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Wake up Cricket Australia, the public shouldn't have to put up with this

1 Jan 2011

Everyone is saying Australian cricket has lost players of the caliber of champions such as Warne, McGrath, Hayden, Martyn, Gilchrist and Langer recently, but what success plan do we have? All the selectors have been doing is re-applying band-aids to cracks that keep opening.

ICC's World Cup changes hurt the game

16 Oct 2010

The latest decision made by the ICC has to be seen as one of the most damaging decision’s on the game of cricket.

Johnson needs some help to get back to form

24 Jul 2010

At the moment, when Mitchell Johnson is hot, he is world beater. But when he is cold, he couldn’t buy a wicket. In the 2009 Ashes campaign, he bowled one beautiful spell where he made the ball swing and won the Test match, making the Poms look like amateurs.

Mundine, Green losing respect of the public

23 Jul 2010

The recent fights of Danny Green and Anthony Mundine have been a joke. It seems they are looking for easy paydays and easy fights.

Australian cricket needs more than a band-aid

23 Jul 2010

Australia’s poor first innings total of 88 against Pakistan at Leeds is one of the signs that Australian cricket is not in good shape. At what time are the selectors going to be put on notice for the disastrous decisions that they have been making?

Does the AFL care about teams in Tasmania and Darwin?

20 Jul 2010

There are two news teams joining the AFL club ranks in Gold Coast and Greater West Sydney. But at what cost? What are the chances of Tasmania and Northern Territory getting a team in the big league? It looks like nil.