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Sixth former living in England with a passion for sport and sports journalism. Obviously, an England fan of anything we play. Mainly write about English football, rugby and cricket. Also enjoy a spot of Formula One, supporting Max Verstappen and Red Bull. Follow me on Twitter @Joshua_T_Kerr.



Of course, this article is only about day 3 but I’d like to bring in Mitchell Santner’s brilliant century and 261-run partnership with Watling – if NZ win this match, that will have been the major contributing factor. They ground the English bowlers down to get the score up to 7-577 when Santner eventually got out.

de Grandhomme’s half century equally valuable for the attacking style against Watling’s more considered style. You could say the same about Santner, scoring sixes left, right and centre when the opportunity arose.

I may be an England fan but I really enjoyed that batting performance by the Black Caps.

BJ Watling's century helps the Black Caps move ahead against England

Hi Paul,
The England bowling attack just grew so tired through the NZ 1st innings. Broad has rarely featured on the highlights packages that I have been watching to cover this match. Archer is trying so hard but his bouncers are just a bit too wayward. The bowlers experimented with lines but this just led to more boundaries being scored.

The attack’s never been balanced in England tests, IMO, there is always a bias towards your two best bowlers which in this test match, on paper, are Broad and Archer (no Anderson). Stokes is an all-rounder so is never overbowled and Curran is also used to fill in the gaps. But the fact that for the first 190 overs, Root had a wicket and Broad and Archer didn’t certainly shows that something went wrong.

NZ have really pulled ahead on day 4 so they could get a result, especially with England’s collapse to 3-55 at the end of the day. The 2013 series between England and New Zealand finished 0-0 because all three matches were draws so this isn’t a rarity whatsoever. In fact, NZ’s win in the day/night game against England in Auckland in March last year was the first time that either side had won a game between them in NZ for over a decade.

BJ Watling's century helps the Black Caps move ahead against England

Hi Jawad, I promised you I’d write a comment and here it is, better late than never!

F1 needed to at least make some form of pledge to become carbon neutral. The world is currently in a climate emergency as we have seen in recent weeks with the bushfires in Queensland and New South Wales.

As you point out, the racing itself is quite green, greener than most people imagine but it is the associated carbon footprint with getting the cars, drivers, media and even fans to the race. You’re going to struggle to make a carbon neutral journey from Europe to Australia! But good on Formula 1 for trying and it will be interesting to see how the sport manages to achieve this goal. One thing it could definitely do to reduce its carbon footprint is maintain, or reduce, the current number of races – more races = more carbon footprint.

All in all, this is a key example of how F1 has finally dragged itself into the present day under new leadership and I, for one, think the sport has changed for the better and long may it continue.

People who don’t like it need to have a reality check: we cannot keep on living like we have done in the past. It’s time to get real, folks – this is serious.

Why Formula One going carbon neutral is about more than just racing

1. The Brazilian GP was probably the third best grand prix of the season after Germany and Austria. I think those of us who watched both Germany and Brazil live know that Germany was better in terms of having action all the way through the race. I did enjoy the strategy coming into play in the middle of the race though but I am a strategy nerd therefore I am biased in that sense!
2. That podium was one of the greatest examples of serendipity that Formula 1 has ever seen. Some great driving from both Gasly and especially Sainz but also the serendipity of being in the right place at the right time. As I said in the headline of my article, it was an unexpected podium for an unexpectedly crazy race.
3. The stewards should have been quicker in deciding the outcome of the Hamilton-Sainz incident – they’re currently walking the tightrope between quick decisions and accurate decisions (accuracy can sometimes come at the expense of speed so they do have to be careful).
4. People have spoken to me in the past fortnight since Hamilton was officially crowned world champion and I told them that he’s unofficially been champion since June. (My birthday is June 18th – if I know who the world champion is by then, then something has really gone wrong!) Hopefully, Ferrari get their act together so we at least have a two-way battle with Red Bull thrown in the mix occasionally – I think it might be a bit too much to ask for Red Bull to be a contender for the world championship in 2020.
5. Mate, condolences for Stroll’s poor results over the past few races – he’s been a bit unlucky. I say this in the nicest possible way but don’t hold your hopes up for Abu Dhabi – Stroll’s qualifying performances are dreadful and I predict a top-ten shootout between Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and Renault in Abu Dhabi. And don’t forget the Yas Marina Circuit has not been designed for overtaking at all. Meanwhile, I will continue to gloat about Max Verstappen…

Five talking points from the Brazilian Grand Prix

Agree to disagree there Ben. I’m not saying that this was on a par with Germany – that was better but this was probably the second or third best GP of the season.

Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz: an unexpected podium for an unexpectedly crazy Brazilian Grand Prix

1. Max Verstappen is a great talent and I think Hamilton cannot keep up with him even though he knows how to battle him having done so for many races over the past two years. Hamilton is an arrogant, self-absorbed idiot of a racing driver who only cares about himself and doesn’t like it when things aren’t going his way and that is why I do not think he is the greatest F1 driver of all time. (Senna is in my opinion by the way.)
2. Max overtook Lewis twice in that race and both overtakes were clinical and perfect. Given the right machinery (and do not take this as a negative against Red Bull because they have supplied Max with a relatively competitive car this year but not across the whole season) and Max can definitely become a world champion. It’s just a case of wait-and-see – Max has got plenty of time left (remember Lewis didn’t start F1 until he was 22, Max has already completed 100 grand prix).
3. Vettel didn’t help himself I’m afraid. He didn’t need to move over. And all those examples you provide (Vettel in Monza 2018 and Suzuka 2018) were entirely Vettel’s fault, coming from over-aggressive driving. I think you’ll find that Vettel caused the accident in Singapore 2017 contrary to your opinion – he moved over, squeezing his teammate (and Max) and sending all three of them out of the race! Over-aggressive driving yet again from frustration stemming from the fact that he hasn’t won a world championship at Ferrari.

Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz: an unexpected podium for an unexpectedly crazy Brazilian Grand Prix

I think we will see the race in completely different ways because all your drivers crashed/retired while mine flourished and got onto the podium. The middle of the grand prix is always strategy and this was no exception – the excitement was the strategy. You may have had a different perspective because you were following Lance.

I needed that result and that race to brighten my spirits after a pretty rubbish week! 😔

Carlos did get his podium – and thanks should go to those who stopped taking down the podium to allow Sainz to have a mini-podium ‘ceremony’. Agree that it should have been a priority though.

Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz: an unexpected podium for an unexpectedly crazy Brazilian Grand Prix

I can’t take another super over!

England beat New Zealand in a near carbon copy of the World Cup final

Wouldn’t be surprising if that was the case. I can’t remember the exact figure off the top of my head (I want to say $39m?). The football’s a good investment for the ABC IMO and that’s on all year round. Still agree that it is sad to see the Olympics not on ABC Radio though.

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

Keep ABC News 24 – I’ve probably said this elsewhere on this page but I’ll say it again, you need a 24 hour news channel from your state broadcaster whether you like it or not.

Yes, it’s sad to see the Olympics absent from ABC radio but it’s a 2 week event and you could not bin other programming to fund a 2 week event. (Cannot comment much further as I don’t watch Aussie television due to living in the UK – probably would watch Q & A and The Drum if it wasn’t on in the middle of the night over here).

I don’t even think the savings from binning these programmes would be enough to fund the Olympic coverage but we have no figures on how much it costs the ABC to broadcast the Olympics.

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

Of course not! But I’m just saying that they’d be peeved to see the national broadcaster get a free rights deal when they’ve stumped up $150-$170m for the TV rights.

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

You do have to charge them some sort of fee though, if one broadcaster’s getting it free, they’ll all want it free…

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

Oh no, not ads! What will I do?! 😂

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

Not in the minority, I think E-Meter. I only listen to sport on the radio when I can’t watch it on TV (e.g. on holiday when there’s no Sky Sports or while I’m working/studying).

Radio is still a valuable source of entertainment for some people though and some prefer listening to it instead of watching the TV!

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

Agreed Dexter – although there is a certain level of politics that unfortunately has to come into this debate seeing as we’re talking about a government-owned broadcaster which people clearly have strong opinions about.

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

But there are quite a few repeats on the ABC News channel – you also need a 24-hour news channel from your state broadcaster. ABC2 (or rather ABC Comedy to give it its new name) is shared with ABC Kids – clear cost-saving there – you also need a kids channel from your state broadcaster so that they watch good quality, educational Australian television.

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

A few thoughts on this:
1. This isn’t so much of a big deal as the Olympics is being extensively covered FTA by Seven – which has nationwide coverage so nobody can miss out (unless they don’t have a television, obviously). Not many people are listening to the radio as much in the multi-platform era. And surely it’s going to be on another station (probably not nationwide coverage but it’s something at least).
2. Why couldn’t the BBC have helped the ABC out? We get your ABC Grandstand coverage so there’s clearly an established agreement between the two. And the ABC simulcasts some BBC radio sport coverage too. So why couldn’t the ABC have asked the BBC if they could re-broadcast their coverage – not an Australian focus, I know – but the two broadcasters could have formed a partnership and worked something out so that at least some form of Olympic coverage would be broadcast.

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

True. Of course it wasn’t going to be exactly the same but it just reminded me of the final (I was going to write an article on the match anyway as it was the series decider on a Sunday when I had a day off).

The super over rules have changed anyway so we would have just kept playing super overs until we had a winner.

England beat New Zealand in a near carbon copy of the World Cup final

I think you’re starting to understand what’s ‘on trend’ at the moment Josh! 😂

Some interesting clothing choices at the Melbourne Cup this year!

Melbourne Cup Fashion Ratings (from a bloke who knows nothing about fashion)

Has anybody really been following the World Test Championship properly yet? It’s gone straight under my radar. And the points system is slightly ridiculous so India are now suddenly top of the league! (yes, they did whitewash South Africa 3-0 but hopefully you get my point that the whole system’s a little confusing. Well, in my opinion anyway…)

England’s next test series against NZ isn’t even part of the WTC! But I love test cricket so I’ll watch it anyway…

Shakib Al Hasan ban creates opportunity for Australia

Great article Dane.

I think things are going to get better when the Aussies play Pakistan as Pakistan are quite highly ranked in T20s (I don’t know if they’re still number 1 but they were not so long ago).

Sri Lanka were just abysmal and were only just finding their feet in the final match today but their team still isn’t up to scratch. However, we shouldn’t stop playing them as we need to continue giving all nations the opportunity to play so that we don’t just get England, India and Australia playing each other in an eternal tri-series.

I’ll try and see if I can find an XI before the deadline…

Cricket Australia post Seek ad for competitive opponent

True but the Australians were slightly lost without Bancroft, Smith and Warner. Will be interesting to see how the test side performs against Pakistan later this month now the band is back together (sans Bancroft).

Cricket Australia post Seek ad for competitive opponent

Ah, didn’t read this one! Is there literally no advertising of cricket anywhere in Australia? I just cannot believe this! (I suppose it depends on how much Fox Sports you’ve been watching recently)

Smith and Warner crush Sri Lanka

Is it not even mentioned on the news or written about in the papers? Despite the lack of FTA coverage in the UK, there is sizeable coverage in news programmes and in newspaper sports sections.

Smith and Warner crush Sri Lanka

Hi Nemesis,
Your first question is a little broad as my approach to racism would be different defending on which organisation I was in charge of but I will try to answer it as best as I can. (The answer might be a bit generalised but I hope you can get the gist of what I’d like to be done)

1. Ban anybody who has been caught racially abusing players from any ground, anywhere in the world (as the head of a football authority, I could not directly bring criminal charges towards anybody but I would encourage the local police force of wherever the match was held to launch a full investigation).

2. Give harsher punishment to clubs/grounds where racist abuse has taken place. Now, this course of action would be conducted differently depending on which football authority I was in charge of. If I was in charge of FIFA or UEFA, I would ban the national team from the competition that they were taking part in. If I was in charge of a football league, I would dock points and force the team to forfeit at least the next match (this would depend on how the fixture list looked) and award the opposition who they were due to play 3 points (this would depend on what the general consensus of the board was). I would also give that club a transfer ban and hold awareness talks at that ground for fans to attend to learn better. (Education is the most important thing to do.) Now, that may all seem a bit outlandish but you’ve got to be harsh and punishments need to be harsher than they are now.

(I am struggling to think of five things on the spot now but I hope those two points (although the second point had more than one point in it) allow you to get a sense of what I would do but I do find it difficult to be hypothetical.)

This is not just a football problem, it is a problem in wider society. It’s just that these incidents highlight the problem and the punishments that have been given are far too lenient. Nobody has been charged for their involvement in the abuse despite it being a crime. Football has come a long way but attention needs to be paid to the problem so that it isn’t forgotten. This isn’t going to happen overnight, I know, but gradual progress can be made.

Football has more work to do to stamp out racism