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Former Editor of The Roar, now freelancing from Berlin. Alles gut! I like a bit of everything - from big moments in sport to unusual stats and I don't mind a first four. I love beautifully written, hard-hitting sports opinion.



Hey mate.
The Lakers confound me. They both are and are not wasting a prime year of LeBron. Until he was injured, things were sailing along more or less as we’ve seen from LeBron’s new teams: adjustment is required, but overall success is there.
Now that both he and Rondo are injured, we’re seeing what you’re talking about. Organisation issues include no shooting coach, which is showing in terrible FT% night after night. Even something as core basketball as Lonzo’s inability to finish a layup is being “fixed” by him spending time with Rondo. Not with an actual coach, a former player that could provide help, but because Rondo is injured and is helping out. C’mon.
I’m parroting someone I read or listened to but you see it in the progression of D’angelo Russell’s game, and even just his shooting percentages, at an unexpectedly good organisation at the Nets, compared to the lethargy of improvement from the “young core” in LA.
Anyway – assuming no trades are made – it all hangs on LeBron’s participation and this over/under: 30.5 regular season games. If he plays out more than 30 games, the Lakers make the playoffs and probably make a run. If he plays less, it’s seriously likely they even scrape in and face the Warriors first round, or miss out.

Are the Lakers wasting a year of LeBron’s prime?

Cam! 🙂 Do you like Magic Circle even without much of a drop of rain?

Melbourne Cup 2018: Exotic bet help – quinellas, trifectas, first fours and more!

G’day Nathan! 🙂 I’m walking back my Magic Circle prediction – Yucatan will need to prove his 3200m credentials but if he manages like he did that Herbert Power win, it’s probably all over!

Melbourne Cup 2018: Preview and top tips

Sheek, great to read your extended thoughts. Thanks for the insights. It should be a truly run race indeed this year. That’ll make it a proper test.

Melbourne Cup 2018: Preview and top tips

Hello mate – yes you like to see them go beyond 2400m. One wrinkle is that European horses are generally kept it work, so all runs this entire year (Euro horses only!) go towards their 10,000m counter and their general fitness.

I think you’re right on the track but it looks like a hard track for now

Melbourne Cup 2018: Preview and top tips

Well, a theory is better than no theory… but if that comes off you can write next year’s preview, I give up 😉

Melbourne Cup 2018: Preview and top tips

Cheers Scotty!

Melbourne Cup 2018: Preview and top tips

Thanks Geoff! It’ll be a highlight if I’m not totally wrong, at least 😉

Melbourne Cup 2018: Preview and top tips

Absolutely a crucial factor Don, if he settles he’s a massive chance. Good luck with your Triple M theory! 🙂

Melbourne Cup 2018: Preview and top tips

Cheers marfu – just remember it’s the hardest race to win!

For everyone else, while I’ve mentioned it above, without rain Magic Circle blows right out of contention.

Melbourne Cup 2018: Preview and top tips

Congrats Mike!

Why I need to take a break from football

Divanation manage to get the win today at least! 😉

As Oscietra retires, will Makybe Diva or Black Caviar produce high-quality offspring?

Oof, New Tipperary… don’t have to be dead to be stiff there.

Scone Cup 2018: Form, tips and preview

Sorry it wasn’t the other way around, but we were there or thereabouts!

Group 2 Adelaide Cup runner-by-runner preview and tips

Too right!

2018 Group 1 Chipping Norton: The return of Winx

Yes the money is definitely part of their consideration mate. Lot of bikkies. The Arc would be fantastic but the timing, again…

2018 Group 1 Chipping Norton: The return of Winx

Spot on mate. I’d rather she comes back and keeps going, mind you! 😉

2018 Group 1 Chipping Norton: The return of Winx

Yes he’s a good horse Razzar and you’ve said it well. I would say by now the Winx factor means you can either throw caution to the wind, Red Excitement style, or just run your own race and be happy to be there or thereabouts.

2018 Group 1 Chipping Norton: The return of Winx

Ooh, here’s an interesting topic you’ve opened up. Which races would you rather see her in overseas?

One small advantage of Ascot is that the timing isn’t too bad to come back over for the spring.

2018 Group 1 Chipping Norton: The return of Winx

Let’s goooo

Grigor Dimitrov vs Nick Kyrgios: Australian Open live scores, blog

Which Ichi Ban?

2017 Sydney to Hobart yacht race: live race updates, blog

What are your top country cups mate?

The best racing win of 2017

Great call! What a fantastic horse for the owners.

The best racing win of 2017

Sheek, great talking point. I don’t know if I agree, mind!

I’m ok with dropping back from 2500m to 2400m as that’s more a classic distance but of course there’s the layout/shute problems mentioned.

Not 2000 or 2200m, though, I don’t think.

What I like about the distance is that it separates the true staying horses from the middle-distance runners. I tend to think the 2500m doesn’t hurt them, the problem is our staying stocks are so inferior that as these horses progress (IF they progress!) they are then in open-class and face real troubles.

Efficient was the last great winner of the Derby in 2006, not many get to that class.

One last point, Rekindling was foaled 23 March 2014, making him a three-year old (& nine months) and clearly the 3200m was lapped up.

I wonder if attrition is more just down to our harder tracks than Europe. Here, staying races are more likely to jar you up unless you have a very good constitution.

It's time to change the distance of the Victorian Derby and Oaks

Same to you Scott mate!

Hmmm! Certainly makes a case… a classic Aussie/Kiwi local 🙂

Highland Reel: The best ever international raider to come to Australia?