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I don’t have many (I want to build up the collection). There was a collection published after Richie Benaud’s death in 2015 which included extracts from his autobiographies as well as obituaries written by some of the best cricket journalists in Britain. Had Richie looking back at his life and career, his thoughts on the game and how it’s changed, his greatest XI pick, how to commentate (properly) – it’s just a great all-round book.

My cricketing library

Welcome to my world 😂. For a former English student and a writer, I should read a hell of a lot more than I do (and I’m working on it because when I do read I love it).

My cricketing library

We (in the UK) get that coverage normally. It may get more viewers because of there being no other major live sport on Sky at the moment but there’s probably a niche following of NRL here in normal times. So it might not expand the exposure as much as you might think.

NRL releases fixture for Rounds 3 and 4 ahead of competition restart

As you’ve said Jawad, Sainz is the quiet achiever so I think that might be what Ferrari are going on. Ricciardo wasn’t too pleased at Red Bull when Verstappen was being put first so that may have been in the back of Ferrari’s mind (who knows?).

Sainz and Ricciardo's paths cross again in 2021 driver shuffle

Indeed. As I’ve said elsewhere on The Roar, Leclerc and Sainz can perform well, provided they are given a good car and some good strategies. As you know well Jawad, there are more things to F1 than just the driving itself. It does look initially as if Ferrari are going to take this opportunity to take a new approach (‘a new cycle’).

The McLaren model (as it were) is a good one to follow. And Renault – well, Ricciardo’s departure says it all doesn’t it.

Sainz and Ricciardo's paths cross again in 2021 driver shuffle

As I said in my article today, it’s a new dawn for Ferrari. And maybe a new approach will be what’s needed to break the title drought.

Ricciardo’s move to McLaren should pay off. At least he’ll finish higher up the rankings than he would have if he stayed at Renault.

Sainz and Ricciardo's paths cross again in 2021 driver shuffle

It’s been a great week to follow as a sportswriter and as a fan.

It will be interesting to see how Ferrari’s new project develops over the next few years. Leclerc should win more races this season (if and when it does get underway) but, at the moment, when you look at the driver lineup of Leclerc and Sainz, there’s still the air of Ferrari starting from scratch almost. Perhaps that’s best – to start afresh – it’s worked for McLaren. Ferrari just need to supply both Leclerc and Sainz with a good car and some good strategies and everything else should just fall into place.

Cyril Abiteboul’s veiled reference to ‘unity and commitment’ tells me that there’s some bitterness at Ricciardo’s departure – no well wishes from Abiteboul. Probably the bitterness stems from the fact that Ricciardo’s move to McLaren is practically a vote of no confidence in Renault and their championship hopes.

I’m beginning to come to terms with the fact that it is likely that Vettel will retire from F1 at the end of the season. But who knows? I just can’t see him moving to Renault (but things may change if spaces appear at other teams).

Sainz, Ricciardo kick off the F1 silly season


Not a personal dig Micko but this is a general comment that needs to be nipped in the bud right now, once and for all. Fernando Alonso’s F1 career is done and dusted.

Renault have a few young drivers to choose from – and they could always bring back Nico Hulkenberg if he is willing. But Alonso – just stop mentioning him everyone please.

The fallout from Vettel's Ferrari departure

There’s a reason why no-one mentioned him. Because he has retired from F1. Some people (including Alonso himself maybe) may not think so but that is the case. He won’t be back just because he’s driven for Renault before. That was 11 years ago! If they haven’t before, people should now stop with the ‘is Alonso coming back to F1’ chat because that’s all dead in the water.

Ricciardo ready for red but Sainz makes fine sense

You can’t come on here and leave us in suspense Craig. Now back yourself up.

Ricciardo ready for red but Sainz makes fine sense

In comparison to Ricciardo, I can see Sainz fitting into the “supporting role” more easily. I think that’s what Michael meant. Nobody’s completely happy with number 2 but it’s Ferrari!

Ricciardo ready for red but Sainz makes fine sense

It’d be a shame. I’d love to see Dan challenging for the title again. But both Ricciardo and Sainz have merit to drive for Ferrari.

Indeed, if you’re looking for a number 2, that role would probably be best played by Sainz (with all due respect to him). Ricciardo is an aggressive driver, who was annoyed when Verstappen was given preference at times at Red Bull. Ricciardo won’t take number 2 easily – he would have to rein in his driving style to comply. No trademark dive bomb overtakes I fear.

Ricciardo ready for red but Sainz makes fine sense

I’d be just as pleased if Sainz got the call to go to Ferrari. But he’s still on a high pay packet (I think) – maybe not as high as Ricciardo’s at Renault but you’ll still have to pay a few million a year for Sainz. And you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck (I hope).
A few people on Twitter have been moaning that Vettel isn’t being respected as a four-time world champion. Vettel is a great guy and has a great personality so I like him in that respect. But when I’m writing articles and generally commenting on the sport, I am critical of his spins because I know he is capable of much more. He should be remembered as a four-time world champion but because of his sub-par performances in recent seasons, he won’t be held as highly in some people’s minds.
Ted Kravitz – I’m watching his Shutdown Notebook at the moment – says McLaren might be where Vettel goes (back to a British team).

What comes next for Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari?

But in Lewis’ case, he is comfortable at Mercedes, who continue to churn out world championships like a well-oiled machine. The opportunity hasn’t really arisen before (because Vettel and Raikkonen then Vettel and Leclerc were established at Ferrari). And Hamilton’s now in a long-term contract at Mercedes – one he’d be silly to break.

What comes next for Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari?

You should never say no to Ferrari IMO and I hope that Ricciardo takes the opportunity if it’s presented to him, especially with his Italian heritage.
But Leclerc is the man who’s been reared up through the Ferrari Driver Programme so they probably would favour him. Unless Ricciardo outqualifies him for example.

What comes next for Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari?

It is a difficult situation. But just 6 venues for an F1 world championship?! That can’t happen. F1’s hand may be forced into making a decision like that but if they can help it that won’t happen. The quarantines are the major issue no matter what because 70% of the teams are based in the UK. Now it is unclear whether F1 would fall under the exemptions that the UK government laid out in its plan for the 14-day air quarantine but if it doesn’t then F1’s stuck really.

As for the whole Vettel situation – you can’t honestly be saying that Ricciardo shouldn’t move to Ferrari just because Renault can’t be good until the rules change?! And where’s the guarantee that Renault will challenge for titles again? There is no guarantee!

And Ferrari can still challenge for the title! I don’t know where your suggestion that that they ‘have been so far behind the Mercs’ comes from because (apart from the first 8 races last year) Ferrari did have some good performances last season.

And come on – if you got the opportunity to drive for Ferrari, are you telling me that you wouldn’t take it?

F1 finds itself caught between a rock and a hard place

You wrote this article better than I ever could Jawad so well done.

We’ve thought of the same things when it comes to Vettel’s Ferrari career after this announcement. His time at Ferrari started with so much promise but two world championships slipped from his grasp.

Monza 2019 comes to mind as evidence of how Vettel’s lost it. Leclerc wins after a superb drive, Vettel finishes out of the points after spinning at the Ascari chicane. Vettel has had so many spins over the past two years that it’s almost become his trademark. It’s sad to see. Especially when the video of his overtake on Alonso around the outside of the Curva Grande at Italy 2011 was circulating on Twitter in the off-season (which I suppose is still going but still).

I believe that Vettel was going to be regarded as number 2 to Leclerc (although in public they would have been on equal footing). The fact remains that Leclerc beat Vettel fairly comprehensively, leaving Vettel frustrated. While today’s announcement was a shock, I could feel it coming.

It would be a shame if Vettel’s F1 career were to end like this but hey ho that’s the way it goes sometimes. Would Seb want to move to Renault? Does he have any choice? We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

As for Ricciardo, I would love to see him at Ferrari and back in a team that can challenge for the world title. Ricciardo’s talents are wasted at Renault. And I cannot conceive at the moment that Renault can go back to being title contenders when the regulations change in 2022. But nobody knows on that front. It’s difficult to predict.

What comes next for Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari?

Difficult to say just yet. But it could happen.

F1 finds itself caught between a rock and a hard place

Of course we’d all love to see some racing. I just want it to be completely safe in terms of public health. Sounds contradictory that I both want the season to go ahead and not go ahead but that’s the situation I’m in.

F1 finds itself caught between a rock and a hard place

I’m just going to pop that bubble instantly.

Only Melbourne has an FIA Grade 1 licence and that race has already been cancelled. And you can’t have a world championship season in just one country – that’s just ridiculous.

As much as I love Australia, that idea will never fly with me.

F1 finds itself caught between a rock and a hard place

Fantastic! *Starts researching NZ club rugby*

New Zealand reveals domestic Super Rugby competition start date, draw

Any suggestions for future articles? What would you like to read?

1999 F1 flashback Part 4: The run home

Spain wasn’t a baseball-playing country, neither was Greece. And I think that London was prepared to host baseball events before it was discontinued post-2008 (we don’t have any major baseball stadiums).
Host countries host all sorts of events that they normally don’t qualify for or don’t enter teams for. (The hosts get automatic qualification to all events)

Should cricket be included in the Olympics?

He’s playing for the main team mate. Hasn’t abandoned ship yet.

The Star Wars club cricket XI

So did I. Made Star Wars Day great. All thanks to Mickey Mouse’s subscription service.

The Star Wars club cricket XI