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Hi Train… I understand that business approach, of course. It’s a bit like the hotel or restaurant that doesn’t bother to open during COVID-19, because it knows already that it won’t be able to balance its books. Still, I figure the NRL could have put its hand into its pocket and offered some assistance here for its main feeder leagues. They were obviously partially involved in the decision to shut down the comps. Maybe their financial situation – or if Channel 9 is to be believed, their financial discipline – didn’t allow it.

Second-tier competitions forgotten while NRL rolls on

I also hope he gets to make that debut soon, Michael. You are very right to point out the ramifications for the young players’ livelihoods and finances. It’s something I glossed over a bit in the article above. These young players are yet another segment of Australia’s sporting scene that have been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown.

Second-tier competitions forgotten while NRL rolls on

The statement above is from Luke Ellis from the NRL.. basically because it summarises the background of the move … but the decision to cancel the comps came from the NSWRL and the Queensland Rugby League. The statements went out on their websites first and they are pretty clearly taking responsibility for the decisions.

Second-tier competitions forgotten while NRL rolls on

A very interesting read Jon – thanks for putting in all this research

Kings of country: the top non-metropolitan cricketing birthplaces

A great read.. and nicely presented too. Keep these long reads coming!

Des Hasler: Kooky, mad and perfect for Manly

Interesting thoughts on making these competitions more appealing. Thanks for the history lesson too.

A conference model for the NSW Cup

Great deep dive this one… bravo

The disconnect tugging at Sydney cricket's grassroots

Interesting idea and I get the logic, but I don’t like it. I think to change a major building block of one format of the game is too disruptive. I think I would just properly enforce these Sub player entries onto the pitch. On club level it’s related to getting a drink, injury or gear change – but even then an opposition skipper or umpire can and does refuse it. No constant glove changing or new chewing gum or other similar tactic is really tolerated,certainly not more than once. How hard is it to crack down on that on intl stage? Just take some player matchfee percentages – that will quickly focus a few minds. But, if they do it … it has to be consistent and explained to players.

A simple change could get rid of one of cricket's pet hates

Great analysis Denis. Very thorough. After watching the Revierderby last night, it does seem that the league have put in a number of matchday safety measures. What the players are doing behind the scenes is another matter though, I guess.
I really felt that the match was lacking a bit of its usual bite too, but I suppose that’s expected.

The Bundesliga’s back with a bang, but at what cost?

Do you think Zampa could step up into Test spin duties if Lyon were to be injured? I am quietly impressed with his cool head these days, probably after all that T20 play.

Nudie balls and inswingers: A tribute to Steve O’Keefe

I had thought for a while that Smith should not get the captaincy back… because he had been strong as a batsman, after just having that gig to focus on. But, I think that I could be turning…

If one of the captain selection criteria is stability, I’m not certain any other batsman is a long-term fixture (aside from Head, if he can cement his spot) and I don’t think strike bowlers make great skippers (sorry, Pat!). So that really leaves Smith as the best option – however, let’s not rush Paine out of the job just yet. He’s doing a pretty solid job.

Why Steve Smith should be the next Australian captain

Thanks for your feedback Paul.

I notice that young off-spinner Arjun Nair wasn’t offered a NSW contract last summer, but did play for a NSW XI against the England Lions in Feb & March …and he got a bowl. They could be considering giving SOK’s place to him, but I’m not sure.

Nudie balls and inswingers: A tribute to Steve O’Keefe

His bag of wickets in that 2017 Indian Test would suggest that he had what it takes at the very top level. His unwavering accuracy certainly made him a more than competent first class player.

Nudie balls and inswingers: A tribute to Steve O’Keefe

Agree that there is an art to playing short-pitched bowling – but our Aussie batters are still working on their skills at facing swinging deliveries and quality spin. One thing at a time please!

Neil Wagner on song, but needs policing on short-pitched bowling

Thanks all for the comments… keep ’em coming. Have tried to respond to a few. It seems Mr Wagner is as polarising as I thought he was.

Neil Wagner on song, but needs policing on short-pitched bowling

I often use this test too… what if everyone did it? In this day and age of fitter, stronger and taller athletes who can devote all day, every day to weights and gym work…. it’s possible that we could see bowlers being picked for their ability to do this and then employing this tactic way more often. That’s why cricket needs to stay vigilant on this issue.

Neil Wagner on song, but needs policing on short-pitched bowling

All very valid points.. although the boundaries at the MCG are still substantial even when they bring in the rope!

Neil Wagner on song, but needs policing on short-pitched bowling

Fair enough David… I was really wanting to just point out both sides of this debate. It’s not as easy as “ban the guy” and I really can see that his skill and fitness levels are impressive. I just feel that people aren’t talking about the limits he’s pushing almost every over.

Neil Wagner on song, but needs policing on short-pitched bowling

I think Australia has been close to doing it a few times over the last 6 months. But I think that’s your point.

Neil Wagner on song, but needs policing on short-pitched bowling

Yep.. a lot of this is very true. So many ex-players just get there on the basis of their reputations…. but are nowhere near as good as the best technical coaches. Then the argument comes up “well, you can’t do this job unless you have played at this level yourself”. I call bulldust.

It’s funny… because so many ex-pros are always saying how important “the process” is in coaching and playing sport. If it’s all process driven, then surely it doesn’t matter whether the coach is a super-experienced player himself or herself … or not, right?

Does being a club legend make you a good manager?

I also think the biggest moment was winning the 2015 Asian Cup – nothing like a bit of silverware to get everyone excited.

Australian football highlights of the decade

All of the batsmen had to deal with Wagner’s short-pitched bowling – it’s his MO against basically everyone in Test cricket, as the format allows him a fair bit of room to move on bowling short.

Steve Smith solves New Zealand short ball riddle

Yep..that looks like a shepherd to me.

Marika Koroibete scores tremendous individual try against Samoa

I missed this… but that sounds pretty awesome. He will have to put that moment out of his mind.
It feels like his whole career has been about proving someone wrong – so I think he’ll manage to.

Lampooning Lyon: The folkoric charm of crowd banter

Let’s see how he goes over the remainder of the Test – but I think both of our sets of comments have held true already. He’s shown a bit of X-factor at times already (with ball and bat) and at the same time, he’s given more runs away than he should have.

I did notice that he got the wicket of Ben Stokes though. I’m sure you didn’t miss that either, being such an astute cricket observer.

Mitchell Starc should play in the fourth Test