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History suggests Proteas fancy Perth

As social media, water coolers, television and computer screens, barbecues and of course the Australian cricket-loving community prepare for the start of an International summer once again, I have chosen to take a look back at some of the more recent history between the Australians and South Africans at the WACA.

Yep, it makes little sense why. The factors in selecting him previously were different, and it was almost as though he was selected irrespective of form and numbers, but because he suited the character requirements of that ill-faited period, possessing the chirp and ‘mongrel’ that apparently Peter Nevill did not.

Are selectors prepared to go with their double standards?

I agree they should, from a pure cricket perspective. They still remain the number 1 and 2 test bats in the country. That said, Australia have lost in England (twice) with both in the setup.

Renshaw and Patterson playing for Ashes spots in Sheffield Shield

Yeah it’s a good point. While I don’t think any of Burns, Patterson or Head deserve to be displaced, they’d want the back end of this Shield to be very strong. Perhaps if it was a close call, Renshaw’s credits in the bank on the county scene may help.

Renshaw and Patterson playing for Ashes spots in Sheffield Shield

Renshaw would be an asset at the top playing in the UK, especially with the County form pointed out. He seems to possess the ideal grinding style game that is required.
It’s such a great shame he has hardly been able to score a run since, and that combined with the surplus opening candidates, it would take something miraculous for Renshaw to usurp any of the most recent XI, plus Smith and Warner.

Renshaw and Patterson playing for Ashes spots in Sheffield Shield

Agree – definitely the most likely to succeed Paine, and I don’t have an issue with that. However his domestic OD and T20 form continues to be modest at best, coupled with a 70s strike rate. There is so much more flexibility if Handscomb takes the gloves, which he is capable of doing for just 50 overs. An extra bat could be included.

Just don’t see it happening though, in the upcoming series or the WC. They have cornered themselves by making Carey VC somewhat, and seem determined to make it work. If he’s going to stay in these sides, I think it has to be in the middle order, with time to build into an innings, and not requiring pure firepower.

Peter Handscomb can play a key role in T20s against India

Tend to agree; papers unoficially stamped for mine. For whatever reason – and I can’t help think the selectors are bringing character/culture into it – they just seem totally unwilling to select him in any format, despite finding the form of his life that he might never replicate again.

Why Matthew Wade is better off not playing for Australia

Yep, that or at least allowing him to bat in the middle order, where he is suited to the longer form. Utter madness to open in Australia against that Indian attack…probably well and truly messed with him mentally. His ODI form was concerning before the Indian tests, but I think that stint only aggravated things.

Funny game cricket, but Glenn Maxwell ain't laughin'

Not sure one innings will solely impact his International career though! Three of his last four BBL innings prior included 61, 82 and 43 n.o

Renegades snatch BBL title after Stars' epic collapse

In a season that’s seen widespread criticism of the competition – most of justified too, for mine – this is exactly the coup CA needed to finish the show. That’s not to suggest there aren’t deeper issues with the setup of the comp, but at least they will win maximum attention and interest today, when they otherwise may not have.

The BBL final Cricket Australia has secretly always wanted

And he’s having the Jimmy Anderson impact looking just as impressive with age.

Christian’s domestic T20 form has been mouthwatering the last couple of years, he is simply a gun for hire in the twilight of his career. I don’t see him being picked for the WC, but could he do a job in the T20 WC next year?

Australia need a bowling all-rounder in ODIs

Think it’s the 2012-13 Aus home season being referred to.
Quiney played the SA tests, even with Hughes primed and in great form, Quiney was out of his depth and Hughes played the Sri Lanka tests which followed.

Pucovski is the future, not quite the present

He doesn’t need to be the present anyway, given he is still 20, with less than 10 FC matches to his name, and with the issues he has had. I’d be wary of throwing him in too early, and what a few failures might do to him. There is no doubting the abundance of talent on hand though, and a more than bright future exists.

Pucovski is the future, not quite the present

Smith as the gun, premier bat in the side is undoubtedly a huge asset, and should be all he needs to focus on being for mine.

Pat Cummins: First the Allan Border Medal, next the captaincy

It might classify as an all-rounder in Australia, but nowhere else haha

What a sign of the times.

Cummins will remain a perfect number 8 I think, and his stats reflect this. Definitely has the defence and technique of a top-six player, but doubt we will ever see him there.

Pat Cummins: First the Allan Border Medal, next the captaincy

I’m more confident about Australia’s ODI batting now, than I was at the start of the season. However, the risk of too many accumulating/nudging types remains, even if they are up to International standard. I don’t think producing 280-320 type totals will win the preceding series, and more so, simply won’t stack up in the World Cup if they want to challenge.

Whatever tactic Australia employs with the bat, they will need sufficient firepower – that can still handle quality International attacks – to produce 350+ on most occasions.

Australia face a nightmare tour of India

I came across a tweet detailing (for memory) that despite 13 additional H&A matches this season, compared to last, (43 to 56) aggregate crowd number has increased merely by about 3200.

What Cricket Australia must do to fix the Big Bash for 2020

Like the proposed changes a lot. At any case, the BBL must make retaining top-tier overseas guns a priority, because we’ve seen the impact of a BPL offering players more dollars for a shorter period of work. Make no mistake, on the T20 scene, players will more or less go where the best financial offers lay. This is without even mentioning the lack of Australian star players at times, and having these guys available for the entire tournament should be a no-brainer.
On the point of condensing the tournament length, yes – completely agree. Anything to ensure fans aren’t left feeling like the whole thing is dragging out unnecessarily. You probably wouldn’t even notice the impact of 59 matches if they are crammed into a shorter period.
On top of that, there’s just too many distractions which are a turn off for people attending, whether it’s the constant, unnecessary sounds that are sometimes too loud to hear the person next to you, ridiculous bright, moving advertising and manufactured crowd energy which actually has a reverse effect. It’s great there’s so much for kids to capture their interest, given they are the real target market, but adults attend too, and they must be careful not to turn them away.

What Cricket Australia must do to fix the Big Bash for 2020

Very much this. I don’t think they will look at Wade as a keeper again. Paine is still the best gloveman in the country I believe.

Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

Little dark horse heading into the finals? Assuming they stay in, of course. I recall similar way back in the second season when they claimed their only title.

Cutting-Bryant BBL carnage leads Heat to finals

Wade definitely possesses the superior form and strike-rate to Carey, and I find it baffling they haven’t gone down this path. Whatever the case, I think the assertions many have made about the selectors putting a line through his name for national selection could have some truth.

Whether this is behavior/culture related, I’m not sure, or if they just don’t trust his keeping in any International scene. He is pushing a firm case as a pure bat, similar to the test selection discussion. Some people somewhere just may not want him anywhere near the setup, but I’d like to be proven wrong with the white-ball form he is in.

Wade snubbed again as Australia reveal ODI squad for India tour

None of them are in great touch, but I’d still label them International quality. What I think they lack is stability – shifting and changing batting positions almost every match can’t be helping. Bairstow is capable at 3 without the gloves, but needs to nail that place leaving Root at 4.

For all his aggression, Stokes averages 33 in test cricket. He is an ideal number 6 for mine, but shouldn’t be higher. Probably leaves Buttler at 5; is that too high? Foakes and Ali at 7 and 8 respectively is a bit of a luxury, it’s just that they have surplus options for these positions, and a lack of top order quality.

Why Australia are still firm Ashes underdogs

Much more suited to opening in short-form. Khawaja can be very dangerous early, with the field up, and going hard – just look at how he launched the Thunder to a title win in the BBL a few seasons back.

Wade snubbed again as Australia reveal ODI squad for India tour

I personally would open with Wade, given his form, irrespective of ODI record. And as for his questionable keeping abilities, I think you can probably get away with it for 50 overs. That said, I would equally be happy to see Bancroft given a look at playing the same role.

Not to knock Carey too much, but unsure at the moment; he needs to impress now in these ODI matches to ensure he makes the WC squad. Can’t help think still they cornered themselves with the vice-captaincy job, but then again, as I have commented elsewhere, that clearly doesn’t guarantee a player’s selection either – see M.Marsh in test side.

Wade snubbed again as Australia reveal ODI squad for India tour

And likely their logic for his non-selection in the test middle order. Why go back to a tried 31 year-old who battled at test level previously, when you can focus on long-term prospects with multiple seasons of FC runs like Patterson.

Wade snubbed again as Australia reveal ODI squad for India tour

Heck Rogers at 41 could just about open the batting in this Ashes series and score well. Patterson is the one test newbie in particular who I see with a circumspect, patient game to bat for long periods and succeed in English conditions.

England's Ashes weaknesses exposed by Windies