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Silly pom (credit to user anzacboy for calling me that) who loves sports writing.



For me the English selection would have to be Itoje. He has been there for a whole and offers so much to the English team.

Rugby World Cup: Each Test team's most irreplaceable player

I did find some anomalies when scouring the Internet. There were teams like Tony Pulis’ West Brom who converted a lot more corners than their rivals. There were also examples showing the more goals a team scored from corners, the less goals they scored overall. This is probably because worse teams have to perfect set-pieces as they have few other goal-scoring opportunities.

Our undeserving obsession with corners

I think the Saudi move does have an impact on his legacy. It will be a sour ending after looking at his achievements with Manchester United, Real Madrid and (less so) with Juventus.

'It's over': Cristiano Ronaldo's career to end with a whimper

Has the Saudi move tarnished his legacy? Yes. Has it torn his legacy into shreds? No. This can’t let us forget the incredible achievements of one of the greatest of all time, even if you don’t think he is THE greatest.

'It's over': Cristiano Ronaldo's career to end with a whimper

I disagree Tim. It is spectacular to watch on the rare occasions that it happens and to do it incredible athleticism is needed.

Michael Neser's extraordinary BBL catch exposed farcical loophole in cricket's rules that must be closed

On second thoughts, Barty probably deserves a spot ahead of Kyrgios.

The top ten sporting moments of 2022

I’d be interested in what you think about captains Paul. I think Giannis should be able to take his chance for the East, whilst Jokic and LeBron might still be on top but I’d like to see the new guard come in.

NBA Double Dribble: All-Star team selections - Markkanen to Finnish voting among best in West after Jazz revival

I’m aware the women’s euros wasn’t covered well in Australia but it really reached new heights for the women’s game, you wouldn’t normally see 87,000 people turn up for England v Germany in the men’s game, so it was quite staggering.

The top ten sporting moments of 2022

Didn’t think I’d be talking about this on Christmas Day but here we are! I would argue that the French wanted Versailles to be a lot harsher than the English and Americans wanted. The French were hurt the most, it was their soil the war had been fought on, but Lloyd George and President Wilson were less demanding. Still, I agree that all three countries were too harsh, and the treaty was a direct cause of WW2.

What if the British Empire had an international sports team?

I agree, it’s always seemed stupid to adore one and hate the other. You can appreciate that they are both of the greatest of all time, whilst still having a healthy debate.

Does a World Cup trophy finally settle the Messi vs Ronaldo debate?

True, but I still say better than nothing.

WATCH: Socceroos' powerful stand against Qatar over migrant workers, same-sex marriage laws

Hmm, maybe it’s because Charlie Austin is in reality not much better than most A-League strikers.

What's behind the A-League's latest marquee failure?

I never get the point of these high performance reviews, they just state the obvious and come up with worse ideas than most of us.

Exclusive: Top RA executive quits after just 292 days - with high performance review writing on the wall

I’ve seen that trend as well. None of them really adjust well to the BBL, contrary to how some of them shine in the IPL.

Cricket News: COVID can’t stop BBL thriller, Flintoff in hospital after crash, Racism claims deepen, Pakistan injury hit

Thought Griezmann really shone against England. It’s the first time we’ve seen him take centre stage in a while.

Antoine Griezmann and the art of self-sacrifice

Sorry mate but what game were you watching? Did you see the penalty not given in the first half not mention the foul before the France opener.

'An absolute joke of a referee': English pundits slam refereeing despite getting TWO penalties, but call for Southgate to stay

Don’t know how this entered my mind but Katy Perry’s song Hot N Cold seems a remarkably good way to describe RA’s treatment of Lolesio.

Lolesio is a lesson in how not to blood a Test flyhalf

England just looked so devoid of attacking talent you can understand calls for Foden to be brought on. He hasn’t had a proper chance with England yet.

Hammering Southgate for overlooking Foden is way off the mark

Serbia beat Portugal to top their qualifying group and have improved quite a bit since 2018. Whilst I wouldn’t go as far as TheSecretScout (in his dark horses article) to label them as dark horses, they are only getting better, whilst Switzerland look quite weak.

FIFA World Cup group by group predictions and analysis

Hmmm, I’m not sure. They have a good midfield, yes, but lack that true world-class talent in my opinion.

This is Messi's chance to finally win over Argentina fans

That World Cup spirit just isn’t there, it doesn’t feel right.

I have never felt more conflicted about watching a World Cup

I like this Serbia team, but I think dark horses might but a slight stretch. They don’t have anyone who is close to being described as world-class talent.

The World Cup dark horses: Can these sides make a run in Qatar?

I think too much is put on the conditions. It’s hot, the players will deal with it.

Five reasons Australia can get out of their World Cup group

Not to mention their most likely semi-final opponents (if they get that far) are Brazil. I do fancy this Argentina team to go far though.

This is Messi's chance to finally win over Argentina fans

Not enough people are talking about Serbia. They’ve got a great strike-force and creative talents such as Dusan Tadic. I’d expect them to be fired up and I think they’ll beat Switzerland. Their main man Shaqiri is in the MLS and is well into the twilight of his career, but I would agree Granit Xhaka has been in fine form in the Premier League.

FIFA World Cup group by group predictions and analysis