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Picture… Oh dear, Dane…

Freddy: Let me be your whisperer

Mind you, 16 of those were from the last 4 balls (ie- junk time). It’s not like 0-70 is typical from him.

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies

But what if your protest is-at least partially-motivated by feeling your history and culture has been disrespected, and that you have been the target of divisive actions in the first place?

Two Aussies won't sing the national anthem. Let's find out why

I think using a deity as one half of the theme would be even less inclusive.

Two Aussies won't sing the national anthem. Let's find out why

Aussie rules, rugby league, etc, still had state leagues when the NSL was founded in ’77.

Declining A-league in desperate need of a shake-up

Anthony Stuart- 5-for, including a hat-trick. Never played for Australia again.

The three unluckiest cricketers in history

And sides not winning the comp after conceding 40+ points…

The NRL quarter season report card

Brisbane Broncos almost destroyed rugby league by creating Superleague. I reserve the right to hate them.

Disappointment continues as Storm’s forecasted decline nears decade without fruition

No, Arsene won trophies.

Can Parramatta return spur on Wanderers?

Conversion therapy, which I assume you’re referring to, seems to make people suppress their sexuality rather than change it. Who would choose to be gay in this discriminatory world?

Israel Folau to fight Rugby AU sanction

He could probably at least argue about the expansion teams giving the AFL ten games per round.

Want to to change the rugby league world? Cite the AFL first

Pity he’s a KISS fan, though.

Let's hear it for the expansionists

You see, there is a thing called rugby league… Apologies, I won’t do that again.
I didn’t give my opinion before, but I think short-term, the talent pool would indeed be stretched too thin by adding teams and by not importing English talent. Long-term, however, greater opportunity and greater exposure may lead to more juniors moving to or staying in league.
At the same time, the player comparisons are interesting. Blake Austin was so inconsistent, but that did make him entertaining. Admittedly, I may think differently if I supported Canberra

Rugby league expansion back on the agenda in both hemispheres

The NRL “handout” is funded by the tv rights. You know, the rights for watching the clubs play. In other words, money the clubs generate. Do I need to break this down further?

Rugby league expansion back on the agenda in both hemispheres

John Simon got an Australian jersey during his time at the Eels. They let him go mid-season two years later.

Five massive overreactions and scorching hot takes after Round 1 of the NRL


I'm wild for the NRL's Wildcard Weekend

The NRL used the current finals system in 1996 (as the ARL), and a very similar system the year before.

The NRL’s Wildcard Weekend is making heads explode

I would love it to happen, but I’m not holding my breath. Beating WSW and CCM is virtually a given for any team this season.

Newcastle’s 5-1 stunner proves they’re finals bound

Todd Byrne

2005: A brief look back at one of rugby league's greatest seasons

And the Broncos never played against Canberra or in a decider. Can’t see another opportunity for it for a while either.

Knights vs Broncos: The grand final that never was

Jamie ‘Schumacher ‘ Young should have a while on the sidelines.

Ten-man Reds stun nine-man Roar in A-League

The side also represents Torres Strait Islanders, so Indigenous is a necessary term.

Latrell Mitchell to snub Roosters' World Club Challenge quest as NRL names All Star teams

Strange candidate list. Not a full season of NRL coaching between them. They may be the best candidates, and you gotta start somewhere, but you’d think they’d interview at least one coach with experience.

Sharks reportedly lock in new head coach

Ummm, he dedicated multiple paragraphs to it.

Manuka Oval’s Test debut 95 years in the making

I would’ve thought this was a serious article, but then you said you were a Roosters supporter. Nice try, but they don’t exist.

Eight reasons the 2018 grand final was the best in a decade