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If Chelsea beat Aston Villa they are automatically going to the champions league next season irrespective of the result against City

What is at stake on the final day of the Premier League?

It’s a question of time. You can’t compare the pressure he faced last year to what he has in his pocket this time around. He came in fresh and a legend last year without signing anyone, he’s spent over 200 million pounds this year, he has to deliver better than the previous season.

Can Frank Lampard avoid the axe?

Other teams should be getting to the the finish line before City and Liverpool includes Spurs. Nobody doubts Jose capabilities

Is it time for a new Premier League champion?

Other teams must try getting to the finish line includes Spurs.

Is it time for a new Premier League champion?

Definitely not a successful campaign for Arsenal as a club and the standard of the club. But you have to acknowledge Arteta’s work from when he picked up this team to where he finished the season and a trophy to take home. It is a positive, especially going forward.

Five things we learnt from the FA Community Shield

It was a typo error and has been corrected.

Philippe Coutinho: out of form, out of sorts

He really will, watching him play in the big stages of the Uefa Champions League and performing brilliantly

How much do Manchester United need Jadon Sancho?