fair as some teams would face a typically strong team when they are full strength, whilst others would face that same team but when struggling with injuries. The argument would be well that is the luck of the draw. In a competition where half the teams make finals, I don’t think an even draw is needed. A team that is not truly worthy (e.g. Sharks 2020 (sorry sharks fans)) would be found out week 1 of the finals anyway. So therefore I think maximising derbys is most important in a draw.

I don’t like the 2 conference system. The travel for the non-Sydney conference and the need to move a Sydney team into the non-Sydney conference are too big a hurdle for me. Additionally, there is no need to for a system where 2 distant parts of Sydney eg Penrith and Cronulla are considered a local derby, because it just isn’t.

Ive suggested before however 4 (unofficial) conferences. For mine the best way to organise the 4 are:
1. Wests, Parra, Penrith Canterbury
2. Manly, Newcastle, Roosters, Souths
3. Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cowboys, Melbourne
4. St George, Cronulla, Canberra, New Zealand
* I wanted a way to pair Melbourne with Warriors but couldn’t find one I liked. And you would then lose out on the whole Storm in Qld thing.
* ive also considered swapping Roosters and Souths with Canberra and New Zealand, but wanted to try to avoid any 2 planes trips and having Canberra and Newcastle together.

This would then result in a 22 round draw. Teams would be play every team once round 1-15. (host team would swap each year). Play your own conference again rounds 16-18. Play one other conference again rounds 19-22 (this other conference would change each year so if 1 played 2 twice in 2021, 1 would then play 3 twice in 2022).

I think if the NRL expanded to 18 teams you could similarly make conferences of 6. Play every team once (17) and your conference twice (5), still get 22 rounds.

I do like how you have broken the draw up with Womens and rep games. Im not fussed if this were to happen in a rep month or 3 different stand alone weekends, but I prefer my draw.

An opportunity awaits the NRL

Has the sin bin been put away for the year?
I don’t think Cook should have been sinbinned, I do think Olam should have been, others don’t. Either way this point doesn’t overly concern me (so long as it hasn’t genuinely be put away rather the ref just didn’t deem it bin worthy) as decisions one way or the other as almost every ref decision some will agree and some will not.

The NRL failed the Raiders
The raiders failed the raiders. They should have planned for no preferential treatment from the Qld government. The NRL should have and likely were negotiating for something that would allow better preparation but it should never have been expected. And if the raiders weren’t expecting it they could have prepared as though they were going to play under the same travel conditions faced all year.

Just when is a tackle completed?
I have always thought so long as momentum doesn’t stop and the ball carrier is not lifted off the ground (or his ball carrying arm doesnt hit the ground) then the defensive team is allowed to push. However I cant see a rule that actually says this. and if no such rule exists, agree it should have been called held at the 15 metre mark.
Where my (and I believe widely held) interpretation came from I cant say but I like it that way. I believe it makes for more exciting moments.

Why do we have trainers on the field?
Unlike many sports rugby league is all high speed, continuous and limited in interchanges. It is also a seasonal sport that typically doesn’t go past the first month of Spring. This year we’ve removed many of the stoppages that previously allowed water breaks during the game, without time to adapt and continued the season further through Spring. To me it seems ridiculous to not allow trainers on the field. If the game was played in quarters or the stoppages remained then maybe I could get behind no trainers on the field but as it stands, we need to allow them to run water out. And like all sports tactical messages are going to go out with them.

Now that the dust has settled, let's talk about a few things

despite when Raiders made any requests, the NRL and the Raiders are powerless to over rule the Qld Government. If they hadn’t heard anything by fulltime against Roosters they should have been planning on Qld not making exceptions for them.

Now that the dust has settled, let's talk about a few things

Agree with Nat regarding V’landys and Qld government.
Agree with Barry re Olam sin bin (though disagree with regard to Cook)

Now that the dust has settled, let's talk about a few things

Whilst I think that neither NSW or Qld can claim to have more passion or whatever, you get both highly dedicated and fickle fans in both. However, this again isn’t even close to apples with apples.
Round 20 a spoon was a game between rivals with the spoon to be determined.
The 2017 example is 2 teams with no real history or feeling between the two, miles apart (I know that Brisbane and Townsville are just as far apart but there are no NRL teams between them to capture the fans in between), with the spoon already determined.

Now that the dust has settled, let's talk about a few things

Whilst i agree Bellamy is the best, the long line of successful coaches that have served under him shows this, Bellamy is also at a club that goes and signs the best players in the world. Only difference is they sign the best up and coming players, not the best current player.

Six talking points from the NRL preliminary finals

Agree strongly with the comments that the travel situation (whilst its not even close to completely to blame for the loss) undoubtedly hampered the Raiders.
However, that is the advantage the Storm rightfully earnt by having such a strong year, finishing first and winning week 1 of the finals. If Raiders had have performed better during the year they may have earnt that advantage, but they didn’t.

Storm trounce Raiders to book grand final berth

Without Smith I think there’s on 11 Qlders left.
Munster, Welch, Tino, Kaufusi Lee
Papalii, Lui
Gagai, Sua, Allan
Only other person I can think of potentially is Jaxson Paulo but not sure if he had opted for Qld or NZ.

Roosters duo added to Maroons squad

hope not

NSW State of Origin selection surprises (part 3)

He doesn’t offer anything more than what Addo-Carr already provides, and need a bigger bodied higher work rate winger to pair with Addo-Carr.

Daniel Tupou in for Blake Ferguson but Freddie still names four Eels in Blues squad

Campbell-Gillard is the only selection that I really disagree with. Was strong earlier in the season but really outside of that maybe a 6 week patch he has been pretty average the last few years.

Daniel Tupou in for Blake Ferguson but Freddie still names four Eels in Blues squad

Agree the tackle wasn’t complete and that is why Cook tackled him.
It is also why it shouldn’t be a sin bin as it was not a professional foul. Cook was not deliberately giving away a penalty, he was attempting to complete a tackle. Even if the referee is of the opinion the tackle was completed, which he obviously was as the penalty was awarded, he can just as easily be, and in fact was, of the opinion the penalty was sufficient as it wasn’t a player deliberately slowing down the play the ball.

Five innovations guaranteed to take Parramatta to the 2021 premiership