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I didn’t compare the Fifita/Taumololo defections to Koroibete/Teo selections. I was actually comparing Koroibete/Teo selections to similar ones in League like Semi Radradra (Kangaroos), Chris McQueen (England), Nathan Fien (New Zealand). They were actually addressed as polar opposites. Tier 2 being selected by Tier 1 vs Tier 1 choosing Tier 2.

I was also comparing the different codes reactions to these style of selections. In my opinion RL thrives on tribalism more so than RU and as such has a nastier reaction to those selections. I heard no strong reservations by RU commentary or media about Koroibete and Teo, maybe I missed it but I could list heaps of similar RU selections over last ten years, it just seems just par for the norm now.

The Fifita/Taumololo issue was addressed separately in which I said that their defections could actually prove a massive benefit for RL to grow their international game if acted upon. Ironically Fifita/Taumololo turning their backs on their birth nations to represent their heritage actually resonated strongly with RL media and commentators unlike the Tier 1 robbing of Tier 2 which has an icky mercenary feel to it.

Tribalism and the diaspora: Rugby league's toxic paradox

I believe that was also a triple header, that is alot of money to split between six teams and far more complicated. If Tonga and NZ can pack out a stadium in NZ by themselves then surely a better choice?

Tribalism and the diaspora: Rugby league's toxic paradox

Hi Nat,

I went a little easy on the RU drones in this one, even conceded a point or two to them. I think you’re right, more NZ and Pacific Island games needs to be the overall takeaway from this world cup.

There are large numbers of Pacific Island ex-pats in NZ so it seems obvious to hold the matches there rather than Western Sydney. If you can fill stadiums for these games and get good TV ratings then the money is there to pay the players.

Dirty ARL politics will no doubt hold up and stagnate the opportunity. Lebanon were a bolt from the blue and Fittler appears to be a large contributor to that, good omen for NSW this year?

Tribalism and the diaspora: Rugby league's toxic paradox

I agree, I think it is a players right to choose if he wishes to and is eligible

Tribalism and the diaspora: Rugby league's toxic paradox

Not so super – I shouldn’t have to do this for you mate, if you don’t understand at least google it.

a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true.

Rugby league’s inherent tribalism is its very own toxic PARADOX. In order to grow the international game you need the quality and competition of international matches to be of the highest possible level. The only immediate answer to provide that level of competition is looser eligibility laws to secure extra playing quality, which unfortunately in turn has an adverse effect and dilutes the meaning of these desperately meaningful games.

Tribalism and the diaspora: Rugby league's toxic paradox

That should be 100% the takeaway from this world cup. If you want to represent your heritage the make yourself available to the national team all the time, grow the culture and set up regular big games against NZ and Aus

England top Tonga to make RLWC final, but not without controversy

Your allowed to put your hand on the ball when you are making a tackle. Whitehead was tackling Fifita from behind, all he was trying to do was bring him down. Loose carry from Fifita which is why it came out so easily, he always holds it out like that so he can offload easily, double edged sword is poor ball security. Definitely should have gone to the video ref but

England top Tonga to make RLWC final, but not without controversy

It was borderline impossible for Whitehead to strip the ball from the angle he tackled Fifita from, it was a massive loose carry. I wanted to see a Tonga vs Australia final as you would have had Tongans flying from all over to get there. The decision was fine but it should have gone upstairs just for clarification, left a bad taste in everyones mouths with Ceccin not checking it

England top Tonga to make RLWC final, but not without controversy

The independent review by 5 impartial judges with no sound on disagrees with that supposed 90%.

That’s the whole point though isn’t it. If Pacquiao was so much better he would have knocked Horne out.

If Cronulla were so much better they would have won by 20.

Leave it in the hands of the refs at your peril because everything is open to interpretation, so if and when you lose it would be easy to find “reasons” that you were robbed

Mate, are your eyes painted on?

“All we want as fans is consistency”.

Your not going to get it, ever, its impossible. The games too fast, there are too many variables, you will always have personal interpretation.

Just go and check out any close high stakes boxing match last 50 years. There are Gregs everywhere whinging that Pacquiao beat Horne or that De La Hoya beat Mayweather.

When your season rests on refereeing decisions how does it become the refs fault Greg?

Yes it was close and contentious but if your team was truly the better team they would not have been in that position. Their fault that they were.

Turn your porch light back on

Mate, are your eyes painted on?

NSW game plan worked off the back of a rampaging forward pack in game 1 and everyone applauded Nathan Peats humble effort in allowing Pearce and Maloney to take control. But what about if your on the back foot?

To get moving forward when you are on the back foot your Hooker needs to move with the ball to try and give his forwards one on one tackles, that way they can get post contact metres with quick play the balls. Ruck opens up, opportunities appear.

I don’t know whether Peats is the right guy but I’m not sure who else NSW can look at. Cammeron McInnes?

The funny thing is Robbie Farah is the exact opposite. He is great at getting the forwards driving over the advantage line but just doesn’t give his halves the ball when they need it

NSW still looking for the 'trust factor'

James Maloney took the Warriors ton a GF, won a GF at the Roosters, then backed it up and won a GF at the Sharks. What more are NSW looking for?

There was my halfback if I’m an NSW selector, then just go and pick a destructive running 5/8 like Jack Bird and play a power game. All semantics now though

Joey, it’s time: You’re the 2018 NSW Blues Origin coach

Andrew Johns may have been the best player of his generation with a rare insight into the game, but lets be honest the guy is not up to that sort of pressure and scrutiny. He has even admitted that himself awkwardly on live TV immediately after the game.

Come in as an assistant coach to drive the NSW halves assertiveness and game plan, that would definitely work. You put the world on his shoulders as head coach though and that is a recipe for disaster

Joey, it’s time: You’re the 2018 NSW Blues Origin coach

Darius played centre his whole life up until 19

Hang your heads in shame, New South Wales

The Channel Nine NSW contingent fawn over Josh Jackson, I just don’t see it. He is like a poor mans Matt Gillet

Hang your heads in shame, New South Wales

Woods is a great front rower when he wants to be. He is just lazy and has a habit of coasting in games, especially during important moments. Happens in clubland and surprise surprise it happened last night

Hang your heads in shame, New South Wales

The Slater try assists ridiculous. He hasn’t lost much if any speed at all, and now what he has gained in touch and control with the ball in hand is just insane. He had more two try assists dropped by QLD last night.

If he was the best fullback anyone had ever seen before his injuries, and he is a better player now where does that leave him?

If I had to take only one player out of the Storm big 3 it would be Slater everytime

Hang your heads in shame, New South Wales

Fifita didn’t make metres because his first instinct is to drift sideways before straightening. QLD figured it out after he had some success in game 1 and adjusted.

They spoke openly about how they were going to target his legs to stop him, and Fifita just didn’t adjust his running style to accommodate their adjustment.

He is 120kg of speed, power, and aggression. NSW desperately needed him to line up his hit ups from the back fence and surge forwards. Yet he still moved sideways. He needs to take a leaf out of Klemmer’s book and drop the flashy rubbish

Hang your heads in shame, New South Wales

Cameron Munster. Cherry who?

Are the Maroons smart enough to realise Cherry-Evans is the future?

I 100% agree with you as far as next year goes. For what it’s worth (which is 3/5 of stuff all) I would have DCE first choice if Cronk retires. I’m just saying that if he doesn’t get picked next year for whatever reason, then you could say he is done as far as rep footy goes.

He is pretty unlucky he hit grade at 22 really. Had he come into first grade a few years earlier he may have been preferred to Cooper Cronk as Lockyer’s replacement

NSW don't get Cherry-Evans' omission and that's the way we like it

From everything Ben Hunt, Wayne Bennett, and Ipswich Jets coach Ben Walker have said Hunt’s talent wasn’t in question it was his headspace.

Bennett unlike many other NRL head coaches is not afraid to drop star players to reserve grade if he thinks it is required.

Hunt killed it at the Jets, got promoted again regardless of circumstance and then killed it back in the NRL. End of story I would say but maybe you just don’t rate Hunt Beastie?

Personally I think he is a great player, and a great choice at utility for QLD

NSW don't get Cherry-Evans' omission and that's the way we like it

They didn’t ignore him at all. I believe that it was stated if Cronk was out DCE was in, halfback for halfback. It’s just that wasn’t the selection discussion.

The spot “COULD” be Hunt’s if he plays well. The coach gets asked a ridiculous amount of questions by the press that he has to answer, then people analyse them within an inch of their life. I don’t think there is any doubt that DCE is ahead of Hunt in the QLD halfback pecking order, just not the bench utility pecking order. They are very different positions.

The hard thing for DCE is though he will be 29 next year. Norman, Morgan, Munster, Milford, and Hunt are all younger than him. Does he get passed over again with an eye to the future?

Some players careers suffer from bad timing I guess. I sort of look at it like the Stuart McGill situation. In any other era of Australian cricket he would have been the greatest leg spinner we have ever had. Except he came up when a bloke called Shane Warne was around

NSW don't get Cherry-Evans' omission and that's the way we like it

The majority of the start to Ben Hunt’s NRL career was as a specialist bench utility/impact player. It’s about playing a role, DCE may have filled that gap for QLD for a while but Ben Hunt will be better at that particular job.

DCE is a better halfback but QLD don’t need another halfback on the bench they need a bench utility/impact player

NSW don't get Cherry-Evans' omission and that's the way we like it

Jeff, I don’t believe I ever said I was a part of the QLD team/setup or would ever claim to have the qualifications to do so.

It’s just a commentary piece mate. Didn’t say all of those selections were good ones or comapre his selection to them, I compared the reaction to Ben Hunt’s selection to the reaction to many of those selections. And also just eluded to the fact that players who may not seem good enough can rise to the occasion, every dog has his day.

I do think Be Hunt is a good selection though, if he only gets 10 mins I’m sure it would be a good 10 mins

People question everything. Elections are won by 55% to 45%. My point is that the QLD team and administration believe they have the right team, and really that’s all that matters

NSW don't get Cherry-Evans' omission and that's the way we like it

Yeah they had me patched in on the conference call Bazza.

Your right about the selection issue being more complicated than Ben Hunt vs DCE. I was just very surprised that is what most of the NSW media focused on.

The form of Morgan and Munster is no less compelling than DCE, Morgan’s especially so at Origin level. He deserves his call up to the starting side and has alot to bring to the table over 80 an minute performance.

As far as Morgan playing centre, I for one don’t know why it wasn’t looked at a few years earlier. I hope they play him on the right side and shift Chambers to the left so that it feels a little bit more natural for him. He has won a QLD Cup premiership at centre and has proven he adapts quickly to a new role/position.

The Munster call is a big one, and maybe one that Kevvie’s coaching gig will live or die by. I think they see him as a 10 year player for QLD and are choosing to blood him as early as possible.

As you said we will find out tonight

NSW don't get Cherry-Evans' omission and that's the way we like it