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Peter's obsession with test match cricket is well known amongst his friends, often leading them to avoid him or quickly change the subject when he begins his analysis. Since 198o the only Boxing Day test he has missed was when South Africa's return from their ban was washed out at the MCG. His daughters regularly accompany him to the test, retreating to the bar when he begins recalling matches he attended as a younger man.



It’s said employers now check Facebook and social media before offering a job to someone. Just making sure no one has posted pants down pictures or said something inflammatory. The ECB will be doing this from now on I’m guessing. Thanks for the article Paul, many minefields opening up it would seem.

Can England close the lid on their Ollie Robinson-sized can of worms?

Oh dear. Main reason I kept the Kayo subscription was for this. If this doesn’t go ahead I’ll be cancelling the pizza and beer deliveries over the duration. Meaning the Victorian economy will collapse.

UPDATED: Want to watch the World Test Championship final in Australia? You might not be able to

This will never go away. Just like the discussion and documentaries on the underarm delivery all those years later. I heard also the possibility of a book from David Warner was on the cards, no doubt giving his side of the story. Maybe it won’t happen but can imagine publishers lining up once he has retired.

Clarke fires back in ball-tampering debate

Very interesting Matth and well thought through. Statistics end up being just part of the story. Does Adam Voges average of over 61 tell the entire story of his strengths and not so strengths? The average of Ricky Ponting reflects some brilliant innings but doesn’t show how his ability began to fade towards the end of his career. (Not just him either). Does the Mark Waugh average indicate what could have been (potential) rather than what was achieved? The list goes on. All I’m sure of is that it seems a long way to next summer.

Lies and damn lies: Cricket’s debatable statistics

It was certainly a time to be savioured. I think a number of Australian supporters find it hard to accept our more recent struggles as the side referred to in this article remains our high tide mark. It may well have been a ‘generational team’ which we won’t see the likes of again for a long period.

Advance Australia unfair: The most dominant Test team of all time

Enjoyed the read Paul. Glad in fact I made time to look in on your latest, finding it a little hard to stay up with Roar writings. It leaves me contemplating who else could do JL’s job if he stood down. Chris Rogers maybe but I’d venture not yet. I expect it will be some time before we consider an overseas coach again. I hope we see a great performance from the Australians this summer and with it more confidence in JL.

Running the rule over Justin Langer

Interesting article. Also demonstrates how injuries and physical conditions have played a part in cutting down potential. I’m reminded of how close Pat Cummins must have come to being on this list with his stress fractures.

James Muirhead and Australia's other fallen cricket prodigies

Thanks for an intriguing article Paul. I’m interested in how England will perform against the New Zealanders, whether the seaming attack of the tourists will show up the English batting. If England falters, will be a good indication for the Australians. I’m sure England have done some homework on the Indian series victory here and where the Aussies have frailties. Thanks again.

Where do England stand after the Indian Test series?

England had such momentum and confidence after the first test, and then…

An English lesson on how not to play a Test series in India

I totally agree and welcome the day when a fully fit Pattinson takes his place in the team. If memory serves me correctly (it doesn’t always), Pattinson was unable to play in the Australia A team against India. That would have been fascinating to see where he was at. Perhaps there may be a tour match for him to show his ability against England while the tourists prepare for the first test. Hopefully he can then make an impression the selectors cannot ignore.

James Pattinson will take an Ashes spot next summer

Enjoyed the article, thanks Paul. Also of interest, and a possible indicator will be the series between England and NZ mid year. Hopefully England don’t get back too much of their mojo!

For Australia's sake, India need to continue dominating England

I’ve always found it interesting how the West Indies sides were so brilliant and dominant, but only to eventually go into a decline they’ve struggled to come out of. There was a period, under Jimmy Adams as captain I think, where they lost 7 games in Australia in succession, test and tour matches included. One loss was a one dayer to an Australia Institute of Sport side. It’s said Clive Lloyd was one of the few leaders able to truly captain the side with all those players technically from differing countries where there were even some language differences. I remain in awe of that era of their success and can only wonder if they will again one day field such a gifted team.

The search is on for Caribbean flair

Wish I could disagree but this article is right. I’m impressed that England won the first test. That’s often a time when touring teams falter because they are still adjusting to conditions. It’s only early days but the signs are there Australia will be strongly challenged next summer.

Vastly improved England are charging towards the Ashes

Thanks Tom. Was about to email the relos to say please, no engagements or weddings that day. Now I see it’s a Tuesday so the game will be played through the week. As you say, there is a one dayer however.

Australia's postponed South African tour sets up brilliant domestic finale

I largely agree with the point of this article, whilst suspecting the England team could well be jaded from such a long period on the road and heavy schedule. Perhaps they over committed. But England also have a rotation plan which will go some of the way in addressing this. I wonder whether Cricket Australia could find a way to bring some of the Shield season forward to get our guys playing well in advance given the lack of tests.

England's giant Ashes advantage due to uneven Test schedule

Does add some intrigue to the remaining Shield games! Not sure however I’ll be able to take my place at the MCG, too close to AFL season. The ground will most likely be under preparation for that. Doesn’t seem that long ago you could go in March and spend a day in the sun watching a state game.

Australia's postponed South African tour sets up brilliant domestic finale

England could have taken a page from the 2010 tour book when led by Andrew Strauss. That team eased themselves into the series, playing several tour matches before the first test, followed by a 3 dayer against Victoria after the first test. They were fine tuned and prepared for our conditions and ultimately performed well, including decimating Australia for a first innings score under 100 on Boxing Day. But with the schedule described in your article, a thorough lead in will be difficult. I’ve heard they have requested two tour matches prior to the ashes tour. They may well be concerned about fatigue. Thanks for another interesting article Paul.

England’s approach to the India series and Test cricket this year

Pretty sure you are spot on about T20. Whilst I’m not a fan it looks like it isn’t going anywhere soon. Considering the depth of the Indian team we recently witnessed, they seem to have a domestic competition able to supply test ready players. Our remaining Shield games meanwhile are being played too late to have any bearing on selections for South Africa.

Australia badly needs an A tour this year

Tremendous points Paul. More than ever I also feel the gap between Shield and test has widened. The step up from Sheffield Shield has become dauting, the success of Marcus Harris and Matthew Wade at state level haven’t translated to consistent test performance. Regularly utilising an Australia A is a step in the right direction to address this. Having said that, the performances in our Australia A matches against India demonstrated a lack of depth. Thanks for the article.

Australia badly needs an A tour this year

The series between England and India looks intriguing. At first I thought India will be tired after the long Australian tour. (Those T20 games at the start of the tour seem so long ago). But after seeing how deep they can dig, plus their playing at home, I expect England are in for a tough time.

Ashes niggle in January? Strap in for a long year

Enjoyed the article Ronan, thank you. I’m more unsure about Travis Head. I’m not saying he’ll never return to the team but I feel he’d benefit more from a few Shield games. In particular I’d like to see him work on what to me looks like a loss of concentration after he’s made a start. Often he does the hard work and begins to settle in, only to then get out. Some Shield games would help him address that discipline. Mental toughness will overall be necessary in South Africa, I expect their players and crowd may well serve it up to our team.

Pattinson and Head in Australia's best XI for South Africa Tests

Thanks for the article. I remember many years ago Kerry O’Keefe stating Starc didn’t have enough of the ‘x factor’ to become a key bowler for Australia. I am curious as to what Pattinson and Neser will bring to the team if they get a chance. I get the feeling Starc feels jaded. Probably how I am every Monday morning.

Is Mitchell Starc lucky to still be playing Test cricket?

I also favour Ben McDermott and add that he scored a century in the second Australia A game against India. I’m reluctant to bring back Travis Head. He certainly makes starts but frequently gets out soon after, as if his concentration drops off. Perhaps Alex Carey remains an option too, although I’m not suggesting him as wicketkeeper. It’s a shame about Matthew Wade. Successful at Shield level, played some spanking shots in the tests but whether it is a rush of blood or something else but good shot selection at crucial times seems to elude him. Thanks for the article.

Who should Australia pick to play South Africa?

The mental scars on Australia will be significant. Especially losing in Brisbane. How to come back from that? Well, India did from their 36 all out. How they recovered from that and went on to win rewrites the manual. I’m sure too England are busy taking notes with an eye on their tour next summer. I doubt we’ll see any captaincy change if there’s a series against South Africa. The batting is however likely to be under scrutiny and Matthew Wade could well be a casualty.

Tim Paine's time as captain is done as Australia crumble to humiliation against India

Thanks for the article. Until a couple of seasons ago it was the MCG pitch that was under scrutiny. It was if a lane of our local freeway had been dug up and laid down for the Boxing Day test. I noticed a couple of Nathan Lyon deliveries in Brisbane appeared to hit a crack and jag away but not much other assistance. The Australians understandably believed 5th day conditions would be a factor but it just wasn’t there for them.

Australia is far from pitch perfect