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Even if it is just a rumour … it sure would add some spice to this FFA Cup game!

Avondale reportedly set their sights on signing World Cup-winning star for FFA Cup clash vs Sydney FC

I also don’t expect any Aussie wins over there. Let’s see if they prove us wrong.

Peter Siddle, the perennial understudy, thrown the ball again

Absolutely, he has to bowl well to be back in the mix properly. But just as Langer says ‘we want batsmen to score hundreds to get picked for Oz’ … you shouldn’t just be an up-and-coming bowler and then be first pick as a backup to Starc/Hazle/Cummins. Siddle is a pretty classy performer and has been for years.

Peter Siddle, the perennial understudy, thrown the ball again

Good point. One of those partnership bowlers.

Peter Siddle, the perennial understudy, thrown the ball again

Fair point. All fast bowlers work hard at international level … no question…. it’s tough on the body. But Siddle does often get called hard-working by teammates and coaches etc.

I suppose what contributes to the image is that he does tend to bowl first or second change, which means he doesn’t get the benefit of a new ball – making him certainly work harder on, and with, the ball.

Peter Siddle, the perennial understudy, thrown the ball again

Really good points David. I wasn’t aware of this trail of events, but it seems backed up by other journos too.

To be honest, I’ve given up trying to understand Australian team management regarding Maxwell. They just don’t seem to want him – and they change their reasons every time. First they say he trains badly, then they say he trains brilliantly etc… He is fast becoming that prospect that gets stuffed around so often, he never makes it.

I don’t know him, have never met him… but it would be understandable if he just took up the Keiron Pollard approach and travelled the globe chasing T20 dollars. Who could really blame him?

Glenn Maxwell betrayed by mixed messages

Wow… I’m not sure the MCC has done a review of the Preamble this thorough, since they wrote it! Good on you for focussing on this issue though. So important for keeping the image of the game intact.

How the 'Spirit of Cricket' misses the mark

Good to see Siddle and Finch involved. I’m not a Victorian either!

Bolters aplenty as Australia names weakest Test squad in recent memory for tour of UAE vs Pakistan

I’d argue that he is the last of the great Test openers. Together with people like Graeme Smith, Hayden… there has not really been any other dominant Test openers of the last 10 years, who have weathered the selections and conditions like Cook.

Alastair Cook: Good or great?

I like to think my article motivated him to get stuck in 😉 – looks like it was a pretty tidy T20 innings, based on the stats. I missed it unfortunately.

Should we be worrying about David Warner’s batting form?

The jury must have seen other footage and evidence to what the public did… as, arguably, should be the case… because he looked pretty guilty from here.

Jury finds cricketer Ben Stokes not guilty

This was a clever initiative from CA and the players… as it brought some nice kudos and publicity to this tournament.

Let’s hope Bancroft and Warner also took the time to chat to younger players in the competition about the virtues of playing fair cricket.

Warner, Bancroft to play in Australian domestic competition

Amazing performance from Koepka in the final round … two major wins in the same calendar year. And so low-key about it, too! I’m impressed.

Tiger, Adam Scott fall agonisingly short at US PGA Championship

It seems surprising that GWS keep winning their matches… even though they keep getting players injured. Their physios must be working around the clock at the moment!

If you can keep the spirit high though… maybe you can still have an amazing run.

AFL contenders hit hard by injury in brutal weekend

Interesting analysis. Thanks for sharing.

The Steve Waugh myth

My favourite sentence here is…

“I think Langer will push for a West Australian for that second paceman spot, and I doubt anyone will fight him too hard because of the Australian selectors’ traditional preference for bowlers who can clock over 140 km/h, because that’s been so successful overseas (to clarify – I was being sarcastic there because it hasn’t, but they don’t seem to have realised).”

Let’s hope that Langer – with his quirky new ways – might depart from this formula.

A possible Australian Test team to take on Pakistan

I would be very surprised to see anything other than an All Blacks win. Hopefully we give them a test though!

2018 Rugby Championship preview

I was just about to write this same opinion piece. Beat me to it!

While Smith’s time in the T20 leagues seems to be showing promise… Warner seems to be down on his luck. What a stinker of an LBW call that one was in the CPL this morning!

Ban could make Smith a better batsman

I have watched probably around 20 or so games at the World Cup… and taken notes on most of those. Just for fun.
There have been many successful aspects of the tournament, no doubt.

The shortcomings are as I mention in the second half of the article – ‘simulations’ from players and the lack of repercussions for them during the tournament, the slightly wobbly use of VAR at times and the defensive mindset of many teams, leading to set pieces deciding many matches. The first semi-final was a case in point.

Why the World Cup is a winner

All really interesting points. There’s a masters thesis hiding in here somewhere. An enjoyable one at that!

Why the World Cup is a winner

Absolutely – this is not specific to AFL. Round 5 of the NRL, Super Netball and the Super Rugby generally don’t end in tears either. Just used the example by way of contrast against a big tournament.

Why the World Cup is a winner

I think this was a great idea for a retirement press conference.

We need more madness at mundane mid-week sports pressers!!

WATCH: Sam Thaiday announces his retirement in hilarious fashion

You can’t win ’em all. 😉

Why Germany will win the World Cup, again

Great stats, very interesting.

Sadly though.. all this does is confirm my doubt that we continue to struggle to produce decent strikers in this country. Obviously Cahill is an exception to this rule, and I know modern football wants mids and ‘fake nines’ and so on scoring all the time… but why does this problem continue to haunt the Socceroos? Many of our players learn from the best around the world, while playing at their clubs, right?

What the stats say about the Socceroos' failure to convert

Brazil were my tip to win this year’s tournament – as I thought they combined Spain’s passing game with good purpose in the final third of the field (something which Spain and Germany severely lacked!). It wasn’t to be… but I’m sure they’ll win it again soon.

The unbearable lightness of being Brazil