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Winx doesn’t need the Queen

Winx doesn't need the Queen

23 Mar 2018

On August 1, the mighty mare Winx turns seven, meaning she is heading towards the end of a brilliant career.

The little La Liga team that keeps raising the Eibar

10 Mar 2017

Back in July 2014, I wrote an article for The Roar about the remarkable rise of small town SD Eibar into the top league of Spanish football.

Brexit – bringing change to your football code

Brexit – bringing change to your football code

26 Jul 2016

With the referendum in the United Kingdom to leave the EU now a month old, now is a good time to speculate the possible effects on various football codes.

The Knights’ outside backs pickle

The Knights' outside backs pickle

17 Feb 2015

Not many pundits are rating the Newcastle Knights having a major impact on the 2015 NRL premiership. Currently they rate 11th of 16 in premiership odds.

Scrap the conferences to improve the NBA All Stars game

Scrap the conferences to improve the NBA All Stars game

17 Feb 2015

The application of a conference system in sports leagues has been a talking point recently.

NRL players aren’t overworked, they’re overpaid

NRL players aren't overworked, they're overpaid

29 Oct 2014

Much has been made of the withdrawals from the Four Nations tournament, not just from Australia but also from the New Zealand side.