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Agreed, the fundamentals are definitely there. With time he’ll get better at rotating the strike once he gets more experience facing quality attacks. I wouldn’t mind seeing him included in Australia A games just to give him more time out in the middle

Bryce Street's defensive batting style could translate to Tests

Valid points it definitely would have been a risk to play Neser in the final test. Naturally you want to remain loyal to your bowlers but also not pick a player based on how they once played. As for the mentality comment, I’ve found that over Starcy’s career he tends to get himself into a rut and just can’t break down the batsmen like he normally can. With him when it’s good it’s going great, but when it rains it pours. Personally I believe having a strong mentality is what can combat this. As for your comment about 3 right handers. I definitely see where your coming from and Starc does offer something different from our other 2 mainstay bowlers. However at the same time is it worth choosing a left-handed bowler to provide something different if he is struggling to make an impact himself

Michael Neser must be considered for the Ashes

I wouldn’t be surprised if we do see McLaren win a couple of races. Remember, Sainz was only 1 second off victory at Monza last year. And with their new power unit and upgrades they’ve made, I reckon they’ll pick up a couple of victories and move away from the rest of the midfield

Was F1's testing a false dawn?

Swepson was one of the best bowlers in the opening rounds of the shield, he has 23 wickets in 6 innings including 3 5-wicket-hauls. In One dayers Zampa is better but I’d argue that Swepson is the second best first-class spinner in the country behind Lyon

Australia's fourth Test selection headaches