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Love AFL, rugby union and cricket. Great to have an opportunity to write. On Twitter @reschsreal



A very VFL focus unfortunately Tim, and I guess our inherent bias will always come to the fore.

I would argue that you could have the 05-06 tandem as an almighty duo of GFs, both contrasting yet pulsating played between the same teams.

The 2012 GF is also right in there – just the quality on show from the two teams that day with the Swans pinching it.

I would also have the 1989 as number 1. The old man and I have a DVD of that game and it really was where old footy meets new.

Five grand finals that truly deserve their 'classic' status

PD – right with you on this one.

Ben’s completely missed the point – everyone reckons Cotchin was having a go at the footy – but this is not how the MRP has assessed these cases this year. It simply proves the point – the tribunal is irrelevant come Grand Final week.

The Cotchin decision was the right decision and we all know it

Sloane one would be interesting if his feet left the ground – I would need to look at it again. When I saw it on Fri night it struck me more as two blokes with a huge front on collision both going for the ball. Ellis to me is more a fine – but again if his feet left the ground it could create more interest.

MRP and AFL caught in a Cotch 22

I dont think he went out to give him a concussion. Any my comment is on how MRP have adjudicated hits to the head this year in these similar circumstances.

MRP and AFL caught in a Cotch 22

Axle – while I agree it would be harsh decision – what about Cotchin’s two punches earlier this year? I dont think we would be having this discussion now.

MRP and AFL caught in a Cotch 22

True Tiger – I agree he was going for the footy – however the way the MRP has gone this year it creates a very interesting dilemma. I certainly think he should play, but if he does (on what they have adjudicated already this year on similar things) there is no point having them sit in GF week. Good luck this week 🙂

MRP and AFL caught in a Cotch 22

MRP and AFL caught in a Cotch 22

Not under-rated in my view – one of the two or three greatest ever.

Will Buddy be the last 1000-goal legend?

Agreed – physically he puts himself in great position, but unforunately those shoulders can’t go where they used to.

Will Buddy be the last 1000-goal legend?

Cam – Hawks one week – Swans the next – you must be in seventh heaven!

Few points to add to your great article.

How good is the Swans drafting despite all the restrictions and dribble that has been imposed on them? All those players who have sought opportunities elsewhere – amazing list. It show-cases how good that department is – if it was a Melbourne club’s recruiting department they would be nominated for OAMs!.

One key point – it is not the injuries letting the team down – it is the very poor performance of the experienced players. Grundy and Smith are way off at the moment in defence, and one of the worst culprits who was spared your wrath above was Kieran Jack. He has been terrible. Parker has read too much of his press about being a top 10 player.

Going forward, anything from McVeigh is a bonus but not guaranteed – you could see last year he had lost the penetration in his kick – those wonderful and under-estimated 40 metre pinpoint passes were 20-25m – the curse of tightening calves and hamstrings.

I still think Longmire needs to work his forward structure as well – it just seems to be all about lining Buddy up on the left side of the field 55m from goal. They desperately need crumbers around Sam Reid – no front and centre is killing them.

Young team and they won’t be far off again in a year or two.

Injuries no excuse for flailing Sydney

Cheers mate glad you liked.

The ARU - Tell 'em they're dreaming!

Thanks Mr Denuto is my fave

The ARU - Tell 'em they're dreaming!

Hear hear – John Clarke was a treasure.

The ARU - Tell 'em they're dreaming!

I was trying to work out how to get Farouk in 🙂

The ARU - Tell 'em they're dreaming!

Thanks mania glad you enjoyed

The ARU - Tell 'em they're dreaming!

You are onto something with Parker – but the Swans disposal by foot has been their achilles for a long time. Buddy is their best field kicker by a long shot, and without Rampe the team lacks significant precision.

The other aspect is they suffer at both ends of the ground in going up in groups leaving no one committed for the crumb.

The real reason the Swans are losing (it's not the youngsters)

Well prepared – bowlers yes. But Steve Smith hid some very fundemental cracks in the batting – and to even start Mitch Marsh was unforgivable at the expense of Khawaja.

Three major reasons why Australia's tour of India was a failure

Agreed – shame first half of last year he was awesome as a ruck forward.

Round 2's biggest winners and losers

The skills one is interesting – Collingwood contain a multitude of what Jack Dyer would say are ‘good ordinary footballers’.

I still think their recruitment strategy (with a bit of bad luck along the way) is fundemental to their issues.

Jessie White is a case in point – can tease with an outstanding 3 goal game at centre half forward, then goes missing for 3 months. He has been doing it for a decade now and the fact Collingwood extended his contract is a sign of their malaise with recruitment strategy.

Chris Mayne? 4 year deal for an honest player?

How is it that Collingwood lack basic skills?

Cat – fair defence – and I am happy to cop being ‘lazy’ for suggesting North without having done further work. But having 10 Victorian teams in an 18 team national competition, with two fledgling newbies in that non Vic group – is that the national game?

But that aside, what has come through when I did this that the above does not crazily change the structure of the draw as I had initially thought.

By way of example, currently Collingwood only travel interstate 5 times this year, the Bulldogs 6, the Cats 6 and Hawthorn 5 (noting they go to Tassie) and Bombers 6. There would be 5 interstate trips for Vic clubs in my scenario.

I think having a VFL conference acknowledges the strength of the tradition of Victorian football and influence on the national comp.

Anyway – was good to get a bit of debate going and appreciate your thoughts.

The AFL needs a national revamp: Here's how

Redb – have they had time to build a culture???

The AFL needs a national revamp: Here's how

Solid point. Out of interest – in past 5 years we have had one Vic vs one interstate team.

The AFL needs a national revamp: Here's how

Cam – wondering if you were itching to reference Richmond as 2 and 0? 🙂

As a Swans fan, you summed up Mitchell really well – his disposal lacks the polish of the Hawks vets that left.

Little too early to right them off finals – but certainly agree shot on the flag.

The Hawks are gone, finals and a flag beyond them

No – Swans fan in NSW. Less I hear Eddie McGuire bleating about inequality and unfairness the better 😉

The AFL needs a national revamp: Here's how

Nailed the three points very very well.

I would add a fourth – Lehmann cannot coach/select. The Khawaja non-selection is horrid.

On a positive – I still think the other thing that needs to be applauded was the work of both quicks and tweakers over the four Tests – we only got belted in one innings – which is a superb achievement.

Three major reasons why Australia's tour of India was a failure