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GreenEDGEFans talks with Loren Rowney

Specialized-Lululemon rider Loren Rowney (Image: Supplied).
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4th June, 2013

Loren Rowney is a professional cyclist for Specialized-Lululemon, a professional women’s cycling team created by pioneering team owner Kristy Scrymgeour.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to send some questions to Loren so we all can learn a little bit more about her! This year Loren has some great results!

GreenEDGEFans: Hi Loren thanks! Your studying a Bachelor of Science and majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology how are your studies going?
LR: I have one semester remaining which is all field and lab based work so I’m a unable to complete my degree at the moment with living abroad.

GEF: You mentioned if you weren’t pushing the bike that you would be studying the white Rhino in Nepal, tell us about your passion for conservation?
LR: I’ve always loved animals and getting dirty outdoors. I lived in acreage during my childhood (Loren grew up in South Africa), so you would always find me in the bush with my bestie.

The environment gives us so many natural services for free, that we all need to think about the future if this planet, and conserve our natural environment.

GEF: You live in Girona or G-town I think its known as, seriously how many Aussie cyclists live in G-town?
LR: Yep, it’s pretty much a mini Australia in Girona, which is great, and not so great if you want to learn Catalan.

It’s made the transition to living overseas very comfortable. Plus I have some world class training partners now!

GEF: What is the attraction of Girona?
Everything really. You have Bike Breaks, the bike shop owned by Dave and Saskia, pretty much our adopted parents.

The training is amazing, quiet roads, good food, reasonably cheap to live and just has a great vibe.


GEF: Tell us about some sights of Girona?
LR: Girona is an old medieval town, so you have to see the ‘wall’ in the old town, as well as the beautiful old cathedral also in the old town.

During May there is the festival of flowers which is on National Geographic’s must see attractions.

GEF: From the photos put-up on Twitter you seem to have a close-knit network of Aussie ladies in G-Town?
LR: Whenever we are all in town we head to Cub for a coffee or maybe Casa Moner. For dinner you can’t go wrong with the creperie. I think I’ve been maybe 10 times this year!

GEF: You’re a good blogger – do enjoy writing?
LR: I’ve actually become a fan of the whole blogging…it’s spur of the moment though. You have to do it when something is fresh and fun in your mind.

GEF: Where do you think you will be in 10 years?
LR: Hmmm, I could still be racing professionally, or living in somewhere remote part of the world doing conservation work. I’m living it up now, and enjoying the opportunities that are now in the present.

GEF: Tell us how you got the gig with Specialized-Lululemon?
LR: It was really a bit of luck. I had been racing the Nation Road Series in Australia and did quite well in 2011. Kristy (Kristy Scrymgeourn, team owner and exceptional rider in her own right!) needed a young rider to bring the average age down, and my name came up as a potential developing young rider.

GEF: What it like riding with massive stars like Teutenbger, Worrack and Stevens?
LR: When I arrived at team camp in 2011, I felt completely out of my league…still do haha. I had followed and read about these amazing riders, an to finally be apart of the same team as them was surreal.

GEF: This season has gone really well are you racing the Giro Rosa! You must consider that 2013 is very successful so far?
LR: I’d say considering all the unfortunate mishaps with crashing an injury the team has endured, we have had a fantastic year thus far! Lets hope it gets even better! And yes, I really hope to race the Giro Rosa, it’s a big goal for me to support our team leader.


GEF: Tell us about your future ambitions. The future comes from the sum of the past. Who has helped you in the past, and who are you current supporters?
LR: There are so many people that have been there for me through a lot over the years. I’d have to say my parents, my coach Mark Brady, and my good friend Helen have been my rocks throughout.

I wouldn’t have gotten this far without the support of these individuals.

GEF: Specialized-Lululemon has a great bunch of sponsors and supporters, can you talk a little bit about them? Lululemon specializes but not solely in women’s sports wear.

LR: We really are so fortunate to have such fantastic sponsors, who are genuinely interested in helping the growth of women’s cycling. Lululemon is a yoga-inspired clothing company, and so much more.

Lululemon is big on goal setting and achieving those goals, which is so important for athletes and really every individual. Yoga is the best thing for the body, soul and mind, and Lululemon is really pushing for yoga to become more global.

The Specialized Amira we ride is probably the nicest ride out there for women.

Accompanied by our HED wheels and certain speed bearings, I think we re probably riding the beat combination in the peloton.

GEF: Do you see an increased market for suppliers to produce more tailored products for women’s cycling?
Women’s cycling globally is growing, perhaps more rapidly than the men. Demand is high is for women’s specific bikes, clothing and general cycling apparel.


We want to feel feminine and look good whether we are racing our bikes, or just going in to town for a coffee ride.

I feel, our ‘Lulu’ kit is by far the most attractive kit out there and it’s in high demand. Now all we need is more people to back women’s cycling and put us out there in the media more.

GEF: Well, I will keep trying! Good luck Loren!

PS If you want to know how cheeky Loren can be check out this.

Follow Loren on Twitter @LorenRowney or her Velocio Team @velociosports