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Sorry all – meant to say the Roosters have gone back to back. They are also a fine, fine sporting organisation. My bad!

Here's why Manly will win the 2022 NRL premiership

Sims is injured, Scott is suspended. Point taken on Su’a and Lowe however. Missed the mark there!

Depth perception: who would win a 'State of Origin A'?

Great read.
Before they go looking to expand across the world, I’d like to see British Rugby League get it’s own back yard in order first.
As it stands, every super league team is situated in the North of England. Why not really have a lash at London and other parts of the UK before dabbling in places like Ontario and Perth?
I’d love to see the game marketed and grown in Ireland. Might be a pipe dream, but judging on the nations love for rugby union and their performanfe in last years RL World Cup, its more realistic than New York..

Is British rugby league preparing for a revolution?