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Peter's obsession with test match cricket is well known amongst his friends, often leading them to avoid him or quickly change the subject when he begins his analysis. Since 1980 the only Boxing Day test he has missed was when South Africa's return from their ban was washed out at the MCG. His daughters regularly accompany him to the test, retreating to the bar when he begins recalling matches he attended as a younger man.



What the team looks like by the time the England test team next tour will be interesting. Cricket Australia’s promotion of the series against Pakistan tells us ‘ya have to be there’ and this is the team of our generation. But I wonder about that statement. I would have thought the teams captained by Steve Waugh were in that category. Anyway, just as long as some succession planning for emerging players is front of mind for Cricket Australia.

Unifying the belts: Australia could become cricket’s first triple champions ... but Proteas can put the choke on them

Probably hard to resist delivering a small sledge at a press conference. But important to remember sometimes these comments can fire up an opposition. So you might get it back three fold. I recall Ricky Ponting as captain during an ashes series in England as he made some statements about how he expected Australia to win (and how well). It seemed to motivate England who took delight in achieving the opposite result to what the Aussie captain predicted. There’s something to be said for praising your opposition and along the way, almost making them like you and therefore not go as hard when the game is on.

‘It's kind of folklore, isn't it?’ Cummins slips in cheeky choking dig at Proteas as Aussies bank on experience factor in semi

I hate that I love sport. Or cricket in particular. When Carlton lose, it’s over in a few quarters and I can return to the scotch bottle and get on with life. But when Australia are losing a test, it can be three to five days of death by a thousand cuts. There isn’t enough blood pressure medication in all the pharmacies of Australia to get me through a losing test. But I can’t look away, just like driving past a car accident. After the triumphs over South Africa, that crest of a wave that carried me through Melbourne’s excuse for a summer has now dumped me. And I dread that India has put scars on our test team and the stitches are going to break open during the ashes series.

Is it better to have loved sport and lost than to never love sport at all? It's made me a terrible person

Thanks for the article Peter. Some important questions asked and I especially take the point about where are our emerging players. I was surprised at South Africa’s performance, always recognising them as a determined and proud side. Perhaps their domestic competition is not delivering at the moment. When Australia has lost heavily in the past there’s been reviews and investigations. I can’t imagine that South Africa will let this pass without looking into where things went wrong. Apparently we next tour there in 2026 and it’ll be interesting as to where they are at then. By that time Australia may have experienced changes and retirements too.

What is wrong with South African cricket?

Appreciate your comment Sheek. I just can’t imagine life without it. It wasn’t a huge first and second day crowd but hopefully the TV ratings might indicate what you are predicting is some way off

Why soccer isn't the world's only beautiful game

My mistake I’m afraid. Too much rushing at this time of year. Hopefully wasn’t thinking of Stuart Broad. Asked the editor team to change and they obliged

Why soccer isn't the world's only beautiful game

Very much like that idea of poetry in motion

Why soccer isn't the world's only beautiful game

Yes, that’s fair enough. Tough at 32 to be too late. I really like the length he bowls. Such a hard worker and probably deserves a longer career but hard to break through. He is probably destined to be the bowler who will be the guy who fills in.

Cummins only 50-50 chance as WA speed demon gets shock Test squad call-up with Neser

Seems to be a time where there are so many talented fast bowlers available. Even internationally with a number of sides offering strong pace bowlers. Looks like the wait continues for Michael Neser

Cummins only 50-50 chance as WA speed demon gets shock Test squad call-up with Neser

Perhaps the matter can end here. These remarks appear to have a tone of conciliation so it would be good if things are now smoothed over. (And quite possibly they aren’t, the first time Langer makes a critical comment on Channel 7 it could all flare up again). There is however a test match less than a week away so I’d welcome the conversations changing to be about that

'Outstanding human', 'my little brothers' - JL can't stop talking, and his comments get weirder by the day

We really don’t need this going on with the first test against the West Indies only a week away. There’s likely to be some niggle against South Africa in that series given how things went the last time we played them. This debate just adds tension and distraction. Let’s pass out the chamoille teas and focus on the demanding days and contests ahead.

Langer unloads on Cummins: 'What is brutal is I’m hearing it behind my back through the media'

Could boost crowd numbers if he was playing in the Tassie Shield team…or at least by one, I’d enjoy going along and seeing him play.

‘Finish career on his own terms’: Paine making comeback with Tasmania but Test days over

I admit I at times tired of his ‘in my day’ stories. But during his era as a player he certainly helped drive Australia to success after what had been an uninispiring period. This article was spot on and I doubt the man himself would disagree with it.

Chappell least popular of Nine’s fab four but more commentators should adopt his forthright approach

Enjoyed the article Max, thank you. And can only hope the right people are also asking these questions as we progress towards our next series and of course the India tour. Your article also reminds me of how long it seems since both opening positions have been settled. Probably going back to when Cameron Bancroft and Joe Burns had these roles. Now that Khawaja seems first choice, the spotlight falls on Warner. An interesting period between this season’s home series up to the end of next year’s ashes awaits.

What lessons will Australia learn from the tour of Sri Lanka?

It’s quite the turnaround. Can’t remember the last time England looked truly inspired. Maybe when Andrew Strauss was captain. Or Douglas Jardine! Australia may well be facing a different side to the one skittled in the last ashes series here. (In terms of mindset rather than players). Not great for the heart rate when sitting up late watching those test matches next year.

England batting like 'rock stars' as they make 4th innings record chase look easy

I appreciated and enjoyed this article although am in a slightly more forgiving mood that Paul who wrote it. That Smith showed his exasperation was quite human I thought, and something I do when the kids dent the car, don’t help with the washing or don’t put away the dirty dishes (because I’m busy watching the cricket). Whilst Smith was upset, my expectation was that there’d be a quiet word from either Andrew McDonald or Pat Cummins to let him know by all means talk about what happened but no angry exchanges that might put someone off their game. Although I’m sure Smith in his role as former captain and a leader is well aware of this.

Smith’s petulant run-out tantrum tarnishes the hard work he’s done to repair public image

This is an incredibly well researched article. All I can add is that I recall being at the MCG in 1983 watching Yallop absolutely dominate over Pakistan in their tour match against Victoria. (A match where Victoria made a first innings of 555 and lost). Yallop made 220 and appeared at the peak of his powers. I’ve never forgotten his knock and its sheer power.

The hot and cold of Graham Yallop, the anti-David Hookes

This will be interesting. I can’t help but think he may have benefitted from a middle step, such as coaching a county or Shield team. But he’s a positive and articulate person who will grow into the role, with every chance he’ll bring along the team with him. Must be odd for him to take on New Zealand so early in his coaching career but he quite likely knows them well and can utilise that. I note Pat Cummins is one of a number saying international test cricket needs England to do well to build interest and this may be the beginning of rebuilding a team who had a result in the West Indies that suggests they are still suffering from a heavy ashes loss. I hope McCullum does well, without doing too well.

'Buckle up and get ready for the ride': McCullum appointed England Test coach

Great story and had Roy’s name not been mentioned in it, many of us would have guessed it was about him anyway. It fits his humour and big personality.

BRETT GEEVES: The night Roy threw a beer at my head and won my heart forever

Thanks for the article Paul. It seems a long road back for England currently. South Africa must be anticipating a successful series against them in the coming northern summer. Especially following home soil losses by England to New Zealand and in the unfinished series against India. England should go back to their strategies years ago that eventually resulted in a strong side lead by Andrew Strauss. With Strauss in his current role, he’s in the box seat to draw on the ideas from that time.

Can anyone tell me what's going on with English Test cricket?

Thanks for another insightful article Paul. As you say, that offer of 6 months was no way to handle this. I expect the Pakistan tour will be a baptism of fire for Andrew McDonald. I can only wonder what is Langer’s side to this story. Perhaps we have to wait for the Netflix series.

Should Nick Hockley still have his job?

It’s awful when the scrutiny of the coach reaches this level. It seems to be also happening in the Socceroos currently, and I recall the week by week putting David Teague under the microscope last year when he coached Carlton. You want to feel confident in the strategies, team choices and techniques of the coach of the team you support. I feel there’s a lot of contradicting information coming out about JL, some journalists highlighting poor treatment of him as well as Cricket Australia issuing denials. I just hope for his sake, the players and the success of the coming Pakistan tour, this can all be resolved quickly.

'Please stop yelling': Why time has run out for 'volatile', 'pork chop' Langer

I wouldn’t want to be the one telling Anderson he won’t play Hobart. Wouldn’t that deprive him of a chance to play what could be his final ashes test in Australia? Plus the history of being the first in Hobart? Of course there’s also the small matter of his having opportunity to add to the incredible number of wickets he’s taken. Who knows, he may even play a pivotal role in this test.

Ashes Scout: Call for England to end career of 'elephant in the room' Anderson, Boland's fitness battle

Thanks Jeff and I think you’re right. Tour matches are becoming a thing of the past it would seem.

Aussies consider SCG debut for spinner Swepson

A few years ago it would have been possible to let him return to Shield cricket to work things out. The Shield at that stage was played at the same time as the tests. But this option is no longer available.

Future star or not, this is why Cameron Green should be dropped for Hobart Test