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They’ve sold their biggest asset. That money won’t last forever.

By 1998's standards, which NRL teams should face the axe today?

Not quite true, Andrew. The criteria to get to 14 teams included financial viability. Norths were ultimately excluded due to insolvency. The Knights, Broncos and Warriors were guaranteed inclusion if they could satisfy the financial criteria, regardless of crowds and performance. And the assessment of finances was inconsistent and arbitrary. Sponsorships counted, grants weren’t. Had the Rabbitohs’ money from Souths Juniors been counted as sponsorship, and Penrith’s Panthers Group been counted as a grant (the opposite occured in both cases), it would have been supporters of the Chocolate Soldiers marching for reinstatement.
If the full criteria was applied today, the likes of Wests and Cronulla would be nervous.

By 1998's standards, which NRL teams should face the axe today?

They don’t need a rule change. Roberts should’ve been sent off, pure and simple.

Souths Sydney's Bennett and Demetriou temporarily win the ‘mine is bigger than yours’ argument

It was essentially two groups of the old top 5. Dragged out a bit, but infinitely better than the 1997 ARL 7 team farce.

The Bulldogs' unlikely path to finals glory

If it easier to identify a player, it is easier to follow their actions, especially in terms of fielding.

Test match shirts: A game of letters and numbers

Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing having Jordan in our last game each round.

First Socceroos 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying fixtures revealed

Mal used to coach Canberra. He learnt from that experience the traits of poor coaching.

Brennan had to go, but the Titans' problems run deeper than the coach

Number of people who hold that opinion: 1

The Maroons had the passion but not the cattle

Whose, not who’s

Whose representative careers are at risk after this Origin series?

How high are the merchandising sales for current test uniforms?

Test match shirts: A game of letters and numbers

Every attempt to make to game more accessible to the public is shouted down by the traditionalists. It won’t detract from the game. Get over it.

Test match shirts: A game of letters and numbers

Unless it’s part of the traditional Qld casualty ward media saga…

Injury concern for Queensland ahead of Origin decider

If Australia are batting second and chasing comfortably, is it worth promoting the likes of Stoinis and Maxwell to get more of a hit? Or would Smith and company want to bed down their now settled positions in the order?

Aussies have plenty to play for against Proteas

And the Harlem Globetrotters are due for a loss too. Washington by 4.

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Melbourne Storm: Thursday night forecast

Adrian Lam captained in 2000.
“Hello, my name is Tim and I’m a nitpicker. (Hello Tim) I read long, entertaining articles and can’t move past a tiny error at the very end…”

State of Origin's anonymous winners and quality losers

Sydney’s 2000 Olympic bid, following unsuccessful bids by Melbourne and Brisbane, ultimately defeated Beijing.

FFA reportedly launching joint 2034 World Cup bid with Indonesia

Or maybe the doctors can tell the difference between concussion-related trauma and the reasons you listed. They have extensive study and experience in the field after all.

NRL rocked by concussion-related brain disease discovery in former players

My ladder was 1. Roosters, 2. Storm, 3. Rabbitohs, 4. Sharks, 5. Dragons, 6. Cowboys, 7. Panthers, 8. Knights, 9. Titans, 10. Broncos, 11. Tigers, 12. Raiders, 13. Warriors, 14. Bulldogs, 15. Sea Eagles, 16. Eels. In my defense, it’s not round 25 yet.

Bring out your dead: The 2019 NRL prediction amnesty

I think Bangladesh are more likely to make a run for that 4th spot than Sri Lanka. India and NZ safe, Australia probably okay, England getting nervous.

Sri Lanka stun England in World Cup boilover

If someone advocates genocide, purely example, I want the government to ban that. Or would I be required to form a rebuttal instead?

Folau hoping to crowd-fund legal case against Rugby Australia

Picture… Oh dear, Dane…

Freddy: Let me be your whisperer

Mind you, 16 of those were from the last 4 balls (ie- junk time). It’s not like 0-70 is typical from him.

Australia launch enormous recovery to win World Cup classic against West Indies

But what if your protest is-at least partially-motivated by feeling your history and culture has been disrespected, and that you have been the target of divisive actions in the first place?

Two Aussies won't sing the national anthem. Let's find out why

I think using a deity as one half of the theme would be even less inclusive.

Two Aussies won't sing the national anthem. Let's find out why

Aussie rules, rugby league, etc, still had state leagues when the NSL was founded in ’77.

Declining A-league in desperate need of a shake-up