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Sorry, the words do matter

The wording of the anthem specifically excludes indigenous Australians. I can completely understand why they don’t want it played

When the anthem started with “Australia’s sons let us rejoice…” and women wanted it changed because it excluded them, there was minimal resistance. When indigenous people say they want it changed, everyone is up in arms

No need to play the anthem before the NRL All Stars game

Terrible explanation

Wonder how the big man feels about Folau’s attempted 180 ?

Israel Folau attempts to clarify bushfire comments

Overall I agree Geoff – but I bet you were saying something similar after 2016…after finishing second and just missing a grand final by the barest of margins, no way we’ll be complacent

The 2019 NRL report card: the top eight

It’s funny, most of your other posts are along the lines of “it doesn’t matter who the coach is, doesn’t make any difference”

Different rules apply to Manly and Des?

The 2019 NRL report card: the top eight

Is the course running March to October…?

Shane Flanagan confirmed as Dragons assistant coach

Yeah, that’s tough when 3/4 of your spine and 20%? of your cap isn’t aiming up plus the revolving door in the 7 jersey and a new coach

Still made the 8 despite all that…

The 2019 NRL report card: the top eight

Unbelievable effort from Manly. Add an apparent lack of depth and an injury crisis

When you look at the top end of the roster with the Turbos, DCE, Kapow, etc it shouldn’t be a surprise but some of their fringe players really stepped up

Parker and Suli were unreal in the centres and Walker came of age as a 6 particularly in the semi against Souths. AFB announced himself as a top level prop on a consistent basis. Thompson continues to be one of the comps most under rated players and Sirro is a similar mould

They played a good style to watch and could really give the comp a shake with a half decent run with injuries

It’s a pity Fainu got a bit stabby in the off season… allegedly

The 2019 NRL report card: the top eight

Interesting to see how Manly, Parra and the Raiders go next year

On paper they should be sweet but all three have been yo-yoing up and down the ladder over the past 4-5 years

Is the glass half full or half empty for the Broncos? Is it a positive they still managed to make the 8 following an awful season or is it a negative that they really should have done much better?

Should they have done much better?

The 2019 NRL report card: the top eight

Come on, own it Jimmy…

“Or are you just trying to remind everyone that the idea of an expanded World Club Challenge was yours alone?”

Don’t tell me that’s not a serve…

Should eligibility for the World Club Championship be based on nationality?

It’s always interesting when someone leads out with “I have no idea…” and then tries to bag you

Should eligibility for the World Club Championship be based on nationality?

That’s largely the problem I’d have with picking up Mitchell as a fullback for a million bucks

It’s a huge gamble. He hasn’t played fullback for three years. Wasn’t inspiring when he did. Doesn’t seem to have the motor. Doesn’t have the organising skills. Doesn’t have the ball playing

I reckon Mitchell is the most innately talented player in the comp and may very well learn and excel at all of these things but he’s not there yet

And if I’m laying out a million bucks I want someone who’s got all those things not someone I’m sorta hoping might get there in some of these areas

Then you’ve got the land mine of what does the coach do if it’s not working

He moves Mitchell to the centres, he blows up “I signed to play fullback!” and there’s a chance you’ve got a demotivated, culture killing centre soaking up a million bucks a year !

It’s a massive gamble. I don’t mind a punt but 5 mill and five years would be too much for me !

Watch out Tigers and Cowboys - the Ferrari might stall again

I bristled when I read the idea, something like “why should the Warriors get a free pass every year”

Until I thought “why not?”

It’s a pretty good way to promote the game and with the best UK and Australian teams involved still has meaning

We’ve been waiting 25 years for NZ to win the NRL and awaken the ‘sleeping giant’. While an abridged competition wouldn’t have the same impact, it would still be a fillip for NZ rugby league and exposure for the smaller nations

If / as teams like Fiji in the NSW cup and New York in the UK lower divisions come online they could be added to an expanded competition

It certainly warrants further investigation

Should eligibility for the World Club Championship be based on nationality?

They tried this in or around super league for all the reasons stated in this article. It was a dog’s breakfast

Maybe it works better in sports like soccer where there’s no set team formation

It’s a solution to a non-existent problem

Should the NRL finally adopt squad numbers?

Yeah, Jacks beat me to it

They signed older, chronically injured players to long term, big money deals

How is fair that they get bailed out by the NRL when teams like Manly didn’t.

Now, apparently the NRL is looking the other way while they sign a massive name player to a deal 50% of what other clubs are offering. How does that work?

Maybe Rusty is offering Semi a role in Gladiator 2 like he did to Asotasi 😂

Semi on half: Radradra reportedly eyeing cut-price NRL return

I don’t know why you keep bringing that up…I don’t really remember it that well but I’m not defending what the NRL did then in the slightest

Surely you can see if a player is accepting an offer 50% of what other clubs are offering there is something that needs to be looked at. Maybe it’s all above board and there’s a reasonable explanation but it should be looked at

Semi on half: Radradra reportedly eyeing cut-price NRL return

The Manu comparison is terrible and not even close to comparable

Manu was very clear on the reasons why he accepted “unders” to stay at the Roosters. He never went to market so even the idea of unders is abstract and an assumption

Radradra has no relationship with Souths and IF reports are true is considering accepting half of what other clubs are offering

A young player re-signing with his current and only club because he wants to stay part of the same playing group, win premierships and develop under his current coach is a million miles away from a player signing with a club he has nothing to do with for half what other clubs are supposedly offering

Take the red and green (cardinal and myrtle 😁 ) blinkers off

Semi on half: Radradra reportedly eyeing cut-price NRL return

Why are you using words like “outrage” and “chill”?

I’m completely calm about it and I’ve already said I take the media reports with a grain of salt

Forget it’s Souths for a second, if a gun like Radradra was coming back to the game and saying he’d accept half of what other clubs were offering to play for the Storm or Broncos or Manly or some other club he has absolutely zero affiliation with, you’d be saying exactly the same thing

It may all be BS but IF he signs with Souths for 500K when other clubs are offering double, then absolutely it needs to be looked at

Radradra signing with Souths – a club he’s never had anything to do with – for half price is not even closely comparable to Manu re-signing with his current (and only) club for unders.

If your allegiance to Souths blinds you to all of that, good luck to you but don’t make out I’m being unreasonable or “outraged” for questioning it

Semi on half: Radradra reportedly eyeing cut-price NRL return

Of course he is. He’s worth far more than 500K

Other clubs are offering far more than that

It’s one thing Radradra taking a pay cut from his rugby salary, but it’s pretty unbelievable that he’d sign for Souths – a club he has no prior connection with – for half of what other clubs are offering

I always take media reports with a grain of salt, but IF this one is true it stinks to high heaven and should be looked into by the NRL

If it was the Roosters signing a “million dollar” player for 500K, you’d be bellowing from the rooftops

Semi on half: Radradra reportedly eyeing cut-price NRL return

Does anyone really believe that Radradra is a 500k a season player?

The NRL has stepped in before when clubs have tried to sign players for far less than their market value. That’s certainly the case here. 500k is 50-66% of Radradra’s market value

I’m betting the NRL will discount Burgess’ contract from Souths cap for his pre-existing injury then let them sign Radradra for well below market value

Rabbits have been a protected species for a long time…yet they’ll moan all day long about the Roosters

Semi on half: Radradra reportedly eyeing cut-price NRL return

Thanks Scott

Not sure I completely agree…

The NRL's coach of the decade: Bellamy vs Robinson

Storm 2017 were brilliant in attack and defence. Normally when you think of Storm teams attack you think of words like clinical and ruthless but they were exhilarating to watch that year.

One funny thing though, they finished that year +297 on f/a and six points clear…I thought that might be some freakish return but the 2019 Storm team finished +336 and six points clear

Which NRL premiership side was the best this decade?

How does Arthur get rated that highly…?

The NRL's coach of the decade: Bellamy vs Robinson

The Storm have never lost key players in one season in the way the Roosters did in 2015

Jennings, RTS, Maloney then Cordner, JWH and Pearce through injury / suspension

That’s arguably their four best backs and two best forwards

Bellamy’s never had to deal with that sort of attrition

The NRL's coach of the decade: Bellamy vs Robinson

Roosters were 15th in 2015, Storm last in 2010

The NRL's coach of the decade: Bellamy vs Robinson

If it’s just this past decade, it has to be Robinson

Premierships: Robinson 3, Bellamy 2
Grand Finals: Robinson 3, Bellamy 4
Minor Premierships: Robinson 4, Bellamy 4
Top 4 finishes: Robinson 6, Bellamy 8
Wooden spoons: Robinson 0, Bellamy 1

Robinson’s only had seven seasons in charge against Bellamy’s 10

I’d also argue that Robinson having turned over his entire roster at least once, while Bellamy’s achievements have mostly come with the same core group of players is a greater achievement

Having said all of the above they’re both clearly great coaches and any club would be stoked to have them…

The NRL's coach of the decade: Bellamy vs Robinson