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The Doogie Howser of sports blogs… actually that reference probably means nothing to a 22 yo

Seven talking points from NRL Round 3

7 years old in 2005…????

I guess the old saying isn’t true then … you can put an old head on young shoulders 😂 😂 😂

Seven talking points from NRL Round 3

No idea Scott

Wakeham looks sharper than Cogger or Lewis

What’s getting disappointing is just the same old faces, same old playing style. The Dogs won the ISP cup a couple of years ago with a power forward game, skilful spine and attack minded outside backs

Surprise, surprise the only guys from that team who have been given an opportunity are a couple of forwards who’ve had intermittent appearances from the bench. In the same time, the first grade side has consistently struggled

Seven talking points from NRL Round 3

Plus 85 and 96 GFs, that’s a decent return for GF appearances, just couldn’t crack the win

In my lifetime it’s been one of the great things about being a Bulldogs supporter, when we had a couple of down years, it was never longe before the club turned things around. There’s also been regular semi final and grand final appearances. Between 1980 and 2004 regular premierships as well. That’s what makes this current slump so hard to take…I imagine it’s the same boat for Dragons fans

Seven talking points from NRL Round 3

The 10 metres was pretty short in every game I saw. Defenders were meeting the ball carrier level with the ruck

I wonder if one ref has anything to do with it

Seven talking points from NRL Round 3

“They need to blow the whistle or any ruck infringements. If we get three in 5 sets then off you go for a 10 min rest”

I don’t disagree with that, but we all know that’s not how the game has been refereed for a very long time. Recent history also tells us that when referees start doing things like that is when the resistance from players, coaches and media will come

The rule has a lot of potential, it also has a lot of potential to be exploited. I appreciate your passion but I’m just not ready to sign off on it being the saviour of rugby league after one – very inconsistent – round

The offsides is interesting. There were a few sets where the Roosters had players camped in Souths backline as they attacked the line…

Seven talking points from NRL Round 3

In the second half, Parra were lying all over the ruck in the early tackles and then in the later ones jumping off quickly

I assume because a) they didn’t mind giving away six early in the count to get their line set and b) that they bet the refs would be less likely early

It’s definitely worth persisting with. But I think eventually the refs will face the same challenge they did in the crackdown. If teams persist with delaying tactics will the refs keep blowing six again after six again? And if they do how long until the usual media faces start bagging them for having ‘no feel for the game’ and ‘influencing results’ and ‘ruining the spectacle’

Seven talking points from NRL Round 3

Jury still out on six again rule for me

Parra v Broncos game was a great opening and fast game…but was that due to the 6 again rule or was it just a fast game between two teams that like to play football?

Not all the games were played at that same pace. The rule was also applied inconsistently

We also has only one game with a margin less than 12. Unfair to blame the six again rule with everything else that has happened but it could be a contributing factor

As a Bulldogs fan, pretty worrying opening to the season. Away from home against one of the best teams in the comp but they were never in the game. They just keep picking the same old faces. We’ve got Wakeham, Averillo and Harper who look a bit different but can’t get a chance. We won the ISP comp a few years ago and hardly anyone from that squad has been given a chance to show if they’re first grade standard

With the salary cap mess we’ve been in, while it was hard to accept, I could understand we’d have some lean years. But it’s so frustrating when they just keep showing up with the same faces playing the same bland ineffective style

Seven talking points from NRL Round 3

Even after that great era, through the 80s, 90s and 00s the Dragons had a premiership drought they were still a strong club. They were always in the semis and regularly made grand finals – they just couldn’t crack the big one

I haven’t got too much in me to be too sympathetic though, I got big enough worries of my own…

Seven talking points from NRL Round 3

Tim Brasher – but that was a while ago
Slater started in the centres, so did Tommy T

Bennett refuses to rush Roberts or discuss Latrell’s form

Both Morris were outstanding last night.

They should have been Bulldogs for life… bloody des

Brett Morris stuns the Bunnies with as good a defensive set as you'll see

Hopefully we beat them to Bateman too…

Bennett refuses to rush Roberts or discuss Latrell’s form

Great (accidental) timing from the refs mic

As Cook writhes on the ground “that’s accidental, got caught in the ruck”

I played 11 years for my junior league club and never missed a game. I played through lots of minor injuries and a few more significant ones

In my last year in the GF qualifier, I beat a defender and he dived to tackle me, reaching up and basically dragging me to the ground by the old “orchestra stalls”

By Sunday night they were was a lot of swelling down there…and not the good kind. By Monday they’d gone an interesting shade of mottled purple

I couldn’t run all week (could barely walk) and ended up missing the grand final, my last game for the club and the only one I missed in 11 years…

Poor Damien Cook cops an old-fashioned squirrel grip from Victor Radley

Even though Sam wasn’t at his peak he was still the guy to make the big run or big (high) tackle when they needed it

He was still putting up good numbers, just his errors and penalties had crept up too

George never lives up to his 2014 potential when it looked like he’d be scary good. But I’d still rather him coming off the bench than say Nicholls

But definitely two big men short ATM…Arrow next year will be a big boost. Maybe they should try and get James too

I think they’ll miss the eight this year

Bennett refuses to rush Roberts or discuss Latrell’s form

Forwards are my concern

They lost Sam, George and Sutton in a short period of time.

Murray is a fine edge player but I think they need him in the middle more

Knight Tatola and Tom are fine third and fourth middle forwards, but not quite there with all the starting

Throw in Roberts and Walker missing and Mitchell still finding his feet and Souths did well to stay i in the game

Bennett refuses to rush Roberts or discuss Latrell’s form

Staggs lost the ball, Brown picked it up. Staggs chased him down and threw a pretty big swinging arm in the tackle. It looked like it bounced off the ball or Browns shoulder but it didn’t miss him…

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

two weeks if he fights and loses, one week with the early plea

I thought he might get a grade one careless and beat it with the early plea

To be honest I don’t mind that getting two weeks as long as they’re consistent

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

His bench rotation and lack of a plan b when plan a was picked apart

Haas is a freak but he’s still only 20. Grinding him for 80 minutes every week must have an effect sooner or later. 59 tackles and 190 metres last night

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

60 minute winger? WTF is that all about and why hasn’t it been more of a discussion point

You know I’ve been talking the Broncs up over the next 3-5years, but deadset Seibold might be the thing that holds them back

The Broncs also looked off the pace and under prepared last night. Not all the coaches fault but some of it has to be

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

Maybe you’re out of condition from the lay off 😁

Getting old? 😛

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

I’m not sold on isaako at fullback…maybe it’s an experience thing there were two occasions where he chimed into the backline last night in a promising situation but just caught the ball and passed it straight away without engaging the defence

There was one where the commentator said “great hands by Isaako” and it was a nice quick ball, soft hands, etc but it destroyed the potential of an overlap because the defence just slid across and swamped the outside men

He’s very good returning the ball but he can do that from the wing

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

Not directly but Parra scored their first try directly off the back of two soft (to my mind) six again calls…

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

Yeah sure. I’m nit specifically talking about players diving at feet but generally making the ruck artificially fast

I’m not arguing against that rule change (other than it happening in the middle of the season). The games needed something like that for a while

I didn’t like how it was applied at the start of the game but it balanced out

It was head scratchingly bemusing to listen to some of the commentators (looking at you A Johns) talk about how good it was to clean up the ruck and speed up the game, when they were the ones howling down and ultimately sabotaging the crackdown which was designed to do exactly the same thing !

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

That’s a fair comment and there were definite elements to that, but Broncos forwards dropped it cold from the dummy half so many times coming out of their own end. There’s only so much you can put a dropped pass one off the ruck down to defensive pressure

Mahoney almost plays like a shooter in touch or tag in defence. He must be super fit because he’s had a foot injury and hasn’t run much over the past 6 weeks or so. He leads the Eels line speed

Eels were lucky with the covid break coinciding with his injury *

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

Not sold on Arthars…

I think you need to include Croft in that right edge defensive / communication problem. The 3 of them didn’t seem coordinated at all

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels