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how many players has Mark Geyer called “a built for origin player” so far this year?

It’s Round 3 - lay off the State of Origin talk!

interesting article from Brad Walter showing the criteria used to remove souths in late 1999

Go ahead, move my team

plus its not 40 mil. its 9 mil which just relieves debt. the rest will come in dribs and drabs IF the property development is successful.

Go ahead, move my team

got some things wrong here
1) Izzy parents have lived most of their lives in Australia too. they moved here over 30 years ago
2) Tonga beating NZ in RL was not a massive upset
3) RU does not have the same issues with competitive games as does RL
4) you move does not grow the game on a global scale. tonga and Samoa are tiny markets that are already good at RU and its the number 1 sport there. the british nations already have been using players of heritage including players with one grand parent for a long time

A rule designed to improve countries with a population of 108,000 and 196,000 isnt going to do much.

The single rule change that could transform rugby union

Excellent question

NRL expansion: The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised

Mary – your story is factually incorrect
Dufty does not come on half way through the first half – in both games he has entered with 15-20 mins left and they have been down by 18 points
Both games they started well but when the reserve forwards come on they start leaking points.
The problems are defence around the edges and the middle

Any other new halves combination would be given time to gel – it took Cronk and Keary a while last year

The current spine combination may not be the answer but it’s too early and changing it mid game is not the problem

Musical chairs will cost the Dragons a finals spot

a truly terrible idea

Rugby league expansion back on the agenda in both hemispheres

I’m glad you left Caulfied out

The world's six greatest race courses

In Beatties defence, he was in Qld who had their own comp for the majority of the time Nicholls was a legend
He was more of a Sydney figure

Jokey tweets or strategic direction: What do you want from your ARLC chair?

“Rugby league Twitter is all at once a place full of hilarious content, incredibly knowledgable fans and mind-numbing idiocy that’ll reduce your IQ the instant you look at it”

Classic line AJ

Jokey tweets or strategic direction: What do you want from your ARLC chair?

Well Illawarra were a huge disappointment in their 17 tears as a solo identity. The area is not big enough financially to have its own team. The Illawarra part of the JV has been in debt for the last 18 years and has been carried by the st George side . Illawarra has needed to be bailed out twice by WIN corp
Crowds and support have not been bigger at any stage of the merger in Wollongong
The facilities at Kogarah are sufficient for an NRL club.
I don’t know how you could possibly think it’s easier to get to Wollongong than Sydney ?

Fact is club needs both sides and should remain equally divided
Check the crowd figures and Illawarra history of finances

NRL expansion: Where to and how should we do it?

congrats on a long list,
please give me a solid reasoning for Ilawarra – st george? besides illawarra not being in sydney?

NRL expansion: Where to and how should we do it?

a new and interesting topic but i will bite anyway

“Overall, they were the host of Lang Park 33 times and had a grand total attendance of 451,525, equalling 13,683 people per match. That’s not good enough. Sorry Todd, but a second Brisbane team will fail again”
so based a time 25 years ago when the games was in a shambles you say no Brisbane 2

equally as non convincing and contradictory

“The fans enjoy seeing their annual Roosters clash down there so why not give them a team? We know what happened with Adelaide Rams, but Super League was to blame for their failure.”

ok, so you ignored Super league for Crushers but not here. Hey , the enjoyed a one off game – lets give them a team. you get a team, you get a team, everyone gets a team

an article that totally ignores, demographics, finances, tv ratings, sponsorship or anything remotely important.
hey lets give Christchurch a team because its a quarter the size of Auckland but is on another island.
apparently the CC people are hardcore fanatics with a nice view

As for Perth “Every game we see there comes with a packed out stadium, so why not?” – this is simply not true

NRL expansion: Where to and how should we do it?

agree with Barry and Randy – non story

NRL TV ratings fall after horror off-season

its not higher standard, just more popular.
you could argue NZ A vs NZ b would be higher standard than nearly every other rugby team

Rugby's Andrew Hore in no position to call the NRL a tiddlywinks competition

Interesting exercise Scott , could also be a potential new wave tipping comp
Everyone does 1-16 now and for every place your selection is wrong you score a point . Eg tip Parra to be 13th and the come 15th you score 2
Lowest at the end of the year wins
Don’t have to put tips in each week but score changes weekly

The 2019 NRL ladder as voted by you

I don’t have an opinion as I don’t know the intricate details that the NRL discovered in each case
Anyone else that thinks they do is kidding themselves or extremely biased

If the Sharks title isn’t stripped then the Storm must get theirs back

you are joking about Lichaa?

Five fearless predictions for the 2019 NRL season

So who will take dragons and broncos place in the 8?

Canberra with a spine of sezer, Wighton at 6 and a rookie ?
Cowboys with an unproven full back and TMM?
Parra or Dogs ?

Five fearless predictions for the 2019 NRL season

The fact you ignore finances shows how little you understand

Why the Eagles should move to Gosford… again

You make no sense at all

Why the Eagles should move to Gosford… again

If they stay injury free they are a threat. To me they have a very strong 13 buy struggle with depth

NRL 2019 season preview: South Sydney Rabbitohs

yeah, the sharks can build a new stadium in Miranda?

Why the Eagles should move to Gosford… again

with what money?

Why the Eagles should move to Gosford… again

My first proposal is that the Dragons should permanently move to Wollongong and take two games to Kogarah so they can become a regional team with a name change to Illawarra-St George Dragons.

in 20 years of the JV crowds arent better in Wollongong than Kogarah so why would you move to wollongong? the lack of money by the steelers has been a problem since day 1 and they have twice needed to sell their stake

Why the Eagles should move to Gosford… again