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A very enthusiastic AFL supporter, studied in Deakin Univeristy supporting Geelong AFL team.



Jonboy, Geelong in 2007 finally buried the chokers tag for losing 4 straight grand finals, in 1967, 1989, 1992, 1994 and 1995. They too choked in 2008 before stealing St Kilda’s flag in 2009.

At this point, it's Geelong's flag to lose

Yes, never won a round after the mid season bye, this is one of the challenges for Geelong this season.

At this point, it's Geelong's flag to lose

Joe, this is one of the part that Geelong needs to overcome, stop giving sides a 40 point jump start at quarter time and play catch up footy for the remaining 3 quarters for finals football.

At this point, it's Geelong's flag to lose

A win is the tonic Australia required at this moment.Some of the players, Marsh, Finch and Handscomb really welcome the chance and contributed in the win. Hopefully, Australia can consolidate and move up the ODI ranking chart, playing with confidence, and find the right XI to compete in the World Cup. Congrats

Inexperienced Aussies shock India in ODI

Here it goes, the Dees will lose if it freezes or lack of finals experience and overwhelmed by the Eagles crowd support. The Dees will also lose if it gives the Eagles 4 to 5 goals start at the first quarter and chases the game from then on. If the Dees able to hold its own by keeping its structure, with big Max dominating the ruck, the Dees forward line will have the first use of the ball pumping into their forward attacking 50. The Dees will take encouragement of the Western Bulldogs fairy tale run in 2016. They are the in-form team coming into this year final series and watch out Eagles.

Melbourne will beat West Coast, and this is why

If you look at this year AFL 2018, the mid range team from 3rd to 10/11 the ladder position is extremely competitive, the finals equation is not sorted out until end of Round 22 and the final slot only confirmed after Port Adelaide defeat at home to the Bombers. The Cats have qualfied for the finals bar 2012 with double chance gained and they only exited in straight sets in 2014.
Ever since Bulldogs fairy tale run in 2016, it kills the theory that premiership can only be won with double chance secured. The key thing is if the Cats can win tonight against Melboure, I will put my confidence of a win against the Hawks in the 1st semi-finals. Now, the tricky portion against the Eagles at Perth. Two hoodoo, Geelong is 0-3 in the PF since the 2011 premiership and secondly the Eagles record at Perth. Geelong did come back well in this season Round 3 clash against the Eagles coming back from 5 goals down to even hit the front at the last quarter only for Eagles to run home with a 15 point win. If Geelong able to break its PF hoodoo, I will give them even money chance in the GF against the Tigers. If things get close at the last quarter, the Cats will nick it this time round.

Can the lacklustre Cats salvage their season with a finals run?

If Geelong gives a 3-4 goals head start to Melbourne before playing, it will never going to get over the line comes siren time. If the match is still one kick away with 2 minutes of playing time ticking, this round Melbourne will nick it.
For Geelong, it has to correct the post-bye blues and Jordan Murdoch has not been playing in the winning finals. Before tonight, he played in 5 finals and has not played in the winning team. Hopefully Geelong can correct this 2 part of the history.
I am sticking with the Cats due to its better playing experience in finals football.

Elimination final forecast: Melbourne vs Geelong