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Recently completed a Bachelor of Communication and Media (Sports Media) at the University of Canberra, based in Sydney. Lover of all sports, specialise in Formula 1. Support the ACT Brumbies in Rugby, Manly Sea Eagles in League and Sydney Swans in the AFL. As for the American leagues, it's New Orleans Saints in the NFL, New York Yankees in the MLB and Philadelphia 76's in the NBA.



The main point is that the Raiders are not based in NSW but have to travel by air to play their “home” games. I understand it’s a short flight. But why is it that all the other non-NSW based teams (except NZ) can play in their own stadium

Travel woes incoming for the Raiders

Completey agree. It’s all opinion based and i think that the Raiders should be allowed to play at their home stadium along with other non-NSW based teams

Travel woes incoming for the Raiders

It’s more that fact that the other non-NSW based teams are able to play at their home stadium but the Raiders can’t.

Travel woes incoming for the Raiders

I respect the details in your comment, thank you. Where i’m trying to come from is why is it that all the teams based outside of NSW (except the Warriors) are allowed to play at their home stadium but the Raiders can’t?

Travel woes incoming for the Raiders

Where i’m trying to come from is why is it that all the teams based outside of NSW (except the Warriors) are allowed to play at their home stadium but the Raiders can’t?

Travel woes incoming for the Raiders

But not past midnight having to fly in and fly out the same day as the match.

Travel woes incoming for the Raiders

Yes, they are flying.

Travel woes incoming for the Raiders

How is it a discriminatory view if it’s a religious that has been around for hundreds/thousands of years

Rugby union would be a more inclusive, kinder place without Israel Folau and his backwards views

How dare you say that his views are not welcome in society. We live in a world where everyone has the right to express the opinion. Just because his view on homosexuals is different to yours does not mean that he is wrong and you are right. Get a grip and show some respect for his religious beliefs.

Rugby union would be a more inclusive, kinder place without Israel Folau and his backwards views

No way Ferrari will let Red Bull poach Leclerc, he’s been in their academy for a number of years. If they don’t put him in the red seat next year i think they might try and get him in the more competitive Haas. As for Ocon, Mercedes were apparently trying to get him into the Renault for next year but now that’s a no go, I think he will be staying put in the Force India or even Williams if Lawrence Stroll ends up buying the team.

Who replaces Ricciardo at Red Bull?

Let’s hope or the best that Force India doesn’t go under. For a number of years they were the best pound-for-pound team in F1, always pushing above their weight. There is so much history in that team and it would be a shame for it to just disintegrate into thin air. As for the hundreds of staff i wish them all the best

Force India must be saved for the good of Formula One

It’s very sad that i kind of agree with you Tim. But remember for nearly twenty years Melbourne has been the race that many of the teams and drivers enjoy coming to to mark the beginning of the season. I completely understand if the Victorian gov decide to scrap because it is a financial loss each year. For our sake i hope it remains.

Could Melbourne be squeezed out?

Yes he has been unfortunate however he has not shown the potential speed of the Torro Rosso like Gasly has been able to in qualifying and races. Dr Helmut will want a junior driver in the seat next year. I was surprised Hartley was given the seat in the first place seeing as though he pursued WEC for a number of seasons.

Mid season motorsport review: Team-by-team analysis

It would be great to see Leclerc get into a Ferrari seat however i think he is still too young. Can a 20 year old handle the pressures of being the face of one of the largest brands in the world as well as deliver on track? I rate him as a driver and bloke and think he is the next big thing but i just think it’s too early for him. More rumours that Raikkonen is leaving at the end of the year possibly to Mclaren. Danny Ric really needs to capitalise on this vacancy if he wants a chance of winning a championship thanks to another mechanical failure in Austria and swap to Honda engines for next year.

Is Charles Leclerc ready for Ferrari?

I do really believe that Bottas is a great driver. Although he is consistently performing well there have been no stand-out drives he has done. On one hand i wish him the best and deserve a championship but on the other hand he needs to be driving better than what he has done.

Why Bottas deserves a new Mercedes deal

I’m loving the close games and many upsets so far this season, except for when it comes to tipping and whether or not to have a punt LOL. My main worry is the Cowboys, they have so much x-factor players but it seems they just can’t gel their plays together. I applaud the way the Dragons have performed, Ben Hunt has been buy of the season, Blake Green (Warriors) second to that. Will be interesting when Origin starts and whether or not the Dragons start to slip down the ladder if many of their players get called up for NSW or QLD

What a wonderfully unpredictable competition the NRL is

Great idea! However ordering all overseas players back home to Tonga or Fiji etc. means they wont be earning anythig close to what they are in European tournaments. Will it come down to financial security or playing for their country?

It's time for a rugby revolution in the southern hemisphere

I definitely think more people would turn up but not maybe only a couple of thousand. I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks time when the Brumbies take on the Sunwolves on a Sunday afternoon.

Boredom at Super Rugby matches leaving fans cold

Having Haas up there is great! Magnussen has been out performing Grosjean by a mile and demonstrates he deserves his seat. I think its time Grosjean moves on, he is not performing and hasn’t for a while now.

Haas still learning to play with the big boys

Can’t wait for the new season! Interesting to see that you have Haas up there, i reckon Force India will be the dark horse again this season. Three way battle hopefully between Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari with all six drivers fighting for the championship!

A new season dawns: 2018 F1 championship predictions

I think it’s highly unlikely Ricciardo will pursue McLaren. McLaren basically have to win several races and contend for the championships for him to consider a move there. McLaren is also set on keeping Alonso and Vandoorne for future years.

What next for Daniel Ricciardo?