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Finch has really turned it around – no doubt. Credit to him for getting through a tough phase.

He has done well in England before, but I’m still concerned about him dealing with the new ball there during the CWC. He’s been very susceptible to the inswinger onto his pads and stumps recently…. although it sounds like he has adjusted his technique a little.

What do people think?

Finch books World Cup spot with matchwinning ton

A great result. Let’s see how the UAE goes. Finally.. selectors seem to have a headache of the best kind!

Aussies salute in India, perfectly timing World Cup charge

I’ve worked as a journo covering alpine skiing myself and I can say first hand that Shiffrin is tougher to talk to than Vonn, as I’m sure you’ve also seen in interviews etc. Yes, she is likeable enough and says the right things, but she is very focused on her goals and her training, and doesn’t really have that X-factor that Vonn brings to the sport. It’s a bit of a tough comparison, I admit… a bit like Djokovic versus Federer I suppose. Both are pretty pleasant – but you know who you’d rather sit next to at work!

I hope that Shiffrin relaxes a little and expresses herself a little more. She is undoubtedly the biggest talent out there at the moment, despite her tender years, and I’m also sure that she will pass Vonn’s record. Let’s hope she stays fit and shows what she can do.

More than just Tiger’s girl: Vonn ends skiing career as a sporting icon

Yeah.. can’t agree with this. Plays a crucial role keeping the team on the rails and his batting is pretty good. Sure, it’s not Gilchrist level, but then again… not many are. Carey will have his time eventually.

Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

I understand that it’s just a few games, and the realities of the modern cricket business sort of dictate they should just play a bit of BBL… and that this is a problem for all players around the world from the top nations.

But I really feel that in order for Australia to be ahead of the curve in Test cricket (which is curving down in regards to batting) it’s time for us to think differently. If we aren’t bold in how we let our Test cricketers prepare… we will always be playing catchup from now on.

Test players shouldn’t rush back to the Big Bash

It’s strange, isn’t it? I grew up batting with a helmet (at Mosman coincidentally) but was still taught by all coaches to watch the ball and weave out of the way just as if I didn’t have one…. and I’m no more than 10 years older than these guys. I’m not sure it’s as easy as “have helmet, bat carefree”

I think there was some general confusion from players on both sides about avoiding the short pitch balls at Manuka. I think that the pitch was pretty true, but when balls were short only Starc really had the pace for the ball to go well over head height. Otherwise, it sort of just came through right at throat height!

Batsmen must realise helmets are not impregnable

Woah! Tough.. but fair.

Greg Chappell saw the writing on the wall, and hopefully the mess his panel has made this summer

Good to see Favre doing well. During his time at Hertha he showed patches of clever tactical thinking, but Berlin never really challenges for the title… because of about 1200 different reasons.

I would wish him success this year, but one can’t really write off Bayern. Those shirt sales bring in a lot of money, and the squad is deep.

Familiar foes headline the first true post-Klopp Bundesliga title race

Wow… they really are antics.

Indian umpire puts Billy Bowden to shame with next level antics

Looking forward to the match.. Fans’ commitment tested once again with the middle of the night kick off. #SocceroosLife

Mission Impossible: Can Arnie take us all the way in the UAE?

It looks like they may just have found their mojo at last, the Mariners side. Let’s hope the new players don’t detract from the overall team dynamic… which seems to be improving.

Mariners set to boost struggling squad with triple transfer

I’ve been a Maxwell fan forever… but I’ve gotta say, you make a convincing argument. He’s not shone recently and he really did have the situation made for him in these last ODIs to show us what he could do.

I still think he is good enough to make the World Cup squad though, and I would use him as a middle order batsman and occasional spinner.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

Fair enough. But if the poor form continues until March, he probably still wouldn’t be given his marching orders.

I actually think that our World Cup performance in May will be a big acid test. If we really flunk it there – a tournament we have done so well at over the years – his job security could become wobbly.

But, as you say… these are unique times in Aussie men’s cricket. The women, meanwhile, are killing it!

Seven months in, what’s the verdict on Justin Langer?

Jules… good to hear from you, hope you are well! Yeah, it’s strange with Ponting. You get the feeling he taking his options in the coaching and media landscape pretty carefully… the Aussie coaching job is more than full-time these days, with a lot of travel and is also a bit of a thankless task.

Like SR Waugh, as a former Aussie cricket captain, he can pick and choose what he wants really. I’m hopeful he may get some more coaching experience under his belt and then go for it in a couple of years.

Seven months in, what’s the verdict on Justin Langer?

“Crossing the Line” from Gideon Haigh was a cracking book. Essential reading if you want to hear about behind the scenes at CA.

Australian sports books of 2018

I’ll tell you who wouldn’t waste the new ball… P Siddle.
He was, after all, in the Test team before this series began.

Mitchell Starc must be dropped for the second Test against India

I would love to see Canberra United get a spot in the expanded A-League. It may seem a silly reason to some, but I believe a country’s capital just really has to be part of its football league. It also means Melbourne and Sydney don’t become too dominant… just the same as why Canberra was picked as capital in the first place.

If they don’t have the player base there now, I’m sure they would attract the necessary up-and-comers once they got started.

D-Day arrives for A-League expansion clubs

I’ve always said.. sports stars aren’t there to be likeable. They need to abide by the rules (in cricket’s case, laws) of the game and should try to be good role models. Otherwise, they really are just in the public eye because they hit or bowl a ball well!

Do Australian cricket fans really understand Virat Kohli?

Well said. Test cricket really throws up perfect storylines, like no other sport… except for 4-day golf tournaments perhaps.

So, that's why we love Test cricket

I really like the idea of Maxwell batting middle order in the Test team, because I think he has the game smarts to really cater his batting for different situations. This has been the case for a while now.

But I think that his chances in the Test arena are slim and I also believe that Australia is going towards 2-3 specialised teams. I reckon his stint in England is more about getting quality English experience under his belt ahead of the World Cup. He really wants to contribute with the bat during that tournament.

Maxwell to chase Ashes spot by turning back on IPL

Considering the deficiencies of the Aussie batting lineup… the Indian bowlers will play just as much of a role as Kohli this series, if not more of a role.

If they stay disciplined and work together, they have the potential to dismiss the Aussie team sub 300 just about each time. And then, it won’t matter how much Kohli gets.

India prove they are not Kohli-centric

Some good points… although the “A Few Good Men” references are lost on me.

Time for me to find the Video Ezy card and rent it out 😉

We can’t handle the truth - Australian cricket’s culture

Good point… although I like the idea of a few really strong goal threats in the Socceroos team. Maybe Mooy isn’t going to be that player ever… but having one or two clear goal threats attracts opposition defenders and allows our lesser lights to then sneak in with extra goals more often.

Also… the last Asian Cup is a fair while ago, there’s been a fair bit of water under the bridge since then. I’ve been more concerned about a lack of other goal scorers at the 2018 World Cup etc… although the level there is obviously higher too.

Time for Aaron Mooy to step up for the Socceroos

Thanks for this wrap. It feels like he is somewhat of a forgotten player in the Aussie scene.

He certainly is starting well this season, but I reckon it’s too late to get him in to Socceroos duty ahead of the Asian Cup… there are no games before then to tactically work him into the side.

Is Taggart the man now that Timmy’s time is up?

I love this answer. Sums up modern sport completely.

Australia’s batting: it’s not the batsmen, it’s the formats