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I’m sure you’re right Dave, it wasn’t only the factors I mentioned. Foe sure there were still more than a few amateurs, but their influence on the game, especially in terms of getting a result, was waning IMO. Throw in a few naturally cautious amateurs like Trevor Bailey and it probably didn’t take much more to bring cricket from an enjoyable game to a boring one, in the space of perhaps a decade.

In fairness,once Benaud disappeared, we seemed to follow suite with guys like Simpson and Lawry at the helm of the Test side, though thankfully in Shield cricket, we still had enough adventurous captains that made this a great competition.

Cricket's white-ball revolution began very quietly

great to see you back Scott and this is a great first piece for 2020.

The issue I see with Mitchell is going to be his ability to focus for 80 minutes. He has to understand fullback at NRL level is not only about running the ball, making catches and tackles. etc, but being an organiser & communicator in both attack & defence. This means he can’t switch off as he’s done more than once in his career and must also focus on his team mates far more than he’s had to do in his role as a centre.

Your right about this journey starting tomorrow. He should be allowed to make mistakes but by the same token, he has to show an affinity for this other role. If he can’t do it, he needs to acknowledge that and re-think his career goals. If he can, he certainly has the skills to be anything at fullback.

Latrell Mitchell's journey to becoming a great fullback must start tomorrow

“On paper, both teams look equal”. Sorry Deepak, I’m not sure which piece of paper you’re looking at, but India should start clear favourites, IMO. Any Test team with Pujara, Kohli, Ashwin, and the 3 excellent quicks is going to be more than a match for other Test cricketing nations at present. 19 degrees seems a pretty reasonable temperature to be playing Tet cricket as well.

New Zealand: A tough challenge for India in their quest for the World Test Championship

An interesting look at the development of white ball cricket. Thanks Paul.

I wonder though whether this game would have developed at all if a few things didn’t happen in County Cricket? The first was the rise of the professional player, who completely took over from amateurs in the 50’s & 60’s, 3 day county games where professionals were happy to play for draws rather than losing which led in turn to a defensive mindset that simply bored fans away from the game?

Cricket's white-ball revolution began very quietly

That doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of words flying between the sides. Guys like Rabada aren’t going to back away from a confrontation, though Paine will no doubt ask our guys not to retaliate, especially if the crowd gets stirred up.

Warner not planning to clear the air with de Kock

It’s hard to get a feel for what will happen, results-wise in South Africa, especially in the T20s.

Ronan pointed out in a different piece, the ability the Saffers have to score over 200 off 20 overs and this is something Australia may struggle to match, especially against that bowling attack and no Glenn Maxwell.

Throw in sort of fireworks the crowds will offer, a lack of recent international T20 cricket and maybe some demons from 2018? Both series could be anything from tame affairs, through one sided to acrimonious.

Wounded Proteas a danger to in-form Aussies

Taking the weight of captaincy from him might also free up Faf, so he only has to concentrate on his batting. No argument he’s a terrific competitor and a player the Aussies would be very happy to see in the pavilion, regardless what format’s being played.

Under-siege Faf will welcome Aussie challenge

I think this is one of the better teams so far Matt. Terrific variety in the bowling which is hard to gauge unless people know what high esteem guys like Jack Ferris and Fleetwood-Smith were held in by their peers.

Doug Ford was a better than useful keeper and the batting probably is underestimated, eg I reckon Peter Forrest should have scored a baggy green. If he played in the current decade, Joe Burns would be looking over his shoulder for sure.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter F

I might give it a go and see what happens

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter E

Matt, I was thinking about a series on the great Australian fieldsmen, excluding keepers.

The categories could be

best outfielder
best infielder, eg point, cover, etc
best first slip
best second slip, best third slip
best gully
best close catcher

Rather than you trying to make a subjective call on it, perhaps present what facts you gleam from your resources and leave it for open debate.

Is Mark Taylor better than Shane Warne, better than Ian Chappell, better than Bobby Simpson?

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter E

No, I remember Sheahan giving it away for teaching reasons when he just finished probably his best first-class season, Bob

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter E

from memory he gave the game away at Test level to focus on a teaching career? We struggled for a few years to find replacement, trying guys like Gary Cosier, for example.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter E

Top piece James. I don’t recall his name being mentioned when the Aussie coaching job came up but with a resume like that, he surely should have been in the mix, I’d have thought?

Aussie abroad: Les Kiss

The really good teams in the NRL have 3 guys as a rule, who can run the show; generally the hooker, half and 5/8. Lose one and the side can still win.

Who are the playmakers in the Knights team if Pearce isn’t there? And please don’t say Ponga.

Are the Newcastle Knights a one-man team?

Tim, the issue as we head towards the first round has to be how this rule(s) is enforced. As you rightly pointed out, the old rules were there but were largely ignored. It makes exactly zero sense to bring in new rules to help stiffen/tighten up the old ones, if they’re going to be ignored.

I’m also wondering what are the penalties for breaching the rules? I gather fines will be imposed, but does this mean a team that wants a Langer on the field constantly, is prepared to flout the rules & wear the the fines, if it means the gain some sort of advantage?

The NRL and the mystery of trainers' on-field access

I’m not sure Smith has it right. Sure, when you’re batting or fielding, the words can pass you by, because you’re concentrating, but it’s when you have your guard down, eg when you get out, that words can have an impact. Just ask Ben Stokes.

Smith returns to scene of sandpaper scandal

hi Matt,

I had the pleasure of watching Ross Edwards field for a lot of his Tests and that guy was simple outstanding. At one stage in a game, he and Doug Walters were in the covers and it seemed like nothing got through. Both outstanding fieldsmen and Edwards was also a very useful bat, probably better IMO than his figures suggest.

I also remember the furore in the east around the Wally Edwards selection ( pretty sure he’s no relation to Ross). Rick McCosker was racking up lots of big scores and of course, the Sydney press thought he should have been in the Test team from the start of the ’74/75 series. I reckon this must have had an impact on Wally Edwards, for sure. The poor guy even copped a shellacking in the papers after he was dropped, when McCosker came in and made 80 in his first Test innings

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter E

Charles Eady was considered one of the outstanding players of his generation and was controversially left out of the 1902 touring side, where a bloke named Trumper made a heap of runs.

That 566 Eady made was for a team called Break O Day. I thought this was a great name and wondered if anyone from Tassie knew what happened to the Club?

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter E

I’m not hugely fussed about the Saffers tour Micko,as this is obviously at the back end of the Australian cricket summer and, as you rightly point out, we need to make sure we’re helping them financially.

The Indian tour brought the cricket summer to a screeching halt for me though and I’d really like to know why this tour had to take place then. If the trade off is their tour later this year, then CA needs to tell us that, but it’s safe to say the past few weeks have been a real fizzer on the cricket front, especially if you’re not a fan of the BBL – like me.

Australia's tour of South Africa is just kinda... there

His problem will be keeping his head in the game for the full 80 minutes, like Slater, Tedesco and the other real good fullbacks did, Joe. If he learns how to do that and maintains fitness as you suggest, he could be a good ‘un for sure.

Why Joey Johns believes Latrell Mitchell switching to fullback is a mistake

We all know injuries are part and parcel of any sport, but it still hurts to see a team lose a key player potentially for the season

Matt Lodge suffers suspected ACL tear, likely out for season

as always Your explanations make a lot of sense Chris. If Langer and co are treating these games as practice matches, then this could be real value.

I’d be concerned though if a guy who’s done well in Oz, does poorly over in SA and loses his spot in the T20 squad. Not so fussed about the ODI squad, given the World Cup’s a few years off.

Aussies set to rediscover the joy of six in South Africa

Your explanation makes perfect sense, Brian and if you’re right, then fair enough.

I guess my issue is CA not giving out a proper reason as you’ve done. They could diplomatically leave out the part about “sins of their predecessors”, but still tell us why the Indian & South African tours are timed as they are. I might not like the reasoning, but at least I’ll know.

Australia's tour of South Africa is just kinda... there

Excellent piece Jeremy. I clearly remember when he game into first grade thinking this guy simply isn’t built to make a long career out in the NRL because he’s too small. In fairness, I thought much the same thing about Billy Slater.

It isn’t that Marshall has redeveloped himself as a player, his real legacy is his endurance. That he’s still good enough to play in the toughest League comp in the world, tells me he’s obviously physically strong but has great mental toughness as well.

I hope he has a good season for the Tigers.

Redefining the career of Benji Marshall

Nicholas, the frustration I think many fans feel is because we’re being treated like mushrooms by CA – again. They think it’s perfectly okay to keep us in the dark about the reasons for scheduling.

There was little or no purpose to the Indian ODI tour and this tour is in the same vein. Sure the Saffers are a good short form side at home, but what’s Australia likely to get out of this tour – apart from huge amount of abuse?

IMO, the scheduling for this summer has been diabolical. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there, like me, who only have a passing interest in BBL and like to see tours that have meaning. That was the case in the first half of the summer, but to me, cricket abruptly stopped on the 4th of January

Australia's tour of South Africa is just kinda... there