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I can’t remember the last time I commented on the roar, but I also can’t remember reading something this good. I agree with everything you’ve proposed. More regional games would be fantastic. Aus v NZ matches are great fun to watch. I remember when the Ashes were something that would be hyped for weeks and the anticipation for the series would be at a massive high. Now, we see to be playing England every 6 months or so. This series no one was talking about the Ashes. There was almost no interest and despite the quality of play being the best in long time.

Also, India.
I am really get sick of Australia whitewashing India in Aus and 700 run games in India.

I love cricket, but watching it isn’t something I do often anymore. The reason why is that there is no real competition between bat and ball. A miss hit goes for six.

I’m starting to get off topic now but just thought Id let you know that I love your ideas and hope to read more of your stuff.

Cricket would do well to take a few lessons from rugby

It is great to see the saints going well. I’m a huge Everton supporter but would hate it if an incredibly rich fan was to buy the team and pump in massive amounts of money. I know it sounds weird, but I don’t mind if I never get to see the toffee’s become a “Big” club. If I can see an FA Cup win, i’d be satisfied.

The Saints are marching in

I totally agree with you Football United. This would be a huge step backwards for Domestic Cricket in Australia.

A state draft for cricket? Just plain daft

Don’t get me wrong Don, I am extremely grateful for channel nine’s coverage of the one day cup.
It’s just I feel that the matches should be shared around a bit, thats all.

Pass the Cup around: Solution for domestic one-day cricket

Thanks for the article Gareth.

For me the openers should be Aaron Finch or Phil Hughes batting alongside David Warner.
Smith to stay at no.3 with Clarke and Bailey at 4 and 5.
Cam White is a bit too inconsistent for me. He can score a ton of runs one day only to follow it up with a low score the next.

Haddin must stay as keeper unless injured. If injured bring Tim Paine instead of Sam Whiteman. I really like Whiteman but for a world cup you must pick experienced players and Paine has that experience.

For the bowlers, whoever is inform at the time. Like you said, the Australia is fortunate to have such a depth of talented quicks.
In the spin bowling department I would pick Nathan Lyon with the likes of Cam Boyce and Xavier Doherty in the frame too.

Australian World Cup health check

An article that needed to be written, well done Kris.

A sporting team by any other name doesn't smell as sweet

Thanks for writing all of these previews Scott.

Andrew Tye is one I’m looking forward to watching. He’s been going well this year and if he does a good job, he might be seriously considered for International selection. Saying that, I’m am a western Australian so I am a bit biased. 🙂

One Day Cup 2014 preview: Western Australia Warriors

Why do you ask Mo?

My tips for a successful fantasy cricket team

The Roar. Mine was for a decent fantasy cricket campaign.

My tips for a successful fantasy cricket team

My tips for a successful fantasy cricket team

Nice one Pottsy.

Love your script writing and found it very interesting in the process. Let’s hope from an international cricket point of view Bangladesh start winning test matches and start to find their feet in the test scene.

Playing to draw: If Australia were Bangladesh

Interesting article Gareth,

I can’t say that I agree with you though. I like you am a purist and seeing players throwing (or chucking, whatever you want to call it) and getting away with it would leave a real sour taste in my mouth.

I’m just starting to come around to Twenty20 cricket. However if players were allowed to start throwing and tampering with the ball, I’d stop watching and stick to test cricket.

Saeed Ajmal seems like a very nice person, but he has an illegal action and has deservedly been banned. I’m sick of hearing people blame this “Big 3” crap and saying cheesy comments like “If you can’t play them ban them #Big3 #AusLogic”

Allow chucking and tampering in limited overs cricket

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My tips for a successful fantasy cricket team

It’s a very unfair tournament. Like the EPL, the teams with the bigger wallets always win. NSW proved that it was possible to win if you didn’t have millions to spend on players, however that was a pretty strong team. I’d like to think we can win, however only time will tell.

Scorchers eye off Champions League glory

I do remember those recent years. About a year ago he took a hat rick against England. He might get back his form and if he plays well in the One Day cup should be given a spot in the squad.

As for Bird, Harris, Hazlewood and Coulter-Nile, they’re injured at the moment, but in five months time pretty much everyone of them will be fit and ready to go.

Could Shaun Tait be a World Cup wildcard?

I fully agree with you. All we ever do is just start to put unnecessary pressure on them and start calling them legends before they’ve proven themselves.

Are we too quick to label players all-rounders?

Hi Ronan,

I’m a bit torn between your argument.
First off, he has pace and a lot of it. Can you imagine if Tait played against Afghanistan at the WACA! Although I do think that Afghanistan are a good team, if Australia had Johnson at one end and Tait at the other, the innings would be over before the drinks break!

What I’ve got against him being in the side for though is his consistence. From my memory, Tait just could’t ever seem to control his powerful bowling.

Also, Australia have got plenty of other bowlers who have played more one day cricket in recent years. Players like, Bird, Coulter-Nile, Ryan Harris and even Josh Hazlewood.

For me, I seriously doubt that Clint McKay will be in the world cup squad. He’s starting to get older and his form and pace have declined a lot.

Could Shaun Tait be a World Cup wildcard?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an Abbott fan.

I'm so glad Australia lost the 2022 World Cup bid

If your talking about domestic cricket that does’t get advertised (other than the BBL) then of course your going to get a three quarter empty stadium. Although I wouldn’t be having a go at cricket just yet. Most test matches have sell out crowds for the first three days.

What I failed to mention in the article was instead of the large amount of money to host a world cup, why not we put some of that money towards growing the game more.

I'm so glad Australia lost the 2022 World Cup bid

Your take on my love of the game couldn’t be further from the truth. Although my main sport is cricket, I love football with a passion. I love playing it and watching it.

I’m also a big fan of the A-League, I recently watched the Townsville Football Cup. Teams like Sydney F.C, Brisbane Roar, Newcastle Jets and the Nth QLD Fury all playing against each other was great.

I agree that having the World Cup here would be amazing. I know I would love seeing a team like Germany play Italy in Australia. It would get plenty of interest and potentially inspire the next Tim Cahill. However time and time again, these events cost more than they receive and in the end, the public pays for it.

I'm so glad Australia lost the 2022 World Cup bid

It’s going to be an interesting one. They haven’t had great results in the pre season matches. However I reckon that they can maybe get some silverware this season.

2014/2015 EPL season preview: Everton

I agree with you Shouts Chen,

Getting his confidence back on the slow pitches is a good strategy. If he does well in the UAE, then pick him for the home test series against India. Small steps are paramount in developing future test cricketers in my opinion.

What does the future hold for Phillip Hughes?

Nice read Dylan,

It’s a tricky one. I think that what England need to do is learn from the Aussies mistakes and just put trust into one spinner.

Scott Borthwick impressed me on his debut at the SCG earlier this year. Other him or Monty are the two spinners that I believe should play at Lord’s tonight.

Why England should not select Simon Kerrigan

I love the cricket World Cup and probably always will do. It’s a great competition of the game and like you’ve said, it deserves a better format. Sadly, I can’t ever see this happening, 2019 may just be the last and the end of the tournament.

Cricket deserves a better World Cup format

+1 well said.

FIFA: Suarez needs help