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Spud was a good player. his opinion is about as valuable as that of Mark Geyer.

it is amazing how each of these clubs has a special culture that transcends generations.
hardly any outsider has coached Manly so its hard to say whether they would work

'Spudd' Carroll's ultimate bucket list for Manly

i have lost all interest in the CC from a betting viewpoint. hardly a decent australian stayer and a tonne of international horses who have never raced here

Caulfield Cup tips and preview

chill out

2018 AFL jerseys: The best, the worst, the most creative and the most original

agree, dont know why they chase european handicappers. people in europe dont care

Is Youngstar truly Ethereal?

Is Beale a decision maker on the board of Rugby Australia?

Beale wants Indigenous jersey at World Cup

i dont think its an issue with Queensland, i just think in general Australian classic winners are not that good anymore, especially compared to overseas horses

Is Youngstar truly Ethereal?

they are the former silvertails, the roosters are the team for people to hate!

You might like watching Manly suffer, but we need them

all great points especially about better analysis. the level and quality of breaking down play in the NRL is non existent.

my other wish is for the roosters to change their name back to Easts – they are not Sydney

My 2019 NRL wishlist

depends what you drink 🙂

Can you call yourself an A-League fan if you don't have Fox Sports?

i dont really care about the signage but i hate Alan Jones saying he speaks for the people when he only speaks for a certain sector. he is the elite and pretends to represent struggle street
Gladys reacted because she saw how a vicious media made mince meat of Turnbull

The Everest, the Opera House, and Alan Bloody Jones

just go and watch it at the pub

Can you call yourself an A-League fan if you don't have Fox Sports?

Waz – are your calculations based on most people getting the full package. i would say the majority are getting the cheaper package of 50 bucks a month in which your number s are way off

Can you call yourself an A-League fan if you don't have Fox Sports?

the most under rated day on the calendar.

Caulfield Guineas day: Group 1 previews and tips

shoals has won group 1 mares races only.

Shoals to scale Everest

congratulations. many vics go to the races. however in terms of qualityo f horses and racing the slipper and doncaster carnivals are equal to the melbourne spring

The Everest is not the Melbourne Cup, and should stop trying to be

the writer shows a poor understanding abuot horse racing. doesnt understand how the slots work and how the WFA system is better.

The Everest is not the Melbourne Cup, and should stop trying to be

really not sure who will win. I was a big believer in the Redzel and Trapeze artist formline but that came unstuck in the top quality Premiere last start. That field was better than 90% of Group 1 fields. perhaps the wind that day which was producing crazy quick times had something to do with it.
I admit i had egg on my face as i didnt rate shoals or Santa Ana lane. I thought that Shoals had won cheap group one mares races and i cant work Santa Ana lane out. the Rupert Clarke is a weak G1 and he won that at long odds before some poor runs. he won the goodwood which is another weak G1 before winning the straddy on a heavy 8.

As for Osborne Bulls, this is why the Everest cant be a proper Group 1. Godolphin put him in because they can afford to even though there are many others that are better

the prizemoney for the Everest is misleading too. its not really 13 million and shouldnt all be added to a horses total. the owners of the winner will only get half the money. the rest goes to the slot holders who are basically placing a 600k side bet

The Everest mega-preview and tips

i am not sold on Marshall King. As for Corey Harawira-Naera, i think itsa good buy and wonder how a club with apparently no cash could buy him.
As you said they played lock in the 90s, 25 years later the position is basically an extra prop and Foran can not do that role

Is Foran bad for the Bulldogs' rebuild?

i fail to see the connection with women backing each other and outing people that have committed assault?

BREAKING: All betting for The Everest suspended

“Screw university degrees and politicians, the bloke running the show needs to know footy inside and out, that’s the most important qualification”

spoken like someone with no idea

2019 NRL draw: How it should be scheduled

spoken like true Eastern suburbs person who doesnt realise Sydney is based in the west

2019 NRL draw: How it should be scheduled

a false analogy. Sydney uni since 2004 have been stronger than Randwick were

Why Randwick is vital to Wallaby success

you are a brilliant man

NRL retiree Luke Lewis involved in UFC debacle

here is some news. you are a thief

NRL retiree Luke Lewis involved in UFC debacle

“I’m sure Mitchell Pearce and the blokes from the Bulldogs would be filthy. They were hammered by Greenberg and other execs within the game and punished far more for doing the wrong thing when they were recorded without their knowledge for incidents that were far less serious.”

plenty of NRL players have been caught DUI over the last decade. totally different

Does the 'no dickhead' policy only apply to players?