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I'm an all around sports enthusiast. My most memorable sporting moment was seeing the Socceroos qualify for the World Cup and then watching them play in Germany.



Agree that Arnold would go. Mat Ryan being captain and still only 29 as a goalkeeper won’t go. But they may shake up the squad and bring in some younger players looking to give the 2023 Asian Cup a good crack!

What is the Socceroos' path to automatic World Cup qualification?

Great thought Grem! Don’t know what sport would be second-most popular worldwide but football really is different to any other sport. I know the WC places open up from 2026 but so many Asian countries are getting better all the time so continual improvement is needed.

What is the Socceroos' path to automatic World Cup qualification?

What’s wrong with a balance of the two arguments? The starting line up had enough youth and inexperience anyway. At halftime when you’re 9-0 up give a debut and bring a player you’re likely to need later in the tournament 45 mins in her legs. Do the same at 60 mins. Then if no injuries give another player some time. As much as they’re there to win the Asian Cup there’s got to be some thought into that 2023 World Cup squad too.

'Really disappointed': Pundit tears into Matildas approach after Kerr breaks record in 18-0 win

Surely they can’t get away with not having a female expert and caller. It’s added so much to the Fox and Seven coverage.

Welcome back! Nine to return to cricket coverage at T20 World Cup

Not sure why the AFL wouldn’t allow it. Chance to attract some exposure to the game and imagine if a kid with vision difficulties sees Cox wearing them and normalising it.

Mason Cox plans to sport AFL-first new look in 2022

I’d get behind him over Kyrgios 100 times out of 100. Unfortunately the public loves the drama and journalists will keep giving it to them rather than writing considered articles such as this. Great piece Paul and good luck to Alex.

About time Australia rallied behind Demon as Open campaign heats up

No discrimination of any kind should be allowed or tolerated. Disgusting that this still happens.

'Love will always win': Cavallo suffers homophobic abuse during A-League match

Surely the decision is less about a team for the fifth test in an already won series and more about the ten tests on the sub-continent in 2022. Khawaja is much more likely to have an impact in those tests so have a look ahead to those games and what your team looks like.

'A huge call': Khawaja to be axed despite comeback ton, says Ponting

Feel like Simmons needs to make a call on his Boomers career well before Paris so they know where they stand either way. In or out?

Giddey is smashing records, but now he has to turn stats into wins

PeterCtheThird – the original headline focused more on the achievement rather than the last line of the article. But ah well. I don’t think he can do much more than he’s doing at the moment but I would hope that over the next 3-4 years this team progresses with Giddey a key element. Just look at the likes of Westbrook who is great for stats but terrible for team success and hope he is the complete opposite to that.

Giddey is smashing records, but now he has to turn stats into wins

Hopefully things settle soon or a bold call to go into a hub or series of hubs is made. If this is what’s happening with 12 A-league men’s teams and 10 A-league women’s teams, throw in 8 BBL teams, I can only imagine what happens when the 18 AFL and 16 NRL teams start to play. It’s a real shame for the A-league teams though, just need to play as many games as often as they can.

COVID playing havoc with A-League fixtures - more games postponed

Would like to see Cam Green get a score in this game. He’s been great with the ball with an average of 11, economy rate of 1.68 and 7 wickets, including some crucial scalps. However at a series average of 17.33 with the bat, I’m sure the selectors would like a little more from their number 6.

Khawaja gets his chance as Pat Cummins confirms Australia's XI for Sydney's Ashes Test

Mills will be 35 and Ingles will be 36. Delly will be 33 and Baynes will be 37. If any or all of them go to the Paris Olympics they’re surely looking at being role players rather than the focal points.

With Giddey, SGA and Dort they do have the opportunity to build something together. The key will be keeping them and adding pieces as they need it. In line for another high draft pick again this year. Get it right and anything could happen.

Giddey is smashing records, but now he has to turn stats into wins

Ah! I didn’t realise this was on SBS. I started tracking it when he was at 9-4-7 early in the third and thought he was a chance. How was his humility in the post-match interview? Said it was pretty cool or something like that. Haha!

NBA in awe of Josh Giddey as Aussie star sets triple-double record

Phenomenal effort from Josh! So humble in his approach. The ceiling is very high for this kid and he’s climbing quickly towards it.

NBA in awe of Josh Giddey as Aussie star sets triple-double record

Good trait to have if they go abroad for teams that like to play out from the back. Good luck to the kid!

Reds rout Phoenix for their first win of the season

Agree, didn’t have a heap to do but looked calm, particularly with the ball at his feet. Far too early to tell if he’ll make it but didn’t do himself any harm.

Reds rout Phoenix for their first win of the season

No, they won’t sit on their hands, but who do they go for? Surely the type of player they want longer term isn’t the same player that gets them out of a relegation dogfight. I’ve heard a rumour of Coutinhou. Good option if they survive this season but he’s not a scrapper that you need now. Perhaps some 6-month loans with player options to extend could be worth it.

Transfer rumours: The biggest names on the market

January is always a funny window. Not many big moves tend to be made so I wouldn’t be shocked if Haaland and Mbappe stay and move in the European summer but no doubt some smaller players will move. Having a World Cup at the end of this year may see more moves than usual antagonised by players looking for all important game time to make those World Cup squads.

Transfer rumours: The biggest names on the market

Thanks for the comment AMD.

Arsenal is fascinating to me. I grew up watching them dominate in the 90’s and would love to see them challenge again. Still unsure whether Arteta is the man to get them there but a lot of young talent coming through. Need to part ways with Aubameyang too, the way they picked up relatively unknown players like Henry and Van Persie and made them genuine stars is surely something they would like to replicate going forward.

I just can’t see Man City dropping many points on the run in, Liverpool and Chelsea don’t have the depth that City have to manage injuries, suspensions etc.

I think the next few years in La Liga will be very interesting to see how Real Madrid and Barcelona rebound given their restrictions. Any league benefits from a shake up. See Leicester and Real Sociedad.

Champions crowned, but what else does the second half of the EPL season have in store?

Obviously hard with current postponements but I really feel the a-leagues could learn something from the BBL. Most sports fans at this time of year will watch anything to get their fix and having at least one BBL game in every night means that’s what they will watch. While the ratings aren’t there at the moment, pulling the plug now will never allow a new audience to be attracted. Playing games more regularly through this time also helps spread the fixtures over 7 days rather than just 3.

Scheduling two A-League Men’s fixtures at the same time is simply ridiculous

Both amazing but Fraser-McGurk for me.

MUST WATCH: 'Unbelievable!' Is this utter BBL STUNNER better than Fraser-McGurk's?

Australia’s bowling depth has been showcased in this series but still question marks over the batters. The fact that a lot of options have been tested without nailing down their spots means there is little pressure on any of the top 5 if their form drops. There’s also a lot to do with the conditions. Completely different in England with the Duke ball.

Could Australia’s A team beat this English rabble in a Test?

In the seven match unbeaten run Kewell has played 349 minutes while Engelaar has played 379. But I take your point and Kewell’s influence on the squad can not just be measured purely in minutes played as the players lift whenever he is around the group.

Heart will be made to earn their finals spot

I would ordinarily not be picking either North or Og but with Sainsbury and Williams going down and Neill’s lack of game time we are quite stretched at center half. If we’re picking 4 centre halfs who would they be?

Ange has A-League players in sights