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No worries!

'Steve Waugh style ice man': Mitchell Marsh is the epitome of Aussie spirit

My point only reference to Steve Waugh was intended to be a comment about ice-man qualities when finishing off T20 games under pressure (nothing to do with his test career or batting comparisons), the Ed. exaggerated the article headline so I will blame them!

'Steve Waugh style ice man': Mitchell Marsh is the epitome of Aussie spirit

Yes, those comments relating to his role in the squad were more the sentiment of social media keyboard warriors (which I disagree with!). Lucky he has thick skin… But as you can tell, this is more of a love letter and I wanted that to come across – we’re backing him.

'Steve Waugh style ice man': Mitchell Marsh is the epitome of Aussie spirit

Spirit is just a concept relating to emotions and character. I guess it’s a matter of whether you believe it or not. But as far as trying to be superior? That’s a bit of a stretch…

'Steve Waugh style ice man': Mitchell Marsh is the epitome of Aussie spirit

What does “for mine” mean? You hear it a lot from footy commentators etc. but it doesn’t actually make sense. Where did it come from?

England Ashes series player ratings: Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer the standouts

I think the Aussies will bounce back with every bit of enthusiasm and confidence they have shown in the series so far. And the main formula for this is the ethos that Langer cultivates in the squad. I’ve never heard so much praise around the team culture and attitudes that I have under Langer and these guys are happy to be playing the sport they love and representing their country. I’m sure he’s been repeating that whatever happens, it’s still just a game. Get out there and keep living the dream. I’m hoping Starc is picked in the X1, got a feeling it could be a series turning performance as he sets out to prove he’s still our no.1. Let’s hope so anyway.

On a side note: who else feels sad for people that despise cricket? This series is so mesmerizing, it’s not funny!

After the heart-breaking loss, will the Aussies recover?

Missing the lack of strike rate in the Aussie team which is significantly lower than England and India.

A SWOT analysis of Australia's mission to retain World Cup

England wins another ODI and chases down a score that only 5 teams in history have been able to do yet they did it with 5 overs to spare… hmmm. You gotta admire it!

The Aussie team’s biggest weakness

Hey Paul, simply because I couldn’t be bothered. Wouldn’t look too much into it apart from the small comparison data which is nerdy enough.

Yes it doesn’t take everything into context. There’s all sorts of variables. But it bothered me seeing these repeat scores from players like Khawaja well under a run a ball and pondering how our strike rates actually compare when you put them on paper.

Would love to see them against India/NZ/SA etc or even per region breakdown but that’s all for another argument. Simple comparison with the no.1 team in the world to ponder over. Not ashamed to say England have been impressive and firepower is a weapon. Forget their last wobble or two, we were abysmal before the 2015 World Cup… 5-0 Whitewash loss against SA ring a bell? Even we had some shockers at the height of our powers. That’s cricket…

Will still be backing the Aussies all the way no matter what and believe we have a very very well rounded side. Cheers

The Aussie team’s biggest weakness

England not only have the highest win/lose percentage since 2015, they also have the most 300+ scores and a world record. The numbers don’t lie. Lynn and short have played a paltry 4 games each for Australia so this whole idea of failure is baffling. Short as an example has a List A record of 45 at 112 strike rate. Worth more than 4 matches in my opinion!

The Aussie team’s biggest weakness

Both Short and Lynn have played exactly 4 ODI matches for Australia after dominating the domestic circuit so I don’t feel it’s fair to judge them on such a tiny run in the free and gold. It’s hard to find the right balance, but not fair to say they were no good.

The Aussie team’s biggest weakness

Agreed, I like Handscomb in the team and I would have played him as keeper.

The Aussie team’s biggest weakness

Put Kruse on the tire the defenders out? Who is going to actually score the goals?

The gig is up Bert; now do what we want

What would the opposition prefer LESS???

Play Arzani first and foremost instead of Kruse and then replace Rogic with Cahil for the final 20 minutes of the game.

The gig is up Bert; now do what we want

lol exactly Paul! This was where the whole gripe came from… There will be a tacky campaign that focuses on big hits and sizzling game plays, nothing to do with the emotion and heart of the game. If ever there was a time where the brand needs a new image it’s now. Fingers crossed common sense prevails and we at least see something.

You're the voice: The campaign Cricket Australia must adopt

Thanks Paul. Agreed – some type of public forum (apart from the stupid Facebook groups that are just about trolling and arguing) would be awesome. There are too many decisions made (eg. uniform design) etc without public input these days, another idea I have suggested many times to CA but they don’t listen. Social media site with stories and posts about the 3 themes would be cool. Maybe I should make one of my own hah.

You're the voice: The campaign Cricket Australia must adopt

Hey Bill, not everyone’s cup of tea I guess mate but for many I know it stirs up a whole lot of heart!

You're the voice: The campaign Cricket Australia must adopt

There’s a big insight into this match that I hope the selectors understand. It’s also a key to us winning a World T20 in the near future… You ready for it? Here it is:

Stack the top of the order with the highest career strike rates and we give ourselves the best chance to win more matches.

T20 is a smash and bash type game. There’s no time for finesse and getting yourself in. It’s about striking, power, luck and boundaries.

Maxwell has the world’s highest T20i strikerate – by a country mile at 163. The next closest player is 150. That shows you just how good he is at striking runs fast.

Please please please keep Maxwell at the top of the order and make way for higher strikers to up up also (including Head and Lynn if need be). Give these guys a chance to get us off to a flyer and we will win more matches.

The start of a new chapter

Love it. Suggest another rating for the remaining tour… D- to ground curators for refusing to fix the damaged windows at any of the grounds. Players and commentators alike, unable to get a clear view of the ground while seated indoors.

South Africa vs Australia: The everything ratings

Agree. We had a shocker… Has happened to every great team in world cricket. We’ll bounce back as we have always done… Go Aussies 🙂

Shockers and blinders, it's all just cricket

Yep, shocking timing for the article – which was written a few days ago! Clarke was the pick of the batsmen yesterday and I am indeed eating my words.

He is a quality player and one of the best batsmen in the country, but I stand by the idea of preserving him for ODI’s and that Bailey is a strong enough captain for the team. He’s been a part of some incredible wins at home and abroad when Clarke was injured.

I’m also gutted we’ve slipped down the rankings, but we will bounce back for sure.

Michael Clarke, you are no longer required for ODIs

No they are not! And Australia did have a shocker before the turnaround… but what could it look like in another 6 months from now, who knows! It’s nice to imagine. I certainly don’t think it would be India, who remain 2nd in the world after losing something like 10 out of 11 past games outside of home?

An alternative to the scrapped ICC World Test Championship

Like I wrote in the article, it would be for a set period of 12 months – qualifying for the ‘world cup’ would not be dictated by the ICC test championship rankings at all. It would be rewarded on form alone.

An alternative to the scrapped ICC World Test Championship

The Kiwi rise is exciting for world cricket. I for one can’t wait until the next match up between Australia and New Zealand. Right now it would be a complete hit… If only a one of test match/ODI could take place at the end of the year between the best 2 performing teams… Now that would be fun.

For the record, Kiwis have not beaten Australia at home for just under 30 years (1985/86 series).

Time for Kiwis to stamp their authority on world cricket

Please point out another Aussie batsman with a T20 strike rate of just under 150. Obviously you missed him smashing 60 off 20 and a 90 odd against India late last year in the ODI series too. And a man of the match in one of the BBL matches. He is a freak and his all-round ability makes him one of the first picks in the team.

Why Hoggy and Dunk should be off to Bangladesh: my T20 WC squad