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Two greats, who both showed plenty of respect to each other, despite a hard-fought encounter. What a showpiece for the sport.

Djokovic saves two match points to beat Federer in epic Wimbledon final

This sort of move has pluses and minuses.
I watched on in Germany as the DFL company (an entity co-owned by Bundesliga clubs) became a big player on the German Fussball scene. They eventually had huge bargaining power with their TV rights negotiations, and because it was their core business, they made it an art form.
At the same time, I thought it created the potential for more disagreements between club and natl team – but I suppose this is happening in world sport everywhere.

Professional league independence brings excitement and challenges

Hopefully Aussie selectors have realised that cricketers need to specialise on formats… unless they are next level performers (think Starc, Cummins, Warner & Smith).

Picking Carey in the middle order would certainly be a mistake. It’s time to develop long form cricketers there who can bat for days and days. In time, I’m sure he will be a major candidate to replace Paine anyway.

Alex Carey should not play in the Ashes

One of those comments that hasn’t stood the test of time too well. We’ve all been there!

It’s no surprise to lose to England these days

Hi Paul… to answer your question: I was surprised that England lost that group game to Australia. But their “full throttle” cricket tactics mean that sometimes they will miss their mark and Australia played strongly that game too. Australia played more conventionally this World Cup and it worked well for them (much better than many thought it would) but if England hit their mark, they were always going to beat the Aussies there. That’s what happens when you have 7 top batters and 4/5 strike bowlers.
The main point I was making anyway was that the trend is going in a certain direction, it’s not just about specific games. Also, I’m with Paul too… I wouldn’t be too certain on England giving up on Test cricket. Good planning and selection means that they should be ready for the Ashes come August 1.

It’s no surprise to lose to England these days

Hmm… it’s an interesting idea, but I think football doesn’t need to change. There’s a reason why they call football ‘the world game’ – it does have universal appeal that shouldn’t really need to be artificially boosted.

That being said the A-League is struggling here, no doubt. I think the issue for the competition is access to the coverage for fans and allocation of sports grounds and sponsorship money streams plus and the intense competition of the other ‘footy’ codes. Somehow, I think it will pull through though in time.

In contrast, as much as I love cricket, for many people it was JUST TOO BLOODY LONG… and that’s why they couldn’t get into it. Splitting cricket into 3 formats has caused its fair share of confusion and resentment among die-hard fans, but it has won over families and some new demographics, definitely.

Would a football “Big Bash” pique interest in the sport?

Having top-quality backup for the same position isn’t a bad idea I don’t think, especially if Sydney want to put in a good showing in the Asian Champions League. Obviously, a bit of depth can help a team perform better in those mid-week games. The question always is: is one player prepared to play second fiddle behind the other? Baumjohann doesn’t strike me as that sort of guy.

Either way, A-League team performances last year in the ACL were really poor, so it would be nice if one Aussie team found a way of getting some results in that comp!

Baumjohann's move is a win for Sydney and the A-League

Thanks for the feedback. Where have you heard that he has a bad attitude? Or did you observe this yourself?

Baumjohann's move is a win for Sydney and the A-League

I think Dhoni’s judgement when batting/chasing totals is impressive but I’m not sure that his on-field captaincy decisions were always the best. Probably cos he was darn busy keeping wicket.
From memory he used to be a mixture of highly conservative and really quirky. I don’t feel like Kohli is tactically too weak in the field, although – as mentioned – he sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him. But he’s a player that thrives on emotion.

Time for Gayle and Dhoni to hang up the gloves

It feels like “going out on one’s own terms” is slowly becoming a thing of the past… as sports team turnover seems to (subjectively at least) be getting quicker.

I think what is interesting about Dhoni is the fact that he used to be a lower order batsman and he has made his way up the order – all this while Indian cricket has been booming. It’s a strange development in a land that churns out so many good batsman.

Time for Gayle and Dhoni to hang up the gloves

Thanks for clarifying the numbers. Now I can finally have my facts right when I drop this at the next dinner party 😉

The title's finished, but you have to admire the way Hamilton ended it

It’s a shame… I would have liked to watch Jason Roy bat. He sounds like an exciting prospect. But it’s going to be a cracker of a game either way!

Roy ruled out of World Cup clash with Australia

He may not quite fit the team dynamic these days, but it feels like Australia have to find a way to get him into the Aussie team. Perhaps in the T20 format? A shame to waste form like this.

Matthew Wade demolishes Derbyshire with record century

I think England is my tip – although it’s a tough one to predict. They’ll be keen to bounce back from those two defeats and who better to prove a point to than ‘Ye Olde Enemie.’

Australia vs England: 2019 Cricket World Cup preview

I think comparing Federer to Hamilton is a bit too far.

There is no doubt that Hamilton has talent and an insatiable drive to be the best… but his support staff at Mercedes do make his job easier for him. Even Messi and Ronaldo – at their prime – were supported by teammates of the highest quality. Federer’s team was a masseuse and his coach one presumes. And at the other end were athletes like Nadal, Murray, Djokovic etc.

I heard once that 1500 technicians work on the 2 cars at Mercedes – not sure whether it’s true, but it’s a great rumour.

The title's finished, but you have to admire the way Hamilton ended it

That’s what I meant. My understanding is that SydFC dropped some important games… if they’d won them, they may still be challenging for the plate.

Match preview: Sydney FC vs Perth Glory

Good time for Perth to take the foot off the gas.. and for Sydney FC to steal the win.

Corica is definitely hurting after letting Glory take the Premiership. He (and the team) should be pretty motivated.

Match preview: Sydney FC vs Perth Glory

I hope the Nix finish their campaign strongly, despite this development – it’s good to have them playing well after poor results for the last few seasons.

Emotional Rudan eyes new A-League role

Some telling stats at the top. It certainly is clear that the English are in a purple patch at the moment.

Hosts under pressure to deliver in window of dominance

Some great points here, Stephen. Well argued.
White really is the forgotten man of Aussie cricket.

What now for Cameron White?

Pattinson’s inclusion on the CA contract list also surprised me. He hasn’t played for Oz for years.

I think trying to understand the A squads, the central contract lists, and then those players being monitored in County cricket is (with all respect) a waste of time.

It’s clear that they want to keep a bunch of options open as the Ashes series draws near… and they also want to have injury backup nearby for the CWC.

I guess the World Cup squads can be added to when someone is deemed badly injured too.

Joe Burns on the outer for Ashes

It’s been interesting to see modern, bankrolled clubs in the Bundesliga… like Hoffenheim, RB Leipzig etc.

They started at the top level with pretty uninspired fan bases who barely came to games. But as they established themselves and enjoyed some success, their fans certainly have become more vocal and more bold.

It shows that … sometimes …money can buy fans.

Do Man City have the most fickle fans in football?

It’s noticeable how high the averages are for our One Day players… when you then compare it to their Test averages. I guess it is an average difference of 5-7runs for most players.

I think there are a few factors:
I think that the white ball doesn’t swing for as long or as late… and that does mean run-scoring is easier. Also, pitches are prepared in One Dayers to be good for ‘entertainment’ … (ie. easy batting) but not to last 5 days.

Finch books World Cup spot with matchwinning ton

This was a tough presser to watch. On the morning ahead of the RA statement, and still trying to support their (former?) teammate, these guys didn’t have a lot of space to move.

'It makes it difficult': Hooper on the idea of taking the field with Folau

Finch has really turned it around – no doubt. Credit to him for getting through a tough phase.

He has done well in England before, but I’m still concerned about him dealing with the new ball there during the CWC. He’s been very susceptible to the inswinger onto his pads and stumps recently…. although it sounds like he has adjusted his technique a little.

What do people think?

Finch books World Cup spot with matchwinning ton