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Thanks for another morning coffee read Mr. B.

Among all the support staff – do the Wallabies have a kicking coach – or do they just pull in consultants around World up times?

Are you based in Wales? – as a “rookie” I wasn’t aware that you were OS based.

Putting you “on-the-spot” – who is your predicted WC winner as of today… Just curious.

Happy New Year from tropical Qld!

Why don’t the Wallabies have a kicking game?

Lano – just re-read the post.

Suggestion: sing it in your head but as a Hendrix cover…. Gives it a whole new vibe.

Just sayin….

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Enjoyed that Caddyshack.
A big year indeed ahead… in the wonderfully quiet period between Xmas an the New Year, as we all pause and ponder the year past and the year to come – my early prediction for the WC is the AB’s.
I think the losses to SA (at home) and Ireland (away) have released the pressure that seems to have weighed the AB’s (and their supporters) down in previous years. Without the unpredictable factor of injuries, I can see the Men in Black running rampant in Japan… ( and would love to see it happen).
I see SA as the major threat – not sure the Irish will travel well or be able to sustain their best for the duration of the year/ tournament.
Depth will as usual be the key – and it is way too early to make any confident predictions given the amount to rugby to be played out prior to the tournament.
My fantasy result?
Fiji …. they are so much fun to watch….
Happy New Year!

The greatest year in rugby history is coming

Just the sound of Silence …. ????

Why Bob Dwyer was right about Will Skelton too

Cheers Stillmissit –

Santa appears to have let us down in the new coach department… will have to rely on either i) MC pulling a rabbit out of the hat and winning the RC/World Cup double or ii) RA growing a pair (and let’s face it – the former is probably more likely at this point 🙂 )

Maybe we should add iii) The Roar unites, rises, rebels and overthrows the RA board – installing Rod McQueen/Bob Dwyer as selectors/coaches, Twiggy as honourary CFO, Nick Bishop as tactical anaylst with MC doing what he is told until his contract expires. Bernie, NG, and Rod Kafer all suspended indefinitely.

Couldn’t be ant worse – could it?

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Happy New Year Cec!

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Are you referring to the AB’s Baz? – that would need a different opening verse…
“Hello “Darkness” our old friends,
We’ve come to lose to you again…”

Happy New Year BigBaz!

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Cheers Lara… I’d settle for a “better than average” coach… who knows what the New Year will bring… either way it should be entertaining either on or off the field.

Happy New Year!

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Though if you sing like I do – it’s best kept for the confines of the shower – where the acoustics help everyone sound like the Eagles.

Happy New Year Lano!

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Maybe less “Messiah” and more “naughty boy” might help next year – to quote another bunch of renowned sports poets Jock.
Merry Xmas mate!

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Just hope he listens Tooly …. and then shatters the sound of silence…
Big Year coming up…. anyway you look at it!
Merry Xmas to you and yours!

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Back at yah Scott

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Seasons Greetings BigBird,
Stay with them mate – the tide will turn!
Have a great Xmas and keep smiling.

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Thanks Rhys – Have a great Xmas and new Year!

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Cheers Cliff – I actually found the whole process quite carthartic… Have a great Xmas and New Year!

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Indeed Arcturus, both Simon and Garfunkel are much underrated as sports poets.
“The Boxer” – seen by some as a tribute to those early “Marguess of Queensbury Rules” pugilists of yester-year is another classic.
Some could say the same of “I am a Rock” as a semi-autobiographical account of a certain MC’s coaching philosophy also.
Merry Xmas.

A Roaring rugby Christmas Carol

Sensing that the “by the clock” had run its course, I was hesitant about going there again with the Mandela test.
Luckily for all involved (or unluckily as the case may be) the game itself made the decision for me. It was a SHOCKER !!!!!!
No way was I going to watch that tortuous test again.
Let’s just say that the end couldn’t come quick enough – have to feel for all the Bok supporters…. One of the most inept performances in years… Poor Harry must be in therapy….
As for the wallabies …. a win is a win. Enough said.
Thought the ref was poor – but his job was not made easy by the skills on display.
So no “by the clock” this week.

Is anyone even interested?

Bledisloe 2 by the clock

A great read over my morning coffee – thanks Harry.

You have a great way with words.

Looking forward to 34-39 minutes of scintillating rugby tomorrow.

May the real team win.

Existential questions about Australian rugby

Or lack of ball in play time…. All the Wallabies need is a true 80 minute contest and they will finish all over the top of everybody… it’s clearly what MC needs to restore his W/L percentage…. just give him more time!

Wallabies' lack of rugby smarts set them up for defeat

Cheers KF,
I agree completely with your comments regarding the contest in rugby and the fundmental structured/unstructured components of the game.
My contention is the perception of poor time management of game time that impacts on the amount of rugby we get to see (and too much is never enough) and the impact this has on non-purists of the game – i.e. those no longer attending matches or watching televised games.
Maybe you are right, and I no longer understand the game I watch, but in 20 years of playing in Canterbury and the Manawatu, and 5 years of coaching, my recollection is of a game where rucking kept infringements in check (good enough if fast enough was the unwritten law), line outs had no lifting and were fed by wingers mostly, and yellow cards were things used by junior players to get free admission to senior and representative fixtures – and didn’t we attend in droves!).
So yes I’m old but the game seemed a lot simpler back then.

I too would be interested in the NRL stats for ball in play if anyone has access to them.

Thanks for reading and the comments.

Bledisloe 2 by the clock

I think the format corrects itself after the edit time expires- your post looked fine????

Bledisloe 2 by the clock

Cheers Riccardo,
The gist of my time on/off argument would not change the “breathers” that punctuate the game now – they are necessary and part of the rugby experience – by calling time of DURING these “breathers” we would see more actual rugby as well.
The same applies to defending teams breathers.
Essentially the flow of the game would not change but the time in play would increase as well as the time off that comes with it.

Bledisloe 2 by the clock

James – that is my “beef” I guess – when Barnes blew the whistle for BB’s “try” – play restarted with a scrum feed 192 seconds later on the game clock – over 3 minutes lost for no good reason. Time off would not have been difficult.

Bledisloe 2 by the clock

Agree Rickster – nothing more frustrating than watching the clock tick by while people stand around doing nothing – especially when your team is behind or the opposition has someone in the bin. The number of non-believers who comment that rugby is “boring” are increasing as quickly as the game seems to be waning in Australia.

Bledisloe 2 by the clock

Cheers Harry,

My feeling is that having an 80 minute match only actually provide 35-40 minutes of play seems strange – especially when so much of the lost time is totally unnecessary.

Stopping the clock would not stop the players from having the down time during the game – effectively they would get just as much “recovery” time over the course of a match – but the in play time would be extended and a true 80 minute contest would ensue.

I agree that it would be difficult to get more rugby into the current 80 minute timeframe but see no reason to run the clock for 3 minutes while the TMO reviews a try/no try decision and then play returns to the other side of the field for a scrum as happened with BB’s disallowed try.

Increasing game time would in my opinion improve the spectacle, make for more absorbing contests, allow greater scoring potential as fatigue/fitness factors kick in, place less emphasis on size vs fitness.

And let’s face it more rugby can NEVER be a bad thing.


Bledisloe 2 by the clock