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You’re the one with no idea – you were calling me a hater not the other way around. You can’t follow a simple conversation. As I said you’re a mental midget

Unlike you I’ve followed rugby league for longer than just the last 20 games. If there was a team I hated because of how many times they “smashed” the Bulldogs it definitely wouldn’t be Souths

For most of my time following league Souths have been a laughing stock. I’ve seen the Bulldogs win six premierships. In that time Souths have won one

If you ever wonder why fans of other clubs “hate” Souths – have a look in the mirror. You’re the stereotypical one-eyed, single brain-celled mouth breather that give the club a bad name

Don’t waste my time…

Cleary, Tedesco masterclasses lead Blues to Origin 2 demolition win

That’s all fair

The difference for me I guess is that it’s a reasonable expectation that you go to work and the scaffolding doesn’t collapse

While there’s definitely more that can be done to eliminate foul play I don’t think it’s reasonable to sign up to play professional rugby league and expect not to get head knocks or concussions

There’s a point somewhere that if you don’t want to face the risk of concussion then playing rugby league might not be for you because it will never be eliminated

The UK concussion court case may destroy the NRL

It’s an interesting consideration

Are players employees? Professional sports people aren’t covered by workers’ compensation or WHS laws

What about amateur players? They’re definitely not employees – is the duty of care to amateurs different?

Not having a crack at what you’ve written, but these are genuine questions

If we took a workers compensation / WHS view of this league would be banned quicker than not

The UK concussion court case may destroy the NRL

Maybe it’s reverse psychology from old mates Sticky and Bellyache hoping other teams will be daft enough to fall for the two point field goal trick… 😛

What exactly is the field goal change designed to achieve?

I agree that the risks associated with concussion and litigation are real and should be treated seriously

But this is a spectrum from 1) no one knowing anything about the dangers of concussion and it being a free for all to 2)knowing about it and ignoring it to 3) knowing about it and having inadequate controls in place to 4) having adequate controls in place that are updated regularly to 5) eliminating the risk by not playing contact sport at all

Around 4) aside from an individual system failure the players willingly expose themselves to the inherent risking concussion rather than being exposed to it through the games negligence

The UK concussion court case may destroy the NRL

When / how / can it tip over into personal responsibility?

Surely we’re heading into an age where everyone knows the dangers involved in contact sport. There’s certainly more sports can do to manage the risk better but there’s also only so much they can do to reduce the inherent risk and anyone who steps onto a pitch or into a ring does so aware of the potential danger

If the approach is that sports need to eliminate head contact, foul play or concussion altogether then we may as well pack up and go home now

Is this sort of legal action only open to professional players? What about amateurs who’ve had just as many head knocks, without the same level of medical care but have suffered the same level of loss of function / quality of life / earnings etc as a result

The UK concussion court case may destroy the NRL

“The reason that NRL HQ gave for such a change was that sides that don’t breach the 40 metres after five tackles will hardly ever create try-scoring opportunities from such a distance, and so tend to either kick for touch or boot it into the air, for the opposition to humbly restart after a brief interlude in action”

That’s disturbing if that’s the reason. That battle for field position – determined by what you do with your five plays and kick – is part of the fabric of the game. You have to earn the opportunity to score points. Otherwise when there’s a handover just let the attacking team start their set on the halfway line

I’m not sure that a wild 40+ metre field goal shot is more aesthetically attractive than a beautifully placed bomb or an inch perfect kick to the corner

In some ways we’re getting our knickers in a knot over nothing. Even with an extra point on offer I don’t think we’ll see many of these other than the odd Hail Mary a minute before the half ends

It’s more what it represents. Fuzzy thinking from the administration and an arrogance that they can carve up the rules any way they see fit on a whim and without consultation

What exactly is the field goal change designed to achieve?

Of the specialist centres you’ve named, Manu would be picked in a heartbeat if eligible but the others are all pretty young and still very much in the development stage of their careers. Staggs and Crichton are two of the most exciting young players in the game but both have issues with their defensive reads

Centre is arguable the most difficult and most important defensive position. Wighton, Capewell and Gutherson all got caught out defensively at times in the Origin series

I think this is more a transition era from great centres like Inglis, Hodges, Morris, Jennings, Chambers who held rep spots for years but the next generation hasn’t quite got there yet than a “death” of the centre position

Is centre rugby league's most under-appreciated position?

Bulldogs have played Souths 176 times. Won 89, lost 81, drawn 6

Cleary, Tedesco masterclasses lead Blues to Origin 2 demolition win

16 year old girls and mental midgets carry on about people “hating”

I’ve accused by numb nuts like you of “hating” pretty much every team in the comp because you can’t handle anyone criticising your team

“Smashed so many times by us” I’ve followed footy since the late 70s… the scoreboard would be well and truly in the Bulldogs favour in that time

Souths barely won a game for the best part of 20 years

The Dogs won the last game between the two teams as well…

Cleary, Tedesco masterclasses lead Blues to Origin 2 demolition win

Morgan’s signing was big news but he was shot in his first carry for the Crushers

He got the ball of the kick off, pushed off the back fence, sent his giant frame hurtling towards the teeth of the defence… and stopped

His league career was dead in the water from that moment…

The forgotten players: South Queensland Crushers

Tim – go through the season results and substitute your proposed points table before you tell me it makes a diffference… it doesn’t

You’re proposing that there’s five different results and therefore we need five different scores. You’re literally creating the problem you’re trying to solve

Fool's gold: The NRL must change its competition points

I think he offers a bit of variety to the rest of the pack

The Broncs have a lot of good young forwards but a lot of them play pretty similar styles

Broncos sign Cowboy Asiata

What if it goes the other way? If we’re going to waste time and slow the game down AND lose a player for two minutes we might as well do it right

Imagine if every player in that situation needs the medi cab to get to the sideline, then hops off and starts his two minutes

Like soccer players who are writhing in agony and need the stretcher, then jump up and come back on at the next stoppage

The good and the bad of the NRL's rule changes

Spot on with the second point jimmmy…

The good and the bad of the NRL's rule changes

It’s not full time if scores a even at 80 minutes and it’s not a draw

You keep using incorrect terminology to describe the situation

There are still only three results. Win, loss, draw

Besides that it doesn’t make a squirt of difference to the competition table, so it’s literally a change for no reason

Besides that the NRL has announced six rule changes – based on “what fans want” (supposedly) and this isn’t one of them…

Fool's gold: The NRL must change its competition points

Haha…I only asked that about Walker because I knew you’d carry on like a sook… you haven’t disappointed

I haven’t singled Walker out anywhere. My original comment here was that Cleary had a great game in Game 2. Big Mig said he’d add Walker to the list of great players and I said “yeah”

You’ve somehow read that as me singling out Walker?!?! Haha…you’re the problem mate. You can’t see an objective criticism without over reacting. That wasn’t even a criticism of Walker or Souths and you’re carrying on like a good sort

Anyway, try this Walker has now played four Origins. He’s had one good game and three shockers. NSW has won one of the four games he’s played

I’m sure you’ll come at me with how it’s all because Cleary hogged it or Fittler didn’t design the right game plan or the hooker didn’t give him the ball… oh no, wait it can’t be that one

I think you’re the one with glasses on. One green lens and one red lens…

Cleary, Tedesco masterclasses lead Blues to Origin 2 demolition win

Why shouldn’t a team that wins a game by 50 points get more competition points than a team that wins by one point?

When you win or by how much doesn’t matter. Your problem is you’re looking at the result as if it’s a draw then a win. But it’s not. A game can’t be a draw until the 90th minute

Anyway, it’s done and dusted. The NRL admin will change rules at the drop of a hat, but this is too much even for them. Two point 40 metre field goals make more sense than this …

Fool's gold: The NRL must change its competition points

Couldn’t agree more…CC has been a fizzer so far for mine and this enhances the worst parts of it

Two-point field goal included in new NRL rules

I never made either of those predictions champ… i said Souths wouldn’t make the top 8. I got it wrong. Did you get all your pre season tips right?

Never once said the Dogs would make the top 4/8…the only call I made on them all year was I hoped they didn’t get the spoon

If you want to argue against anything I’ve written, go for it. But it’s pretty fukn lame when you have to invent things I’ve said

How did Walker go in Game 3…?

Cleary, Tedesco masterclasses lead Blues to Origin 2 demolition win

Yeah, not sure

It does seem a bet each way. We’d be up in arms if they came out and said “every try will be revised by the bunker”

I think it’s to stop the howlers that refs miss… allows the bunker to say all good or hang on let’s have another look

So it could be ok as long as it’s used ok

Two-point field goal included in new NRL rules

Can’t believe V’landys hasn’t introduced the 4,3,2,1,0 competition points table

Thought it was a lock

Two-point field goal included in new NRL rules

The only reason for two point field goals is to encourage more long range shots at field goal. Is that what we want? Pointless rule change

Six again was ok this year but still had issues with consistency and clarity of decision. I’m not sure expanding it fixes that

Captains challenge has been an absolute fizzer. It’s been used more as a time waster than to stop howlers and this will only make it worse

I like the restart changes

Not sure about the bunker in the background rule. I think it’s a good change but we’ll have to see how it works out. May take a bit of pressure off the refs

I think I like the two minute sideline rule. I think it’s good for the game and good for player welfare…but again, may have to see how it plays out. Don’t want to see players wave away medical attention because they don’t want to leave their team short

The most pressing rule change for mine was a review of the seven tackle restart

Two-point field goal included in new NRL rules

It wasn’t a draw

Fool's gold: The NRL must change its competition points

…and you’re right, it doesn’t matter if one was an easy win and one was a hard fought GP thriller

A win is a win. Two points. Move on to next week

Fool's gold: The NRL must change its competition points