Who is Australia’s greatest race horse?

Jason Andrews Roar Pro

By Jason Andrews, Jason Andrews is a Roar Pro

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    Just how magnificent was Makybe Diva? (AAP Image/Joe Castro)

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    Following my article last week on whether Winx should retire or keep going for wins, it prompted me to ask the question, who is Australia’s greatest racing horse?

    There are many horses that you could put to the debate but I have gone for the obvious four, Phar Lap, Makybe Diva, Black Caviar and Winx. So of these for who is the best? Let’s look at the stats

    Phar Lap won several big races at home and overseas, including the 1930 Melbourne Cup, two Cox Plates, two Melbourne Stakes plus many international races. What was different about Phar Lap is that he won several races over different distances going from a sprinter to a distance horse over his career.

    His victories were legendary and he was such as threat, that he was poisoned to stop him winning. Phar Lap always set the bar for all following horses.

    Makybe Diva not only won a Melbourne Cup but three in a row, which is outstanding. She is also the second-highest-earning horse in history with over $14 million of prizemoney to her name. With her historic cup wins she has also won a Cox Plate, the Queens Stakes and several international races.

    Black Caviar has an amazing record of 25-0 for Group 1 races including the Australia Stakes, Schweppes Stakes and finishing her career with winning the Diamond Jubilee Stakes in England. She finished her career with earnings of over $7 million in winnings she was inducted into the hall of fame in 2013.

    Winx has just equalled Black Caviar record of 25-0 including three Cox Plates, two Queen Elizabeth Stakes, two Apollo Stakes and a Phar Lap Stakes. Although she is yet to go overseas to find success over there she still makes the debate.

    With everything that all these horses have done, I really think Makybe Diva, with the three Melbourne Cups in a row and all the prizemoney that she has won, is too good to go past, but that’s just me. I would love to hear your thoughts or any other horses that you consider the best.

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    The Crowd Says (20)

    • May 3rd 2018 @ 6:39am
      I miss the force said | May 3rd 2018 @ 6:39am | ! Report

      Makybe Diva shouldn’t be in the group

    • May 3rd 2018 @ 7:18am
      AR said | May 3rd 2018 @ 7:18am | ! Report

      Hi Jason, not sure if you’re a horse racing fan, but Black Caviar didn’t notch 25 Group 1 wins. She had 15 from a total of 25 starts/wins.

      As for Makybe, 3 Cups will probably never be repeated, but I don’t think she’s in the same league as the other 3.

      Tulloch is another top 5 contender, but for me, what Winx is doing atm is simply unbelievable.

      • Roar Pro

        May 3rd 2018 @ 10:38am
        Jason Andrews said | May 3rd 2018 @ 10:38am | ! Report

        Hi AR, thanks for reading, I m not a overly huge fan of racing but I certainly appreciate the combinations of all four horses as they made history in Australian racing in their own right. Winx is obvious the best atm but I wanted to she how she measured up against other contenders as the GOAT

    • Roar Pro

      May 3rd 2018 @ 8:10am
      Jason Andrews said | May 3rd 2018 @ 8:10am | ! Report

      Why not, please explain??

      • May 4th 2018 @ 10:36am
        peeko said | May 4th 2018 @ 10:36am | ! Report

        because the Melbourne Cup is not a great race. it won it once with 51kg. anyone with any racing knowledge will look at Tulloch or Kingston Town and know they were a lot better

        • Roar Guru

          May 4th 2018 @ 5:36pm
          hairy fat man said | May 4th 2018 @ 5:36pm | ! Report

          It’s still a hard race to win. I rate The Diva’s three Melbourne Cups above the three Cox Plates of Kingston Town & Winx.

          • Roar Pro

            May 4th 2018 @ 9:29pm
            Jason Andrews said | May 4th 2018 @ 9:29pm | ! Report

            I agree fat man

          • May 10th 2018 @ 4:22pm
            i miss the force said | May 10th 2018 @ 4:22pm | ! Report

            one is the WFA championship and the other is a handicap

    • May 3rd 2018 @ 2:11pm
      Kerry said | May 3rd 2018 @ 2:11pm | ! Report

      Who is Australia’s greatest racehorse? If you do your research you will find it is Phar Lap. The value for winning the same races that Phar Lap won today is well over $15million. The races he won that are now listed as Group 1 is 28. Phar Lap’s time form ratings rank at 141 – the highest in the world – whereas Black Caviar ranks at 136 and Winx at 134.

    • Roar Pro

      May 3rd 2018 @ 3:39pm
      Jason Andrews said | May 3rd 2018 @ 3:39pm | ! Report

      Thanks Kerry for reading. I did my research that’s why Phar Lap is in the debate

      • May 3rd 2018 @ 5:15pm
        Kerry said | May 3rd 2018 @ 5:15pm | ! Report

        Didn’t mean to offend.

        The judgements that make us choose a particular horse as the greatest are subjective of course. But my point is that in terms of achievement that can be quantified, Phar Lap has won the most Group 1 races in the world, has the highest time form ratings rank in the world and at current winnings stakes value has won more than any other Australian horse.

    • May 3rd 2018 @ 5:32pm
      Swooper said | May 3rd 2018 @ 5:32pm | ! Report

      You have missed a few that are right up there when you consider performance overseas. So You Think two Cox Plates multiple group ones overseas, ditto Takeover Target. I’d throw in Kingston Town as versatile and talented as Winx. Tulloch, the list goes on….I have followed racing for 45 years. You can’t compare champions.

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