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Every team plays 5 bowlers or more, but not of the quality of NSW’s attack. Henriques would be bowling a lot more for SA, for example.

And, repeating my point for a third time, Green is recovering from injury, which necessitates his bowling load being managed. Nothing against him.

The rest of what you wrote is deflecting. You do support players from all states, which is great. Clearly though, you advocate much more strongly for players from WA. That’s your prerogative, but the bias is there. And my only anti-WA sentiment has been joining in a few jokes about Shaun Marsh. I have advocated for several players in the past, and will continue to do so as they continue to produce great talent.

Ultimately, I still maintain that Henriques was the sensible choice given the lineup and the series still being alive, but Green is the future, already very good and potentially great (and his comparative over rate today undermines everything about managing his workload).

Why Australia chose Henriques over Green

Tea Ropati played in both the Knights and the Warriors inaugural seasons.

The forgotten players: Newcastle Knights

NSW play 5 bowlers, with most of them being current or past Australian players.
Henriques’ six over spell was his longest ever… I don’t even have to bother looking that up to know that you just made that up.
And Green is recovering from injury. Face it, you wouldn’t even be commenting on this if Green played for a different state.

Why Australia chose Henriques over Green

Henriques’ limited amount of overs was due to the strength of the NSW bowling line-up, whereas Green’s was due to injury rehab. And Green might have had a greater contribution, but he wouldn’t have batted for any longer, and may not have been able to get through as many quality overs.

Why Australia chose Henriques over Green

Fan fiction has a habit of falling well short of the mark, but I’ll see if it goes anywhere.

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs India, first ODI

Pretty sure he played wing and second row in the tests on the 82 Kangaroo tour.

The Australian coaches dream team

Hi Dan,
I know this comment is going to make no sense to everyone else, but I’m not sure where else to bring it up…

I read Lock Don on the Pinch Hitter, and I’m hoping you could resuscitate it for a ham-fisted Christmas Special. My pitch is a costume party where Bradman and Lock arrive as mobsters (Don Tony). Of course Bradman, and only Bradman, wins best costume. Music could be Lillee Allan… You get the idea.

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs India, first ODI

I know it’s used by rugby union, but I would at least look into using No. 2 Sportsground.

Jets set to announce new owner, coach and hope

If Weepu wasn’t injured and out of the side, Manly win the 97 grand final.

The forgotten players: Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

North Sydney’s Danny Williams was more famous for his career at the Storm, or more infamous when you consider how his time ended there.

The forgotten players: Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs

Not including the New South Welshmen wearing maroon.

Most nauseating Maroons moments debunked

Dean Byrne, a half in the early 2000’s, stuck behind Barrett, surgery complications (bone fragments ended up in his bloodstream) ended his career and almost ended his life.

The forgotten players: St George Illawarra Dragons

He wouldn’t be the only current Immortal disqualified on that basis.

The only way NSW can beat Wayne Bennett is in the Supreme Court

If he is on fire, Todd Carney could… actually, never mind.

The only way NSW can beat Wayne Bennett is in the Supreme Court

Gutho at centre, Paulo starting prop, Walker on the bench, Friend at hooker, Hess in the second row, Tino at lock… Have I missed any of the eyebrow raisers?

REVEALED: NSW Blues and Queensland Maroons teams for State of Origin 1

Yes, they should have produced a coronavirus vaccine to make this happen!

We have a schedule! Cricket Australia finally releases summer fixture list for India tour

He started moving towards the ball, and then stopped when he got in the way of the chaser. Very deliberate, and the correct call.

Phil Gould: How the Panthers won the grand final

Fully agree, and anyone switching off because of peaceful protest was probably not actually watching in the first place.

The A-League must show support for Black Lives Matter this season

Hopefully we start to see some articles from a new writer named B. Yakcm.

Welcome competition in the rugby broadcast rights race - and a farewell, for now…

It’s not happening.

The Storm's NRL stranglehold grows stronger, but Panthers are 2021 favourites

Mind you, their very best commentator’s top insight EVERY SINGLE MATCH is “if (team x) are to have any chance of winning this game, they need to be the first to score in this second half. Momentum is such an important part in the modern game.”

"I'm always honest", says Phil Gould who reckons his NRL grand final call wasn't biased

Yet you stayed to join in a comment thread.

Four talking points from the NRL grand final

I remember Matt Dunning playing hooker in the Shute Shield. Their blindside flanker threw the ball in.

Throwing the game away: The blight on Australian rugby


History never repeats

Please find the quote where Gould says he has a five year plan to win a premiership.

The NRL needs a Panthers grand final win, but Cam Smith will get his fairytale